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SEI159- Benefit of Pain

2008-07-13-Benefit of Pain
SE Idaho #159


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Benefit of Pain, We are part of your family
o 1.2 Group: SE Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Daniel, Minearsia, Iruka
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Benefit of Pain, We are part of your family
Group: SE Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Daniel, Minearsia, Iruka
TR: Unknown


Prayer: God we do thank You that You accept us as we are. Help us to be willing to change that we might be able to be the channel of love and service to our brothers and sisters. May we be open to what we might hear tonight. Amen.

DANIEL: Greetings my friends, my colleagues, my coworkers in the work of the Correcting Time. Again you surprise us with the breadth and depth of your discussion prior to our lesson tonight to the extent that we have decided to alter our plans somewhat. We thoroughly enjoy your willingness to be open and share some very private thoughts and feelings, which we believe will help everyone here. With that brief introduction, I now turn the time over to the presenter of our lesson tonight.

MINEARSIA: Greetings, dear friends. I am Minearsia, Instructor in Residence at this Southeast Idaho Teaching base. Indeed are we delighted with your discussion and more importantly delighted that you have reconvened as a family unit sharing your lives with one another with their ups and downs, hopes and pains and sorrows, joys and achievements. Tonight I wish to redirect the conversation back to a consideration of family.


MINEARSIA:  We began this discussion sometime ago, some months ago, and in the outworking of your individual lives in the intervening time period, you have had much experience with the fluctuations of family. Several of your members, two of your members, have experienced the passing of a daughter. We acknowledge the depth of pain associated with such a loss. We assure you that she is awake and joyous in her new experience, while torn and saddened by regret for the lives left behind, the potential life unfinished. We wish you to know that much, much, was accomplished. She is deeply grateful for the love she recognized through her struggle.

Two other members of your group have been affected by family fluctuations stemming from a reconfiguration of loyalties in living arrangements. These types of fluctuations also provide challenges. And others of you have your own—less notable, perhaps, but no less real—challenges with the fluctuations brought about by your participation in family, as a member of family.

Tonight I wish to focus on the great benefit that families can gain as they experience these painful times together. Sometimes that which is exceedingly difficult, painful, challenging, can be that which in a functional family brings individuals closer, allows greater openness, can bring greater understanding, can deepen relationships with other members of family. When families are dysfunctional and the individual members are separated from their source, from stillness, individuals can withdraw into themselves. When this happens, the family fabric is weakened; the fibers that hold together begin to dissolve.

The parts work loose from one another as when any individual is unwilling to share the entirety of their experience with others in the family it is weakened. When family members use challenges to know one another better the family is strengthened. Stillness is a key component. As you discussed earlier this evening, stillness, communion with our Great Parents, seeking our Mother and Father like little children, provides the safety to share further.

My lesson tonight is to encourage each of you to use the experiences that a family provides, its many fluctuations and changes in dynamics, to strengthen your family, to strengthen your relationships with one another, through openness, through gentleness, through tenderness, through forgiveness, through graciousness, with gratitude for the opportunities and lessons that are there in one another. I have for the time being completed my part. Iruka would also like a few words. One minute please.

IRUKA: Good evening, my dear friends. I am Iruka. I come to you tonight with love and joy. I greet you warmly. You all are struggling on many different levels. We have seemingly talked to you about different topics, different areas of your lives. We have been talking about family. We have been talking about stillness and becoming closer to the center of strength and power, and, yet, these topics come together in the First Source and Center. They are each an aspect of living in balance, in coordination with your creators. We are a part of your family. They are our creators too. We are indeed your older siblings and we wish, as Father wishes, to be closer to you, to help you with your struggles, share in your joys and successes.

To live as a family lives, there are good parts and there are bad parts and there are every day mediocre parts. And yet a family goes through each of these things. You prepare your dinners, your meals, you participate in them, and then you clean up afterwards and throw out the trash. But it is all a whole of the eating experience. It is all necessary and it is all in balance.

Step back if you can and see your whole life as being in balance. All the parts contribute. You cannot get off the planet only participating or experiencing one part. And so we wish to put our arms around you and support you when you need support or party with you when you want to celebrate and talk with you when you have questions.

We came here as volunteers to your planet and we delight in being with you and helping you understand whatever it is you are struggling with. So, I am asking that you consider us part of your family. We work very hard to help you trust us and participate with us as we wish to participate with you. My love to all of you, and I will take my leave, although, I really don’t want to. Good-bye!

DANIEL: I am Daniel, inviting questions, comments, and further discussion for either Iruka, Minearsia or I. The floor is yours.


DANIEL:  First Student: Daniel, I would like to see if I can sum up some of the things that I think you are trying to teach us. It seems to me that every creature that has been created in every universe in the whole expanse of everything, the seven universes maybe I should say, is our family. But it’s up to us to learn to trust and see them as brothers and sisters and to accept them and get to know them. What does that sound like?

DANIEL: Indeed, my dear, dear friend, I was just simply waiting to be sure that you were finished before responding enthusiastically. Yes! Yes! Indeed! Every being on all universes, those created in perfection as well as those evolving, are brothers and sisters. And you will, in the fullness of time, come to know and experience this first hand. In the here and now, we are content with you exploring the concept of family on the planet Urantia. If fifty percent of Urantians understood that all people are your brothers and sisters things could be different.

The trouble, and where the healing must first take place, is in the more immediate family structures—the nuclear families and the extended families. Until these families are functioning in a healthy manner, it will be very difficult to have the planet Urantia functioning in a healthy manner or for it’s peoples to understand their cosmic brother and sisterhood.

And so we are examining, at this point in time, those attributes that strengthen family, that extend family, that deepen family, and those activities, behaviors, thought patterns that get in the way. Family is another word for relationship. Indeed, are you in relationship with the whole and the whole is in relationship with you. We are starting small. Does this help? Does this answer, excuse me, not help.

First Student: It’s both. It does answer, and it does help. Thank you, Daniel.

DANIEL: Thank you for the opportunity to discourse, discuss, and converse with you this evening. I enjoy this very much.

Second Student: Daniel, a quick question. When I go to bed at night and say my prayers, I ask the Thought Adjuster to do work on me. Should I specify what I need or does he just know?

DANIEL: The answer is two-fold. Of course, the Thought Adjuster knows, but it is helpful for your own self-knowledge, for your own self-healing to focus on areas in which you desire growth. The healing and help can be more expedient this way. Does this help?

Second Student: Perfect. Thank you.

DANIEL: My pleasure. If no one else has a desire to interact, I wish to take this opportunity to express my tender, heartfelt love for each of you tonight. I truly admire you, each of you, for your fortitude, perseverance, enthusiasm, willingness and participation. Life on this planet is not easy. We know that. Those of our teaching corps who have not had first-hand experience on a planet such as this are astounded, and we admire you, and we love you.

We are your friends. Please call upon us at any time, in any manner we can help. We are here; we love you; I love you. It is truly my great privilege to be your teacher. This experience will stand out, will be carried dear and close to my heart throughout my progression. I thank you for this opportunity to love you and to serve you.
I am Daniel your friend, guide and teacher asking you to stand, hold hands and join in prayer.


DANIEL: Beloved Beloveds, Father, Mother, Grand Father, Trinity, we the Teaching Corp stand here with our students, and we thank you from the deepest wells of our beings for this opportunity to demonstrate, participate, reflect, and be a part of these children’s family. Be with them over the intervening time period as they work to deepen their relationships, strengthen their families, and strengthen their connection to you. May they experience Your peace, Your love, Your promise of good cheer. Thanks be to You. Amen

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