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NWB10- Early Teaching Mission Session 10

1992-11-28- Early Teaching Mission Session 10
Sarasota #10

1 Heading
1.1 Topic: Impressions – 1.2 Group: Sarasota TeaM
2 Facilitators – 2.1 Teacher: Teacher, Alfana, Onario, Lor-El – 2.2 TR: Allene Vick

Topic: Impressions
Group: Sarasota TeaM
TR: Allene Vick

Session 10
November 28, 1992
[[Allene – Impressions November 28, 1992]]

Allene: Dear Teachers, I am so happy. I am so pleased. I thank all of you so much. I do not understand all that is coming to me and happening to me, but on some level I am aware that I am being lead to explore far beyond the mere reading of the Urantia Book. It has opened up such exciting possibilities and vistas that I am driven ever onward to stretch myself and to strive to understand more of what I am being presented with.

I thank you so much for the many confirmations and affirmations you have been leading me to see and for your patience with my resistance to just let myself go forward in total faith. I have been reluctant to do this as I have needed constant affirmations that I am not tripping out on my own imagination. I am slowly coming to accept that all this is real, although at times I simply cannot understand why or how or what it means or why me. And yet there is a part of me that does know – this is real. I hope with your encouragement and help that someday I will discover that part of me.

TEACHER: Allene, do not be dismayed or discouraged. You are making great progress. You are beginning to move beyond your doubts and as you do this you will proceed on a steady path in your quest of truth.

We are pleased with your willingness to share your experiences. We know you have been somewhat concerned and reluctant to do this as you do not see your messages to be as clear as those of Patije and other transmissions you have read. Have we not told you, that while you two work well together, you are different?

This difference blends well as your intentions are clear and similar. As you both share what your personal impressions and reflections others will be able to see the similarities and how individualistic this process is. Each will have their own experiences. Have we not told you before not to compare? You are each unique.

You do not judge the experiences of others. You accept that whatever it is, the experience is real and valid for that person at that time. Others will accept whatever is real and valid for them from your experiences. Perhaps, it will lead them forward on their own adventures in this journey.

You have already seen how much descension there was among your small group in the beginning and how much there is in the Urantia Community. This did not stop you from what you knew to be true, do not let this stop you from sharing your experiences with a wider audience.

Yes, there will be much ridicule and disbelief. This is known and it is of no importance. You are strong. You will stand strong and steady for you know from whence your strength comes and you know you are not alone. As you continue your lessons with us each day and your studies of the Urantia Book, much will be revealed to you. We ask you to share this – to put your doubts aside and trust us.

Have faith, Little One, and pursue this as this way was chosen for you and with you a long time ago. It is only now coming to fruition. There is much work to be done and those of stout heart and steadfastness are needed at this time of correction.

Do not attempt to defend yourself in the days ahead, as what you are experiencing cannot be defended with words for those that cannot hear and cannot yet see. This we know. Just love all and be all that you are.

In your mind you are now saying, “I am writing this to protect myself.” We tell you this is not true. We are writing this to protect you – to announce to all that read your lessons with us, that truly you do none of this alone. Your questions, your doubts, your thoughts are those of many. As they see this process with you, it will open the door for those who are ready to step forward.

Those with pure intent will have the same assistance we give to you. Each in time will go through much of the same doubting and if they persevere will come to know as you are that we are ever with them and will not allow mistakes to continue. Go ever forward in love and faith.

Allene: Thank you. I will move forward in love and faith, Father, ever mindful of my wish to do Your will. I know, Father, You would never lead me to do that which does not serve the highest interest of Your great goodness for all. I know you know my heart and as a loving Father will ever lead me to what is my highest good. I put my faith and trust in You and all You have brought to me to teach and guide me towards You.

As I put worldly things aside, Father, I crave and yearn to know You better. I am coming to love the stillness for in this I feel ever closer to You and all You impart to me guides me more clearly towards You. All my lifelong prayers are being answered and my ever seeking quest has turned into journey of joy and peace. For this I give great thanks from a heart brimming over. Truly my cup runneth over and I know joy and mercy shall follow me all of my days. Is there anyone who would speak with me this evening?

ALFANA: We have been still listening to your heartfelt feelings and have been moved to stillness.

LOR-EL: – Allene, you have been a good student and will be an even better one. You have moved to a new level in your studies. Do not become confused. Do not go too fast in your enthusiasm. Be gentle with yourself and love yourself for all that you are. Bring your questions to us and we will lead you to the answers. The flowers of truth will unfold in all their beauty in your garden.

They take nurturing and will be all the more beautiful as they unfold their petals slowly. To go too fast would not allow you to enjoy each petal unfold and you would have too many to see at once.

You are coming to know many of us. We are coming to know that this can lead to some confusion as to who to address. It is not important.

ONARIO: As you heard Michael say earlier, I am what you might call an assistant to Michael. I come to pick up from Lor-El’s message to you that at this time you have come to experience what we call the stillness. This you have realized is somewhat different from your other experiences of meditation. It is in this stillness that much will be imparted to you.

It is good that you are now able to do this. It would be good for you now to spend time in this stillness each day at your computer which you are now comfortable with and simply record the impressions you receive. Much will be received below your conscious awareness. It will come forth in time.

Allene: As I quietly contemplate your words, it comes to me that you are one of the Master Spirits or something along this line.

ONARIO: To your way of thinking, you might see it this way. I am a creation of Michael’s brought into existence through a co-ordination with the Creative Mother Spirit.

Allene: Are you bestowed with personality?

ONARIO: Yes. Can you define personality for a mortal comprehension?

ONARIO: This is indeed difficult at times for mortals to understand. As with much you are learning, there are levels. The best short answer is to let you think on all the beings you have come to know of the celestial realm as you like to call it. You recognize them by their individual personalities. Your Thought Adjuster may speak with you, but you do not get any clear sense of his personality, unless you assign this to him for your own comfort and reasons. There is nothing felt that you would assign to emotion, such as you experience VanEssa, Alfana, Lor-El and your many other teachers. Is this enough for now?

Allene: Yes, thank you.

ONARIO: You will come to understand this in more depth later on. This is not easy to define for you now.

Allene: What about our ideas that animals have personality?

ONARIO: Here you are confusing the behavior you observe with the process behind it. Animals experience reactions such as fear, pleasure, anxiety, anticipation and they have their own individual ways of expressing this, but they do not know God. They are not encircuited in the Personality circuit. They have no free will, are unable to make moral choices, do not know time. What differentiates man from animal is the gift of personality from the Father, which includes all these things and more. Personality is not behavior, it has more to do with the ability to recognize God and the things of eternal value, to make these distinctions and the will to act on them.

Allene: Thank you.

ONARIO: You are wondering about emotions as being a bad example of personality in your celestial friends. You see they have emotions of love for the Father, will to follow his will, a sense of eternal values an understanding of truth, beauty and goodness. You share a common desire to know the Father with them. This you cannot do with animals. Does this make it more clear?

Allene: Yes, thank you. I think I got you sidetracked as you were talking with me earlier.

ONARIO:  I think you understand that what I had in mind was for you to continue with your studies and bring your questions to the stillness for clarification. When you wish you may contact any of your teachers, but you will find yourself doing this less in the days ahead as you begin open yourself up more the stillness that you have found.
This would be good for you know, before you get more involved with the many beings around you. You will have enough contact with them in your groups. Later, you will be better prepared for greater contacts.

Allene: Thank you so much. I am glad to hear from you this evening and will follow your good guidance.

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