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RCR4- Cooperation

Rock Creek #4


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Cooperation
o 1.2 Group: Rock Creek TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Karissandra, Ghasbar, Avonal Son
o 2.2 TR: Peri
• 3 Session 1
• 4 Session 2

Topic: Cooperation
Group: Rock Creek TeaM
Teacher: Karissandra, Ghasbar, Avonal Son
TR: Peri

Session 1
March 13, 2004
Beloveds, We who keep the fires of love burning while you are away, welcome you back. There is no time for us in your life away, so we are grateful for this opportunity to share again with you who would listen.

KARISSANDRA & GHASBAR: We would speak with you regarding cooperative endeavors. There are, shall we say, rules of the road that allow for ordered progression in establishing the foundations of our work together.

The first rule is self sufficiency. You must be content with what you have and where you are before you can move into a co-creative environment. If there is any aspect of need, there is a point of weakness. Each participant has to be okay to stand on their own. This applies to couples as well as individuals, for a couple is standing in their home as one. Any need, emotional or financial, or physical, or spiritual must be met prior to any group involvement. Things get very messy very quickly otherwise.

Secondly, there must be clarity of vision. The vision does not necessarily have to be equally shared, but the clarity of the vision must be such that all who are drawn to participate in bringing it to its fruition must be able to see it, understand it each for their own reasons and support it whole heartedly. The vision may change as the project takes on a life of its own and grows, but the initial picture must be clear.

Third, the soup will only be as good as its ingredients. Start with the best quality. Do not be afraid to assess yourself and your compatriots with an objective eye. Your love for each other notwithstanding, you need to be able to see your strengths and your weaknesses and see if they are the stuff which will make your vision come to life. And once chosen, once the decisions have been made, trust in them, grow with them, do not doubt and second guess. Work then with what you have, commit to the process, the process of grinding away the rough edges is what it will be. Think of all these things as you contemplate beginning to work together. If any of this is of use to you, we are satisfied.

Love pour down on you today. Feel it in you, feel it around you. We love you as our Father loves you, as our Michael loves you, as our Mother loves you. We are awash in this love together.

Session 2
March 23, 2004 T/R Peri
Avonal Son – God Gravity
Peri: Our Father, the Mother Son and Spirit, hold us all.

AVONAL SON: There is a grasp of gravity, a God grasp. One is grasped by God as one reaches. If you don’t reach for God, God cannot make contact with you. Many means have been employed in our efforts to grasp for those of you who are dropped down the well, lost from our society. We bring you back one by one as you hear of us and reach. What is the nature of that reaching? It is a combined effort, the Adjuster within you, a fragment of the Father is always reaching out and drawing you in, but this powerful force, this pilot light within you, has no way of effecting the mortal life or your choices or our ability to contact you unless through mindal awareness, the pilot light is joined with the life experience, your conscious choosing self.

Each time you turn your mind to God, each time you let go of your worries of what is to come and your preoccupation with what has passed, you open a channel to the conscious experience of present, and it is only here now that you connect, that God can live in you.
Each and every moment is valuable. There is no need to think of time out when you are always tuned in. So trust in the indwelling Father and attune to your heart, and together turn the handle that raises the bucket that lets worlds out of the well of darkness. Good-bye for now.

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