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RCR3- Aliens

Rock Creek #3

1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Aliens
o 1.2 Group: Rock Creek TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Adam (for the Council of 24)
o 2.2 TR: Peri
• 3 Session 1
• 4 Session 2
o 4.1 Note

Topic: Aliens
Group: Rock Creek TeaM
Teacher: Adam (for the Council of 24)
TR: Peri

Session 1
Peri’s prayer: Father of all, Mother Spirit, our Michael, and Nebadonia. Encircuit us, hold us close. We speak to you today from the headquarters world of your local system, Jerusem. Urantia is the focus of much attention and today the council of twenty four is requesting your input. There are so few of you with whom we can communicate directly and gather the necessary information to guide our decisions. We are taking into consideration the current political climate, and the attitude of the people towards “aliens”. Our debate centers on whether to start small and (infiltrate gives the wrong connotation but it is the right picture) your culture or to make a very public global announcement.

ADAM: The spokesperson today: I am your Adam and would receive any input you have on this question.

Student: I for one would like you to start big.

ADAM: And the advantages of this?

Student: To refocus our planet’s growth on spirit and environmental issues, on community work instead of corporate greed. It seems that we are so on the brink of destroying our planet in so many ways. It seems that only a big splash will change this pond from pollution to clear water again. That’s my vote. That’s my prayer.

ADAM: Do you think there would be a shock, a reaction shock? Particularly in those places of power where there are vested interests.

Student: I don’t know. I just know that the spirit leads us all and true is the way. The truth has been blocked from us for so many years due to the Lucifer rebellion. Let the truth prevail. Let the truth be known. Let the universe speak to us on how we can become one with the rest of the universe family. All else should work out.

ADAM: You have been made abundantly aware of the dangers of sudden change, yet you would still advocate this course of action?

Student: The dangers of not being able to control the runaway pollution and greed are far greater than any shock of the truth of the statue of this planet to the universe, in my opinion.

ADAM: Do you have any questions of your own?

Student: Should we share this transmission with the rest of the TML?

ADAM: It is advisable and we would also appreciate the input of any other points of view.

Student: It shall be done.

ADAM: Thank you.

Session 2
Peri’s prayer: Father of all here with us, in us, living here and now. There have been some questions regarding the transmission from the council of twenty-four. Is it appropriate and in our highest and best interest at this time to understand what is being referred to specifically by “aliens”? And further, is Adam or another spokesperson of the council willing to be an ongoing point of contact for questions regarding “aliens”? And also, what do they mean by “world wide global announcement”?

This is your Adam. This communication is a result of the heightened level of vibrational alignment that has been effected recently. We are most excited and grateful for the surge of interest and input that has been garnered since we have put out the question. Many of you have discovered that when you actually try on the reality (of ‘alien’ contact . ed), you find many of your more base reactions being activated. In other words, your buttons are pushed. Understand that this would be what would happen to everyone in a global context and would cover far more extreme reactions. Many of you have realized the possible impact of many of these reactions already.

When we speak of “alien” we mean an overt, off world presence. You have neighbors who have the technological capacity to make physical contact, who are eager to welcome you into the fellowship. They have been abiding by our direction to this point. Informed consent is the key. Many more people must be mentally and emotionally prepared before this sweeping kind of contact is initiated. As you are aware, there have been many levels of contact for years. The slow and cautious approach has been in effect for many years of your time, many more than you can possibly realize now. All is preparation. The groundwork is being laid. You have been consciously working with “aliens” and though you call us celestials, none the less we are alien to your planet. You have been working with us, learning and teaching us the ways of human emotion. You are such a very particular blend of animal instinct and spirit lead beings.

We commend you for your present effort and urge you to continue in developing an optimal vision for contact. Strive for consensus. See how you can bring your vision, your picture in line with your fellows. We all await the manifesting of our Fathers will. All things in God’s time. We are aware that our Michael desires the upliftment and integration of his bestowal world effected in such a way that there is the least amount of conflict brought about by this transition. We strive in all things to follow his mandate. We are available for comment but we suggest that you work with this information for a while.

February 14, 2004 : The question posed by Adam was placed on the TML discussion list. Many felt the introduction could be done quickly, but many found that they changed their minds to answer that the introduction should be done gradually over time on Urantia.

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