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SEI6- Nothing Lost in the Universe

1998-01-02.  Nothing Lost in the Universe

SE Idaho #6

Topic: Nothing Lost in the Universe

Group: SE Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Aaron, Ham, Daniel, Minearsia

TR: Simeon, Bill K.


Opening Prayer

Daniel (Bob S.): “On behalf of the many of us gathered here on the other side whom you cannot see, yet know are here because you  can feel our presence, I wish to open tonight’s session with these words. ‘Stand and be counted’. When it is appropriate those of you who are in a position to understand will know what I am saying. I regret having to speak in riddles but sometimes that is necessary. I greet you here tonight as volunteers on behalf of this most important mission. I speak as one with experience when I say this is an extremely important mission for which we have volunteered. My years of time, post mortal, have given me much background upon which I can now draw, and it is from this point of view that I speak. Eventually, all of you will be in a similar position. Until then, I must speak for you, and I am very willing to do this. Well, with those words of introduction, I now turn the time over to the next person who will greet you in a moment. I am Daniel, your teacher, guide and friend.”

Ham (Bill): “Greetings, children. This is Ham. Rarely are there moments of such joy as we experience when we are with you, our younger brothers and sisters, for your eagerness to learn the ‘moves of the game’, obedience to the course of the universe, are expressed with such delight and enthusiasm that we look upon you with great affection. Lest I be accused of patronizing when I call you children, as this has been my habit over the years, you need to understand that this term does not imply a difference in status or rank, but is a result of my fatherly feelings toward you. While Christ Michael is our Universe Father, we are enjoined to practice fatherly love toward other individuals, to exceed the human capacity of brotherly love and move into the divine realm of fatherly affection.


The Teachers

As we begin a new calendar year together Daniel and I are beaming upon you. Yes, we would wish that the entire Woods Cross Pocatello group could be in attendance for this anniversary coming up next week. However, this is not, of course, practical. And so I tell you that I will be here with bells on as you would say to take part in your celebration. Your friends in Nashville are also sending greetings tonight via myself as I represent them in spirit. Actually, those of you who are conscious of your spiritual connection in this new  and enlightened manner, while not separate from others of your brothers and sisters in any status sense are nevertheless blessed with a special awareness. You know that it is not your place to clutch this to your hearts and keep your candle ‘under a bushel’ but rather it is your job as apostles, as the evangels of this new age of Light and Life that is coming upon this planet, to share your enthusiasm, your faith, your hope, and your certain knowledge in every way possible.

We wish to continue to commend you for the depth and sincerity of your disclosure of those personal aspects of your life which you have discovered are safe to be placed upon your common platter. There are no secrets that shall not be known eventually, save those which are ordained by the Deities. Truth cannot be compressed, shrunk, or diminished, but rather truth shall grow and overflow  all boundaries which are put up as obstacles. You are discovering that you truly are safe in the love which comes from God. That is to say, that even if you should lose your life in an accident or some other tragedy, that your life is hid in God and safe, for this tabernacle of flesh that you dwell in is merely that, a dwelling place, for the real you, your soul, will continue, for all of you have made that supreme decision.(109:2.4) I am now through with my little commentary this evening, and there are others who desire a brief period of time. One moment.”


Aaron (Bill): “I am Aaron. Isaac has consented to transmit me this evening, although he often feels that Bob should my ‘mouthpiece’. However, my friends, we are all glad to interact with all of you who are willing to allow us to blend with your minds so that our words can be shared. I will save you from a long speech that I could deliver in my enthusiasm, and limit my remarks to these words.

Much has been accomplished this year through great and strenuous stress. All of you have struggled with many issues, not the least of which was the graduation of your beloved Deborah, and your good friend Jeremiah, as well as Joshua’s departure to the Mansion worlds. It was not so much that you held onto the doubts that trouble many about the death experience, as it was due to the loss of  personal support and guidance that these beloved friends had provided you. And like a beautiful matrix of tapestry, silver and gold threads were ripped from the fabric causing tension and distortion in the fibers. But now the fabric of your interactions is relaxing and your continual weaving on this loom of experience is producing new and wondrous designs.

There is nothing really lost in God’s universe that has the essence of goodness. Only evil, sin, and iniquity perish; all good, all truth,  all beauty continues forever. This realization that this life is but the beginning of an incredible, beautiful journey, first of acquiring universe education and then an endless life of service, sustains you in your perspective as you cope with daily ups and downs, as you face the limited judgments of your friends and family, as you appraise your goals and set your sights ahead. The eternity view changes everything from the limited, short sighted and self centered perspective that most mortals have struggled with. We are restoring what Lucifer destroyed. We are bringing back the truth in its largest connotations, that there is a God Who corrects and controls a vast universe. Through his many subordinates does He do this, and asks you and I to be partners in this wonderful unfolding of endless life.

