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NWB7- Early Teaching Mission Session 7

1992-11-22- Early Teaching Mission Session 7
Sarasota #7

1 Heading
1.1 Topic: Impressions – 1.2 Group: Sarasota TeaM
2 Facilitators – 2.1 Teacher: Father – 2.2 TR: Allene Vick

Topic: Impressions
Group: Sarasota TeaM
Teacher: Father
TR: Allene Vick

Session 7
November 22, 1992
[[Allene – Impressions November 22, 1992]]

Allene; Dear Teachers, I thank you for all your help in working everything out so that we can all read and study the Urantia Book from the beginning on a serious level. It is especially wonderful for me to have the opportunity to do this with Patije as I know I will learn so much from her. It has taken a different turn than I anticipated and I accept this as a better way at present.

Today has been a frustrating one for me. I think this is because I got out of my pattern somewhat and feel a little overwhelmed with all there is to do on top of being engaged for 6 nights and 6 days with work and my involvement in the Urantia groups and projects. I am also feeling the financial pressure now.

ALFANA:  Dear One, this is Alfana. It is good that you see this. Relax. Take each step one at a time. Just give your attention to the thing at hand. When you concentrate on what you are doing and free your mind of all other things, you will feel more relaxed. Time will expand as you have experienced. You know this. You do not need me to tell you this. You have simply allowed yourself to get out of balance. This you recognize. See how much more relaxed you are at this moment.

Allene: Yes, Alfana. This is true.

ALFANA:  You have been going through an unsettling time with the class and your job. This will all settle down. Your holidays should be a time for you all to relax and enjoy the time together with your friends and families. This is so often not the case in your world now. You are all so busy. Life loses its flow as you all pressure yourselves to achieve so much. Have you not seen that there is time – a great expanse of time ahead of you? Take the time and give yourself the time to enjoy your journey here on Urantia. It has much to offer to all of you.

We appreciate your sincere desire to do as much as you can. Remember you are only one and you are not asked to do the work of many. As you take care of your needs, you will be better able to contribute as you wish.
Your willingness to share what you know and what you are experiencing reaches out in circles that are ever expanding beyond what you can envision. This in itself is a great contribution.

It would be better for you now to concentrate on establishing a pattern for yourself. This will give you more stability in all that you involve yourself with.

Thank you Alfana. I know that your suggestions are good ones. I thank you for reminding me.

Is there anything else you or anyone else would like to share with me? Any suggestions for the class?

ALFANA:  We have no suggestions at this time. Your basic approach seems a good one. Know that we are always with you. You are not to rely on us in these lessons, but do not forget that we are ever present with you.

Allene: Dear Michael, I thank you so much for coming among us and revealing yourself to us. I want to take your hand that you offered to me and ask that you ever lead me and guide me in your plan to lead us all to the Father. Please give me the sensitivity and clarity to know how to follow you and the courage to do so when I am led by you. I am open and willing to do what I can.

Please help me overcome any blocks that may inhibit my openness and willingness to fully participate in all that comes before me to be of assistance to you and your whole host of celestials that are working with us.

MICHAEL: Little One, you are overcoming your shyness and will move beyond this in the days ahead. Be patient. Time does not have the same meanings as you wish to give to it. Intent and thought are often as important as action and action can only follow intent and thought. Be content as your mind and understanding expands. Action will follow from this as surely as the sun rises after the night. You know that your Father is there waiting for you. It does not concern Him, how quickly you arrive in His presence.

You have a wondrous journey in front of you. Enjoy all the beauty and goodness and many delights you will find along the way. Be as the birds in the fields. They fly and soar and have no thought of the morrow. Nor should you for you can only conjecture what might be. Put your trust in God and enjoy each moment. Move in Peace. Move in Love and put your trust in your heavenly Father who knows your heart, your desires and your potential. I leave you with the blessings of the Father.

Allene: Thank you Michael. I will make a much greater effort to remember that you are ever with me.

MICHAEL: This will become increasingly more apparent to you, Little One.

ONARIO: You have been wondering if any others would like to talk to you. Allene, you are surrounded by so many beings. Some are ever present, others come and go. Many would speak with you. There is not enough time at present for this. Pay more attention all during your waking hours and you will gain much from them. You are correct in feeling that often many are watching you.

If you will give yourself more quiet time, you will become aware of many. It is good to try and preserve as much as you can in writing, but this will become too cumbersome a process for you as time goes by. Record what you can, but do not limit your awareness and attention to the time you spend in this type of communication.

Patije has been a wonderful help to you in getting started. Do not pattern yourself after her. You two work well together because your intentions are clear and of a similar nature. You will also make a good team, because you are different in ways that will contribute to each and the process. You will have much help in blending and focusing your experiences. There is much trust and on this is a solid foundation being built that will bridge the way for what you choose to do in the future.

Allene: Thank you Onario. I cannot see how I will ever have the time to communicate with so many. I will follow Michael’s words and trust that the time will present itself in proportion to my willingness. Thank you. I thank you for letting yourself be known to Byron.

I must sign off and go to bed. I feel that I could be up all night with all I feel present. I love you all. I thank you for you amazing support in what is certainly a wondrous new experience for me. I hope that I will be able to help many others come to know of your love, your patience, your willingness and your openness to all who sincerely seek to know you. I am so blessed. I pray with your help I may prove worthy of all you have to share with us. Allene

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