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RIO194- The Construct

2014-04-02-The Construct
Rio Rancho #194


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: The Construct
o 1.2 Group: Rio Rancho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Midwayer Bzutu, Midwayer Jack, Merium
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Dialogue
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: The Construct
Group: Rio Rancho TeaM
Teacher: Midwayer Bzutu, Midwayer Jack, Merium
TR: Gerdean


BZUTU: Good afternoon neighbors. You might know my name, perhaps not. They call me Bzutu. I am a midwayer and I work with the Progress Group out of Australia.

I am here today to talk about the construct that George Barnard brought to America a decade and more ago. It is for those who would like some scaffolding on which to climb the ladder of ascension until such time as the soul develops a life of its own and can take off by itself. This is a most effective program. I won’t presume to teach it in its entirety but I could repeat some highlights, if you would be interested.

This calls for a respect for the mind and the brain (they are two different things, you know.) The brain must be healthy in order for the mind to function properly, and when the mind is properly functioning, it can lift you up from the mechanical/material realm into the superconscious realm which abuts morontia reality which is the goal of ascendant beings such as yourself.

Your left brain likes having something to do, something literal. It wants to have its hands on the facts of life and is reluctant to let go of finite reality, and so, give your left brain something to do. Ask it to count backward from 100, 99, 98, 97 and continue this process in your mind

96 even after the right side of your brain
95 is given the opportunity to wander
94 into the Elysian Fields
93 of your own superconsciousness,
92 your own imagination. Set sail into the ocean of your mind
91 and climb the stairs or descend into your own construct, your own imagination
90 which only you can create. Let me take this one
89 at my immediate disposal. We are going up a grassy knoll
88 to a mound that overlooks
87 a beautiful bay. From here,
86 you can see forever, it seems, and so let us pause here
85 to acknowledge how far we’ve come, how much we have gone through
84 in order to get to this place, this attainment,
83 and rest here in thanksgiving,
82 and pause before setting out to get to the next step of the journey. Now,
81 let us descend the stone steps there to the right that go down into a cavernous, cool, subterranean room
80 and when your eyes have adjusted to the dark, look around and see what you can see.

This one has an area to the left with a table for psychic surgery or healing modalities. There are jars of salves and liniments and herbal concoctions to assist in healing. There is also a couch for emotional and mental consultation with those who know and can assist the healing of these kinds of wounds and illnesses.
To the right, you’ll find a desk where we take care of business, be it financial, organizational, maintenance, or whatever goes on in the life of this particular participant, and all the accouter-ments one could need: a printer, a filing cabinet, a staple gun, glue, crayons.

And beyond this office-like area there is a vast library, the Akashic Records, to which you can go to find out about anything and everything that has gone on before — in your life; in some ways, the lives of others; in many ways, all of creation. There are myriad answers to myriad questions in these Akashic Records. More answers than you have questions.

Beyond this, on the far side of the room, opposite the entry into which you have just come down these stone stairs, is an elevator, an escalator, a lift … let’s call it a lift that comes from even deeper, from the center of the earth, from the deepest recesses of the soul and the psyche, from the origins, be they physical or spiritual, but from your own reality … or some representation of what reality means to you.

In order for this representation to make sense, you need to give it personality. And rather than simply talking to yourself, consider who it is that you might ask for help for. Who would you serve? How can you assist? How can you better the life? How can you improve? How can you atone? How can you make amends? Who need you forgive? How can you ease, relieve, strengthen, control, caress. In short, how can you give yourself to the moment?

Ask the question: How can I serve? What would you have me do? What can I do? Allow then the moment to receive the answer, and there are so many ways this answer can come. And you will generally find that which comes is that which you next need to deal with. If not, it has at least kept you out of trouble for the time it takes to focus on how you can be of service to something outside of yourself. Good practice, indeed, in fact.

Let’s take some of the concerns you voiced at the beginning of this session today. As I look around I can see a number of concerns. Let’s ponder what they were. The airplane that is missing; the people on the airplane, their destiny; the message from Matthew with his proposed prophesy of what that experience is for. We have the issue of trust, self-trust, and in that regard there are those who have betrayed our trust such that this is necessary to relearn. Children are naturally trusting. What happened to damage that childlike trust?

