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NWB9- Early Teaching Mission Session 9

1992-11-26- Early Teaching Mission Session 9
Sarasota #9

1 Heading
1.1 Topic: Impressions – 1.2 Group: Sarasota TeaM
2 Facilitators – 2.1 Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Mother Spirit, F-ES-IS; – 2.2 TR: Allene Vick

Topic: Impressions
Group: Sarasota TeaM
TR: Allene Vick

Session 9
November 26, 1992
[[Allene – Impressions November 26, 1992]]

Allene: Dear Teachers and All Unseen Helpers of Father’s, I love you. I thank you. I take great joy in all your many activities to help our wayward planet of Urantia. I thank you for all the many blessings I am receiving from Father through your loving ministry to us.

Tonight I would like to ask you to direct as much help as you in your wisdom know would serve God’s purpose to Susanne and her parents. Please be with them in this difficult time to bring them comfort and assurance in the ways you are so wonderful at giving.

Dear Father, Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit, I have never written to you. Tonight I wish to give my sincere and deep thanks for all the many wonderful blessings you are bestowing upon me. I desire that I may be shown how to best use these in your service and that I may be prodded when I fall in lazy and careless attitudes. It is my desire to be of the highest service to you that I am capable. I know I have a long way to go to achieve this. I now at least feel I am on the path towards knowing you. Thank you for all your guidance to show me the way and lead me ever towards you.

I would ask that you please help Susanne through all your ministries to find her way back to good health and to be with her and her parents during this time. I know in your infinite wisdom, you know what is in the best and highest interests of all and what serves your divine purpose. I just feel that I have been given so very much help and assistance, I really wish to share my teachers, angels and unseen helpers with Susanne.

F-ES-IS: Allene, it shall be as you ask.

Allene: I thank you. I feel a little out of line asking this, yet I am still too ignorant to truly understand the way to pray for others. I only know to come to you and ask if it be in the highest interests of all.

Dear Universe Mother Spirit, It was so wonderful to hear from you in our group. I feel that you are involved in my request and manifesting Susanne’s good health. I thank you. I hope to know you more and to learn more of your ministering spirits.

I do know in someway, it seems I have long known of your wonderful manifesting abilities. Perhaps, this too is some of what I was told that I know.
Universe Mother Spirit: It is my great pleasure to come to you. Yes, you do know much. Your faith sets you apart. Your willingness to believe. I say know much for this is the right word. You do not understand how I operate for this you cannot yet comprehend, but you do know that I do these things.

MOTHER SPIRIT: Remember what seems so obvious to you, is not yet real to most. This is why we take such delight in your enthusiasm to open the way for others to begin to look at things a little differently. You sow many seeds with your joyful enthusiasm for what you have realized. You have experienced me and have given thanks to your “Universe” as you like to say. I have experienced your joy and your heartfelt thanks.

As you and Patije bring your students to Michael and me, we will work with each of them to nurture the seeds you so lovingly and joyfully spread so generously to all those about you who are ready to hear. Do not be concerned about those you think are not able to hear. You do not know how many other seeds have been planted and when one will germinate and grow. Just be yourselves. Share what you are – your joy, your delight, your love, your trust, your patience and what you know.

Your knowing-ness will increase, for surely we will work with you both as we do with all you bring to us. It is good that you slow down now, for with you we have also planted many seeds. We know that in time these seed WILL blossom and bring forth much fruit. It is the combination of these seeds, your openness, your pursuit of truth and your desire for spiritual understanding that will bring forth these blossoms of eternal value.

This combination needs the soil of the stillness. You are now beginning to see this. It is true that much is imparted to you at these times although you may not always be conscious of this at the time.

Yes, you are on the right track about your brother Ken and this recent experience and the circuits.

Allene: Thank you so much. Yes, I am getting a much better idea about the stillness. It comes to me now that perhaps I should talk with Van-El and Alfana about this.

Dear Alfana and Van-El, I am beginning to sense something new about the various circuity and I don’t know exactly what this might mean. Is it true that both of you are involved with this? Van-El we have never been clear about who you are? What was I experiencing that Sunday? What does the EL designate to us? Please help to remove my blocks in knowing the answers to these questions.

