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RIO193- What’s Next?

2014-03-05-What’s Next?
Rio Rancho #193


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: What’s Next
o 1.2 Group: Rio Rancho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Trieste, Merium
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Dialogue
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: What’s Next
Group: Rio Rancho TeaM
Teacher: Trieste, Merium
TR: Gerdean


TRIESTE: Good afternoon, my lovely friends. I am Trieste, Gerdean’s personal teacher. This personal level of contact is in some ways different from the Teachers or the midwayers or the potentates; we do not normally make public appearances, as it were, or indulge in public speaking. We are truly personal. I am certain you are familiar with your own personal teacher or teachers as you perceive them. That meaning, by some manner of methodology, you will be able to work with your personal teachers if you are even half-way willing to live the life laid out before you.

The problem is that people do not live the life laid out before them all the time. In fact, much of the time they resist the cues, even recoiling or rebelling against the guidance given for one reason or another. It is fortunate for those who have the opportunity to heed their inner voices that help them in their personal development to an extent greater than those who don’t or won’t. It puts a bit of a burden on you, however, but I don’t remember anyone ever saying responsibility was easy.

Yes, I hear you. Jesus spoke about “the burden is light, the yoke is easy,” and that is certainly true if you trust and obey completely, which hardly anyone does. Rather, there is a sense that responsibility is burdensome, a hardship, a sentence to be condemned to drudgery and sobriety, as if those have no joy. Well, it is remarkable how your human minds function. I am rather close to the mind of my charge here, as I know your teachers are close to you – and again that depends upon how open you are to their guidance.

I wanted to greet you today and be encouraging in the understanding that you are being assisted by divinity to be all that you can be and to raise your sights to what that might be. That way, we keep adventure in the process. We have anticipation and hope and triumph and bliss and all the wonderful feelings that we have earned by rising up out of the darkness into the light. I will turn the microphone over to your Teacher who will greet you next.

MERIUM: Hello, my darlings. This is your teacher Merium, back for another tea party. You know how I love a party. It feels as though we need one here this afternoon. There have been some very serious discussions among you. I am in the Teacher Corps. That is to say, it is my task to teach you. What I am to teach you depends upon you yourself. But it will always relate to the growth of your soul. Our task is to enhance you by the cultivation of your own soul. At some point the soul becomes competent to function by itself; it grows of its own accord. It no longer needs your animal training and heavy lifting. It delights in learning. It reaches out and up and in and around for ways to serve, for things to do, that enlarge the Supreme, experiences that could add value to this expansion of God experience.

There have been questions brought to Gerdean’s attention. One from a fellow who wants to know about the future for his homeland, Venezuela; one from a friend of midwayer Jack who would ask him if he’d put in a good word for her at the job interview she anticipates; and thirdly, there was, some time back, a question submitted regarding the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve that were taken, back when they were relocating from the original Garden to the second Garden … follow-up questions. These are not questions that fall under our job description. Many times it would seem the teachers entertain curiosity questions because the students are eager to know and the Teachers are willing and eager to commingle with their students.

Many times questions are readily justified as appropriate because, no matter how you look at it, you can always weave a value lesson into a discussion. And such discussions as we sometimes engage in, while having no lasting value in themselves, do provide a platform upon which value lessons can be displayed, woven into the very fabric of the communication exchange, and so real value can be conveyed.

It is always more effective when people who ask questions of the teachers are there in person, even though many hundreds of questions, thousands of questions, have been addressed by teachers from long-distance students via telephone, e-mail, long-hand or whatever. And it is not often a Teacher will deny access from a student who seeks them out to respond to their perceived needs. It is often a judgment call. Sometimes it was a good idea, sometimes it wasn’t.

Sometimes these soirees into medicine, social mores, politics, and so forth are real diversions which, while construed by you to be important and revelatory, are to me mere commentary, and so I feel my commentary is taken for gospel when that is not the case; it is simply an opinion from someone who is only slightly ahead of you on the ladder to Paradise. We are not gods, we teachers. We have assignments; we have tasks, virtual job descriptions, and certain latitude and definite restrictions. But there is no requirement that we answer every question you set forth. And I say these words in response to the queries received.

