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SEI151- Agondonters, Self-Worth

2007-07-22-Agondonters, Self-Worth
SE Idaho #151


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Agondonters, Self Worth
o 1.2 Group: SE Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael, Minearsia, Cora
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Agondonters, Self Worth
Group: SE Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Michael, Minearsia, Cora
TR: Unknown


DANIEL:  I am Daniel. I invite anyone who is willing to step forward and provide an opening prayer, to do so.

Member: We are gathered here, our Dear Parents, in this circle of love, in your energy that beams down upon us and surrounds us and permeates our very cells. We ask this evening for these energies to surround not just us but this home, this world we live in. May these energies, may your love, feed our desire to find you, to be one with you. We open our hearts to your love. We feel your love. We are your love. We thank you, we love you, and it is our desire that God’s Will be done. Amen.


DANIEL: This is Daniel. I greet each of you my students with love and affection. It is true; I admire each of you for your willingness to reach out to those you can hear but cannot see. It is a step of faith for which you will be blessed. As the Master said, when hearing of Thomas’s doubting His resurrection and return, “Blessed are those who believe, who have not seen.” Being Agondonters puts you in a special class.

I say that not to pat you on the back but to tell you the truth. You have “bridged the gap” which few on your planet have so far accomplished. Many will follow, and it will continue until there are enough like you who will turn the balance of your world for “right” from mostly negative to mostly positive thinking, from doubters to acceptors, from those who don’t believe to those who do. My compliments to you all!

Member: May I send that back to you Daniel? Our compliments to you for being such a fine, good teacher. Thank you

DANIEL: ***, you embarrass me.

Member:  Is that possible Daniel?

DANIEL: I do thank you for your graciousness. If you could but see how much progress you have made. If you had the eyesight capability to see what is really happening among millions of individuals on your planet today, you would know why we are happy to see what is happening on your planet, and to know we have been part of that.

Your reactions to my assignment [from the last meeting] have been as expected: heartwarming, humorous, and helpful. Those of you who have not yet participated are encouraged to take a few minutes and pursue the assignment. We feel it will assist you more than you can imagine. I will not be the major presenter tonight but will be here for questions should that need arise.

Member: Daniel, can I tear up my list then, and not keep it in front of my face every morning and night?

DANIEL: : You may.

Member:  Thank you.

DANIEL:  You have, through your honest efforts, seen what we had hoped you would see by the exercise. Are there other questions about the assignment? ….. Very good! Now, I turn the time over to another. One moment please.

MINEARSIA: Greetings, dear friends. I am Minearsia, instructor in residence here in this South Eastern Idaho Teaching Mission base. As always, it is my sincere pleasure to greet you in this manner and to participate in your meeting times as well as to observe you and interact with your minds at other times throughout your days and weeks. We are most pleased with your embracing the recent lessons on stillness and with your heartfelt recognition that stillness is the key to the problems that you seek, even if you still find the desire to put this knowledge into practice erratic.

Do not be distressed by the fact that you do not automatically, willingly, happily, seek the stillness. What matters is your willingness to overcome the mental gyrations your ego sets up to distract you from that which will provide such benefit and ultimately will be your hearts’ desire.

Tonight I wish to address Self-Worth. Last week Michael shared with you how important your existence is in the scheme of the Universe of Universes. We observed that while you liked hearing that your existence is a vital component of creation, your minds immediately began their campaign of diminishing the impact of the message. The thought that was common among you was “the Universe is so vast, filled with such an immensity of beings of so many levels, that there must be others similar to me, in the millions, so, how do I really matter?” And… “my color, my note, my aroma, cannot really effect the whole” And… “Michael and Mother have so many children, how can I be that significant?”

These types of thoughts, this type of questioning, demonstrate a lack of knowledge of who you are, a lack of recognition of the true worth of your beings. This is not your fault. This is not something additional to feel guilty about, to feel wrong for, to experience shame over. The purpose of my bringing it up is to assist you in becoming more aware of this component of the way your minds work so that you may begin to address and correct this misperception. Correcting the perception that you are not important really, that God loves you but doesn’t care about you personally in a deep and meaningful way really, is essential to allowing yourself to fully receive God’s love in its many forms, through the many personalities through which it functions.

