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SEI5- Life Carrier, Healing Phase

1997-02-23.  Life Carrier, Healing Phase

SE Idaho #5

Topic: Life Carrier

Group: SE Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Elyon, Olen, Evanson, Michael

TR: Ginny, Frosty, Jonathan, Mark Rogers


Elyon (Ginny TR): Good morning, my friends. This is your friend and teacher Elyon.



We are extremely impressed by your demonstration of depth of understanding and by your eagerness to grow in wisdom and experience. You have demonstrated so completely the infinite variety of understanding of concepts and of truths that are so personal to each individual. You have demonstrated so well the infinite variety of understanding and of experiencing your grasp of the truth. Each of you with your own individual interpretations has contributed a little piece of the puzzle to the whole picture. Each piece in and of itself is yet another truth to be examined and placed in perspective.

You have progressed so much in your abilities as teachers, as disseminators of truth, as comprehenders of the Father’s will, as unifiers, as beacons of light, as loving companions on your journey to Paradise. There is no reason for any of you to doubt your ability to teach. Each of you has demonstrated in your own way this morning. It is our greatest wish that you would have more confidence in your abilities  to publicly and privately share your understandings with others.

I greet you this morning with this encouragement so that you may continue in your ministry as teachers, and once again it is indeed  a privilege for me to have such eager colleagues. May we both, each and every one, continue to dedicate ourselves to His purpose, for there is much need on your planet now for the dissemination of truth and light, to alleviate the rampant fears of persons who cower in doubt and isolation and ignorance and fear. I promise my assistance, and I give my dedication to each of you. I take leave now for there are others waiting. Good day.

Healing, Connectedness

Olen (Frosty): This is Olen, and I am a Life Carrier assigned to Frosty. I would like to talk about healing and all the  different phases of healing that in your small perspectives what you might think healing means. It is much broader than anything you can imagine, in that which you can do for your fellows. A simple eye-to-eye contact when it is done from love can enliven another within, for there is an energy that goes from your eyes into their eyes. Even if they are a non-feeling type, they still pick up the charge that is sent when it is done from pure love and nothing else, no motivational factor behind the gift that you give in the wisdom that you cannot perceive any outcome in the giving of the gift of the love that you send to any individual. You cannot judge what they are feeling, going through, dealing with. You cannot predict healing or outcome for them.

You can only send them an outpouring of healing light and love and send no attachment of your own making. Someone may look very sick, have a decrepit disease that is causing them a lot of ailment, and in your perception you would like them to be free. But if you could look at it through God’s perception, you could see the clear picture on a much broader scope in that what this person is experiencing will bring them a great lesson of strength that may not be able to be used here now in this life of material but can be taken onward. Even if they would not be able to serve and give from the strength that they learn from their disease here, they will be able to somewhere in their ascension. This does not mean that you do not go around wishing for your brothers and sisters to be healed, only that you cannot judge or decide when you are sending your healing love how they should be healed.

I would like to put you through a small process now, if you would like to sit quietly. Pull all of your thoughts, all your feelings, all of your strengths, all of your weaknesses, all those feelings you wish you didn’t have, all those things you love about yourself, all those things you don’t like about yourself, pull this all into your heart center. Feel how it seems to be scattered and jumbled and in bits and pieces, hard to put together. When it is all together in one place where normally you would put these pieces, where you would’ve found little homes for them in your being here and there, you know where they are and can go to them at times in their little homes individually or come with them as they come up individually. Feel them all housed in the same area. It feels rather like a gathering of people who all have  different belief systems and are very dogmatic and are unwilling to listen to what anyone else has to say.

You can feel that, go up into your higher self and send that gathering your unconditional love directed from the Father with no judgment or attachment. You may see colors of lights, you may have feelings of pure love, self love, love from the Father, the angels. Now as you are starting to send this love into your gathering, notice the difference, notice how you feel, notice the bonding. Instead of feeling a scattered mess such as pieces of a puzzle strung out all over the table, everything is starting to come together. You may be looking for answers, maybe feeling confused, bewildered but searching. As you continue to send your gathering love, watch it unfold and feel how you are becoming a whole person rather than bits and pieces of a person, chunks and bits and boulders and clay and crystals and diamonds and hard ugly stones, all together becoming one willing product to go forth. Instead of working against each other you are all willing to work towards the higher good.

This will give you an example of how this pure love can connect to another or a group without judgment or attachment to what you feel the outcome should be.

Thank you for your time today.


Evanson (Jonathan): This is Evanson. I am here to encourage your expression in ministry of the spiritual reality you have attained. All of you we discern have the desire to share, to express in outreach your understanding, and this is good. But we likewise notice  the human tendency to diminish one’s effectiveness with feelings of inadequacy. This perspective of the incomplete human self is understandable but serves to hinder rather than inspire expression. The Father has given you talents. The reputation of your incomplete humanity, though humble, must also recognize this reception of God’s gifts. Boldness in expressing the traits in you from the Father is the humble recognition of your acceptance of these traits. To truly develop the ability to minister to one’s fellows as Michael exhibited on earth, you must first accept one hundred percent the possession of these traits alongside with the acknowledgment of your incompleteness. The possession of the trait supersedes your incomplete ability to use them. It is a sort of working with these traits to better attain them rather than perfecting these traits before using them. All of you have in your hearts certain desires and projects you wish to develop and express. Hold yourselves back no longer. As Michael has said, go forth and proclaim the gospel. He said this to those least prepared to grapple with the repercussions of such a bold move. Yet in the end, all of the administration of this world stood in support and every corner of this world stands as beneficiaries of these meek efforts. As one who is, myself, a beginner in ministry, let us become experts in our efforts now such that we will become experts eventually.

