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SEI158- Stillness, Safety

2008-05-18-Stillness, Safety
SE Idaho #158


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Stillness, Safety
o 1.2 Group: SE Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Daniel, Minearsia, Iruka
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Stillness, Safety
Group: SE Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Daniel, Minearsia, Iruka
TR: Unknown


Dear Mother, Father, Creator, we come before you in anticipation of the guidance, your delight that we are responding to you. We ask that we remain and be open, putting away our fears, our judgments, and seek a higher level of understanding, not only of ourselves, but of you. Amen

DANIEL: Greetings, my friends, my colleagues, as we together seek to walk down our individual roads to perfection. This is Daniel, your guide and friend. Friends, how we did enjoy the conversations of the members of your group this evening! They raised so many issues that we have decided to change the lesson… So, we are prepared, the lesson-giver says he is prepared, so let us begin. I may return later, but let us now proceed to the lesson for this evening.

MINEARSIA: Greetings, I am MINEARSIA among you once again. This will be a tag-team lesson. Iruka, too, has a portion of the lesson to present.


MINEARSIA:  Your discussion has been far ranging as you have covered topics from world crisis scenarios to the concept of judgment vs. discernment with other stops along the way. In all of those discussions, the consensus of the group appeared to end by focusing on the role of the individual, how you each could be (referring to your being-ness) in these circumstances so that you could be in alignment with the Father’s will and in so doing be of service to your siblings spread around this besot planet.

I do not in this meeting intend to take up the topic of predictions. What I do want to emphasize, once again, are the foundations, the imperative to spend time in stillness, real stillness, at least daily, preferably more often.

Any time you experience yourself as rocked by any life circumstance, any rumor of circumstance, anything that interferes with the free flow of love between yourself and Spirit should draw to your attention the imperative to sit, to seek the source of unconditional love, to seek the source of peace, to ask what thoughts are in your mind that interfere, what thoughts are in your mind that disrupt a harmonious experience of life.

For as you well know (I hope this is the case), your peace, your joy, your happiness, does not come from those external circumstances aligning themselves with your desires. If you are waiting for the world to be the way you want it to be in order to experience peace, to have the energy to be of service, to experience the unconditionality of love, you will be waiting a very long time. We are a ways from the advanced stages of Light and Life!

And those individuals living in Light and Life find that it is not living in a paradisiacal world that leads to that inner experience. No! It is the union with Spirit; it is knowledge of self; it is gentleness, graciousness, love, the extension of love that allows for the experience of love.
Now, oftentimes, when you individually feel most besot (yes I use the word again), the last thing you wish to do is sit and say “Father, Mother, here I am! Help me to understand myself! Help me to understand my reaction! Help me to find the prayer to ask you, to petition you, that I may change my heart!” But this is what is required for you to have the peace that you desire.

And so I would like to use the analogy of spring-cleaning. When one’s mind is in turmoil, it is like having a cluttered house. And a good place to start is with the closets. Now this may seem backwards, but let’s think this through. How many of you when you wish things to appear good on the surface, grab those items cluttering your life and stuff them away? And, so, the clutter can accumulate in the hidden places, in the places that others don’t see. But you know that clutter is there. And, so, getting to know yourself is like spring cleaning, beginning with the closets.

As you first begin to clean out the closets, the mess becomes apparent to everyone, to anyone who happens by. But take heart! For this is the way to a truly ordered, clear, energetically-free existence. Yes, sometimes as the closets are cleaned, the mess appears, but this time it can be put away in such a manner that the house remains orderly and at peace. That which is no longer needed can be discarded. Extra room can be made, so that you can bring in those items that you truly cherish and wish to keep.

So my words to you tonight are a reminder to seek the stillness as a method of cleaning your closets that you may be that peace and that stability and those human voices of wisdom that the planet needs at this place in history, that you desire to be at this place in your evolution, your evolving progression to the Father. I will now pass the microphone to Iruka. We will take questions and comments following her contribution.

IRUKA: Good evening, my dear friends. It is I, Iruka. I am delighted to be here with you, and I am happy to have an opportunity at the microphone. Your discussion tonight was indeed far-reaching, but these issues that you discussed were of importance to you, and your discussion showed that they had been uppermost in many of your minds.

This evening I wish to discuss safety. What a strange topic you say to yourself, but as you reflect on your discussion this evening, it was revealed that one of the basic feelings [you desire] is a sense of being safe. First, the physical safety, the world issues of earth quakes of weather phenomenon. Where can you be safe? What can you do? How can you help others be safe? Consider this, now. You put yourself in these victims place and wonder, “what could I do,” or “what would I do?” And, in some cases, there is very little that you can actually do. And, so, the fear increases. You may not call it fear, because that is difficult to face. But do think about it briefly. How do you help yourself, and how do you help others?

