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SEI144- Connection

SE Idaho #144


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Connection
o 1.2 Group: SE Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Minearsia, Aaron, Daniel
o 2.2 TR: Nancy, Simeon, Daniel
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Connection
Group: SE Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Minearsia, Aaron, Daniel
TR: Nancy, Simeon, Daniel


Prayer. Kenneth: Our Dear Father, our Creator¸ our Mother, we are in humor this evening; we are in unison this evening; we are in love this evening. We establish our connection with You through our hearts. We center this, individually, person to person, and as we do so, we invite all those seen and unseen to join us this evening as we center this love, as we freely give this love to the Father, to the First Source and Center. We recognize this, and as we step into this Light, this energy of Light, this healing Light, we ask that our desires, our prayers, our thoughts of love, of peace, of harmony, of healing, go out to all on this planet, that it encompasses this planet as it goes up and out and permeates this space.

Thank You for this opportunity. Thank You for Your love. It is not our will to be done, Father, but Your will. In the name of your beloved son, Christ Michael, and His beautiful consort, Nebadonia, Amen.

MINEARSIA: Greetings, dear friends. I am Minearsia, instructor in residence to this South Eastern Idaho Teaching Mission base. It is indeed my delight to be present with you here this evening, to witness the manner in which you sought and found connection with each other. There is a lesson here to be developed.


MINEARSIA: I wish to begin by outlining the skeleton of the lesson that it may be filled in by each of you with the assistance of your lives, teachers, friends…

(The TR becomes distracted, by the squeaking of shoes. Joking and laughter ensues keeping the group’s humor high.)

… Our lesson tonight then is on connection, how one creates meaningful connection with one another and with the First Source and Center.

When I first made my presence known to you many years ago, I sketched out a curriculum designed to explore relationships, your relationship with God, your relationship with yourself, your relationships with one another. These relationships are built upon connection. Connection is real; it is tangible; it has reality presence. The strength of connection is a component of the quality of relationship that one has.

As you are aware, fear is the antithesis of love. It is also the antithesis [of] connection, for connection is based on love. When fear is present connection is partial, tenuous, sporadic… I am providing PamElla a picture. She cannot find the adjectives, and so will describe the picture. She sees wires that are frayed, and on the frayed ends is sparking—the effect of the attempt to push the same charge, the electrical charge, against one another. Fear acts in this manner.

Why do I bring up fear? What fear did I observe tonight? All of you have a desire to be known. All of you are afraid to be known. And so this sets up the two charges… the positive and the negative.

Social interactions are often a dance of attempting various topics, trying to discover a commonality that is non-threatening. In your common interactions with acquaintances you meet, you might discuss the weather. The weather is a great unifier. People generally can agree on the current state, although there may be differences of opinion on whether one likes the rain or dislikes the rain. But still, one can agree that “we need the water.” And so the weather is a topic that is discussed when searching for commonality with people you do not know well. Tonight I observed a deepening in your connection as you were willing to set aside your fear of being known in favor of your desire to be seen, to express your reality. And, so, for my part I wish to provide an assignment.

Consider over the next several weeks, connection:

  • What is it?
  • How does one achieve it?
  • How does one maintain it?
  • How do you know when it is present?
  • What erodes it?
  • What role does fear play?
  • How does fear enter in?
  • How does love enter in?
  • How does service enter in?

I thank you for your attention, and I release PamElla for the time being. I may call upon her later for a question-and-answer session. I now pass the microphone. I will be available later if there are questions.

AARON: Greetings, I am Aaron. I would like to run you through an exercise this evening. Hopefully you can cheerfully follow along. Start with your perception of your being, a material body, your thoughts, your processes, your system, your digestion, circulation, sense of touch. Look at yourself and then go beyond your perception of your material vehicle to your intellect and your mind. Recognize the many different thoughts that flow through, whether disjointed or flowing.

When we approach you, our first layer to break through is your material bodies’ influence on your mental faculties, and, then, we must break through the chatter in your minds. The most difficult barrier to clear communications with you is your expectations, preconceived notions, either your sense of poverty or your sense of abundance: the “I’m not worthy” to the “I already know that, I don’t need to listen, cause I’ve heard that before” or the “I don’t want to hear that or do that,” which is a natural protective instinct of the animalistic nature. So it is not necessarily abnormal to have these inclinations which serve to protect you as long as you can recognize that they are inclinations of the animal preservation which would be relative to the ego.

Our hopeful desire is to see you slowly clear out your mind and come to the place where any thing is possible, where your primary desire is to know the truth, not as you conceive it to be currently, but as it is on ever-progressive levels of understanding. Instead of having the protective instincts, can you come to a place where there is an excitement in learning something new, unknown, not yet perceived?

For when you can clear out your mind and fall into such a place, the potential for spiritual interaction is at its highest, not just from ourselves of course, but your Indwelling Adjuster, and you have a right to expect this spiritual interaction to take place if you can come in that desire, that open desire, to know more than you know currently. It also helps you to stay like a child in your perceptions of life, for you do not settle into comfortable patterns expecting the process to be this way or that way but rather to be whatever is the most beneficial process for enhancing your spiritual understanding at this moment.