The Venezuelan situation is something that would perhaps be best discussed with the members of the seraphic planetary government overseeing the angels of nations; they would be more qualified. The situation regarding a midwayer putting in a good word is also something that is outside my purview, but I have confidence that if it is His will, then operations are in effect; it might even include a local midwayer, but it is already on record, as is the conversation regarding the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve that returned to Jerusem after Adam and Eve defaulted.

The conversation was mainly regarding the logistics and the reasoning behind these offspring being removed, leaving others. That was addressed. Any further questions should be referred to the text. It tells all we’re going to learn until we access the records and I am not given a key to the library. I am, however, versed in the heartbreak of the situation and the “fall from grace” Adam and Eve experienced. Being a human is not so bad if you start out as a human, but being demoted to human is quite a sore spot. It’s the hard way to learn the lesson that it doesn’t get any worse than that. It was time for the planet to have a Material Son and Daughter, and they were dealt with uniquely because of the unique circumstances of Urantia. We can speculate all day as to why and when these offspring were removed, but that’s the purview of a different office.

As a teacher to your soul, I would only beg you to consult with the Spirit of Trust, that in you which will learn to appreciate what great stores of trust exist in the universe for you to draw upon. How unfortunate for you to have experienced betrayals, abandonment, and deficiency such as you have inherited. On the other hand, I urge you to think about that from the other side of the coin and think about the question that is going around today in psychic circles, if you were given the opportunity to stay on the planet and help the Magisterial Son or the return of Adam and Eve, Machiventa, even Jesus, and perhaps the material sons and daughters of Adam and Eve … would you? That will suffice, unless you have a question. Do you have any questions? Ask such that the machine can pick up your voice.


Phyllis: If it is appropriate, and if Gerdean wishes, I wonder if you might offer a perspective related to “what’s next?”

MERIUM: You want me to discuss the death experience, the transition experience, the resurrection experience? What are you talking about?

Phyllis: Whichever would give her peace of mind.

MERIUM:: No, I would send that to Trieste as a personal session, if it were only for Gerdean. If it is a value lesson that is asked on behalf of all my students, then I could consider it.

Phyllis: Well, I presume and trust that whoever these transcripts go out to, now or in the future, I trust that you would best know how to direct that answer in well-being and grace and trust for whoever comes to hear these lessons.

MERIUM:: I will not discuss Gerdean or her circumstances if only because it is too difficult to keep her out of it when she is transmitting for me; it’s too difficult for her, on such a personal issue – that of dying or approaching death.

Phyllis: Or not! MERIUM: Everyone is! Phyllis: True.

MERIUM:: Not everyone thinks about it. There is, in fact, a lengthy time-frame in which people seldom give it any thought whatsoever. Youth are virtually immortal in their innocence; they don’t think about when they are old; they are too busy being young. They have no frame of reference. Well, some do; they have elderly parents or grandparents; some have siblings that need hospital care or personal attention. I cannot say people don’t know; they do, but they don’t want to focus on it if they don’t have to, and who can blame them? But there are times in a person’s life, ordinarily, when one begins to question what happens?

There is an entire culture built around such curiosity. I would say “morbid curiosity” but it is not always morbid. You would think so, considering it is about death and we are all so busy living. But dying is a part of life. This is the first death for you, coming up. There is another, so to speak, ahead. Even more than one, but this is your virgin experience. Each one is special; it is not that each death is orchestrated or planned in advance but that when circumstances conspire to remove you, there is a host of helpers on hand to assist the transition. You can trust that.

No one is missed. No one is misplaced. No one is overlooked. No one is put on hold. No one gets lost. Biblically speaking, you will remember that God knows the number of hairs on your head; Mother Spirit is aware of each of her children and calls them by name. They are as God in their overcare of their creations and there are no finer parents, Eternal Parents. You can trust that.

You might sleep and you might not sleep. It doesn’t matter. You won’t know because if you were to sleep, even if it were 100,000 years before the next great resurrection, it would seem as if you just closed your eyes. Such is the nature of that deep sleep … the sleep of death. Your angst comes from approaching it and there is nothing you can do about that, really, nothing, except bank on your faith if you can (many don’t have faith) and many forget about faith in their panic and dread of the moment or the pain or the drugs.
“Anxiety must be abandoned.

