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SEI18- TeaM, Not A Short Term Project

1999-11-05.  TeaM, Not A Short Term Project

SE Idaho #18

Topic: TeaM, Not a Short Term Project

Group: Pocatello TeaM

Teacher: Daniel

TR: Bill K.


Daniel (Bill): My friends, this is Daniel, your teacher, your friend and your comrade. Again it is my pleasure to be in your presence, along with my colleagues who express the same rejoicing. We look forward always to the time when you meet together and we can discuss things as a group, as brothers and sisters. There are some of the points which were discussed this evening which I would like to interact with.


Family, Teaching Mission

First of all I would like to emphasize your experience as family in this group, as contrasted with your natural family of origin. I am in  full sympathy with your concern for you sister, our sister, who has been away from us now for a number of weeks; and I give approval to your tentative plans in regards to acting out your brotherly/sisterly feelings for this one who is dear to you. In many ways are you like the first apostles who came, apart from their families, and in that togetherness achieved a new sense of family membership.

It is in this kind of family association that the kingdom of heaven will grow, has grown and does grow. You see, when you cross the lines of blood you reduce the natural, instinctual bonds and move into the spiritual arena. The attraction that you have for each other does not have a biological basis, and this is ever the direction of the evolution of God the Supreme, starting out on the biological platform, moving to  the mindal level, and finally breaking through into the spiritual arena.

Have no concerns that the Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time will be a short-time phenomenon. Quite the opposite, my dear  friends. Yes, you will always retain some distinction as the first of those who were willing to engage with us in this great project of the Correcting Time in your particular role as members of the Teaching Mission. It is our intention and expectation that this sense of family enlarged beyond the biological family to include other mortals. Yes, there is more than that with all of you, including the spiritual levels that we are speaking from. For you see this is not really a mortal family of spiritual nature; this is a portion of the true cosmic family of all the brothers and sisters of the creations of our ultimate parents, the Paradise Trinity.

Therefore it my wish that since we are part of the equation, we teachers that is, that you continue to meet, whether you be as few as two or three. And whatever your activities we will be there in concert with you. If there is a TR, of course we will wish to have to some time, but we will definitely—you can count on us to be there with you whenever you meet. The personal ministry to you as individuals will continue.

Finally in regards to this concept of family, of course I encourage you to continue to include the younger members of your natural families, your children if they are still of those years, or your children if they are adults; your friends as you feel they might be ready to listen to spiritual truth as this level and through this medium. But do not be boxed in by the usual considerations for promulgations of a church or a movement where it is necessary to for the institutional teaching to include the children so that the movement will not die. With  this Teaching Mission, my friends, there are other factors. I refer here to the work of your guardian seraphim all of whom were involved with your connection to this Teaching Mission group. For you see, we are fostering a movement that grows not out of the natural biological family primarily, but grows out of individuals who are ready for the experience of cosmic family identification. Often times, but not always, this limits real participation among the youngest.

You would do well to continue to include the youngest children in various activities, which gives them a sense of their relationship as  children of God, and a sense of their brotherhood/sisterhood with each other. Children actually, before they are otherwise socialized, have a natural bent towards this perception of reality. They have to be taught prejudice. They have to be taught hatred. They have to be  taught brutality by themselves being brutalized. So please don’t misunderstand me when I say that the majority of participants of this cosmic family experience at its full and mature levels will be largely adults. I am aware that there are some very precocious and spiritually advanced adolescents in the movement who are full-fledged members of the Teaching Mission, and my how we rejoice to see this come to pass!

I wish to stop at this point to allow you to comment in return to these things that I have said so far. Tonight’s format will not be lecture. I presented these, my ideas and the ideas of my colleagues, in reaction to your discussion. Now we would pause to invite your reaction in return. What do you think of what you have heard? Do you wish to clarify something? Do you wish a different tack? Is there  now discussion at this time?



Ken: I do not disagree with what you said. I agree. It touched on the subject of our dear sister, relating to family, family values.

Daniel (Bill): So Ken, you are saying that you’re in agreement with what specific…

Ken: The spiritual family and the mortal family, but to recognize our spiritual family and to hone and respect them as much as we do our mortal, our blood-line family.

Daniel (Bill): Thank you. That brings another thought to my mind which I would share with you which is this. In early primitive  cultures there is an extended family in the tribe, which does enhance the functionality of the nuclear families greatly giving everyone in the smaller family unit the satisfaction of backup and support and shared responsibility. And in primitive societies this is one of the pluses, which is lost in this modern society here in the so-called developed world. This spiritual family which you are partaking of this evening has some of the feel of a tribal family, only it is on a different level.

It does meet some of the emotional needs the tribal connection provided in easing the sense of loneliness and enhancing the importance of everyone’s contribution. Perhaps that is why you find an experience like this to be so satisfying. And indeed your friend, whose name I will refrain from using, who flounders in her torn state of mind, is a good example of what support you, her spiritual family, can now provide. That is why I, and the rest of us here, are enthusiastic about your proposal. Are there other comments, points of view? Please feel that we are sitting literally on the same level as far as our dignity as individuals and children of God.

Ken: Thank you for that analogy of the tribal community, the tribal family. I can see that going on beyond the tribe into all. To reach out and touch. That is kind of frightening to see some of these people—to say they are my brother and sister.