Ego is a part of the mortal mind on all planets. On this planet, ego has been severely damaged, and it seeks towards grandiosity, which can take the form of minimization. The ego puffs up or deflates. It whispers that the concept of your true value is a ruse, that if you listen, you are being egocentric. But it is the ego telling you that. It also whispers that your real value comes from it and not from your place in creation. And, so, part of correcting your perception, regarding your true value in the Universe of Universes is to retrain your listening. Listen to the voice that tells you truth—you are important—you need do nothing. And in this, there is the freedom to be who God created you to be.

It may seem that I have presented a paradox, I have not intended to. Through the stillness, the practice of the stillness, you retrain your listening. The voice of the ego is quieted. The voice of the Father strengthened.

While there is much more that can be said on this topic, and will be over time, I believe I have said enough for tonight. I would be delighted to engage you in discussion, to answer questions, to hear your thoughts. I open the floor for your participation.

Member: Minearsia, there are six billion people on this planet and we are one. Those numbers by themselves make us feel small and unimportant. Is our lack of understanding of our self-worth part of the test of our faith, or has it something to do with the rebellion and the consequences of that?

MINEARSIA: Thank you for your perceptive question. The feelings of lack of self-worth are very much the inheritance of the rebellion… One moment please, while I try to assist my TR in grasping some concepts I wish to portray…

The rebellion, as you know, resulted in the quarantine of this sector and this planet. The result was immediate and intense loneliness, for the circuitry is the living matrix that connects all living beings to a single whole. With the cessation of those connections, it was as if each cell experienced itself as singular, the only one of its kind and unimportant in the health of the whole. In the anguish of this loneliness, each individual cell asserted its significance, its importance, but not because it saw itself in relationship to the whole, but because the alternative of being completely insignificant was unbearable.

This reality was and is a tragic consequence of the necessity of quarantining the sector to minimize the damage from the rebellion. Now, as you know, God uses all things for the good, and while the circuitry was no longer functional, the Adjutant Mind spirits were. The Father was present to those who desired His presence. Michael’s spirit was available. And now, of course, Michael’s spirit is poured out on all, and Thought Adjusters are an automatic given response to a first moral decision.

And you are all now Agondonters. To take the steps from the experience of anguish and alone-ness, to recognition of the experiential reality of the oneness, the wholeness, of the Universal experience is enormous. There is great benefit that has been derived through undergoing such intense struggle. We recognize the intensity. We recognize the pressures. And we admire you, sincerely, greatly. And remember some of the most precious of your gems are the result of enormous geological pressures. You all have potential to shine most gloriously. Did this answer help?

Member:  Yes, thank you.

MINEARSIA:  You are most welcome. Thank you for the opportunity to expand my presentation.
Are there any other questions floating on the edges of your thoughts that you are willing to form into words?

Member: Minearsia, I want to thank you for your comments about the ego. I have been questioning that one for the past several weeks and how that became so strong. And I like your answer. And I’m going to quit procrastinating and get into stillness and listen to the right person and not the ego. Thank you.

MINEARSIA: : I am delighted. Thank you. Friends, it appears the time has come. Please stand. Hold hands. There is another who desires to lead you in a closing.

CORA: I am Cora. I am delighted to have my student here with me tonight. And I offer these words of praise, appreciation, and tribute to our Creators.


CORA:  Our Father, Mother, Michael, thank you, great Parents for the opportunity to assist these beautiful children find answers as they reach for you. We see the intent of their hearts. We see the circumstances with which they struggle. And we are in awe. Some of us come from such advanced planets as compared to this. We are amazed by the resilience of the Urantian mortal spirit. Indeed, does Urantia have harsh conditions.

And yet these students continue to love, to believe, to know that you are real, that your love is real, that your will, will prevail. Be with these your mortal students this week and over the next time frame as they work to know you. Let them know that they can count on us, their teachers, to be with them steadfastly. Let them know we do not judge them. We are helpers. We love them. And please Father, be with us as we do our part to assist in this great experiment that will be successful, this Correcting Time. Amen.

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