So allow yourselves to experience this clearing out of the mind and opening your perceptions to the possibilities, becoming as a child with expectancy and a sense of adventure, and I guarantee that your efforts to do this in your contemplation, stillness time, will be rewarded with increasing manifestation and realization of a spiritual nature. To sum up this evening, I would use the term “an undefended place” for this opening of the mind to newer and greater possibilities.

DANIEL: Hello, my friends. It is I, Daniel, your friend, your comrade, your most enthusiastic supporter. I am delighted to be here this evening and happy to see so many of you here tonight also.

It may seem that we are presenting a very serious topic, and indeed we are. However, I wish to remind you that you are not alone, and that any topic can be approached with a light-hearted curiosity and a sense of adventure. We are not wanting to weigh you down with heavy assignments or “shoulds,” but rather point you in a new, hopefully exciting, direction with a new and different attitude or perception.

You know that our lessons tend to repeat, and so this is our attempt to take on an old topic with new enthusiasm, with a new or different perception, to help you see things in a different light. Our words over the years have touched some of you very strongly and others not very strongly, so we seek new words, new metaphors, to encourage you, to help you along this path. And, so, tonight I will turn the meeting over to questions for any of us. Minearsia is still here willing to field any questions, as am I, and as is Aaron. We are ready.


Nancy: Aaron, I was quite struck as you were leading us through what you have to… what needs to be overcome to make connection with us by the thought of our expectations. I think that for myself, that may be my biggest barrier, and that certainly coincides with what you said about leaving your mind undefended. I don’ think I have any questions. I appreciate the lesson, and I know my levels of expectations are so great. And I will think about what you have said and work toward it. So thank you.

AARON: You are welcome. The “undefended place” I spoke of is not necessarily a place without expectation, for having expectations that you can receive and will make contact can be healthy to the process, as long as they are not manifested other than to put you in a place of reception. For example, at the point when your expectations demand particular results, then you have placed limitations on the experience. But having the expectations that you can receive actually can place you into the flow, which allows the reception.

I also know that someone casually reading this material at a future date might take exception to the term “an undefended place” as though there is no protection from unseemly spirits and other influences outside of your Creator’s will, and [I] simply would insert the addendum, so to speak, that a truly undefended place in the human mind is fully cognizant of the overriding protection of the spiritual presence of your Creator who protects you without inhibiting you from spiritual understanding.

Nancy: Thank you for the clarification, Aaron. The other comment you had made that I was struck by, you just reinforced, and that was that we do have the right to expect spiritual contact if we make that effort. When you said we have the right… I really sat up to listen to what might follow because I don’t know… in spiritual stuff I don’t think of myself as having rights, as having significance, even though I know that’s the opposite of the message. And so… anyway I heard a lot of good things tonight that I appreciate and will be contemplating. I just wanted to say thank you before I listen to Minearsia, so thank you.

AARON: Yes, and the balancing of expectations is important for the primary message is to open your perceptions, not necessarily to downplay your importance. Thus if you can know that spiritual contact is possible and, yet, at the same time, not be disappointed if it isn’t immediately perceivable, then you are able to continuously allow the process to unfold, rather than to allow your disappointment to stifle the overall experience. Other questions tonight for our panel?

LaReen: Esteemed panel.

Simeon: I like what Daniel said about the not taking it [too seriously], even though it is important information, to be able to put in the context of the joy of the experience, the light-hearted-ness of the journey. I think that is where I sometimes am unable to incorporate the sense of just enjoying what I am experiencing and opening to… maybe I take it all too seriously… maybe you said it and I was dazed in my meditation or not… but if not, can you give any tips on how to move away from taking things so seriously in our spiritual growth to proceeding more with the light-hearted-ness?

DANIEL: I am so glad you asked that question. It is something the whole planet seems to have problems with; fear of the Lord is in many texts. And so you approach with apprehension, with timidity, with dread, hoping to “get this over with,” whatever this is going to be. I would like to give you a new vision…that you approach this time with glee, with joy, with the attitude of “I can hardly wait to meditate today.” “Whatever gets in my way I would fly through,” and “what can I do to spend as long as I can because this is going to be one of the best parts of the day.” And you are chuckling. (The group is smiling and laughing.)

I look at this with glee and with such grief that there is this attitude when, my friends, it can be, indeed, the best part of your life or one of the better parts of your life, that you don’t put off or find excuses to do something else. Approach it with an excitement that you are going to be able to spend time with a most loving, brilliant Creator who anticipates this with such joy, to be with His child, you. Consider His grief (TR… this is the best word I could come up with.) that you don’t want to come and see Him, that this is a chore. He delights….

