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SEI17.1- Clearing Cobwebs of the Mind

1999-04-01.  Clearing Cobwebs of the Mind

SE Idaho #17.1

Topic: Clearing Cobwebs of the Mind

Group: SE Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Alkon

TR: Bill K.

Note 1

Hi friends, Last night I made a date to transmit a message from my personal teacher, Alkon. As I was preparing to go and serenade Virginia’s class of first, second, and third graders including teaching them the song, “magic penny” the time time arrived for the transmission. This is what Alkon said,


ALKON: “I am here with you this morning at your request. This is Alkon, your teacher, speaking to you.

Many are the things that you have learned in the course of these last few years. But none of them is more important than the lesson of  seeking the Father’s will first and serving your brothers and sisters. These lessons are, indeed, the quality of morontial living which you have attained a certain measure of competence in doing.

Do not let the anxieties of everyday life hold you back from the freedom of spirit which guarantees that you cannot give away love without gaining more in return. Actually you become a conduit of the flow of energy from Paradise from the First Source and Center Himself to all of His freewill dignity creatures. This love which washes over the universes is pervasive, persistent, and ultimately triumphant. There is  no legacy of love which is lacking. There is no deficiency of giving which will result in failure, no! For love is the very nature of the universe itself coming as it does from the First Source and Center and His Paradise Associates, God the Son and God the Spirit.

And now because you desired to speak with me I wish to address some issues that are more specific. As you are instructed, the purpose of dealing with the cobwebs and collections of debris in the corners of your mind is to make it possible for your floor of personality to be swept clean of any leftover fear, guilt, resentment, and anxiety. This cleansing of the floor of your personality will enable you to do mighty things in this mission of Michael and in the kingdom of his and our Father. You need to understand that while honor and glory are not yours  to achieve, nevertheless you do achieve enlightenment and upliftment, personally, and for all your brothers and sisters. This, in itself, brings glory to the Father of lights. It shows that His unending ministration of spirit energy, of love energy is unstoppable. Be not concerned with personal aggrandizement for this is not yours to give yourself at this time or any other time. Yours is to faithfully distribute the love of God to each free will creature whom you meet in the course of your days.

I am certain that we will culminate our friendship in a mutual endeavor on the mansion worlds and also in the Paradise ascent. I have been associated with you from the sixteenth year of your life until now and I plan on participating with you in your remaining years as  a mortal on this planet. After that our paths will cross many times, my friend, for I am assured that this is part of Michael’s plan. Never are you alone or lacking the resources you need to do the will of God. Always there is help available from many sources including your angels, other spirit ministers, and most importantly from the center within.

Now go share this, your joy, and privilege with these children. Teach them that love is the greatest gift they can receive and give. I am with you today. I am Alkon, your personal teacher. Thank you for taking this time to let me speak through you. I am finished.”

Note 2

Well, as they say, that was “cool”! A nice shot in the arm to go and sing to my little brothers and sisters. Oh, yeah, I am on Easter vacation, that’s why I can do this (g). Looking forward to the conferences. Love, Bill Kelly (Isaac)

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