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SEI157- Family

SE Idaho #157


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Family
o 1.2 Group: SE Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Daniel, Minearsia
o 2.2 TR: PamElla
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Family
Group: SE Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Daniel, Minearsia
TR: PamElla


OPENING PRAYER: Father of families, this family, believers in Your existence and in your love and in Your comfort and in Your guidance, once again comes humbly to ask that You would provide the lessons that will encourage us both seen and unseen, to serve You and help this planet to reach the unity of the family of man, the family of human kind, the family of God. Amen.

DANIEL:  This is Daniel…

Student: Greetings Daniel.

DANIEL: Greetings to you **** and to all of those gathered here under my tutelage. I take immense pride in my group. You all have in your own ways made your humble teacher happy. Tonight it is my pleasure and responsibility to introduce the individual who will be presenting the lesson. Each of you, I trust, will open your hearts, your minds, your very brains to transmit the words you hear or to study them with thoughtfulness, with steadfastness and courage, because you know in order to grow, one must change; one must reach out into that dark unknown. Each of you, my students, I know have that courage. I now turn the lesson time over to our guest speaker for the evening.

MINEARSIA:  Greetings, my dear friends. I am Minearsia, instructor in residence here at this Southeast Idaho teaching base. It is my privilege and honor to share with you this evening, to sit with you, to converse. It is my delight to welcome back this particular configuration of individuals. ****, it is good to have you here amongst these others. Again, welcome!

Student:  Thank you.

MINEARSIA:   And my warm welcome to all of you.  Tonight I am going to pull an Aaron. Aaron is here and could in fact have conducted this conversation and exploration. However, this TR is more comfortable with my energy than with Aaron’s. And so, you have been given me. I enjoy, very much, the opportunity to approach you more closely in this manner. Several months ago I assigned the lesson on family and asked you to begin contemplating family. You have had a good discussion here this evening, and we are very pleased.

I do however request that you converse with me. In a previous meeting my TR shared one attribute that she had considered in thinking about family. Momentarily I will release her to again share that insight. I would then ask that each of you provide one other attribute of a family. You may provide more certainly. But the idea is to collectively bring forward components of family as you consider family. I will release this TR and then ask her to come back to stillness. One minute please.


Student #1 I’d forgotten about this until Minearsia began the lesson. A long time back—I think I’ve shared this—I was meditating on family, and the component of family that I thought of was support and that our universal parents provide support. The Father upholds us, but in the nuclear family too, that’s one of the things we do for one another.

And then I had this image of the Milky Way. And I saw the support structure that was in place with our teachers and our angels and all the extended beings that are there to support us, and all beings that support them, and all the beings which support them, right on up to the Trinity, in this infinity of dense layers of support. And yet our experience, here on Urantia, that is so partial, that density is there, yet we don’t fully experience it. And in our own experience of family the support is partial, and I saw stars blocked out with just a couple shining through.

And I saw this contrast between the Milk Way being the ideal and this…. just scattered stars being our reality. Part of the challenge in healing is to become aware of the support and to extend the support to one another, so that we would have that density that we experience in the Milky Way. So the attribute that I would offer that comes from family is support.

Student #2 The thing that hit me when I was trying to do that was the immensity of family—when you start with your own kids, and if you’ve got grand kids, and then their families and then their extended families, and you get out further to this spiritual, morontial families that go on. You can find them all in the Urantia book.

But even closer you see them At a reunion back more than ten years ago, back in Iowa, I hadn’t seen some of the cousins in years, and they talked about their families—but not just the families, but the friends of the families. So the whole system is immense, and yet it seems to be connected somehow, that each of us is connected to an immense system, for lack of a better word, for the reason I think **** has suggested, and that is support. It is that immense family that we are connected to that ultimately is our support. So the word I’m adding is immensity. Minearsia Thank you ****….

Student #3 I think that when I think of family, the ideal family, one would be acceptance of diversity even within the small nuclear family. And of course from there you can go to the tribe or you can go anywhere. But I think acceptance is really very difficult because it requires honesty of who you are. Which means trust. And so then you wonder if you really trust others to know all about you and expect that or know that you’ll have that support.