The disappointments hardest to bear are those which never come.”* “Anxiety must be abandoned.” Even so, as long as you live, as long as you are plugged in to the human condition, as long as you are influenced by the electro-chemical aspects of physical reality, your first adjutant, the mind-spirit of intuition, is going to be working to keep you alive. Its business is to see to your survival. And so to the extent you perceive your humanness as who you are, you will fight the Force that would embrace you in spirit.

This is the time in your life best suited to becoming a holy man or a holy woman. This is the best time for you to let your cultivated soul out. This is courageous, but it is also reinforcing. Believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself, in conjunction with infinity, eternity, deity, all-that-is, you will know that you cannot be snuffed out. You cannot cease to exist. You cannot be harmed. Your future is assured.

Elena: Merium, can I ask something right now? In combination with Trieste’s comment initially, because she was talking about, you know, your personal teacher and some people resisted that and I so very much want to work with my personal teachers and sometimes I don’t know if I am resisting them or not, so with this being the right time and believing in ourselves, is that the best way to open ourselves up to our personal teachers and make the most progress along with them? Because sometimes I might not know if I was resisting or working with, as much as I would want to work with.

MERIUM: You ask a very good question. Part of the problem is, because you are creatures of habit, it is instinctual for you to develop something that works and retain it until it becomes a part of your modus operandi. You don’t even thing; you just do. This is the creature of habit that walks all over the delicate flowers of truth beauty and goodness that are there in your face to fee, see, smell and enjoy. It comes from having an agenda, a mortal agenda, mostly. But it also has to do with those who believe in themselves, supra.

To believe in yourself is no excuse to be arrogant, presumptuous, cocky or any of that. But to believe in oneself, one must know what about oneself is supernal, eternal, or divine as what is worthy of believing in or adoring, much less worshipping. People don’t take time to think. They don’t ponder the possibilities and weigh that fairly with the potential problems. They may do that in terms of insurance forms and the like, but not when it comes to the soul. And so many of you – so many of you – who can reach a point of weighing your choices — psychically, cosmically — choose to not make a choice but say, “Well, let’s see. Well let’s see what happens. It can’t get that bad, can it?” “If it gets bad, I know the way out; I know the way back,” but does this not presume upon divine mercy?

How many times do people go out on yet another lark, never learning anything? Just like the humming bird, flitting from flower to flower, sucking up the nectar of life, without having to make a choice; they rely on their instincts. No, they don’t have to make a choice. They rely on their instincts and they do well. They know when to go south and when to go north. Humans don’t always know that. Their mind gets in the way of their instincts, pro and con, and so much of their life then is lived defensively or offensively, depending on your experiences and, of course, there will be a mix of them both so that for the most part, humanity does not know if it is coming or going. And it is so difficult for you to gather together to form something and do something without becoming completely embroiled in the politics of the office.

Elena: So, how do we get out of that? Because I have to say, I fall flat …I see myself in that description. So how do I fix it?

MERIUM: Well, I hate to sound like a recorded message but sincere Stillness is the key. It is too simple for most people to get. Even after you’ve got it, it is so easy to say, “Oh! Whew! I got it!” and then never do it again. The thing is to do it consistently. Even when it’s old hat, because it keeps the tube open; it keeps the gears oiled; it keeps the muscles flexing uphill with just enough required of you to tone you up without wearing you out. There is a perfect pattern. There is also what you would call predestination, such that the pattern is there and can be discerned.

Over time, gradually, you can become pretty good at it. And, as was suggested earlier, at this point in life, in retirement that is, you are in a position to become the elders. Not the old people, the elders, and you need to uphold that. Part of the problem of your culture in this country (and there are other countries too but this one in particular) dismisses its elderly as if they were detriments. Let me not influence your thinking there. That is not what I am here to do.

Once you are tapped into this, you are up-stepped — categorically, vibrationally, up-stepped. You will get new news. You will be on another wavelength. You will not be bothered so much by that which has no value in your life any more. It is like walking out of one room and into another. You are still in the same house but you don’t need to be in that room anymore, you are entering into a new environment, and in this new environment you will see new ways of doing things, connecting with people, and allowing their inspiration to springboard you into your next appropriate move ….

