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SEI148- Decision Making, Stillness

2007-04-29-Decision Making, Stillness
SE Idaho #148


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Decision Making, Stillness
o 1.2 Group: SE Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Aaron, Minearsia
o 2.2 TR: Simeon, Pamella
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Decision Making, Stillness
Group: SE Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Aaron, Minearsia
TR: Simeon, Pamella


Prayer (Group Member): Father, I would pray for our friends as we think of the anguish of parents looking at their child suffering. We pray that you be with our friends. Help them to trust that what they are doing is going to send the cancer into remission, and, indeed, be with them, no matter which way it goes to let them know that your love is always there.

Dear God, we pray that the teachers might be helping us to have the kind of growth that we desire personally, and give us wisdom as we relate to other individuals, other groups, and other situations that we might be wise in a caring manner, be wise with love, be wise so that indeed we will not be foolish in this very vulnerable world of pain and betrayal. Pray that you would give us individual hope and courage tonight to live the life you want us to live. Amen.

AARON: Greetings, my friends. This is Aaron. I am pleased to be with you tonight.


AARON:  Your discussions on all levels have been interesting to us. We empathize with your material concerns. We relish the opportunity to see you make decisions individually and collectively. We do note the thought in some of your minds as to what our perspective might be with regard to your associations and the material manifestations of these sessions, and we would like to share with you that we have confidence in your own choosing and would not assume to give direction. We have less use for physical mediums than we do for the processes of your own minds and the functioning and evolving of your eternal souls.

Each time that we would assume to give pointed advice, we run the risk of delaying your own internal progress through your processing, decision making. We encourage you, in all circumstances, to consider the various factors, determine where the ego lies, where the practical wisdom is, and the ramifications that might result depending upon the various decisions you might make. Consider that while on your individual and group level these decisions might have some importance for your continued growth and development, still they are merely singular decisions in the long evolutionary journey toward light and life. Placing too much importance on any one decision can paralyze you or cause you to fluctuate, building instability. While you may see these comments as being directly relevant to your immediate conversations, recognize as well that these comments broadly apply to various aspects of your lives.

Ever is it true that you, in conjunction with your Inner Spirit, are the ultimate determiners of your destiny. We stand ever ready to respond to the flickers of faith and the inquiries for insight based on our commission from our Creator. The importance you would place on this overall experience you call the Teaching Mission is reflective not from us but rather your feelings of loyalty and appreciation combined with various functions and dysfunctions within your beings. Therefore you are given the liberty to survey broadly and recognize based on both human and spiritual concerns when coming to new perspectives regarding your approach and involvement. At this time, I will allow you to converse. We also have other speakers tonight and look forward to interaction with you.


Group Member 2: Aaron, I had a question. Perhaps you answered it in your last statements. I guess I was going to ask what your assessment was of the status of the Teaching Mission, and overall, the Correcting Time, probably seeking encouragement, which I know you always give in one way or another. So, if that is something that you would like to respond to, I would still be interested, but if you addressed that in commenting about the importance we put on things that might differ from… didn’t say they differed from your view but you indicated that maybe our functioning and dysfunctioning led to how important or unimportant we see things to be. Sorry, another of my very long explanations. Have at it, or shut me up.

AARON: The Teaching Mission is viewed in many different ways by many different people. It’s effectiveness in all honesty is a mixed-bag, so-to-speak. To the extent that you regularly undergo stillness and seek insight, it is flourishing and blossoming. To the extent that you distract, sidestep, get caught up in signs, wonders, or the material side of things, you begin to move away from that primary goal of the celestial administration. Therefore, truly, the answer to your question must be considered by each individual as to whether the Teaching Mission is effective in their lives or not.

We hope that you will constantly be encouraged to seek within, and, as this increases in the population of your planet, then the reciprocal nature of energy flow has the opportunity to escalate overall progress.
Various factors are at play on the world at this time. The term Teaching Mission as it is applied to a particular specific sector of people is very limited in scope, and yet how we view the overall mission is far more broad, and we recognize signals across your planet that give us encouragement.

I will go on record as stating that you are on the cusp of great and positive change. Although there are several significant problems to be addressed in the functioning of the systems on this planet, ultimately, it is only a matter of time before the flood gates are opened and the large-scale scramble for spiritual insight will be underway. I don’t know if this addresses your question as you were intending it, but I hope that it addresses the question to some degree.

Group Member 2: It was beautiful; it was…I don’t know what I intended, but I so appreciate your direct assessment and encouragement. I take to heart the comments about the Teaching Mission flourishing to the extent that we seek stillness and that its success is measured person by person. I thank you for the encouragement for the planet as a whole. Yes. Aaron. Thank you.