So I don’t know whether it’s going to be acceptance or trust or honesty, that would come first. But that’s all wrapped up in the fact that you’ve got to be non-judgmental…. And then you have to be… well, I’ll stop, that’s enough attributes. I had quite a list when I wrote them down. One led to another to another to another.

Student #4 When we were all sitting in stillness, Abraham gave me three pillars talking about family which was integrity, respect, and trust, which was what you just said, that those three are like pillars of were family.

Student #5 Well, my thought “lack of judgment” was really one, and “patience” certainly. Somehow “joy” is coming into my mind that if you can have all of these attributes maybe that’s where the joy comes in. But I feel like I have been very narrow in my thinking about what family really is. And I appreciate all of the comments for how immense and expansive that it all is, which I think I have known on some level. Basically my level has been quite narrow.

Student #6 I enjoyed those stead fastnesses. An example I think is the Midwayers staying on this planet until we finally get it, which may be never…..( group comments and laughter ) ya but they are still here. I think of our immediate family, which is extensive. My father has eight siblings and my mother has eight siblings, and then each sibling has a partner and at least five kids. I know all my cousins and stuff, but the steadfastness, no matter when someone steps out of line, or goes awry, there may be a little riff for a short time, but the steadfastness of coming back and giving the support and all the other attributes. That’s my word.

Student #7 My word is humor because that gets you over a lot of bumps, a lot of being able to overlook things that if you didn’t have humor, I think you would be stuck. And I remember—this is sort of off the subject—but before I started reading the Urantia book, I remember thinking in terms of “us and them,” or “we and they,” you know, from local “us and them” to global “us and them,” “us and the Russians.” You know these conflicts “they are the bad guys” and “we are the good guys.” And when I started reading the Urantia Book everything just sort of melted. It was like…Oh! God likes all of His children! Really? So why do I think I am right? Cause our tribe told us I guess. And I believed it. Humor really goes a long way.

Student #8 The word that comes to my mind is nurturance, being nurtured. Those of you that know me know that I like to give hugs. When we talk of this massive support system that we have, all I see is a lot of hugs coming up. It’s going to be fun, what a better way to spread the love of the Father, through a hug. So I thank you for that question Minearsia and greetings this evening.
Minearsia: Greetings ****. And I am smiling at you all. We are a very pleased staff this evening.

We have been observing your mulling of this assignment at various times over the past several months and we are not finished, oh no! But we are very pleased with the progress that you are making as you think about family, the ideal family, and note these attributes. It will help you to become them in your own living, in your own relationships. Whether you are a sibling, a child, a parent, cousin, friend, observer, acquaintance, or whatever level of relationship you have with another, you can become these attributes that you envision.

And, I would like to point out to you the parallel and interconnected lesson series that I began with you many years ago regarding relationship. As you contemplate relationship, as you contemplate family, I believe you will discover the unified whole.

I have no new assignment to give. I ask you to continue in your pondering of the ideal family, its attributes, what it is, how far it extends, how you fit in, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Again my desire is to leave this assignment wide open so that you each may be led to those ponderings that will most benefit your own development and growth. And then we will again reconnect and bring those pieces into a new page for the book of family we are building. Are there any questions this evening on any subject before we disband until next time? ( group is quiet ) Well then, my love to each of you, my pleasure in each of you. Please close in your usual manner. Another will guide you in prayer.


Closing prayer
LYNDA:  I am Lynda, I have been given this opportunity. Healer, Lover, Father, Mother, Michael, beloved Friend, great Trinity, these beautiful children stand before you today, hand in hand, seeking knowledge, seeking comfort, seeking encouragement, seeking camaraderie, seeking friendship, seeking truth, beauty and goodness, seeking You. Their needs are diverse, their situations are diverse, but what is common is their desire and the need of you.

Be with them over the next time frame that they may be sustained, that they may experience successes as they try to become that that they most want. We as their teachers offer our gratitude to You for this tremendous experience in loving and nurturing and providing service. Thank You Father/Mother. And now, we the teaching staff, with these our charges say thank you, we worship You, we love You, and we bid You adieu together as we leave one another. Amen

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