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NWB8- Early Teaching Mission Session 8

1992-11-23- Early Teaching Mission Session 8
Sarasota #8

1 Heading
1.1 Topic: Impressions – 1.2 Group: Sarasota TeaM
2 Facilitators – 2.1 Teacher: Vanessa, Michael – 2.2 TR: Allene Vick

Topic: Impressions
Group: Sarasota TeaM
TR: Allene Vick

Session 8
November 23, 1992
[[Allene – Impressions November 23, 1992]]

Allene: Dear Teachers, Michael, Father and Thought Adjuster, Thank you for a wonderful evening. Thank you for getting our new class off to such a great start. I know you have all had a hand in this and I am much pleased with the results. We will do our best to use this time to learn as much as we can from the Urantia Book. Thank you all for arranging this forum and guiding us towards this.

Thank you for such a good start with the other Monday night group. I especially thank you for allowing me to relax more and express your impressions. I was so strongly aware of you Alfana and your joy. One really could not miss it.

Michael, I thank you so much for the confirmation I received from Patije. I tried to put my doubts aside and share what I received. I have come to understand that the reason I don’t feel your beautiful energies as I did before is that either I am being stepped up with the adjustments or you are stepping down for our sake. I was at first unsure about this, but tonight has greatly helped me to know that you are truly among us.
I thank all of you for the burden that has been lifted from me. I am not sure what happened this evening, but I again feel light and free. It is such a good feeling.

MICHAEL: Allene, go about your daily affairs and know that all is well. Your intentions and desires are known. All will unfold as you wish. As you move in faith and trust, the way is being prepared for you. It is not a selfish, lazy desire on your part. You need not concern yourself with this. What you desire will bring forth much fruit. We thank you for your willingness. This is all we ask. We will take care of the rest. Your commitment is strong and steadfast.

You will indeed play a central role in what is taking place in your area. Your willingness to step aside from the center role and to do whatever needs to be done to be of the greatest service warms our hearts and increases our affection for you. Your progress has been greater than you realize. Be patient and gentle with yourself. We have helped you with this tonight. This is what you are feeling. More and more you will be able to stay in this mode of being without our direct assistance.

Patije’s faith and steadfastness and her willingness and fortitude to persist in giving her best is a fine example for you to follow. You will learn much from her as you have been doing. As you pay attention and follow her lead, you too will become a pillar of faith, steadfastness, courage and inspiration to others. You have been carefully chosen to be where you are. Patije has been chosen and has diligently been faithful in her pursuit of the Father’s will.

She has been carefully groomed for this for many years. You, too, have been chosen and groomed for this work, but your experiences have been of a different nature. Your never ending pursuit of truth and understanding are now paying off and thus, you are able to so quickly catch on and catch up. You have spent more time in the pursuit of knowledge, while your sister, Patije, has spent much time in practice.

You are a quick study and by paying attention with your conscious intent, you will move quickly up the spiral behind Patije. She is a great inspiration to you as you will be to others. This union is blessed. We are pleased to see the enthusiasm you both have for your assignments. You are never alone and in the days ahead you will become much more consciously aware of this. Your joy and appreciation is known by the Father and He is well pleased.

Travel lightly and with joy in your heart for your prayers are being heard and answered. As you give, so shall you receive.

Allene: I thank you so much for all you have given me tonight. I will try to remember this lesson well. VanEssa, you are so lovely and so delightful. It was so good to hear from you tonight. I so look forward to opening the veil between us. I hope you will share more with us about yourself and what we can do to part the veil that separates us.

VANESSA: You cannot know what a great joy it is for us to see a group such as these two as we have had to wait so long in silence for the humans on this planet to wake up. You have all been exposed to so many new experiences that it is hard for you to take them all in. We know this and are patient as you adjust yourselves to so much that is new. We do not wish to overwhelm you, to confuse you in this process.