What gave way within you that led you to understand and realize that all is not as trustworthy as you had hoped and how much of an effort is involved in discerning who and what can be trusted, under what circumstances, for how long, and what for? And what goes into learning to trust yourself, especially when those you have trusted have betrayed you and you feel you will never trust anyone again including yourself because your own judgment was what led you to experience said betrayal.

Such self-victimization is a part of the process of becoming unassailable. We become unassailable when we know where and when to place our trust. This is a process. And so there are a number of things you can call up in the lift to take a look at, personalities that you can invite into your mind to take over to the sundry areas in your Construct and work with.

There is also, at the top of the lift and behind the doctor’s office, a conversation area, a conversation pit, where you can companion others, much like the morontia companions companion you when you arrive in Mansonia. They spend their days in congenial association, helping you learn to be at peace with yourself and with others, to let go of the struggles and rigors of such a life on such a planet as Urantia, your origin. You are like the child who is born in the ghetto and you need to climb from the ghetto into the airy realms of enlightenment and it is a significant undertaking, particularly without the guidance that you would have had had your planet not suffered its dual disaster of the Lucifer rebellion and the Adamic default. But on the other hand, what an opportunity! What a rare opportunity you have here, to prove to all the worlds of time and space what is possible when the will – when your will – is set in the proper direction, when one foot follows the other into the divine light.

Utilize your Akashic Construct to work through these layers of consciousness until you are able to receive the spirit of truth as it comes up on the lift and enters into your conversation pit, enabling you to see the truth of every situation, every conversation, every personality, every conflict, every opportunity, and heed its admonition: “This is the way” — and follow therein. It is a singularly individual experience. You can compare notes with your peers but be careful in comparing notes lest you begin to think you can define your placement, your status. If you begin to nail yourself down or affix your progress to your own chart, you may do yourself and others a disservice.

Allow yourself the freedom to turn your back on your Construct and reenter the light of the grassy knoll, pausing as you emerge from that place of insight and effort and harmony to the bright light of the sun [sic] which shines steadily, or the clear dark night sky that embraces you on your orb in space, and welcomes you to the life eternal, again pausing to give thanks for your moment outside the busy boulevards of material life, having refreshed yourself with the living waters, ready now to resume your path, grounded, refreshed and enthusiastic to resume.  3, 2, 1

It has been my pleasure to spend some time with you and to introduce you to one version of the Akashic Construct. I invite you to create your own environment, with all the tools that you feel you need to be all that you can be, and if you find that it is lacking in any way, remodel, recycle, rectify until you have all the power at your fingertips to be about the Father’s business. Adieu!

0802-AB JACK: 0802-AB Jack here. Welcome to you, my friends and neighbors. I will be your host this afternoon. Having heard from our guest already, I am happy to take questions, if there are any; or converse further, if you choose to; or let you go, if you are already filled. It’s your agenda. This is your time. What shall we do?

Elena: Oh, I don’t know. I just don’t want you go already!

0802-AB JACK: : Very well. We shall commence. What shall we do? What shall we talk about? Who has a question?


Phyllis: (Inaudible concern regarding Fukushima)

0802-AB JACK: : At this point, for you, here, in this part of the world where you live, it is not worth the worry. For those who are more in the wake of its fury, the damage is immense. But that is not what our purpose is here today with you and so for you I suggest you continue to live life as you would ordinarily. You might manifest some caution, but do not become fanatical or even overly conscientious about what you consume. For the most part, the foods you are eating were caught and frozen even before the disaster struck and well before the radiation leaked far into Pacific waters.

Mistake not, eventually you will need to curtail your consumption, but since you are alert to the negative possibilities, I do not anticipate you will suffer any adverse affects. You are fortunate to live where you live, in that context; those who live on the coastline or whose food supply comes from those waters might be alarmed, yes, and there are certainly those powers that be, celestial indeed, who are working against the ill effects of man’s foolishness, although there are certainly some aspects of man’s foolishness that must remain intact so that you can learn from your own mistakes.

