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NWB27- Early Teaching Mission Sessions 27

1992-12-26 Early Teaching Mission Sessions 27
Sarasota #27  



28 Session 27 – 28.1 Dialogue

Topic: Impressions
Group: Sarasota TeaM
Teacher: Michael,CMS
TR: Allene Vick

Session 27
December 26, 1992
[[Allene – Impressions December 26, 1992]]

Allene: Dear Teachers, I am tired this evening, but this time with you seems so important a part of my day. To retire any more without this quiet time with you, my day seems incomplete and unfinished. Your love and support for me has been such a wonderful blessing. Everyday it unfolds and manifests itself in more obvious ways. If only those who doubt or do not know what you offer them, could know what they are missing, so much suffering would cease.

Please help me in the coming year to pay more attention to all your messages and to put these into action in my life so that I may be better able to help you and serve the purpose of Father.

CREATIVE MOTHER SPIRIT:  It is truly a gentle and patient spirit you are developing. With all your enthusiasm and action, there resides in you a gentle patience that is a joy to behold.

Allene: Thank you for your kind words. I do see this difference in me.
I would like to ask all of you to help to ease my financial burden to open the way for me to devote my full energies to being of service. In the meantime, I will do all I can while still trying to maintain a balance so I do not lose my effectiveness. I know that wisdom beyond mine is ever present and active in the universe and if this would be in the highest interests of all, it will manifest itself. I thank you.

CREATIVE MOTHER SPIRIT: You have a saying about timing being all. In some ways there is some truth to this. It is not so much timing as you sense it, but the coordination of events.

It would be better for you to concentrate on just what is in front of you. There is no need to concern yourself with the future. This is contrary to all you have been taught and the common wisdom prevalent around you. As you grow more in your trust of the Father, you will come to see how silly it is for you to concern yourself with anything but the present. The Father knows your deepest yearnings and desires – which ones have eternal value and would bring much good to you and which ones are only due to your present ignorance of all that is.

As you exercise your gentle patience, you can rest assured that your prayers are being heard. Your talents will not be wasted. You have long been prepared for what you are about. Only now is this beginning to unfold for you. You know this. This is what brings you so much peace and joy amidst the daily stress of all you are doing. Each step along your way, has been a process of learning and preparing for your real work.

MICHAEL: What is it you would want, my child?

Allene: It does not seem right to come to you with such mundane concerns as what I am thinking now.

MICHAEL: Did I not tell you to take my hand? To bring all your concerns to me? Do you not know that I am aware of all you are thinking? You need to move beyond your false modesty and belief that somethings are up to you to take care of and others of more spiritual intent are to be brought to me. There is no separation when the intent is centered on higher thoughts than self.

Who would know better than I do what life is like on your planet and the issues that confront you daily? It is not how well you succeed at each thing, but how earnestly you strive for the highest good in all you do. This is the real test. As Welmek has said, you do not realize what endless possibilities you have to make good choices here on life on Urantia. When the difficulties are so much less, the opportunities are also much less.

When life is more orderly on planets settled in light and life and there is more time to devote to your spiritual development, you will have less impetus to do so as there is with chaos all around you to spur you on to a better way. This you will come to know. You seem to think that once you leave this material plane behind, life suddenly changes and one is automatically propelled forward on the path to Father. This is not so.

The dimensions change, but all lessons must be learned. Think about yourself. As you have had glimpses of the vast possibilities, you did not suddenly stop in your tracks and make instant changes. It is a slow process for the mind to grasp the meaning of events. And so it is.

So, my shy one, why not tell me what you think you desire and let us speak of this.

Allene: Okay. I think I want a home of my own, where I can feel free to open it to all my spiritual friends and those seeking truth. A place that is more conducive to all the things I want to do in service to Father. As I am not able to provide a place of security to Mother, I feel stuck in the situation. I feel guilty when I think of wanting to be free of this present situation realizing all my mother has done for me and does each day. It saddens me that I cannot be all that would please her and still do what I need to do.

Always I feel caught in the middle. It saddens me that she is so stubbornly clinging to her beliefs and unable to partake of the joy and peace that I have found.

MICHAEL: You know I know of these burdens on your heart. You cannot serve two masters. As you have chosen to serve Father, you must learn to put these concerns and feelings aside. Here is a difficult opportunity for you to move beyond the emotions involved in a parent/child relationship and reside in the arms of Father as a child of love. As you keep ever focused on this relationship with your true Father, the conflicting feelings you are now experiencing will wane in comparison.

Each must make their choices. East must live by these choices. Your Mother makes her choices and thereby creates life as she perceives it. Her intentions are good and that is recognized. Your intentions are good and are often rebuffed and thwarted. Thus, she denies herself much that would please her. This is her choice. Put your guilt aside as there is no place for guilt ever.

This is a good opportunity for you to learn to love one such as your mother. When you master this, the situation will change.

How can I master this? Even your mother with all your loving presence still did not see you for what you were when you were here.

MICHAEL: Your mother cannot see you for what you are. She does not have to see this for you to love her. Your dissatisfaction with her inability to see you clearly, is what keeps you from loving her as you surely could. This is what is really bothering you. Here is beautiful lesson in love right in front of you. Love should never be dependent on the feelings and acceptance of others. As you learn to love your mother, it will not bother you what she thinks and she will respond to being loved. This ability to love another under any circumstances is what all of you on Urantia need to learn at this time.This desire for her to do so will not be met at this time.

Accept the situation and proceed to do all you can to create that which nurtures you. Put aside her judgments and move as you feel directed to do. As you find the way and practice loving her each time you feel a different emotion, you will learn this lesson. Bloom where you are potted. As you learn this lesson of love, you will be much more greatly prepared to do the work ahead for Father.

You have asked many times to be shown the way, you can be of more service to Father. This I tell you is the greatest lesson of all – to love all. Were you not told before, that you can never be hurt, if you have no expectations of another and simply love them? This is the same. Always you have the expectation that your mother will come to see and appreciate your wisdom and always there is the deep yearning expectation of acceptance. This is exactly what she desires from you. True love is beyond all expectations and sees beyond the human flaws to view God in each one.

You will not learn to love her until you are able to put aside all your desires for acceptance from her. This is why those we love the most are most able to teach us these lessons. It is easy to love a stranger, is it not? You have no expectations and anything that brings you happiness from this encounter is seen as an unexpected gift to you. This you know. It is the emotions that get in the way that bring forth the emotional desire for acceptance.

Your Father loves you unconditionally. Your Father sees all that you are. All that you do and all that you think. No aspect escapes His knowing. He loves you unconditionally not conditioned by any expectations. Does this not mean more than your mother’s ability to love you? Of course, it does. Remember what your Ken often said, “they just don’t know” for surely if they knew, they would behave differently.

As you think about this more, you can begin to develop some “keys” for yourself as learning tools. I will help you in this. Know that I am always present. Turn to me each time you are aware of emotions getting in the way and I will be there to take your hand. In learning this, you will be a great soldier in your Father’s army. Be gentle on yourself and let us go hand in hand.

Allene: Michael, I do thank you. This is truly something I must learn and now is the best time to learn this. I thank you for your help and I will do my best. I will learn this.

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