Much bonding, trust and faith is needed before we can expand more in our imparting of information to you. Already, you all have moved quite rapidly. As each new level is assimilated, we will move with you to higher ones. Much ground work has already been laid for events of the future. We have much now on which to build. You will see more rapid movement in the days ahead.

Allene: Thank you VanEssa. It will be with great joy that we will participate in all that is to come to pass.

VANESSA: Child, you already do know what is happening. It is yet beyond your conscious ability to know, but there resides in you a great deal more than you presently imagine you know. You are just now beginning to get a glimmer of what this is. The vessel must be secure before it can be filled. As you have been told, nothing is ever wasted in the universe.

What good would it do to fill a leaky vessel with precious oil? Your vessel has been containing much that you do not yet acknowledge. When you release your mind from the fetters of self abnegation and a false sense of unworthiness, your awareness with expand with a breathtaking panorama. Your sense of self will expand to the point where what you now sense as self will be as but a drop in the ocean.

A part of you knows this and a part of you denies this. One day you will put any denial away and accept what you are in all its beauty and splendor for you are truly a child of God and when you know this, the sense of separateness will dissolve and you will know oneness with all. This is what God the Supreme is all about. This is the first major step towards God the Father. Do not doubt this, for in this moment you know that this is true. Somethings it is not necessary to understand, just to know.

We thank you for sharing this time with us. We look forward to more lessons with you. When we encourage you to stretch to your full potential, this cannot be done by small, timid steps. If you limit yourself to small, sure steps, your potential will remain exactly that – potential. Now you know the importance of the stillness, for only in that stillness can what you know rise to full consciousness.

These are not things you can learn, they can only come into knowing in the stillness. We have planted many seeds tonight. It is up to you to nurture them and we know you will. God Bless You and Goodnight.

Allene: Thank you. I cannot comprehend the full meaning of all you have imparted to me just now, but I do recognize the truth contained in this and I will nurture these seeds in the stillness.

NOTE: I was surprised to see the reference to God the Supreme as I was not at all aware of this thought. It seemed to come directly out of nowhere and again I questioned the process. A couple of days later in conversation with Patije, she was sharing what she was reading in her Wednesday morning study group in Paper 34. I got interested in that and began to read that paper. I was most surprised to read the following on page 380, 4th paragraph:

“Although Divinity may be plural in manifestation, in human experience Deity is singular, always one. Neither is spiritual ministry plural in human experience. Regardless of plurality of origin, all spirit influences are one in function. Indeed they are one, being the spirit ministry of God the Sevenfold in and to the creatures of the grand universe; and as creatures grow in appreciation of, and receptivity for, this unifying ministry of the spirit, it becomes in their experience the ministry of God the Supreme.”

Here is a reference to oneness and I was immediately reminded of the message I received above. Another clue that begins to fit together and affirm the process that is going on with the teachers and their attempt to ever lead me onward.

During this time, I often stopped in some deep meditation unlike any I have had before. It really did not seem like anything was happening, just a deep sense of quiet and peace while being unfocused on anything present. Again a few days later in talking with Patije, I realized how much was imparted to me on some unconscious level that began to surface as our conversation continued.

I became much more aware of what they meant by the stillness. In this deeper space beyond time, we all are able to tap into the vast knowledge of which we have access to when we are open enough to receive and acknowledge it.

In Paper 117 on Nov 28, while looking up something else, I came across this sentence on Page 1288, Paragraph 3:
“What Michael is to Nebadon, the Supreme is to the finite cosmos; his Deity is the great avenue through which the love of the Father flows outward to all creation, and he is the great avenue through which finite creatures pass inward in their quest of the of the Father, who is love.”

This certainly is another confirmation to me of the validity of what the teachers have been teaching me as I have only read the Urantia Book once and in that reading only was able to take in the basic outline. This I would not have known. It sounds a lot like what I was given about God the Supreme above being the first great step towards God the Father.

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