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SBK1- Your Father Will Take Care of You

1993-01-10-Your Father Will Take Care of You
Seabrook #1


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Your Father Will Take Care of You
o 1.2 Group: Seabrook TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Iruka
o 2.2 TR: Pam
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Reincarnation, Afterlife
 3.3.2 Collective Consciousness
 3.3.3 Evil
 3.3.4 Dreams
 3.3.5 Supreme
 3.3.6 Circuits
 3.3.7 Transmitting
 3.3.8 Names
 3.3.9 Prayer
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Your Father Will Take Care of You
Group: Seabrook TeaM
Teacher: Iruka
TR: Pam

Group prayer.

IRUKA:  The light of God…….
IRUKA:  Good afternoon, this is Iruka I am your teacher and guide. I am very happy to be here. I can feel the excitement in the room.

IRUKA:   I can tell that you are seekers of truth and I wish to help you on your path to the Father. This path is very exciting and it is very rewarding, but it takes time and growth can be painful…but you will be rewarded for your diligence. The goal of course is to become in alignment with the Father. To have your will to be His will, to follow Him. The joy that you get from this is immeasurable. The love that you get from the Father you learn to turn around and give it to others. Sometimes this is difficult, some people are not used to receiving love. And yet they need it so badly. Do not be discouraged, for you see the Father has experienced this same rejection. Those who reject the love are the ones who need it the most.

You receive love from the Father, and you turn around and give it away. It doesn’t matter if you are rejected, you will receive more love from the Father. You do not depend on the reactions of others, but the love from God is your strength. So my lesson for tonight is short but it is difficult. To rely on the Father, get your strength from Him and your love, and you in turn give it away. This week find another individual to show love. This can be as simple as a smile, as a cup of coffee, as being a listening person to their troubles. The more you practice the easier it gets. And if you don’t expect anything in return from that person you will not be disappointed. Your Father will take care of you. This is my lesson for this evening, and I will now accept questions.

J1: Iruka this is John, we heard last night that there were 36 or so teaching groups plus another one in Maryland, could you tell us where that group is?

IRUKA:  Not specifically, but it is far away, and Pam has trouble with names so I suggest you wait until you get the list. I am not sure they are aware of you either, of this group either.

W1: Good evening Iruka, this is Willis. I wanted to introduce you to two more members I introduced the book to. Mr James Williams who goes by the name Jimmy Williams and a friend of his George.

IRUKA:  Welcome Jimmy and George.

W1: Are there many other beings here with you tonight?

IRUKA:  Oh yes, there are always many beings. There is a lot of attention on this mission. So there are always many beings watching.

J2: Hello Iruka, I am Jimmy. Comments on the lesson about love. What is my spiritual name?

IRUKA:  Han, H-A-N, Pam is very unsure. We will have to confirm it later.

G1: Hello Iruka, this is George. Iruka I have been trying to follow after God for several years. I don’t know that you know the history of when I first started churching, but I am very pleased and overjoyed to be a witness to what is going on this evening. If I have a spiritual name would you please give it to me.

IRUKA:  Again, Pam is very unsure. Aerik, names are most difficult I am sorry I can’t do better.

G2: Hello Iruka, this is Guy. I don’t know if you know that Gail and I are married. Were you aware of that from our last meeting?


G2: And I was wondering over the week have you had a chance to visit our home?

IRUKA:  One evening I visited.

G2: OK, I was wondering when was that and was the level of love that you were telling us was good for a child to come into the house.

IRUKA:  I felt love in your home, I did not, was not concerned with the level, just that there is love and it flows, and it was not measured. Yes, there was love in your home. Does this answer?

G2: Yes, I was also wondering when did you visit our home?

IRUKA:  In the evening, Wednesday? Does this answer.

G2: Its an answer, but I don’t think we were home Wednesday, we both work. We weren’t there at the time?

IRUKA:  You were there when I visited, I may have the day wrong. I’m sorry I’m not sure.