Moving on to emotional safety, we all have issues of protecting ourselves. We feel vulnerable to each other, and that can be so uncomfortable. And, yet, when you try to be open and you get a positive response, you learn that maybe it is not quite so dangerous to really say how you feel. I would hope that at this point in your growth, your feelings of safety with your Creator Parents are well locked in. I want to remind you how well loved you are, how very well watched over you are, how your Creator Parents delight in you and want you to delight in them.

I hope you know where I am going with this, that the way that you can feel safe in all aspects of your life is to know and feel your safety with your Creator Parents. As your love grows—for them, in them, through them—your trust will grow, and you will learn to walk this life with all its uncertainties with confidence that you are very well taken care of, very closely loved, that you can never be lost. As this love and confidence grows, it will spread to your emotions and to your physical feelings of fear, giving you confidence that no matter what happens, you will be guided, you will be watched over and cared for.

Consider that you indeed will be beacons of light in any kind of situation, and so it is important to know you will be given opportunities to reassure, to love those around you who do not know Father’s love, who do not understand his constant watch care. Walk confidently on this earth, in this life, in this light, in this form. You are upheld. Develop your confidence and walk forward; you are not alone. You are never alone. You have many other of our Creator’s Siblings and [our own] elder brothers and sisters close at hand willing to help whenever you ask. I will answer questions, but I will return the mic back to Minearsia.

MINEARSIA: Our dear students, the time is now yours to react in your own way to our combined message. We hope that when it appears in print, the connection between the parts will become clear. This was intended as a whole, and this aspect might be worth further discussion at your next meeting. I make this note so that it will be in your transcript. This is your assignment for next time, next meeting, to discuss the relationship between the two parts. And now we turn it over to your questions, comments, interaction of any type. Iruka, my friend, how do you think we should interpret this silence from our students?


IRUKA: I am hoping that they do indeed see a connection and that they are pulling in all the parts and pieces to make the whole.

Student 1: Unfortunately, I see the responsibility on the transcriber, because I am a much better visual learner. I need a piece of paper in my hand rather than to try to learn anything auditorily. So that’s a quick come around.

MINEARSIA: Yes, my dear. We are not asking for this discussion now, simply whether you have questions or comments to the lessons that we presented.

Student 1: I understand that. I was just thinking of the assignment for the twenty-second. If we are to compare the two lessons we heard and see it as a whole, it would be easier for me if it was in my hands so I could think about it. And with that I will drop it. It’s not questions now; its what our assignment is.

MINEARSIA: : Understood.

Student 2: I have the same problem. I’ve written down the assignment is, “When in doubt, turn to silence,” and “Safety”. Would you like to clarify there? Have I oversimplified, or have I missed something?

MINEARSIA: : I would like to clarify your first statement: “When in doubt, turn to stillness.” May I ask you to modify that to state: “When in doubt or discomfort for any reason, turn to stillness.” Let me explain further. If you experience yourself as having a judgment, this would be a good time to go to stillness. If you are distressed by news you see, hear, or read in your media, this is a good time to go to stillness. If you experience tension in an interaction with another, this would be a good time to go to stillness…and so forth, and so on. Is this helpful?

Student 2: I don’t think there is any time left in the day. [Nervous laughter from a group member] You’ve just filled it up.

MINEARSIA: : Indeed! [Nervous laughter increases] Yes, indeed.

Student 2: I am making light of that, but I read the other day that the Dali Lama, who I consider a highly spiritual individual, meditates three hours a day. And with his busy schedule, I thought, wow! If he can do three hours, I ought to be able to do a few more minutes than I am doing now.

MINEARSIA: : It might be that he accomplishes so much because of those three hours.

Student 2: I don’t think there is any doubt about that.

MINEARSIA: : Thank you for your insight.

Student 2: Thank you for your clarification

MINEARSIA: : Truly, my pleasure. Are there any other thoughts that anyone is willing to speak aloud? Going…going….gone!  Please hold hands. Let us worship the First Source and Center together.

[Discussion regarding day being Trinity Sunday and possibility of directing prayer to the Trinity]

We would gladly accept a volunteer to lead the prayer.


Closing: To our Eldest Brothers and Sisters, the individuals we have called the Trinity, we are in awe of the universe of universes that you have created, and are overwhelmed to be considered cosmic brothers and sisters. It is so difficult for us to deal with others. Yet, we know in our hearts, that is our major role at this state in our spiritual development. We open our hearts and our minds to the leading of those who have been assigned to assist us that we may grow daily, that we may walk daily along the path which is our life to Paradise where we will have the opportunity to greet the Father, the Mother Son, and the Spirit, firsthand. Until then we pray for patience and strength as we seek to live in this world but not be of it. Amen

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