Daniel (Bill/Isaac): Yes, my friend, you have perceived correctly. The visual image that Isaac is receiving  is literally this connectedness across the entire planet, that this is the real family. Many, many, many people are not aware that this family exists, and as apostles this is part of your job, to enlighten their understanding. You do this best by being brotherly and sisterly. The way your treat them as brother and sister, activates their souls. It provides their Thought Adjusters added channels of effective communication.

Remember our Master said his gospel would fill this world, and indeed the Teaching Mission is here to preach and live this gospel  that Jesus, Christ Michael, gave to this world. Also remember, as we have stressed in past weeks, that you walk with Christ Michael’s Spirit within your soul and his presence literally at your side. Has anyone here experienced anything along the lines of the recommendations that were made for enhancing the presence of God in your lives, and if so this would be an appropriate time to share that as well?


Gwen: I have a question. Part of you speech said to introduce your friends to the group, and I have been wanting to introduce the most significant person in my life to this group for sometime, and am having troubles with how to disclose to him about the teachers. He is very spiritual and we are on the same levels spiritually, but I haven’t been able to disclose to him yet about the teachers. Do you have any guidance?

Daniel (Bill): Gwen, as you have thought about this a great deal, what do you feel is stopping you bringing him to this meeting? And I am not suggesting that you are in error in not bringing him, I am asking what in your mind are the things that concern you?

Gwen: Because I enjoy this group very much and want to continue coming for an indefinite period I am afraid that this person may find some fault with it, and I don’t want to be influenced. And him being a significant person in my life I want him to love it and enjoy it as I do, and there is the possibility that he may not.

Daniel (Bill): So you are afraid that if you bring him here and he finds fault with this group or with this transmitting-receiving process, this will drive a wedge between you and your friend. If not a wedge perhaps just a small sliver. Whereas if you do not share this with him then you are not really sharing a real, vital part of yourself with him. Is this accurate?

Gwen: Yes, that is accurate. I guess I was looking for an instruction book on how to.

Daniel (Bill): I know you are. But I want to clarify, as I understand the situation, so that you can see it better for yourself. My dear, even though it would appear I am fond of giving advice, at the same time the best counseling includes helping the other person to see what their choices are and to clarify the situation because only you can make those choices. Therefore I prefer not to come forth with advice, but rather help you to see what your choices are, what your options are.

Now I will give you some advice. (More laughter.) My advice is that this is a very important part of your life at this time because it is so it is pregnant with the possibilities of much growth. It is a time when you may learn to follow the guidance of your Indwelling Adjuster more closely. Although all times provide that opportunity, this especially does because it is so full of possibilities. It is that kind of time. In other words, my dear, I will not tell you what to do, but will advise you to listen to the One whose advice is tailored for you. Your angels are involved in this. His angels as well.

I understand the deep longing of one person who loves another to share the most important things in their life, and yet we must always honor another person’s free will. Many people in the teaching mission cannot fully share their joy with their partners or  their spouses because of this free will choice. Yet they have maintained their love for each other and their communion. Do not be afraid that disagreement over things means that love is being strained. Come to understand that when two people really love each other maturely they value that other person and give that other person the right to their own judgments and thinking. In other words they agree to disagree at times. Of course shared values are the most important thing in any relationship.

I imagine that this is not what you wanted me to say, my dear friend, but it is my advice. Seek that counsel within; and, Gwen, be not stingy with yourself, for you are wise, and you will become wiser. You will receive guidance. Do not set your heart on your friend necessarily becoming part of this group, for the decisions of the human heart are only known to God, in advance, Who knows everything. But seek first the closeness with God and his friendship with you and all these other things will be added thereafter. Has this helped you?

Gwen: Yes. Thank you very much.

Ken: Me too.

Gwen: It was very helpful. Thank you. There are so many things that you said that were helpful. I guess I was wanting someone else to do it, and you are right. It is an important thing that I really would like to share with him and beyond that it’s not in my control. Whether he wishes to participate will not affect our relationship.

Daniel (Bill): Very well. You have indeed understood my main points. One other thing that all of you should keep in mind is that the  mortal time-space that you live in is not the be-all and end-all of existence. Those things which are not completed here have yet much space and time on the morontial worlds and beyond for their fruition.

Nothing that is good is ever lost. Nothing that is evil, sinful, iniquitous is ever preserved. Temporarily love may appear to be lost.  Temporarily sin and iniquity may appear to triumph. But ultimately nothing good is lost, and nothing iniquitous endures . My friends, I have been advised that you all are carrying a good deal of food on your plates, and that enough has been discussed, between your  discussions before and now my input into this. There is time for one more question, if someone has a burning desire. Otherwise we will conclude.


Very well. Again I would ask you to stand and join hands. Let us pray.

Christ Michael (Bill): I am Christ Michael present with you. Let us address our common Father.

Oh my Father, I thank you for these little ones You have given me to add to my flock, who have committed themselves to spread our gospel. I pray that they may be one with each other even as we are one, and that they may be one with me, as You and I are one. And in  this unity with each other and with me, they will also enhance their unity with You. I am glad that You have heard my prayer in past years. And all that I have You have given me. Oh righteous, perfect, wonderful, glorious Father, I look forward to bringing these, my children, into Your presence someday, that they may experience the embrace that You give to all Your sons and daughters. And now go with them that they may be lifted up in spirit, that their bodies and their minds may be healed of all infirmities so that they may be faithful ambassadors for our glorious family. So be it, my Father. Amen.

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