G2: Thank you. One more question. Around Washington there are a lot of homeless people and it is kind of hard to distinguish those in need from those that want money to buy drugs. How can you tell people that need.. is there a way to tell people that need from people that want?

IRUKA:  You are asking this question and I think you mean by looking at them? Can you tell? Not without getting to know them, and maybe then not, Only an individual knows what he wants or plans to do. You wish to make a judgement on what somebody will do with what you give them?

G2: Yes, I used to give money freely and I find out that some people use that money for bad purposes. How or what would be a good way to conduct myself when confronted with such situations, is there a heavenly way to conduct myself?…or what should my priorities be.

IRUKA:  Jesus was very sympathetic to the poor. However, he knew that not everyone really were seeking or wanted what they were asking for. There is really no way to know for sure, you follow your guide inside. There is no way to know. If you wish to help, there are groups that see that clothing and food is distributed, but no one can make a judgement in a minute or 30 seconds. Ask yourself inside how to respond, your Thought Adjuster that piece of God inside of you can guide you, can help you respond. It is very difficult with so many everywhere.

Reincarnation, Afterlife

G3: Hello Iruka this is Gail. I was wondering if you could tell me, tell us if there are…if it is possible that we as spiritual beings have lived in the past and if we bring from…sort of like reincarnation. If there is any truth to that having past lives, which we can learn from our experiences or something that we can bring from the past that can spiritually help us now. And if there is any significance to Karma?

IRUKA:  Karma is the concept of..that something will happen. Is this how you are interpreting Karma?

G3: I believe the way I understand Karma to be is things that you have done in the past that were bad things then they would affect what is happening in your current life and you would experience a recurrence or repayment for what you had done in the past and if you had done something good to someone in maybe another life that would reflect upon your current life maybe you would be blessed for what you had done in your past lives, now and also do unto others as you would have them do unto you is I guess another segment of Karma, another interpretation of it. Does that have any significance, especially in relation to past lives?

IRUKA:  Thank you I better understand the question now. First, becoming a material, a space-time creature, is the first step. After you die and leave your material body, then next is the Morontia worlds for there are many. But to come back as another material being is not what happens. So Karma is not a word we worry about, it has no meaning when it is referred to different lives in the material.

When you go on to a Morontia world you pick up at the spiritual level that you left off. And you are aware that humans have free will, so any path can be chosen and even after it is chosen it can be changed. Human will makes all the difference in your life. To be locked into a future because of decisions you made in the past is not valid, unless you continue to make those same decisions that put you there. Does this help, is this what you are asking?

G3: Yes it helps, thank you, it is what I am asking.

G1: I wonder if it would be feasible to ask for a private meeting.

IRUKA:  Yes, check with Pam, on a time and day, later.

Collective Consciousness

W1: Iruka, this is Willis again. I had to smile when Gail asked you about the past lives and reincarnation because you and I at our first meeting had those same questions. Since that time I do have a much better understanding and things make a lot more sense now. I am just curious, could you, if you are allowed, could you speak about the collective consciousness.

IIRUKA:  There is indeed a collective consciousness. And it is in general very negative. What needs to be done is to change it to love and positive thoughts, so that it can influence the whole world. This is one way that we can turn the hate and the lost, the isolation feelings around and turn them into love, and the feeling that individuals are never alone. These feelings have been lost. Does this help?

W1: Yes, anything would have helped, because I am in the dark about the collective consciousness. Is it negative as a result of the past default and Caligastia and the rebellion?

IRUKA:  Of course, yes, that started much of it. And its influenced by general thoughts of hate and revenge that you see happening all over the world. Much like a snowball, it has grown in the wrong direction. It can be turned around, but we have to get love and peace rolling along that same hill, like a snowball, and overpower the hate and the anger. This is a job, this has to be a conscious effort, but it can be done.