Nancy: May I interrupt on that point? (Of course) I think I have just recognized something. I have a really hard time believing that a God that is… well first of all I don’t… I guess I have a hard time understanding God as experiencing grief, and, therefore, I guess, at my fundamental core, I see God as being fairly indifferent to my presence. And I’m sure that is an enormous stumbling block to try to build connection, have a relationship with an entity that I experience, a god that I have an expectation, perceive, as being indifferent … and so, you know, a lot of… I have a lot of perceptions about what God is that I’m sure are very flawed, that limit me enormously. I’m really not asking you to say more because what you are saying is right on. I was just recognizing something in myself as you spoke. It is always more real for me if I speak out loud. I apologize for the interruption.

DANIEL: No apology necessary, and you are unfortunately not alone. You have had no Adam and Eve to demonstrate Father’s love. You are from a planet with many problems, and so the best metaphor that we use is the relationship of parent and child. And try to see yourself as first the child and [then] a parent and how grieved you would be if your child didn’t want to come and talk to you, didn’t want to show you what they made or drew, or learned, or can see, or… I cannot confirm, of course, our Creator’s grief, but certainly sadness that any of His children don’t want to spend time, don’t want to get to know, do not want to receive any of the gifts that are available. So when you think of this, think of it in terms of your own family and relationships, and think how hurtful that would be on a human level. And then see how you can change your perception when you approach your Creator. Shyness is certainly acceptable but don’t let it overwhelm you. Have I spoken the words that have given you an image that you can approach our Creator Parent with? If not I will try again.

Nancy: I don’t think it is your words that are limiting. I think it is my own perceptions formed many, many, many years ago of a very distant uninvolved being that I just have a hard time overcoming. And I will try and take the parents approach. I just still have this… and I believe it… and I think perhaps it’s my intellectual hang-up, that God, being perfect, can’t feel grief and is therefore indifferent, may be a nice intellectual way of avoiding things. I don’t know if that makes sense or not. But for now I will let my intellectual belief be put aside, and I will just work to approach and believe there is an interested response on the other side. You all I can believe, I experience… it’s the God thing I have problems with.

DANIEL: Understood and noted, and remember, this is basic. Because if you don’t feel comfortable approaching your Heavenly Creator, it interferes with almost all of your growth. It doesn’t stop the growth, but it would be so much easier and so much more joyful to approach in this manner. This is probably the number one issue, not just you, not just of this group, but the entire planet. And that’s why we are here. That’s why the Teaching Mission is here. That’s why Christ Michael came to show you, to show mankind, to show humankind, what a Creator is like. And it’s still going on. Your struggles are across the board, but you do have help. We will do whatever it takes, whatever we can do to help you along, hold your hand, decrease your fear, change your image, and change your motivation. We are here to help. More comments, more questions?

Nancy: I’m good Daniel, thank you.

DANIEL: You are most welcome.

AARON: This is Aaron, I would like to make a small comment in the sense that although the Creators strike no personal attitude toward sin or the negative features of existence, this should not be misconstrued as the Creators being neutral, dispassionate, or indifferent. What you have, on an eternal scale, is complete self-control, such that the passions, emotions, so to speak, and desires for each being of creation to succeed are tempered with the wisdom of freewill choice and the need for the universes to unfold rather than being manipulated.

Never forget that love and mercy are at the core, the very essence, of all the energy that underlies the powering of the universes. And because it is so ever prevalent and all encompassing, it may be difficult for an individualized creature to pick it out of the stream of events. But at the very core of all existence is true desire, benevolence and intention. I just thought I would add a few thoughts to the biased nature of our Creator toward goodness and love.

Nancy: Thank you.

MINEARSIA: I am Minearsia, are there other thoughts, questions, insights? With meeting less regularly, we want to make every opportunity to provide you with the forum you need, not only to react to and respond to the topics that we have put before you but to any others that may have arisen over the intervening time period. LaReen did I cut you off?

LaReen: I was just wondering when you were talking about the fear and the live wires sparking, could that encompass also fear of what we think other people think we should be, other people’s impression of us or how we perceive it?

MINEARSIA: Absolutely! Fear has the effect of re-routing circuitry inappropriately—no matter what the fear. Causes of fear vary with the individual, but the experience of fear on this planet is nearly universal. By releasing fear through whatever means is most appropriate to the individual, the circuitry is rewired, so to speak, actual connection made whole, real, and strengthened. As you develop your relationship with the Creator, you will come to recognize that it is this great Entity’s perception that has meaning, and it will be easier to calm your ego, easier to help your ego pay less attention to the perceptions of these others. Is this helpful?

LaReen: Very much, thank you.

MINEARSIA: My pleasure, my daughter. Thank you for your question.


MINEARSIA:  Any one else?… ( the group is silent )… Please form your circle.
We give thanks to You Father/Mother for Your generosity, for Your ever present love, for Your passion, for “perfection through time.” Be with these Your children and with us their guides, teachers, friends, comrades, instructors, guardians, as we work, to assist them in finding You and making progress on that exciting path to You. We ask that they be of good cheer in the intervening time frame. Bring them back together with progress and good news to share. We ask this in the name of Your son, our Father/Brother Michael. Amen

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