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SEI162- Self Mastery

2009-01-04-Self Mastery
SE Idaho #162


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Self Mastery
o 1.2 Group: SE Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Klarixiska, Daniel
o 2.2 TR: PamElla
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Self Mastery
Group: SE Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Klarixiska, Daniel
TR: PamElla


KLARIXISKA: This is Klarixiska. Before I pray I would like to acknowledge the fact that my charge is once again attempting to listen to me in her home and that I urge her, and each of you, to sit and invite your teacher and to write down the words, however brief. Father, Mother, Creator of all that is, we thank you that this group is dedicated to doing Your will. We thank You that they are persistent in trying to find a way to share Your love with others through service, not through proselytizing or wording or even intellectualizing as was stated.

We pray that the truth of Your love might be brighter through them when they leave this group and when they go out to be with their brothers and sisters. Be with the teachers tonight. Be with the TRs. Give them confidence; give them peace; give them courage to speak what they hear, what the teachers share. Again, Dear God, we thank You for Your love to the seen and the unseen. Guide us all. Amen.

DANIEL: Greetings, I am Daniel, your friend and colleague, pleased to be with you on this day. In your society you acknowledge the ending of the old year and the beginning of the new and this provides an opportunity for your culture as a whole to participate to some extent in self-evaluation, which is the first step towards self-awareness.


DANIEL:  Tonight, my friends, my topic is self-awareness. I am adhering to my previously chosen lesson but will be willing to answer questions on any other topics in addition to and or including this lesson topic later.

[Editor’s Note: The comment is in response to a discussion the group had prior to the transmission.]

DANIEL:  My dearest dears, my beautiful charges, what tender feelings I have for you; how I long to embrace you as it be, to circle you up like small children and draw you into my arms. The journey of self-awareness is long. It begins in the Urantian experience and continues until you are fully fused with your Father fragment. At that time the curriculum of “awareness”—for lack of a better word—changes with the change in the understanding of the self. One of our primary purposes as your teachers in this Correcting Time is to assist you in your awareness, your knowledge of your self and how that self is integrated with all other selves into the whole of the I Am.

Our part in this project is small and is limited to assisting you with your relationships with your Urantian family, with our Parents, with us, with your angels, with the Midwayers and with other members of the administration who are most directly involved in the ascension scheme.  The goal of our work with you is that you first may know the personal love of God; that you may carry that peace, that certainty, that optimism, that trust, that faith, that benevolence, that generosity, that interest, that tenderness into your every encounter, your every interaction, your every relationship.

Our secondary purpose is that Urantia will be corrected as you, the individuals, become aware and remove the blockages that keep you from the state of being an open flowing conduit of God’s love and wisdom.

Self-awareness is ongoing and continuous….Correction. The work of achieving self-awareness is ongoing and continuous and will, as I say, continue beyond this Urantian experience. But let me now summarize for you some possible tools, some steps involved in becoming this open conduit for the flow of love and wisdom.

  • First: Students, you tell me…. The foundation is time with the Father, time in stillness, prayer, contemplation, meditation, daily, hourly, as often as needed to shift one’s self.
  • Second: To use any discomfort whether it be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, to understand one’s own role in this discomfort, to invite in Michael, Mother, your Thought Adjuster, to help you to understand it.
  • Three: To use this understanding to become empowered, to remove the blockage that you may be in a state of enhanced awareness, awakened consciousness, that your heart may be light, that you may be optimistic for you know that God is in charge.
  • And if you go back and you review the curriculum of the last many years, you will see that many tools are provided, many ways of thinking about these concepts offered.

Tonight I also wish to reference the passing of another milestone and to offer you, our stalwart students, our heartfelt congratulations and thanks on the anniversary of this group that takes place this month. [Ed note: Our group was officially started in January 1992.] We are so pleased to have had the privilege to work with each of you these many years.