W1: Yes, in reading the transcripts, I remember reading, I don’t know if it was the Melchizedek or Welmek speaking, but the goal of Michael of Salvington and the Supreme and of course the Universal Father was to help rid the planets affected by the rebellion, rid them of negativity. Would that be this, the collective consciousness be a major part of that?

IRUKA:  Yes you understood well.

J1: Iruka, this is Jimmy again. Speaking about love, as I mentioned initially, there is something I have been practicing consciously each morning. In my meditation I send out unconditional love to all that God would love and I find that that is making me capable of communicating with my fellow man and when I run into this negativity it no longer angers me, no longer upsets me and it makes me want to share that with my fellow man. The results that I am getting. I just wanted to share that with the group. Thank you.

IRUKA:  Thank you and that was very beautifully put. Because indeed, the more love and the more in line with the Father, the less the opinions and thoughts of those around you will affect you when you draw only on the Father and get your strength from Him. It is like water on the back of a duck, it will roll off because you are in line with the Father.

S1: Hello Iruka, this is Steve. Thank you for coming. Is Curtis here? Very good, I want to communicate with him that I feel like I have not been a very good pupil and I wish to make a continued effort or better effort to communicate with him, and continue becoming a student or being a student.

IRUKA:  He hears your words, and he is not judgmental, he is happy that you want to learn and grow. And he wants to help you.


G2: Hello Iruka, this is Guy again. I know all the forces of evil have been dispelled. But on Earth, we see in the news about all these satanic groups still going on. Are they getting their negative energy from among themselves, and I just want to get an understanding on what is going on with that.

IRUKA:  You have said that correctly. The human mind is very powerful. And if it sets up a situation and it believes that, then the human mind thinks it is real. That in conjunction with the community of all the people, that they are creating this themselves. It takes a lot of energy to sustain this type of negativeness and slowly this should die out, much on its own. Does this help?

G2: It helps a lot. Thank you very much.


G3: Hello Iruka this is Gail again. I have a question about dreams. I dream a lot and I was wondering does God deal with you in your dreams? To show you, to teach you, or show you things spiritually? And if so I was wondering how I can go about learning or being more attentive to what I am dreaming so I can experience what God is trying to show me. Because sometimes I feel that God is dealing with me through dreams. Could you speak on that?

IRUKA:  Of course. First, let me say that with God anything is possible. To say that He is speaking to you through your dreams, I don`t know. But I have a suggestion how you could find out. You obviously remember the dreams, take these dreams to Him in your prayer time and ask Him. If they are symbolic, if there is something He wants you to learn and then be very conscious in your life for the answers. The answer may not come in prayer time. It may come while you are walking down the street. It may come at a time when you are doing something else. This is the best that I can tell you to learn what they mean. Does this help

G2: Yes, thanks, it helps a lot.


W1: During the period when our planet and others were isolated was that isolation also keeping these planets from affecting the growth of the Supreme?

IRUKA:  Let me re-phrase your question to make sure I understand. When this planet was cut off from the communications, was this inhibiting the growth of the Supreme Being, is that correct.

W1: Not quite, not necessarily inhibiting the growth, but was He able to access this area during the isolation. I know that He takes the experiences from everywhere, but during isolation here was He still able to capture the experiences from the isolated planets.

IRUKA:  Yes. He is not affected by the circuits that His lower subjects are controlled by. And so yes, He indeed experienced the frustration and everything else. He has no limitations in that regard.


J1: As a follow-up to Willis’s question, are all the circuits open now?

IRUKA:  Many circuits are open, not every single circuit of course, it will take time, but it is happening. That is the good news. It is happening.

W1: When we ask a question, and there is a time lapse between answers, are you using the circuits at that time to access information from other beings?

IRUKA:  Very perceptive, indeed if I don’t immediately know the answer, I have help and part of that time is spent transmitting it to Pam. And that can also be slow. So yes.

