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SEI156- Stretching

SE Idaho #156


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Stretching
o 1.2 Group: SE Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Daniel, Iruka, Klarixiska, Tomas
o 2.2 TR: PamElla
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Exercise
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Stretching
Group: SE Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Daniel, Iruka, Klarixiska, Tomas
TR: PamElla


OPENING PRAYER: Beloved Parents, Father, Mother-Son, Paradise Mother Spirit, Michael, Nebadonia, we come to you from the bottom of the evolutionary rung of will creatures desiring to know you, desiring to know your plan for us, desiring to become more like you in love, in service, mercy and empathy, compassion and friendship. You have provided a vast array, an unbelievably broad spectrum of beings and helpers to assist us in this mighty climb.

We are grateful to you for the love and the service we receive. We struggle mightily. Help us to use these times on this planet of struggle to benefit not only ourselves but your grand scheme. Help us to appreciate where we are in the here and now, understanding where we come from, yes, looking forward to what lies ahead, yes, and being grateful for where we are today.

Father, Mother, Spirit, God, we also bring personal concerns to you this afternoon. We pray for ***, for her husband, for her mother and father, for all of her family, for all those who love her. We pray that she may have healing for her physical being, that the cancer may again be reversed, that she may discover those keys, those tools, that will keep her clear of this terrible disease.

Father we ask prayers for others of those we know and love who are in emotional pain, who have separated themselves from you, who feel the deep loneliness of those of us who hide from you. We pray that your love will reach into the dark corners of all the minds on all the worlds who are afraid of your love, that your love will be experienced through the infinite avenues that you make possible, through our Mother, our human siblings, through the numerous personalities that serve us mortal children at the bottom rungs.

Father we pray for peace for this beleaguered planet. We pray that all hearts will open, that all hearts will seek to forgive, to love, to set aside vengeance. We pray for our planet that she may heal, that her waters will run clear, her skies will carry the fragrance of the plants and people who populate her.

And, Father, we send our prayers out from this little planet into your vast universe looking forward to the time when our contributions will be greater than they are today. Thank you for that opportunity. We love you.

DANIEL: Greetings, I am Daniel, your friend, colleague and admirer. I am here to open this meeting and to invite you all into a format that we have tried somewhat successfully in the past. There are a number of personalities present who would like an opportunity to visit briefly. We have no formal lesson as such planned for tonight; rather we would invite you all to risk speaking aloud that which forms in your mind.

This need not be transcribed, and yet if there is something that comes through that seems particularly poignant or appeals, you could undertake this exercise. However, our approach tonight is to encourage what used to be known as TR practice. I will at this time release this TR and encourage you all to tune and listen. I assure you, each of you are being contacted. At the end of this, I will resume. That is not to say that you will not hear from me in the interim. I now take my leave of this TR.

IRUKA: Hello my friends. I am Iruka. It is my delight and joy to greet you this evening. It is not often I get a chance at the mic, so to speak, and it will not be long. We are hoping that each of you will step out of your fear and even TR a few sentences. It is not the most comfortable thing. It is not common on your planet, and you have not been doing this since you were five-years old, because, indeed, it would be fairly simple and quite comfortable if you had been doing this most of your lives. So, I wish to encourage and support you in giving this a try. Farewell, my friends.

IRUKA:  (I keep hearing the same phrase. This is probably Klarixiska, but I am not sure.)

Just as the world becomes accustomed to whatever is comfortable, change occurs. Time, so basic to the human clock, the sun rising, the sun going down, is interrupted not with the rotation of the planets, but rather the mandates of culture, of man. If humankind would rotate with the plans of the universe there would not be the conflict of difficult situations to adhere to(?), to change(?) to cooperate with, but rather would there be the smoothness of what all desire, that of experiencing the gentleness of light and life.

It is indeed a great way off for this planet. It is indeed a great way off for the local universe. But God’s plan is never thwarted except in the choices of human beings and those free-will beings that choose to get out of God’s rotation. Balance is promised when the Center of your life is the First Source and Center. Wobbling occurs when one removes themselves from the planned rotation. Look to the Center. Look to the Son. Look to the Trinity for the source of all good. That is all.

TOMAS: Greetings, my friends. It is I, Tomas, who gets a chance at the mic. I am delighted, as always, to address you. You are part of my group, my younger brothers and sisters who I watch faithfully in your growth, in your struggles, and in your triumphs. I am delighted at this opportunity to practice with you. Yes, indeed, it is practice for me and for our side also. We continuously learn and try to improve our communication skills with you. We have learned what works well and what doesn’t work so well.

So, while you might look at it as training for you, we learn just as much on our side with you and from you. Remember this is indeed give and take, and we are always striving to learn what works best, what works the easiest to get these very important messages across to you, these lessons, the knowledge that you are loved beyond anything you can imagine, that you are protected and guided with an affection that is difficult to describe. We want you to know that we are here for you, supporting you and wanting the absolute best for you. Goodbye, my friends.


KLARIXISKA: This is Klarixiska. I would like to use an analogy of this TR’s experience of shooting pains that come in the area behind her ear. And her immediate response to this pain is “Oh, no. Oh, no! Oh, No! There it is again!” And eventually she resorts to the aspirin that she knows will last for at least a couple three hours.

And sometimes pain is thrust upon, not only you as mortals, but on us as spiritual guides so that we will seek out the aspirin. No; not a little pill. The Center, the Center of All Things, the Silence, the Spirit Within, that will relieve that pain that comes when one forgets that the Center is the source of peace, of love, of forgiveness, of all the fruits of the spirit that is such a part of the innate existence of all that God has created. Have a good night.

DANIEL: Greetings. I have tipped PamElla’s head into an unusual and somewhat uncomfortable position. She has allowed this seemingly strange technique of contact. I do this to illustrate an important point, particularly for PamElla who wants to understand the how and why prior to undertaking an endeavor, with assurance that the outcome is for the best. She is not alone in her desire to peer into the future prior to giving her assent. This is a common human trait.
My congratulations to you, my dear friend, for your willingness to allow your neck to be stretched with no notion of why, or how, or when the sensation might be alleviated. I am Daniel.

The neck stretch was in part a dramatic appeal to step out of one’s comfort zone. PamElla can attest to the fact that the stretch itself is slightly uncomfortable, yes, and yet when the exercise is completed there is not only relief from the odd experience, but the muscles actually feel better and the energy flow throughout her being is enhanced. I use this as a metaphor. It will be my last appeal of the evening. Thank you, PamElla for allowing me to put your neck on the line—so to speak. Humor my friends.

DANIEL: Please stand.


CLOSING PRAYER: Dear God, dismiss us with faith and hope that we might be ministers of your love in our world. Amen.

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