With regards to meeting format, we are completely open. This is up to you. I have, I hope, explained our purpose and our goal in being your teachers. Many variants of the curriculum work to achieve this end. Differences between groups reflect the different personalities and needs and talents of the groups. However, there is an overlying curriculum and there is most certainly the overlying purpose as delineated this evening. I am prepared to take questions, and then we have a guest speaker. I open the floor to your thoughts, your comments and your questions.


Question: Thank you, Daniel. Self-awareness I think is for me a very difficult thing because I can cover up all kinds of thoughts and motives with various reasons why I do thus and so. I guess what I am thinking about is that I equate in my mind self-awareness to eventually lead to self-mastery. And that’s the term that has recently come into the Truth daily inspirational sentence.

The things you listed were certainly thoughts that I had before, but one thought that I had is that trustworthiness, and of course this was on the list, is an indication of true self-mastery. And so when you gave us this list, were you thinking in terms of something greater than self-awareness? Or is self-awareness and self-mastery really equivalent, the same? I hope that makes sense.

DANIEL:  Yes, my dear, I believe I have followed the purpose of your question. I will begin by making the distinction between control and surrender. The word mastery often connotes the concept of control but the path to true self-mastery is surrender. It is inviting the Father, our brother Michael, our Mother, into the pilot’s chamber so that you are master only in partnership with God. You will never achieve self-mastery by trying to master yourself.

And so the sequence of simple steps I suggested—which is but one of an infinite number—was to suggest a path to achieve surrender, to achieve awareness of those areas you do not wish to surrender, those areas where you choose to stay in control. These are the blockages to which I refer, and these are the sources of pain, very intense at times, but they are not outside yourself, and they are not outside of your ability to release them with the help of God, but with your own full willingness and partnership. God will never impose God’s will upon you. It is only at your invitation that the different aspects of your being come into your view with God’s assistance. Does this in some part address your question?

Response: I think it is far more complete than I realized I was asking. Thank you and definitely I would love to master myself very much so. I will be interested in reading this section again, thank you, Daniel.

DANIEL: Thank you for the opportunity to address you directly. I do enjoy you so much.

Response:  Thank you.

DANIEL:  Any other questions, comments, revelations?

Question: Hi Daniel, it’s ***. I love the “follow the pain,” at least that’s how I’m interpreting it


Question:  It’s so simple, and yet it is so difficult. And that’s the way it seems so many things are. I can remember that—I will remember that—very well.

DANIEL:  Thank you for your succinct phrasing of what I was intending, yes. Just as the saying in social/political circles is “follow the money,” in [seeking] self-awareness, “follow the pain.” And do not expect to find the source outside yourself. Thank you.

Response: Thank you, Daniel.

DANIEL:  One moment please.

UNNAMED: Greetings, I am the one who remains unnamed, unidentified. It has been some time now since I conversed with you, and yet I have been here checking in with you in this group as well as being broadly engaged across this sparkling jewel of a planet. I am delighted and privileged to make the anniversary remarks, to acknowledge you, to congratulate you for your lengthy stint, according to Urantia time, as an active Teaching Mission group.

My remarks tonight relate to the role of the individual and the role of the group. While your group has persisted, it has done so because of the individual wills of each of you, because of the value you place upon this experience; the courage, the fortitude you have displayed; the willingness, even in unwillingness, that you have shown in responding to our lessons, in responding to the coaching of your teachers.

Dear friends, Urantia is in the process of change, on the brink of great changes. I am here to underscore that God will have God’s way with this beautiful planet, that love and, yes, sanity will prevail, that healing will be had. I encourage each of you to continue with your work that you have accepted, to dive in with enthusiasm, with joy. The efforts you make not only lift up yourselves but help advance all the peoples of Urantia. I am the spokesperson tonight to say thank you, well done, keep it up!


DANIEL:   I will not take questions this evening but may be available sometime in the near future for further discussions of family. I will lead you in your closing; please stand and hold hands. Oh bounteous Father, Oh glorious Mother, the light of Your love is unbounded, limitless. Wrap these children in the assurance that with time they will see You and know You, eye-to-Eye, person-to-Person. Go in peace my children. So be it.

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