W1: Obviously in accessing names it takes a bit of time so I may as well throw mine in. You don’t have to give me the answer now, but the next time we gather I would like to know what Willis is.

IRUKA:  Noted. The problem is, Pam does not have enough experience. She came on line very fast and there are gaps. We are working around the gaps, but it may be a long time before she is comfortable and has any confidence with names. Does this help?


W1: Yes, it also brings on one other question. When you receive the information on the name, I take it there is a translation involved for Pam to actually speak it to us?

IRUKA:  Some words are visualized, some ideas or short phrases. Sometimes I don’t give the words or a phrase, I give an idea. Pam must come up with the words in some cases. But names can be anything and it can be difficult. Does this help?

G1: Iruka this is George. I don’t have a question, I would just like to express my appreciation for listening. A lot of the things that were said here this evening have quickened my spirit, have made me understand that this is indeed a special group, a special time, a special session that I am attending and I would just like to say that I have enjoyed, my spirit has enjoyed it very much. Thank you.

IRUKA:  You are welcome, thank you.


G3: Iruka this is Gail, I have one last question, since we are on the spiritual names. Could you tell me what is the significance of knowing your spiritual name and is there a certain time like in prayer or that we should use our spiritual name if we know it, and this is the third part of it, if you could and if it is easy, could you tell me my spiritual name and the significance of it and when I should use it. I guess that is what I want to say.

IRUKA:  Your spiritual name describes who you are. It is a translation, a literal meaning that really has no significance on this plane. It is used, it will be used, on the Morontia side. You don’t need to use it, it is a matter of curiosity to humans and so we tell them what it is, but on this side you don’t have to use for it at any time. God knows who you are, no matter what you call yourself. No matter who calls you and what they call you. He knows each one of his children, and if you wanted people to call you by that name, that is fine. But it is not necessary. Does this help?


G2: Yes, could you tell me is there such a thing as praying in the spirit? I know we as humans many times pray audibly to God in our own language, but there is such a thing I have been told and in reading in the Bible which they speak of “speaking in tongues” and also many have referred to that as praying in the spirit. Do you know anything about praying in the spirit or could you explain it to me? . ..or do you know anything about that.

IRUKA:  Yes, I think it is a tool. When you are praying in the spirit or in tongues, it helps to focus your attention on God. Sometimes prayers that have been said over and over and over again have lost their focus. People can say these prayers and watch TV. But this helps focus your attention on God, the one you are praying to. In a way, it is similar to meditating. In that you are only thinking about God. Of course you can’t feel any of His love or communication from Him because you are praying. But its the same idea, does this help?

G2: Yes, when I am praying in the spirit, I always feel closer to God, I feel more spiritually connected and I feel that God hears my prayers better when I am praying in the spirit rather than when I am in the English tongue. So even though I don’t pray in the spirit as often as I feel I should, I sometimes, when I am with other people and I pray in the spirit, I feel if I am totally concentrated on God that if God is going to answer my prayer I can almost feel that through the touch, the laying on of hands and the praying of the spirit and so I guess because of what you just explained, about your mind being more on God maybe this is the reason why because my mind is more concentrated on God than on the actual words that I am saying when I pray in the spirit.

IIRUKA:  Yes, the Father of course hears your prayer no matter what language you use and indeed he knows before you ask. He knows your needs but it is the communication and its the focusing that has the reaction on you. It settles you down and any worry or fear or anxiety will melt away. So whatever language you use, He will hear you and understand.

J2: This is Jimmy again, with respect to the last question asked and the way you answered. It seems to me that since God already knows, prayer is for our comfort and all we need to do is be still. Am I correct in that assumption?

IRUKA:  There are times to be still, and there are times to verbalize. For you see this helps you also. This can be a way of God teaching you to listen to yourself and what is it that you are asking and is that really what you want. Is this understood?


IRUKA:  If there are no other questions we will close for this evening. I have enjoyed answering your questions, and I look forward to next week. Good evening.

Group: Good evening.

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