This was a man-made disaster. There are so many man-made disasters that come as a result of so-called progress. And, philosophically speaking, it is a part of the education young worlds go through; just as children or young adults will push their boundaries to find out how far they can go, so too will a young world be pushed to see how far it can go. And when it kicks you from having pushed so hard, you awaken to the fact that you went too far in the first place and you will adjust your position accordingly.

It takes time for a planet of people to wizen. There are escape hatches if you go too far but they are only a last resort and I, for one, do not see the need for them, particularly when Jesus himself promised he would return. Why would he return to an abandoned planet? Obviously he has more faith in you than you have in yourself. And so my task is to help you have confidence that you will grow up – individually and as a global community – that you will begin to see that you are all citizens of one world and this world is your home, not simply the nation or the continent or the island but the entire planet is your home.

Elena: (Inaudible about feeling overwhelmed) The best I can do is improve my own self and focus on that because I get overwhelmed and bogged down when … Actually, Bzutu gave us insight on how to do that, but since you brought up the problem that all the world has, I’m taking encouragement about not feeling so helpless but not knowing what would help.

0802-AB JACK: : I concur. It is easy for your mind to become overwhelmed when you are open to so many things – the good, the bad, and the ugly. It is good to be aware of what’s going on in your world, but perhaps it’s even better to be mindful of what is going on in the world around you. You are not responsible for the world around you except the world in which you are immediately responsible. Your immediate environment: your mind, your home, your work, your family, to some extent your village, your town, your county, to some extent your state, to a minor degree your country and to an even less degree your world but if you were to practice being wholesome, caring, loving, nurturing, vigorous in your own person and in your own immediate environment, if everyone in fact were to do that, eventually you would look and see that everyone on the planet was living a life altruistically and no one would be damaging anyone else. This is the oversimplified goal of the finite world. Find peace within yourself and live it. As everyone does that, the entire population of the planet will live in peace.

And yet it seems a tremendous responsibility for some people even to be responsible for themselves; they prefer to blame others for every slight, every wound, every miscalculation. They battle within their minds and carry that battle out into the arena to be waged with everyone they meet. Far better for you to counsel with yourself as to how to proceed, how to follow the course set before you by the Wayshower than to look to all these erroneous impulses of anger, fear, retaliation, greed, and so forth as a reaction to that which you cannot understand and cannot control.

Student: (Inaudible comment)

0802-AB JACK: : And don’t forget, you are not alone. There are those who are working from On High to assist. Not that we can do it all, but we can assist, just as you can assist from your armchair or your desk. At your leisure and within your capacity you can work toward edifying those over whom you have some influence. You can write letters to your congressman; you can attend town hall meetings; you can get involved in social activities that foster art and sciences; you can do these within your own capacities and feel good about that which you can do rather than feel inadequate to the overall seemingly endless demands and needs of your world.

There are moments when they do indeed look insurmountable but you don’t have to take that on by yourself. Crawl up there on that grassy knoll and look at the sea beyond, the calm horizon, the inviting bay. Bathe in its beauty and serenity. Enjoy your life; it is a gift. Give thanks for the goodness you know and this is something that testifies to the riches you have found within. Praise, it is. What else?

Student: Anything else you think we should know right now?

0802-AB JACK: : I would be usurping your prerogative if I were to tell you what you need to know prior to your knowing it, prior to your needing it. You remember spirit lures you; it does not push, it does not drive. And so I will not drive you, but let spirit lead and let you interpret those leadings, those lures. In this way you will have those experiences that will provide the best education for you and the most appropriate knowledge and wisdom for you to teach others as you pass by. Even if they are simply your experience with one company or another’s services.

Student: Since you mentioned that, I find I am more willing to trust people with this remodel process I’m involved with, and I’m grateful for that. I really am. And I am coming to learn more about trusting and I will have what I need when I need it and it seems it happens when it should; that means a whole lot to me. Since retiring, I just keep pinching myself at how good it is and it just keeps getting better! And I am so grateful! I just thank everybody in the universe for that. I try not to leave out anybody, but spread the word, Jack. If I’ve left anybody out, please spread my profuse thanks in all the help and blessings that are showered on me. I’m very grateful.