Group Member 1: Aaron, as a follow-up statement to my sharing of signs and wonders earlier, one of the messages was “please start your quiet time again.” So, the message is very consistent as far as what my responsibility is. So, I thank you for reinforcing that.

AARON: Indeed, it is the very basis of all spiritual growth. Communion is like food. Without it, you can only exist for so long before you begin to wither away. The simple message or realization that if every person on this planet spent ten minutes in quiet reflection every day, then the world would quickly be transformed into the realization of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man and many of your current problems would simply die on the vine. For with consistent reflection, it is far more difficult to be distracted and manipulated. It is much easier to discern the truth and to find yourself in a place of balance where the machinations of the ego are suspended by the emergence of the soul. So, do the stillness.

Group Member 1: Thank you.

Nancy: I was struck by your last statement…the machinations of the ego. I guess that’s a pretty good clue to where we are. When we have churning thoughts, those are probably the machinations of the ego and a really good signal to stop. But clearly with routine quiet there is less of that. But, anyway, it was very descriptive and powerful. Thank you.

AARON: Yes, when you are torn up, conflicted, uncertain or scrambling around trying to make it all work, then is the time to stop and breathe, regardless of how far behind you imagine you are. The first step toward rebalancing, healing, is to let go and to fall in to the place of participation with the Spirit, and then we believe you will have a greater degree of understanding of what you can do after you emerge from this reunification process.

Group Member 2: Thank you. I’m feeling immense gratitude right now for all of you and your participation and constancy in our lives—no matter what we do. Thank you.

Group Member 3: Aaron, could you give us a short paragraph on anger and dealing with it correctly and permanently?

AARON: A short paragraph? (Much laughter and commentary) I can do it in five notes….or at least a sentence or two.

Do the stillness. Let go and let God. All else resulting from that practice cannot contain anger, hatred, fear, or any of the other Spirit poisons. If you feel it begin to reemerge, go for the stillness and repeat as many times as is necessary until you can let it go, forgive, and move on.

This TR, in his mind, wonders how these words can spit out of his mouth when he finds himself so incapable of doing these words. And I would encourage you to understand that it is the doing that will allow you to find this freedom. The exclamations of disbelief, weakness, and inability are merely mechanisms to keep you from actually doing it.

There is another who wants to speak tonight. I have enjoyed sharing with each of you and will at this time withdraw. I hope that as you survey the various situations that you can use the stillness process in coming to satisfactory conclusions. Good Evening.

MINEARSIA: Greetings. I am Minearsia, pleased to have this opportunity to communicate with you, and PamElla wishes to insert an apology for delay. She is a somewhat reluctant TR tonight, but I have confidence that she is capable of surrendering enough that I may communicate my message.

My message is one of approval and encouragement. You are aware that we closely monitor your physical and mental reactions to our lesson topics as well as to your discussions, and tonight we appreciate your willingness to hear Aaron’s message. There are evenings when your minds are full and tired, and while you are partially here, there can be parts of your minds that say “Yeah, yeah, yeah….We’ve heard that all before. Do you have anything interesting to say to capture my attention?” Your society seems to crave distraction and sensation, and there are nights you come to us seeking distraction and sensation and are less open to the foundational message that we offer. Tonight we place in the record that you heard us! You got it!

However, tomorrow is a new day filled with sensation and distraction, and your egos will dart here and there attempting to ignore the void, diminish the message. And so, my friends, tonight I am the Closer. I am here to emphasize the importance of your commitment to put stillness first, true stillness, not fifteen minutes watching the clock, but a sincere seeking of the Father, of His/Her peace, of His/Her wisdom, in humbleness, in surrender, with the vulnerability of a baby reaching to its parents. With this commitment, with this practice, your lives will be transformed.

Now, I am not offering this as a magic wand. This practice may lead you into areas of exploration that you prefer to ignore. Surrender requires that you allow Spirit to cleanse you, to heal you, to lead you into wholeness. And, so, my friends, my students, consider tonight’s lesson to be a gift, not a burden. I encourage you with lightness, with excitement, with adventure, with joy, with willingness approach our Great Parent. You will not be disappointed.


Enough said? Then stand, hold hands. There is another who wishes to lead you in a closing thought.

Group Member 1: The closing thought that I see….I’m not sure if it’s from Klarixiska or from me, but it’s a Japanese toy that I, while in the classroom, was able to do from the very simplest to the most difficult because I did it so often. And the other day, I tried to do that, and I found it very difficult. I guess the closing thought is that to show love, mercy, and forgiveness in our lives we need to practice time with the Father every day. Amen.

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