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SEI147- Material Law, Cause & Effect

2007-04-01-Material Law, Cause & Effect
SE Idaho #147


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Material Law, Cause & Effect
o 1.2 Group: SE Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Daniel, Iruka, Klarixiska
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Material Law, Cause & Effect
Group: SE Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Daniel, Iruka, Klarixiska
TR: Unknown


Opening prayer (Group Member): Heavenly father, we, Your children, reach out to You in our ignorance seeking faith, hope, trust, knowledge, wisdom, understanding and Your Will in our lives. We, in our immaturity, feel often unworthy of Your love. Open our hearts and minds so that we may begin to feel what it is like to be truly a son or daughter of Yours. We feel we are on the correct road, that Christ Michael’s Correcting Time is alive in our lives, and we seek to implant that more deeply each day as we all walk our individual paths to You. In the manner of the Master’s life and teachings we pray. Amen.

[Editor’s Note: We had been discussing “the Secret” prior to the TR Session.]

DANIEL: Greetings, I am Daniel, your guide, teacher, friend and admirer. I am so pleased to participate in this fine meeting. We have enjoyed your camaraderie, watching you share in good food and, most significantly, in observing your discourse. We congratulate you on having conducted a stellar lesson.


DANIEL:  Tonight we wish to participate in your discussion and to amplify the distinction that was made between material law, of which abundance theory is a component, and spiritual growth. We applaud and support those who are endeavoring to understand and apply the material laws that run the universe—the laws of cause and effect. Much of—for [lack of] a better term—New Age philosophy endeavors to reveal cause and effect. The power of your mind and mental processes is enormous. Your thinking patterns have real, tangible outcomes, and these thinking patterns occur at different levels of consciousness and can be in conflict with one another. Excavating the buried, hidden thinking to assure that it is aligned with your conscious thinking and that your conscious thinking is focused on the positive is necessary for a good life.

This is “cause and effect.” And the “cause” of much of the material manifestations on this planet is the mental processes of its people. This is what we will, for tonight, refer to as “natural law,” “material law.” And, of course, much of what we have attempted to do through our work with you is to help you align your thinking processes, to excavate and reveal to the power of Light and Love that which is hidden and non-productive that it can be realigned with your will.

And now I shift gears to discuss spiritual growth. The destiny of spiritual growth is standing in the presence of the First Source and Center, having traversed time and space in service to the purpose of that same First Source and Center, Prime Creator, Father of All. It is through the desire of the personality to know God and do His/Her Will that spiritual growth occurs. It is not necessary, as you know, that the individual believe in God, subscribe to a Prime Creator, etc., in conscious belief. But it is necessary that a person desire Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, that a person aligns themselves with these purposes in service.

So you ask, “What is this distinction?” The distinction is in the purpose of the individual. Where do you put your primary trust? Where do you put your faith? What is your desire? For if the purpose is strictly comfort, through material law, cause and effect, aligning the mind, a person may know comfort.

Spiritual growth occurs as the individual is willing to trust, to believe, to have faith in, a Power, a Love, a Force, a Mystery greater than themselves, and to surrender their being into the embrace of this “Other” and to dance with this Partner, to follow this “Other” in seemingly inexplicable directions to find the gift, the blessing, the prize, that can only be gleaned through experience.

Christ Michael, in the person of Jesus, lived such a life, and his life provides the perfect living of a life dedicated to Spirit. His life was not one of physical comfort. The end of his human life was painful, and yet he lived a perfect life in obedience to the Father that the children of his entire universe could be benefitted by seeing his faith, his trust, and how he turned to the Father for guidance, direction, sustenance, support and love.

We are debating among us whether to end it here, to open for questions and further discussion or to continue [in developing the lesson].


Group Member 2: I have just a thought that I would like you to comment on, if it’s all right?

DANIEL: Certainly.

Group Member 2: When I think in terms of motive and of service and then look at human beings—this probably shows my own lack of information and maybe my own prejudice—but I can think of two people that I consider to be probably the most spiritual people apart from, of course, Jesus, as a human being, but I would say Mother Teresa and Gandhi. And their life certainly was not full of luxury. But it was full of service. So, I guess I would just like you to comment on whether or not that insight is beneficial to me.

