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NWB26- Early Teaching Mission Sessions 26

1992-12-25 Early Teaching Mission Sessions 26
Sarasota #26  



27 Session 26 – 27.1 Dialogue

Topic: Impressions
Group: Sarasota TeaM
Teacher: Alfana, Michael, Lor-El, Vanessa & Van-El, Machiventa, TA
TR: Allene Vick

Session 26
December 25, 1992
[[Allene – Impressions December 25, 1992]]

Allene: Dear Father, Michael, Thought Adjuster and Unseen Helpers, I know it is late, but I cannot go to bed without thanking you on this special day – the day when the world celebrates Michael’s bestowal birth on our planet. I want to thank you for all the many very special blessings that I have experienced this year. The understanding I have gained from the Urantia Book.

The personal understanding I now have of you our Father. The relationship that I am developing with you Michael as I come to know you more. I thank you for your personal presence in my life. I thank my Thought Adjuster for all you have been laboring for on our behalf.

I thank my teachers, celestial visitors and Midwayers for all the time you have taken to help me and the many wonderful lessons and guidance you give to me with such patience and loving. I thank you for Patije and Roy in my life. I thank you for my good health, my spiritual understanding and my financial support.

I am willing to be of assistance to you in any way I can. Please help me translate my willingness into useful service. Please help me to hear you clearly and to put aside other things to follow your teachings and guidance. I know there are many that doubt the existence of the teachers as we experience you. I do not doubt your existence. I only doubt my ability to receive your messages clearly without coloring them with my small understanding.

I greet this season with much quiet joy and thanksgiving. Father, you are truly answering all my prayers.

I would like to ask your blessing for all my many wonderful human friends who have given so much to me through all the years. May each of them find a special place in your loving nature. At this time, I ask special blessings for Ken, for all he taught me. I know you recognize all he gave so many far more than I do. I especially thank you for Alan, Ellen, Patije and Del for all the gifts of love and truth and understanding they have shared with me and for their loving support. In their friendship, I am truly blessed and I ask for your special blessing to each of them.

Father, I thank you for the special gift you gave to all of us on Urantia in the bestowal of Michael. He has set such a perfect example for all of us. Michael, I want to thank you so much for making yourself known to me. I have wanted to know who you were for so long. I never dreamed you would really appear to me as you have. I know it was only my ignorance that separated us. I want to be of help to you in your plan for Urantia.

Please use me as will best suit your plans and please help me to be aware of what form this should take in the days ahead. I am your willing servant in doing the business of the Father. It is my intent to put my personal wishes aside to be of service. Please help me to have the understanding, the commitment, the dedication to be able to accomplish the Father’s will in all things. Please help my to understand and overcome my weaknesses that deter my from my intention.

Please convey to Ken through the various circuits how much he is loved and how many hearts he touched with his love, kindness, understanding. Please let him know that while you have lifted this burden from me, I love and honor him and what he so generously gave to so many and how humbly inadequate I feel in all that he is.
I also ask for your special blessing and help for Del, Ann, Wanda, David, Debbie and Peter.

I would also ask that the way be made clear for Mother to understand the truth and joy that I have found. I know in your infinite wisdom, the way will be made clear in time.
Father, Child, I have heard the prayers of your heart. In my infinite wisdom, I will be with each of those so close to your heart.

MICHAEL: It is by your faith and willingness that you come to know me. I embrace you and in the days ahead you will come to know me more. Your willingness to lead others to me is a great service that you perform for me. I hear your prayers and I tell you that mountains will be removed to bring your intentions and desires to fruition. Put your trust in me. Take my hand and do not be afraid to bring your questions to me. As you and Patije surge forth to be of service, I will always to be with you.

Bring your questions to me as you did the other night and you will always find me present to help you. I am well pleased with both of you. It is what draws me to you. Go in peace and know that I am with you always.

THOUGHT ADJUSTER: I am here and as you allow me more freedom you will begin to know more about the morontia bridge. You will know more about this and yes, as you spoke with Patije earlier this is possible to achieve here. Did not your dear Jesus accomplish this on Urantia? Not many will achieve this, but there are some who are ready and capable of experiencing this here on Urantia. It is not necessary. What is of most importance it the upward spiritual seeking towards oneness. In this I will always be working towards our path to the Father.

ALFANA & VAN-EL:  We do in many ways work as a team. Both of us are so delighted with your progress and the degree with which we are able to work with you. Your openness and willingness offers us many possibilities. We would ask your permission to further experiment with you. Are you willing?

Allene: I am so thankful for all you have done to adjust my energies and open the way for me to be more balanced and relaxed to take on more in my efforts to be of service. You have my permission for any experiments you wish to make.

ALFANA & VAN-EL: We thank you. You will not be disappointed.

ALFANA: You will be hearing much from me in the coming year. You have proven yourself to be steadfast and willing.

VANESSA: We are so delighted with you. You are such a joy to us. We have watched all that is happening with you and anticipate much to come in the days ahead. Be alert, pay attention, be aware as you have been and much will be revealed to you. It takes one with eyes of faith to see, as you will see.

Allene: Thank you Van-Essa. I look forward to more contact with you.

LOR-EL: This is a special evening for us as you share your thanksgiving with all of us. Alfana will be working with you in the days ahead. As the teacher for Patije, I am also assigned to all you two are about for in many ways you work as one unit in the Corps of Destiny. You are steadfast, open and willing. You are able to receive my lessons and will impart them to all those around you at the level they are able to receive.

Do not be disturbed, distracted or bothered with the doubts of any you come in contact with. You know and in time they will know. Continue with your work and your plans. Pay no heed to what is going on around you. Stick to your path. You know what you know, as Alfana so often says to you. Stick with this knowing. Do not allow any to waste your time with their doubts. Be what you are. Share what you know.

You need not convince anyone. As those are led to you, give what you can and let them decide the value for themselves. In you two they will see much. Those who are ready will gravitate towards you. Those who are not will fall away until another time. Let them go and work with those who are ready. I confirm to you that you did hear from Samson and Norson.

Allene: I don’t recall hearing from Norson.

LOR-EL: But you did. You simply did not know it was Norson when he spoke to you.
As you are willing to take so much on faith, more will be revealed to you. Just accept it as you have and later the significance will become clear to you. At this time, it would not mean that much to you and would only confuse you.

MACHIVENTA: I, too, am aware of what is happening in your groups and have been watching the events unfold with you and Patije and all those about you. I am well pleased. You do not hear much from me as you are finding all the help and assistance you need to carry on your work. You can call on me and I do not expect that you will for you have all the help that you need with the attention of Michael and your teachers. What you are about will pave the way for many to follow, as you have already seen. This is a most high service that you are rendering to the Father. Farewell. Machiventa.

Allene: I thank you. I thank you all. Merry Christmas!

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