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SEI150- You Are Important Because You Are

2007-06-24-You Are Important Because You Are
SE Idaho #150


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: You Are Important Because You Are
o 1.2 Group: SE Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael, Daniel
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: You Are Important Because You Are
Group: SE Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Michael, Daniel
TR: Unknown


Prayer: Our Father, Mother, Michael, we thank you for all the consistent love and wisdom you provide to us. We desire to know you and become more like you. We desire to relinquish our judgment, to love, to be bridges, to extend ourselves. We know that your children, our teachers, are here to assist us in that task, to help us understand why we find it so difficult to achieve our desires, and what we can do to be closer to you. We know that stillness is the key, and yet we avoid it; we avoid you; we avoid our guides, our teachers; we seek distraction…and so forth. We do stand on a cusp, with the potential to embrace perfection now… to stop avoiding… to allow ourselves to be truly loved and to share that love. Your love at times seems so frightening.

Some of us feel unworthy. We ask tonight that we will open our hearts, open our minds, that we will listen, that we will allow love in. And at this time we take a minute to share our love with others. We think of past members of our group who are no longer with us, and we ask to share our love with them, your love with them that they may feel our love and feel your love. We ask for love for members of our own families that struggle with health issues, emotional issues. We ask that our love be a support, and we thank you for the love that supports us. Amen

MICHAEL: Greetings, children. I am your Father/Brother Michael, here among you in this manner to share your Mother’s and My pleasure in your beings and to express our delight in the desires of your hearts. You do well my children…


MICHAEL: The earth life is not easy. You are not expected to achieve perfection tomorrow, this week, or even next year. It is a long developmental process. Just as you would not expect a four-year-old child to perform calculus, we do not expect from you that which you cannot achieve. What we desire from you is your willingness, willingness to allow us into your moment-by-moment decision-making, willingness to allow our ever-present love for you into your consciousness, willingness to believe that you are an integral and significant component of the Universe of Universes.

Each of your lives matter. Each is color in the universal pallet, is a note in the Universal song, is scent in the Universal aroma. Without you, without your contributions, without your being, the Universe is incomplete. You are important because you are, not because of what you can do for us, but because the world without the color yellow is drab. The world without the color green is barren. The world without the color blue is dry, and so forth. You are that important. And so we ask you to allow us to love you and be partners with you. We crave your acknowledgement of us. We crave your company. We crave your love returned. And now, dear children, I step aside. Daniel is present, and wishes to share some thoughts with you. My blessings and my love I bestow upon you. Farewell.

(Group farewell)

DANIEL: Greetings, my friends, I am Daniel, your friend, colleague, and, yes, admirer, pleased to have this opportunity to interact with you, and to reinforce recent lessons [that are] in the process of being internalized.

Dear, dear, friends, indeed is stillness the tool to all that you seek: to greater understanding, to hope, to tolerance, to peace, to the answers to seemingly difficult questions. In stillness you find the courage to act. In stillness you find the next step. In stillness you find relationship to our Parents and ways to enhance your relationships with others.

It is not necessary that you discern word patterns such as this TR is experiencing in transmitting these messages, no. This is simply, for lack of a better analogy, frosting on the cake. What matters is the cake. What matters is your relationship with the Father, with our Mother, with Michael, and through this your relationships with one another.

Between now and the next time we meet, I would like to make an assignment, a homework assignment, if you are so willing. Tonight when you go home, I would like you to pull out a piece of paper, tablet, computer file, something, and write on the top of it “Reasons I do not do stillness”. And if you are so inclined, begin your list. But what is most important about this assignment is each time you consider doing stillness, but decide, for whatever reason, not to, or to do something else, add that to your list.

This is not to create a sense of guilt, a sense of obligation, a have-to, but rather this should be done with a sense of amusement, of lightness, of humor, to give insight into yourself while at the same time, perhaps, assisting to motivate you. Are there questions about the assignment, or the intent of the assignment? [The group is quiet.] Would anyone like to share an emotional reaction to the assignment?


Student #1: I think it is great. Instead of going into the bedroom and turning the TV on, it will help me find out why I am going in and turning the TV on.

DANIEL: : Yes, and perhaps in that pause you will decide to do the stillness rather than write on your list.

Student #2: I think my list could be summarized in one word: procrastination.

DANIEL: : My dear, dear, friends, I do love you all, so greatly, so sincerely, with such fervor. Our Great Parent could have given me no greater privilege than to be your guide and friend. This is an assignment I will treasure for all of eternity. Are there any other thoughts, questions, discussion items that anyone would like to bring forward at this time? The floor is wide open. It is yours.

Student #2: Daniel, I just had a thought as you said that you would treasure it for all of eternity. The thought that came into my mind is the only reason that I can think that you would treasure that assignment is that it might help us all come closer to the Father.


DANIEL:  : Indeed, my dear. And, I value each of you. You are most charming. I value our friendships and my time with you. Well then stand and hold hands. There is another who desires to lead you in a closing.

Prayer: God, may our lives reflect the nine spirits, fruits of the spirit. May this assignment provide humor, yes, to see our foolish reasons and excuses for [not] spending time with you. May we come away laughing at ourselves and truly finding great joy in spending those moments with You. Amen

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