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NWB15- Early Teaching Mission Session 15

1992-12-03- Early Teaching Mission Session 15
Sarasota #15


1 Heading
1.1 Topic: Impressions – 1.2 Group: Sarasota TeaM
2 Facilitators – 2.1 Teacher: Alfana, Vanessa, Lor-El, UMS – 2.2 TR: Allene Vick

Topic: Impressions
Group: Sarasota TeaM
TR: Allene Vick

Session 15
December 3, 1992
[[Allene – Impressions December 3, 1992]]

Allene: Dear Michael, I heard you say to me this evening on the way home, “Thank you for hearing me. Thank you for sharing.” I thank you for being present this evening and for my awareness of your presence. I was aware of your letting me know there was something more to share with Brian and the sense that this was accomplished. I am honored to be of service to you and my brothers.

Michael, My shy one, you are stepping forward more in faith now. You will lead many of my lambs to me. Do not trouble yourself with the reluctant ones. These I will reach out to and draw them to me. You and Patije work together as an ever entwining spiral towards perfection. Know I am ever present as you go about the work of the Father. I stand among you as surely as if you were to see me. You with faith know this. As you share this others will come to know of my presence. In this, you are both of much assistance to me. The blessings of the Father will flow down upon you as you continually seek to be about our Father’s desire to draw you ever closer to Him. Go in peace. Bring your burdens to me that you may continue on your chosen path with a light and joyous heart.

Oh, thank you Michael. Yes, you have already lifted many burdens from me. “Turn It Over” now becomes a phrase with much meaning to me. How much I have intellectually know and yet never got. These things now take on much meaning as my levels of understanding increase with your help. I do come with heartfelt thanks for all that is becoming revealed to me each day. Please guide me in the ways that I can best be of service to you each day, in every situation and with all I meet. Please help me to be more loving and to allow my mind to expand in the ways the teachers are leading me. Please help me to put aside all my doubts and simply flow in the divine plan. Please help me to be always aware of your presence.

Michael, It shall be as you ask. Be patient and gentle with yourself. The mighty oak tree did not grow to be a mighty oak tree in one day. It started with a tiny acorn and everyday reached upwards towards the sunlight. As you keep your sights ever upward towards your Father in heaven, you too will grow to be a mighty force for good wherever you may be planted. “Bloom where you are potted.” This is a phrase you love. You can be sure you will be planted where you can do the most good. Your roots of faith are strong and you can now grow ever upwards and spread your branches out.

Others will be attracted to your strength and steadfastness as shelter from the storms that beset them. Under the protection of your branches of love and truth, they will find me. Thank you. I will try to grow each day reaching ever upwards and to try and bring comfort and shelter to those who are lost in the storms of life knowing always that it is the Father they are seeking and that you are always there to lead them to the Father.
Father: I am will pleased with you my child. Your intentions are known to me. Your faith is pure like that of a child. Your doubts are of no importance. They only reflect your sincerity of purpose. In time these will drop away as leaves in the autumn wind.

Dear Father, I feel much like a child as I see more glimpses of the magnificence of your universe and the wonderful beings that we are coming to know. As each new day reveals more, I find myself filled with delight and wonder.

Allene: Dear Universe Mother Spirit, I am delighted to be aware of your presence among us this evening. I am so full of joy to know that you are making yourself known to us – that as we are coming to know Michael, we may also come to know you. You know of my special delight in this.

UNIVERSE MOTHER SPIRIT:   Yes, I do know your special interest in knowing me. You have always known much of me. In answer to your question, I will help you in expanding your present knowledge to include what your teachers have eluded to about becoming aware of what you know. As you sit in the stillness, there I will be also.

Thank you so much. Knowing this brings me much peace about this process the teachers started. At this moment, I feel a great comfort within. While others have been drawn to things physical, visual, musical, I have always been drawn to the mind as best I could comprehend it. May I bring my many questions to you?
Universe Mother Spirit, You may bring all your questions to me. In time you will find all answers you have so diligently sought.

