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SEI163- Change, Voice of Ego

2009-01-18-Change, Voice of Ego
SE Idaho #163


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Change, Voice of the Ego
o 1.2 Group: SE Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Daniel, Klarixiska, Minearsia, Ham, Abraham, Tomas
o 2.2 TR: PamElla
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Change, Voice of the Ego
Group: SE Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Daniel, Klarixiska, Minearsia, Ham, Abraham, Tomas
TR: PamElla


DANIEL: I am Daniel; I will lead you in prayer for another has been chosen to open this meeting through their TR. ?’s request will be responded to affirmatively, and therefore the format is being altered. Personal teachers are enthused and ready to step forward as well. They request that if possible their charges be prepared. Now let us pray:

All Mighty Creator, Father of Lights, Mother, bounteous Parents, we stand in solidarity, with these our students, lifting our faces to You in trust, with joy, with gratitude, for the opportunity to learn of ourselves through this amazing experience of being teacher and student, student and teacher, friend and friend, colleague and colleague, in Your correcting time mission. We thank You for the gift of ascension. We thank You for our part in Your plan, whether we be of ascending or descending nature. We are humbled and grateful to participate, to know ourselves, to know You in this way. Open hearts and minds that the truth of Your message may flow through the many paths in the diversity with a unified message. We ask this in recognition of the One. Amen.

KLARIXISKA: This is Klarixiska; I’d like to make these comments, though brief, concerning my charge and picking up on the request that was made before by one of your members. The inadequacies of my charge [as reported to you] have been exaggerated by the insecure feelings that have haunted her since childhood. Certainly, we do not have to go through those at this time. What I would like to have put on record is that the characteristic that she wrote in her booklet is but one of many. She [also] wrote down that loyalty was a characteristic that she has and certainly that is true. We know what the book says about “you must be loyal as a tadpole if you wish to become a frog.” She truly has not only become a frog but one that is learning the ability to hop and hop very well.

Her characteristics have surfaced, and honesty and, certainly, desiring-the-best-for-the-other person are but a few. And this is just to, not only help her, but continue the thought that the evaluation of each of you is, of course, made by you each, but also by the Eternal Father, Eternal Mother that accepts you as you are, the inclusive God that recognizes how well each of you have done. Thank you.

MINEARSIA: Greetings, I am Minearsia, instructor in residence to this Southeast Idaho Teaching Mission group. I thank Klarixiska, and particularly her charge, for the willingness to share these thoughts in this group, with these friends, with these siblings, with these family members. Willingness is the key to the type of transformational change you all seek. Change will come one way or another, and the willingness to allow God in your life, God to be the leader, God to be the friend, God to be the counselor is transformational in nature.

We have had a request to extend the anniversary format from the relatively short address from our previous meeting to a more extended format. As you are all aware, in an anniversary setting the number of personalities, teachers whom you have been associated with over the years, make their appearance to share their friendship, to share their love, and to offer congratulations of another year completed, another year deepening one’s relationship with our great Parents and hopefully in deepening your awareness of yourself and your relationship with all others. I am delighted to be here with you in this role, in this time. I welcome you and offer my congratulations, and I also open the floor for requests, for questions, for interaction. The floor is yours.


Student 1: I just want to say thank you Minearsia for the years of teaching. You have done a great job. Thank you.

MINEARSIA: My dear, young, friend, in your discussion of thanks, I heard doubt in yourself. Is this correct?

Student 1: Oh, I am sure I carry a great load of doubt about what I am learning and what I am using, because the lessons have been fantastic and the way they are taught to us. But it seems that I have to be taught year, after year, after year the same lesson. Yes, some doubt.

MINEARSIA: Thank you. I wish to assure you that you are doing wonderfully well. You do not have the perspective that we have. And so, my words to you tonight are a replay from the past. But this is to remind you that you are children of a rebellion planet. And while you see the reality of your world, you cannot comprehend the magnitude of the distortions that impair your functioning as individuals and as members of society. These distortions are real, are powerful, and will be corrected.

While you each at times struggle with a sense of futility, of repetition, of ineptitude, of discouragement, we see great strides. We see flickering lights growing into strong flames. We see transformative change taking place in the here and now. We see improvements in your abilities to relate with one another, and increasing directness in communication. But above all we experience in you all the desire to develop a deep and meaningful relationship with our Parents, which is the source of the transformation of all through time. Remember that the ascension scheme is fundamentally about transformation, eon-by-eon, age-by-age. And so my dear ****, you, and, each of you, do well. And now we understand that there are others you would like to hear from through another, one monument please.

HAM: Greetings, my children, dear, old friends. I am Ham, here among you at your request. It is indeed a delight to be among you, to speak to you in this manner, to renew old acquaintances, and to offer my acknowledgement of your beings and congratulations for your efforts and kudos for your successes. I wish to ask this TR to relax and to let the words flow. As a TR, she has not invited outsiders in on a regular basis for many years. She finds being open to these energies to be somewhat alarming. But, PamElla, my dear friend, we know one another well. Be at peace with the process.

