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NWB16- Early Teaching Mission Session 16

1992-12-06- Early Teaching Mission Session 16
Sarasota #16


1 Heading
1.1 Topic: Impressions – 1.2 Group: Sarasota TeaM
2 Facilitators – 2.1 Teacher: Alfana, Nebadonia – 2.2 TR: Allene Vick

Topic: Impressions
Group: Sarasota TeaM
TR: Allene Vick

Session 16
December 6, 1992
[[Allene – Impressions December 6, 1992]]

Allene: Dear Teachers, I don’t seem to have any questions on my mind this evening. I am ever thankful to the Father for all the good things that are happening in my life.

Dear Universe Mother Spirit, I must laugh at myself. I say I have no questions and yet as I sit here in the silence, I do have questions.

NEBADONIA:  My child, you always have questions. Your mind is ever busy even when you think it is resting. Now is a time for you to spend more time in the stillness. You are able to do this now as you are content knowing that all the answers will be forth coming to you.

You are correct about what you are beginning to perceive about communications with Ken and friend’s, Ken. The desire and faith of the sincere seeker intersect with the circuits of Truth and Spirit and in this all are connected. You will know more of this later, but what you and Ken are experiencing is real. Confirmation of this will be received.

It is as with the psychic levels. We wish to discourage all interest and pursuit of this psychic level of communication as it is greatly distorted and leads to much confusion and misunderstanding. Those who are able and ready to will find many new experiences as they move up the spiral of perfection. Each level brings its own experiences.

When you find yourself on the mansion worlds, you will not instantly find the answers. As here it is a process of expanding one’s awareness, learning, assimilating, practicing and “owning”, as you say what you know or becoming that which you know. The difference is that there you will be aware of assistance that most of you are here are unaware of being all around you.

Help will be given to bring balance to those who were so often emotionally out of balance here. This you know can be accomplished here, but many are unable to do this, thus, they become stuck. Their emotions ricochet back and forth within themselves from one extreme to another. There is no stability, for stability comes from balance. Fear is always present when one’s emotions are out of balance and fear separates one from the spiritual circuits.

It is through the spiritual and love circuits that all are connected. Through the personality circuits they are recognized and mind is ever present in all communications. Thus, when one moves in faith, putting doubts aside, seeking ever higher truth, it is revealed to them at their level of openness to receive and accept. This is why it is so important for all to stretch their minds, to expand them, to stop limiting ideas and perceptions that block that which would be revealed to them. Accept what is received, for those with pure intent will not be deceived.

You were thinking about things that seem to you to be understood on a heart level. On this level mind also operates for mind is what puts it all together to have meaning. Otherwise, you would simply experience sensation.

Allene: Thank you for you help. I will share this with my friend.

NEBADONIA:  My child, it is good that you are beginning to put your doubts aside and share what you are beginning to perceive. It is far better that you make some mistakes as you move ahead, than wait always for confirmation for to do so would slow your process and impede your growth. We have encouraged you to expand your mind and to use it. We will see that any mistakes are corrected. Have you not seen that as you venture out on faith that confirmation has backed up what you have been given?

ALFANA:  Allene, this is Alfana. Lor-El and I are pleased to see your willingness to move beyond your doubts. It makes our task much easier to accomplish. We thank you. We support you. It will soon be time for you and Patije to reach out to more and in this we will be ever present to assist you.

Alfana, I thank you so much for all your assistance to me and to others. It will be my great pleasure to introduce as many as possible to all of you. At present, I am not sure how this will come about as my time seems to be somewhat limited. I am open and willing to do all I can. Any guidance you have for us will be gratefully received.

ALFANA:  You two are doing well. We are pleased with your progress and your plans. It is good that you are proceeding as you are. Do not put pressure on yourselves, just be yourselves and let it unfold. Your intentions, desires and enthusiasm for your assignment is enough to move it forward.

Allene: Thank you.

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