Thank you.


Boldness, Humility

Frosty: I go between being bold and passive, being aloof. I know about the “do unto others”, etc. A lot of times I won’t be bold and come out because I don’t like what somebody does. I don’t like what he does to me so I won’t do it back. But a lot of times it is simply because  of damage done to me as a child I can’t take it. But what they are doing is in kindness, but I take it as a putdown so I wouldn’t do it to another. So I’m mixed up in a co-dependent way. I’m trying to do unto others and also be detached and aloof.

Then there’s the conversion thing. My biggest turnoff is that someone is trying to convert me to something. When I’m told to go out and teach the word, I don’t want to be a conversion artist.

Evanson: The message I gave was to focus on your internal orientation rather than external actions. You have illustrated well with the “unto others” phrase the essence of my comment. When you are smitten by another it is with boldness that you turn the other cheek. It is the daringness to live the principle of the Master’s teaching. The unfortunate use of strength and power to convert the mind of another fellow is one that has alienated many from the dimension of spiritual experience. This bold use of coercion runs against the master’s injunction “seek and you shall find”. Often true bold efforts are misdirected because the humility required is lacking.

On the other hand, those who have grasped the significance of the spiritual truths embodied in such sayings as Michael has left with you are lost in the false sense of humility wherein you assert you are not capable or fallible in living up to the principles. Here I encourage you to be bold and to try and at least fail if not succeed. Your method of ministry is demonstration through living. This is what I encourage you to be ever more bold about. If you were directed to preach, that effort would require the same boldness and the same humble acceptance of the Father’s call.

Does this differentiate the boldness of action from the boldness of your dedication?

Frosty: Yes. I knew that. It’s harder when you want to get mad when someone is screaming at you. It’s hard to differentiate when you are being passive and when you are being a doormat. Just the word preacher is a red flag for me. I have a lot of learning to do to get past that, to take down all those barriers.

Evanson: Yes, it is quite humorous for us to observe that when you humans are treated unfairly and respond in a sense with eye-for-an-eye, it is written off as, “Oh well, I’m just a fallible human” as if to justify through a sense of humility your flaws, where if you in  deep receptivity accept your spiritual standing with the Father, you would boldly resist these reactions.

This I hope illustrates two applications of humility and two applications of boldness. You are correct, you have already incorporated the answer to your question. Notice we came to you as teachers, not preachers.

Frosty: That’s why I’m still here! Thanks.


Michael (Mark): Greetings, my beloved children. I come among you today to bring my appreciation to you and to the unseen ones around you. As my emissaries those you call teachers have been steadfast in their duties and have not wavered in their responsibilities to you. I know, I am aware of the impact these emissaries have had on your growth as I know that you are aware. To these teachers I say and bring my sincere gratitude and my conviction of a job well done on their parts. To you, their students, I am also very well pleased in  your attention to their ministry, to their lessons. You, as students, take their lessons and maximize the personal growth available to you. No one could ask any more of a student than this.

I bring you this example as a way of highlighting the relationship that you enjoy with those slightly above you in your ascent. I ask you to pause and reflect on the significance of this relationship, how much it has meant to you in your spiritual growth to have those ahead of you in the great game reach down to assist you in your efforts. I ask you to then realize the significance in your role in likewise reaching down to those who have not been as fortunate as yourselves to have been exposed to such wonderful helping hands. You are all familiar with the  phrase that it takes very little leaven to raise an entire loaf. Your teachers should be adequate proof of that to you. I ask you to join with them and provide your sweet and beautiful leaven to those around you, to simply be there as a potential catalyst just as your teachers are to you.

Reflect on the teacher/student relationship your enjoy so much with your teachers and attempt to emulate this relationship to those around you. You are aware of how much it has meant to you to have had the catalyst to accelerate your growth. Now, as a service, attempt to be as your teachers are to you, there for you to use to facilitate growth, never over-forceful or overbearing, at all times waiting for you to reach to them as a sign of your willingness for growth, and then never hesitating to reach down and help you in whatever ways they may be able to.


You all will be provided with all that is necessary to fully realize your development. This includes the aid and assistance of those above you, and this also includes the requirement of your service to those who have not yet attained your particular status. This is the way  of progression.

You all have my sincere love. I am available to you. I wish to be more a part of your everyday life, to share your experience as I wish to share mine with you. I look forward to our increasing relationship together. I am always grateful for your efforts on behalf of me and my Father. Take with you my love and go out amongst my other children less fortunate then yourselves and extend a hand in faith and in love. This we will do together; I will be there with you. You have my love.

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