My dear friends, of course, I know each of you well. I too, and Daniel too, and many of your personal teachers here tonight remember that first evening when you made my acquaintance and the acquaintance of Daniel those many years ago. My group and your group had a special connection and have a special connection. I wish to convey to you that I am… remain an active administrator of the Correcting Time mission, particularly as it pertains to the Teaching Mission, it’s overall curriculum, yes, but to the Correcting Time more broadly as well. My responsibilities are broader than the Teaching Mission itself. And, so, friends, I am pleased to be with you, and I offer you my continuing friendship and love. One moment please.

ABRAHAM: I am Abraham. Of course I am here. I am often here. In fact it is a rare occasion when I miss your meeting. I consider you my students as well as Daniel’s. I share responsibility for your over care and lesson tools. And I am pleased to speak to you in this manner. **** my dear, since you have asked for our presence here this evening, is there anything in particular you would like to hear from us?

Student 1: No, I didn’t really mean to change the format. But, yes, I guess I would like to know how we are doing as a group and if there are any tools I’m missing? I know we’re still missing… is number one; maybe some ideas how to continue with startup and stick with it.

ABRAHAM: You are asking for ideas of how to stick with stillness? (Yes.) My dear, you have all the tools you need. What you are missing is an understanding of the resistance. You are allowing your resistance to rule rather than inviting Father, inviting Michael, inviting Mother in to assist you in understanding your resistance and releasing it. This is not about doing; this is not about an inadequate toolbox; this is about resistance. Does this help?

Student 1: Tremendously.


Student 2: Abraham, when I find myself finding everything else in the world to do besides that quiet time, I start singing “procrastination, hesitation,” and it’s so silly. But we know what we are supposed to do, and still we don’t…. I have all these things that have to be done…. “No, **** you don’t.” Thank you. Resistance is real in my life.

ABRAHAM: Thank you, my friend, for your observation. And now I have a question for you. Does your singing assist you (Group laughing and commenting)……or is it just another diversionary tactic.

Student 1: Good one.

Student 2: I think my singing makes me aware of what in the heck I’m doing. (more laughing and cross talk…)

ABRAHAM: If it has merit, you may offer it to “Student 1” or a tool.

Student 2: Oh dear, I feel sorry for “Student 1.”

Student 1: Believe me, I have enough distractions. I could come up with a million of them.

ABRAHAM: This is human. This is your ego voice—if you remember from earlier lessons. It has a role to play, and it is threatened very much by surrender, by unity, by the path to higher consciousness. This TR is being reminded of readings from many years ago. The ego is very frightened of losing it’s self to the larger Self. It is the voice that tells you that you don’t need others, that you need to be independent, that you need to have backbone and so forth. This is the voice from which the resistance emanates. I would like to remind you of lessons I know you received, for I was here listening and monitoring your response. This is not a rhetorical question—how do you calm this voice, do you remember?

Student 1: Abraham, I remember in the old days being in Woods Cross, when the lessons came through, I would ask for my ego to be put in a box on the shelf for awhile until I could it get under control.

ABRAHAM: Yes, my dear friend that is a technique that works well for the shorter term. There have been other techniques offered. Does anyone recall?

Student 2: I certainly don’t specifically… how to control the ego except through stillness. And that’s the very thing we are talking about now. Stop and think, and stop and pray. But I don’t know specifically… I don’t remember.

Student 1: Seems like making friends with the ego is one way.

ABRAHAM: Yes! And in stillness one invites in love. You see, on Urantia when people desire control, mastery, they scold, they nag, they verbally abuse, and this only strengthens those aspects. Surrender, kindness, love, gentleness, tenderness, ease with one’s ego, with one’s self, dissolves the resistance.

And so I say to you, do not give energy to your resistance by fighting it. Be gentle with yourselves, but make the time. And when you seek the stillness do so with wholehearted intention. And it is at this point that the “being gentle with the resistance” can help, for it does you no good to sit and then be on the edge ready to leap up and run and go take care of something else.

Student 2: Quit describing me.

ABRAHAM: You are not alone. Come not because you have to. Come because you are hungry, and you want to be fed. Don’t settle for fast food. Allow yourself to be nourished. In God’s time, the rest of your day will still fit in. Are there any other topics of concern this evening? None? Then I, Abraham, will take my leave and allow another to close the meeting. Shalom.

Group: Shalom. Thank you.


TOMAS: I am Tomas. I have the privilege and of course the delight of closing this session. It has been awhile since I undertook this task, and I do it again with enthusiasm. Will you please stand and hold hands?

Faithful Father, ever present Mother, Michael, our father and brother, thank You for the delight and challenge that these our charges provide to us. Thank You for the opportunity to interact with them in this way. Send them forthwith a renewed commitment to stillness, to seeking You, to loving service and to continuing those steps to which they committed and have recommitted so many times these many years. Friends, children, the entire teaching staff sends you off with love and encouragement to be your best. Amen. Farewell. Shalom.

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