DANIEL: Yes, my dear. When one seeks Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, when one is willing to surrender personal will to the greater good, to the Father, then is the Father able to use such an individual for service to his or her brothers and sisters in a most effective and efficacious manner. Service, itself, is a good motive, but service without surrender can become distorted by the ego’s desires and is not necessarily as clean and effective. Does this answer?

Group Member 2: Yes, and it has added the insight that perhaps I was seeking. Thank you very much.

DANIEL: My pleasure. And now it has been decided that Iruka would like to participate if ….is so willing.

Group Member 3: Of course.

IRUKA: Hello, my dear friends. I can hardly keep out of this discussion. I can hardly keep my mouth shut, for it is a topic that interests me and has so even when I was in human form. Intention is so very important. It is what you seek to do or have happen. It is your motivator. And even if things go wrong or completely change from what you have intended, our Creator Father honors your attempt. That is to say if you start something and it goes wrong, or is misunderstood, or is interpreted as something apart from what you meant, you are still given the credit of your intention.

The opposite is, of course, if you intended something selfish—for yourself only, perhaps—but it turned out very well for very many people. So, then you ask “what happens then?” Well, actually nothing. The good is good. It is also noted that perhaps your intention wasn’t the highest it could have been. But good is never lost. It will produce more good. And so you see, God will not reject something that perhaps started out with less than the highest of pure and good intentions. It is also His way of showing that His Will, that His Love, will come across. It will be done. It will work out. You have heard about things working out towards the Will of God for His good and it is ever true.

Strive to know your intent because it will lead you to know yourself better, and we talked about that last time we met. But also know there are higher powers working to aid you even if your attempt starts out selfishly or something that you may not be proud of. You are human beings on your first leg of your journey. You are to learn about these things. So, if you start out with the wrong motive, you will learn how it still can produce good. The important thing is to do something, to start something, to pursue goodness in some way with some good intention.

Be gentle with yourself. Remember that one? Even on the side of the material laws, when you can detect error, and there is plenty around you, don’t squash the spark of light that may be in there for someone to see. You may be delightfully surprised at how it can be turned around for the glory of our Creator. And that is my thought tonight my friends. Shalom.

DANIEL: This is Daniel. Iruka and I are available for further questions and discussions.

Group Member 4: Just a quick note on the theory that we cause our own poverty or we cause our own illness.

DANIEL: You are asking for my response?

Group Member 4: Yes, please.

DANIEL: My dear, you live in a material, expanding universe. It is evolutionary. It is evolving from disorder to perfect order, from chaos to perfection. This evolution is complex….and so forth. There is a collective mind as well as an individual mind. There is the collective help of for your planet, Urantia. There is the individual help for her peoples. Individual thought, individual intent, is real. Collective thought, collective intent is real. Physical toxins produced in your society are real.

The Life Carriers created patterns for evolving physical mechanisms that require certain components to operate optimally, that will not operate optimally when exposed to other substances. All of this is a complex interplay. It is the responsibility of each individual, in getting to know themselves, to become aware of the many factors that are at play, and to address those within their ability.
I realize I did not address your question in a simple manner. Did I provide enough of an answer or would you like me to develop some part or other more fully?

Group Member 4: No, that was a good explanation. I am insulted by the theory resurfacing that we cause ourselves to be ill, that a person would actually choose to be ill over health. So, that was a great explanation of choices and free will and all that combined. Thank you.

DANIEL: You are welcome, my dear. And I would add that while there is much that is unpleasant about illness, at times there can be hidden benefits. To the extent that this single-minded theory helps individuals to address a single component of the overall package, it is useful, but it is certainly not the whole picture, but a single component. Does this help?

Group Member 4: Yes, very much. Thank you.

DANIEL: You are welcome.
Are there other questions or thoughts for Iruka or I this evening? [None] Well then we will end in our usual manner, but first let me say that I look forward to your further development and discussion of this topic next time. My personal love I extend to each of you. Another will provide the closing prayer.

Group Member 4:  Thank you Daniel.

Group Member 2: I think this is Klarixiska.


KLARIXISKA: Father of all cultures on this planet, Father of all universes throughout the great domain, Mother who truly would embrace each of Her children with arms, tender arms, with a voice that would say “I love you. You are what I wanted.” Help these, your children, to treat themselves and one another with the thought that each one is what You, the Beginner, wanted. Amen.

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