THOUGHT ADJUSTER:  – As you think about circuits. I too operate and have access to different circuits at times. As you become more aware of who and what you are, you will become more aware of information from all these circuits.

Allene: Are you my Thought Adjuster?

THOUGHT ADJUSTER: Yes, I am of you.

Allene; This cannot be. The Thought Adjuster is of the Father.

THOUGHT ADJUSTER: I am of you also. A soul is forming of which we are both a part. It is through this that even more becomes known to you.

Allene: But we have not fused yet.

THOUGHT ADJUSTER: Have you not been told that this is a surety?

Allene: How can you know that I won’t default?

THOUGHT ADJUSTER: Because Father knows all. You will not default. Your surety is known. Do not be so concerned with how you think things work. There are many intricacies you have not been told. Your beloved UB is only a primer. Trust what is happening to you. I am not your ego here to flatter you with idle chatter. I am here to be with you on this journey. As your safe passage is assured through the trials and temptations, you will be entrusted with more knowledge. Is that not what you have always sought? Why do you suddenly balk now?

Allene: I am ever fearful that I will be lead astray by my own imagination and creative fantasies and I do not wish to be lead away from my path to Father.

THOUGHT ADJUSTER: My child, with your love and your sincere intent, do you really believe we would allow you to be lead astray? Have you not been told, that you will not be allowed to continue in error. We are not here to play silly mind games. Surely you know better than this.

Allene: Yes, I do. I know that Father would never allow one with sincere intent to know Him, be deceived with silly games. I am sorry for my doubts. So much new has been happening to me, surely you can see how difficult it is to process all these new experiences and can appreciate my desire for clarity and truth. Please help me to know and accept all that is true that is coming to me.

THOUGHT ADJUSTER: In your new understanding of the silence, you will come to know and to trust. Be assured. Be at peace.
My child, your struggles to grasp and grapple with all of this is well known from here to Edentia and beyond. It is with much interest that you are observed for you have ever been a seeker, your mind well developed, your compassion great and your openness most unusual.

Allene: Dear Father, Please help me as I am struggling get beyond my humanness to open myself up to all that is coming to me. I am limited in my perceptions and experience and yet I know there is a way to move into a greater knowing. I am trying and it is difficult as yet we as humans have no clear road map to follow and must rely on your revelation to us through the UB and our teachers.

It is not easy and I thank you for the gentle prodding and clues dropped to urge me ever onward. You know the search for understanding is one I cannot resist. Please guide me along the correct path to know what you would have me know. Please help me to move my stubborn resistance. I do not know why I resist so much when knowledge has always been what I have sought.

NOTE: Here as most readers will understand, I really stumbled in my sea of doubts when I heard the Thought Adjuster say – I am of you. How can this be? It certainly is in direct conflict with what I have understood in the Urantia Book. This frustrated and troubled me greatly. I asked God to please give me some confirmation as I did not wish to continue in any misunderstanding. The next day, I was still too confused and frustrated to write with the teachers, so I picked up the UB and continued reading Paper 34. Suddenly I came upon the following sentence beginning and the bottom of Page 379:
“Thought Adjusters are definite indvidualizations of the prepersonal reality of the Universal Father, actually indwelling the mortal mind as a very part of that mind, and they ever work in perfect harmony with the combined spirits of the Creator Son and Creative Spirit.”

After following the trail of the circuits, it became clear that we have personality from the Father, Spirit from the Eternal Son and Mind from the Infinite Spirit. We possess all these. We are a combination of all these. Thus, the Thought Adjuster is of me in someway as all of these come into oneness creating the soul. While I cannot clearly explain this, a part of me does understand and I was greatly pleased to have found the confirmation I was seeking and able to move on and continue.

I do not ask that those who read this to accept or agree with me. I only share my experiences as I think they show how exciting it is to combine the leading of the teachers with the reading of the Urantia Book. It is as if we are being given clues and seeds of thought and are guided as we try to apply what we are being shown. Surely, we will make mistakes, but I am convinced that as we stretch ourselves, we will steadily begin to put more and more pieces together to see a clearer picture.

It seems to me it would be a mistake to dogmatically accept only the words as we can understand them in the UB and fail to see and follow the clues that are left for us to follow.

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