Keeping the door open to these affirmative actions on behalf of that which you find has value comes from being in Stillness, talking to divinity about your concerns, asking how you can help, seeking guidance as to what you might do there, if anything, and the way will open to you if it is His will. You simply move from one lily pad to the next as it is revealed until you find yourself perhaps in a group of people doing mighty works on behalf of something that you feel is very important. For that you will most probably have assisted seraphic planetary government because they cultivate these organizations and gatherings of people … more so the gatherings of people –

Elena: Any gathering of people?

MERIUM: – that are effective for what is good for the planet and the people thereon. No, not any organization, not any group of people. I don’t need to remind you that there are cabals and mafias and dark families. You don’t need those and there are plenty of them, even though they may look spiffy. It is up to you to be mindful of this and it is up to you to go to Stillness to find out. What does the Spirit of Truth tell you?

Not what you will tell yourself, because you have an Agenda or altruistic intentions, but what the Spirit says. There is a path, a pre-destiny, which you can follow or not, and that is true of everyone. Obviously we like to see positive gatherings because they have positive results. It is better to have workers in the field than to sit back and hope for divine intervention.

Elena: I was just thinking about groups like Phyllis works with, or the music group or the Cleveland High School kids. I think those are really ones that are really positive and I kind of feel those would be both on my personal agenda and would be encouraged by my personal teacher, too, so I guess I am just trying to relate what you’re saying, so as you’re talking about this, I’m going through my life, trying to think what this applies to, too.

MERIUM: Yes, it is understood here, in the intimacy of our tea party and the energy that we enjoy in the synergy of us all together, we understand we are addressing the positive. I pointed out the fact that there are groups that get together for less than positive reasons but I am speaking to the solution here, not the problem. Just wanted to point out that the problem did exist and how did that affect you or us. It does because we need to know who it is that decides the way that group will go. Who is their leader? What is their motive? And here is where it gets interesting because you are in a position to ascertain who to follow and who not to believe in by your perception. That’s all you have to go on. Really.

Elena: That answers my question, actually. Thank you.

MERIUM: It therefore behooves you to be able to identify the presence of God in others. What attracts you to each other, you here today? You are attracted to something within, that which is enduring, that which is eternal, the heart of you, the soul of you. The God Fragments are happy to see you come together for they are able to enjoy this plateau of communion and commonality without stress, without striving, without anxiety. It strengthens your perception of what the divine is, what’s comfortable for your spirit. By this experience you will be able to compare and discern how it is when you encounter others. Does it give you peace? Does it make you feel safe? Does it help you feel joy? Will it keep you sober? Will it extend the gospel? Or will it make big money? Will it be a hit?

Those are motivations that appeal to man: promoters, marketing agents, proselytes; and they too have a pattern, a very powerful pattern. Most people abide by that pattern. It dominates. Realism rules. But here again, meditation will help you step outside that lure so that you can begin to feel life without all that baggage, all that clings to you, hangs on you, weighs you down, bolsters your courage, assures your safety, and here we go again, spending all our valuable time on the temporal without having faith in the spiritual.

Not to say both worlds aren’t important; as long as you live, both worlds are important. But there shall be mind over matter and spirit over mind, and keeping those in order is essential.
So as to the topic of approaching death, you have to deal with the material so that the mind can function, which lifts you into the spiritual and from there you will be able to endure and even enjoy the future as it unfolds, knowing that you will be okay.

Elena: Really, that’s a good approach, too, with the world here. We see it going down the tube with the atmosphere where we feel so hopeless. We can say, “Well, I can meditate in Stillness, plug into God as much as I can, and know we are going to be okay.” Right?

MERIUM: Essentially, yes. And anyone can do that.

Elena: Well, I know, but I get stuck on the sense that I am not doing enough.

MERIUM: I realize that and there are people who feel that they have to spend money somehow and so they donate to sundry causes which might or might not be helpful. That is another reaction that needs to be reviewed; there are very skilled marketing agents in the world. I am not saying they are Caligastian, but it is something I would pay attention to. You need to establish that positive pattern that puts God up there and out there in front.


MERIUM: I am going to call our afternoon to a close. I am sorry we didn’t get to talk on a lighter note or with Jack or anyone but us girls, but I saw nothing unworthy about our interchanges this afternoon and I certainly feel good about it.

(Group concurrence)

MERIUM: I kiss your brow and fluff your pillow in saying “bye-bye.”

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