This is such a great gift to me. Along the path to Father, I can’t imagine a more treasured gift. This is the answer to my most life long desire.
Universe Mother Spirit, This has always been known to us. There was much that had to precede this time. All your efforts and desire have brought you to this point.

I am so grateful. The sense of peace and contentment that now washes over me is so quiet and calm. I do not know the words to express what I am feeling and I do not need to do so as I know you know what I am experiencing at this moment. Thank you.
Vanessa, It was so good to hear from you this evening. Somehow I think you can tell us more about “Ruby” – the absolutely delightful creature that came to us this evening. Watching Ann one could not help but pick up the effervescence of her being.

VANESSA: Yes, she is a delightful being. You are now being introduced to more of the personalities and beings that share this universe with you. There will be more in the days ahead. It is not necessary at this time that you know more. As you meet them, they will reveal more of themselves. It is the openness that is present in your group that attracts and allows these fellow companions to reveal themselves to you. We were all so pleased to see what a “hit” she made with your group.

“Ruby”, We did all so enjoy your visit this evening. It was such an unexpected treat for all of us. We do hope you will come again and share more of yourself with us. Thank you for this new experience.

“Ruby” I will come to your group again. Your welcome was such a treat for me also. This is my first appearance among a group of mortals. I find it a most favorable experience. Please thank Ann for allowing me this opportunity.

Alfana, I felt that I really let you down this evening. I was so aware of you and yet, I could not or did not express you will or completely. Please forgive my inadequacy.

ALFANA: My dear child, not to be concerned. We were well aware of what the problem was. This has been addressed in Lor-El’s message to Patije in her personal impressions and again in the group tonight as information for Brian to share with his group.

Allene: What are we to do about this in our group? Do we continue? Do we take steps to correct this? If so, what?

ALFANA: It would be good for you not to focus on the problem, but to reach out with love in every way you can to stretch your minds on what you can do. Ask what you can do within yourselves to heal this situation. Focus on strengthening the circuits within your group, reaching out to the weakest links to enfold them and draw them firmly into the circle that surrounds your group. Each of you is there for a reason and each of you is important. Remember, you were told just this week, that this is a time of oneness not separation. Do not create this with your attitudes and opinions. We think now you understand what is to be done.

Allene; Thank you Alfana. This has been most helpful. Lor-El, we thank you for the beautiful and meaningful lessons you have been giving Patije. Your words have clarified much that we have been thinking about and discussing.

LOR-El;  It is very pleasing to have such receptive students. We watch your conversations and your reactions. As you digest our words and meanings, we ever move forward. As you take the seeds that are being dropped and nurture them with your thoughts, they grow and more are sown. It is a never ending process. Few take the time to gather the seeds and plant them, thus many are lost to await another time to sprout.

Your gardens grow rich and beautiful as you eagerly gather and plant as many seeds as you can find. Others will see the beauty of your garden and begin to look for the seeds.
From you too, we learn much. Do not doubt this. For “by your students you are taught.” As this works on your level, it also works on all levels. The more advanced the students the more the teachers learn. We love all of you and participating in this joint venture is as rewarding for us as it is for you.

We bless you and we love you. In time the separation even between us will disappear. We welcome your companionship on this great journey.

Allene; Dear Universe Mother Spirit, After putting this away for the evening, I find myself sitting quietly, so thankful for your message. I want to record what you just shared with me when I was asking about coming directly to you as I feel most closely connected to you.

UNIVERSE MOTHER SPIRIT:  You may come to me at any time. You feel drawn to me more closely than to Michael at this time as you have always been more closely attuned to my presence. You have never felt a separation from me as you did towards the one you called Jesus. In your inability to make sense of what you had been taught, you turned aside and sought the Father directly and you always sensed my presence and took comfort in the things you attributed to me. It is okay for you to come to me, for as you come to me, you come to Michael and the Father. It does not matter. Follow the leanings of your heart and what brings you the most comfort. There is no separation when you reach out to us. Separation only exists in your understanding – this will change as you will come to see.

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