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WDC252- Youth Ministry Now Available

1999-04-02.  Youth Ministry Now Available

Woods Cross #252

Topic: Youth Ministry Now Available

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. My greetings to you. I am amazed with how well you each communicate with your Divine Guidance. It helps me with my weekly lessons.


Did you experience how you affect your circle of light? Did you realize the importance of everyone’s place in the circle? I continue to pray for your support of one another. I realize this world appears to be filled with darkness leaving many of you to feel hopeless. To bring light together to a world filled with much turmoil is easier done with the support of your fellows.


I would like to make a few announcements.

Announcement One. We have been informed of the Urantian youth ministry is in full force. Many of your youth have been contacted and there are many still to reach. Yes, you are the forerunners of this mission. You will clear the path for the  next generations to continue to usher in Light and Life. I say to you, your treatment of Urantia’s youth is extremely important more now than ever.

The Holy Mother Spirit is assisting in the youth project and will assist Urantia adults to teach the younger generations that they are much valued. There will come a day when value has no age and all are recognized as God’s children. Guardian Angels will also assist in this new youth movement. This will be a movement toward positive growth. Having endured such negativity in family life, mortals now are ready to rebuild the family in a more relaxed and positive way. I say this with authority, that to truly set this world in the correct direction we must protect and raise our youth as you yourself always desired to be brought up.

Is there anyone who did not desire love, acceptance, kindness, laughter and an atmosphere free from fear? Yes, I do realize much of  today’s adults are still working on their own inner emotional and mental healings, but as I have said, when you begin to heal another you are also healed in this process.

The Teachers

Announcement two: The teaching staff desires it to be made known they are available. They are willing and await your call. It is desired by the teachers to assist you in helping the youth movement proceed. A reminder… The longer you go between stillness practice the more difficult it becomes to make contact with your Divine Guidance or teacher. This is not to say that if you do not do the stillness you do not  have Adjuster contact, communication. This is to say a little practice goes a long way.

Announcement three: Personal meetings may be requested providing time and location are convenient for all concerned. It is my desire to speak with each of you. It is helpful for me to plan the direction of teachings for this group. Yes, I do know you and we have met personally. I do find it helpful for you all to receive personal attention from me. This concludes my announcements. I would gladly take questions now.



Q: Abraham, in that first announcement you made of the Teaching Mission opened up to the youth, is this something we will see unfold from direction on your side throughout the different groups, or are you saying to us its accepted, you guys get busy thinking of what you can do, ya know? There will be assignments made and so forth.

ABRAHAM: The youth ministry has already begun. I am asking your group, your circle of friends to uphold and support the youth. I also ask you restore to them any loss of self-value. Instill in them the knowledge of their son or daughtership with our Father. Reveal to them the  slightest inkling that they are to partake in this Mission. Do not overload their minds with detailed items. Make it simple and as they grow feed them a little more. For example, upon teaching them of our Father say to them, I just know Father has great things for you to do. I just know it. I can feel it. And as time passes explain to them a little more. Tell them of your own spiritual journey, the positive and the negative, and let the young decide when they are ready to hear more about the spiritual life. Does this help?

Q: Very much so. So, much teaching on your side is being directed to the youth. I can see that very clearly around my situations. Thank you.

ABRAHAM: Yes, correct. You are welcome. Another question?


Q: Father Abraham, I have often heard in the past years, recent years, that there are no accidents, that there are no coincidences, that all things in the material world happen synchronistically. I am wondering, is this true? Are there no accidents? Is there a specific lesson intended with each alignment of material objects? Are there no accidents?

ABRAHAM: Yes and no. On one hand your statement is correct. Many events occur for a specific lesson to be learned. But on the other hand there are many accidents of time in which your Divine Adjuster proceeds to make a lesson out of this. I must say the universe is not as accident prone as one might believe. It is a universe with great detailed order. Father is wholly capable of maintaining order, and yet, what He deems to be order might appear to us–chaotic. A good question, Aaron. Another question?

Q: Abraham, you speak on Father. Is there a Mother? And if there is does she have a voice? Does she have something to say?

ABRAHAM: When I say Father I use your own worldly terms so that you can conceive of what our Father may entail. Father, the  God Absolute, transcends both mother and father, perhaps encompasses both mother and father. In answer to your question, yes, there is a female influence, the Holy Mother Spirit. She directs the angels and is in equal partners with Christ Michael, and very definitely does she have something to say. She is very close to her Urantian children. She will assist in the youth ministries and shed light on family ideals to the inhabitants of Urantia. These are small tasks in Her enormous responsibilities. May I ask Elward to speak with you on the Divine Minister. Does this help?

Q:   Thank you.


I would like to express my deepest love and appreciation for each here tonight. Please keep in mind any age  holds value and appreciation within the Kingdom. Father’s children are ageless. Until next week, shalom.

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