0802-AB JACK: : Yes, indeed, do not be driven either by external forces or by your own inner demons.

Student: Well put.

0802-AB JACK: : What a beautiful time of year it is here in your neighborhood. Once more we come around to the springtime of the year, that time of new renewal after the long winter’s rest, the dormancy.
Student: I can’t think of another question but I don’t want you go to. JACK: Let me call in Merium and maybe she can tell you a story.

Student: Oh, okay! Thank you so much, Jack, for being here. It’s wonderful!

MERIUM: Good afternoon, my darlings. This is your older sister, Merium. What a delight to come here and find your cherubic faces lifted in delight of our company.

Student: We’re so glad you’re here too, Merium. This is wonderful!

MERIUM:: Isn’t it sweet to love one another?

Group: Yes, it is so great.

MERIUM:: I’m glad we can set an example. You children here definitely need examples of how to get along and express divine affection. There is a difference between mortal affection and divine affection. There is nothing wrong with mortal affection; it’s certainly better than the alternative. But divine affection adds an element. It is like the difference between brotherly love and fatherly love, if you will.

Brotherly love is good and when it is wholesome it is great, but to the extent either of you are troubled or bothered or dysfunctional, it will reflect in some kind of sibling rivalry, sooner or later, whereas fatherly affection has a way of transcending those squabblous points. Motherly affection of the divine type overlooks these rivalries and squabblings to simply let children be who they are and love them anyway, whereas the fatherly affection has tolerance for their immaturity.

And so it behooves us all to practice the love of our Eternal Parents and that means going beyond the love you have known from your mortal parents, for they are flawed; they are human; they err; they are experiential, as you are. They don’t have all the answers; they didn’t come with a training manual. They have had to learn through trial and error with their own personal needs, demands upon their time, their resources, and their own human failings. But the Divine Parents abide. They do not reprimand; they do not chastise; they guide, they lure, they comfort, they love, they nurture. Those qualities are eternal. Those are of the nature of God.

Those qualities are that which you aspire to become in all ways. Any failure to attain such degrees of divine affection frustrate you, leave you unhappy with yourself, and so you become your own worst enemy, you beat up on yourself for being less than you wish to be. This is the time, children, to go to your Eternal Parents for guidance, for counsel, for acceptance. They will accept you as you are if you go to them and ask for their help, and this was Lucifer’s undoing. He would not go to the Father or the Mother and ask for help. He was so into himself, he would not relinquish his control over his environment, his thoughts, his mind, his ideas, and his domain.

I urge you to relinquish your control over that which you deem to be yours. Take it to your Parents in Paradise. Take it to the Construct, if you must first, but take it in the end to your Parents in Paradise and ask Them for help. You can never go wrong if you ask “What is your will for me? What would you have me do? What would you have me feel? What would you have me think? What would you have me react to? What would you have me relinquish control over? What might my mind do to please you, Heavenly Father, Divine Mother?” So simple. And yet you must have the faith of a little child. You must be reborn of the spirit and for some that is too simple.


MERIUM: I bless you, my darlings, and plant a kiss upon your brow for your goodness, for your willingness to be pure at heart, to be good playmates, that you love one another is so apparent. The atmosphere is fragrant with your divine affection reflected.

Now I must fluff up your pillows and open the window and let in the fresh air so that you can be about your day. We cannot stay here in this Elysian field much longer.

Elena: Well, don’t go before we throw our arms around you, so we can hug and kiss you, too.

MERIUM:: I am laughing in delightful response to your joyous affections. Scamper on, then, children, I will be back at another time. Thank you for your time and attention today. Bye-bye.

0802-AB JACK:: And this is Jack coming in, just to round things out. Thank you, Bzutu and Merium, for your participation today, and you lovely students here of divine truth, beauty and goodness for your willingness to hear with ears to hear the words that are offered in good faith. Later!

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