So as you face the future hold your head high. Do not be dissuaded by discouragements, by worries, by self doubts. Put away anger, judgmental attitudes, self pity, and continue your triumphant ascension. Keep on ‘keeping on’ for you have many unseen helpers as well as the company of these your true brothers and sisters. I will be present with you in this coming calendar year as well as our other well known teachers. Minearisa, our instructor in residence, will supervise under the direction of the Melchizedek corps, headed by Machiventa himself. With these words I now conclude my remarks, and open the floor for any interactions that you would desire. I am Aaron.”


Virginia: “Teachers, I’m not sure who to direct this to, and I’m positive that you know what I’m speaking about, but I’m wondering if a friend of ours that I recently have just heard say that he was an atheist, is really an atheist or is he just throwing out the baby along with the dirty bath water? And you know I realize that this is something that may be none of my business, and yet I’m wondering what if anything is going on there and whether or not you can tell us.”

Daniel: “We’re not permitted to comment or make judgments about another person’s soul. However, I can speak to the issue in general. Do you wish me to proceed?”


Virginia: “If in speaking in general has some application that would give me understanding, yes. A good Baptist home is where he was raised.”

Daniel: “My comments are intended for the general topic of atheism, since this has been a concern, not only for you, but also a concern for many who have friends similar to your friend. And so, what I am saying to you is that these words may not be taken as applying directly to your friend specifically, in as much as this is outside of our limitations of content.

Only one’s Thought Adjuster and spirit of truth from Michael have full knowledge of the soul of an individual. Even that individual himself/herself does not know fully the status of their soul. It is not the intellectual rejection of a concept of God which is dangerous to the soul, but rather the desire to play god. When a person decides that they shall make all the decisions in their life without regard to others, such as fellow human beings, and without regard to God, whether or not they intellectually believe in God; when an individual operates from this distortion, then is there danger for their soul. Therefore, these eternity consequences depend on the motive and decision of the heart which embraces the mind. Of course of little matter is it if a person postulates that there may be a Being responsible for the universe, if at the same time they say to themselves ‘I shall be the captain and pilot of my soul, and I shall make all the decisions without regard to the will of God, if there be a God.’

I would say in general that when people show ethical and moral evidence in their lives that they are in connection with their Thought Adjuster, albeit at a totally unconscious level, or at a level at which excludes recognition of that source, that indicates that there is this connection with their Indwelling Monitor.

As you have speculated in your mind, as has Isaac as well, many people who claim to be atheists have rejected the God of  their understanding or the God of their upbringing as inadequate and incapable of defense in the light of many objections, such as the condition of this world, questions of fairness, and so forth. Our Master said that many will say, ‘Did we not do this or that in your name?’ and he will reply ‘I never knew you.’ This indicates that it’s not what a person says they believe that is so important as how they live and what their life says about their true reality.

Finally, I would say to you, do not have anxiety for this your friend or for others who have rejected a limited concept of God due to high intelligence. They will be challenged upon the Morontial worlds and there their decision will be based on their free will choice, given adequate information. Does this help?”

Virginia: “Yes, thank you very much. That covers a lot of people I’m sure.”

Daniel: “You see, Virginia, the fear of atheism is based on the idea that one’s salvation depends upon a correct creedal belief, and this is the problem with fundamentalist Christianity and any other fundamentalist form of religion. It is a belief that has to be held in a  certain manner or one is in danger of damnation, and atheism appears on the surface to be the most damnable belief. But as I have said, this is not the crux of the matter.”

Virginia: “Thank you.”

Daniel: “For the record, this was Daniel speaking, but the answer was assembled with input from Aaron and Ham as well. Are there other questions or comments this evening?”


Cathy: “Teachers I guess I’m looking for a little advice on how to deal with those persons who throw insults at you with a smile on their face, so it seems inappropriate to react to that in anger. I try to recognize the dysfunctional background they come from and try to cut them a little slack because of that I try very hard to just let it roll off my back. I keep chanting to myself ‘water on the back of a duck’ but that isn’t always real effective. So I was wondering if you had any input on mentally how to deal with that.”

Minearisa (Bill): “This is Minearisa. My dear, let me begin by saying that the adage ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me’ is a total fabrication! It is part of the denial system that is rampant in your culture which diminishes the value  of emotional connections and demeans the power of language. Especially is it difficult to deal with a communication such as you have described when there is a blatant contradiction between the nonverbal aspect and the verbal aspect, for the smile would connote warmth and love while the rebuke of words stabs you in the back. As to the intent of such communication the mixture of the message belies its intention, it gives it away, as it were, the intent is confusion, the intent is not to communicate clearly, otherwise would the two aspects of this message be congruent.

Because of this incongruence you as the listener are presented with a sticky wicket as the British would say. You have to attempt to decipher from this mixture what its true purpose is. Now mind you, I’m not saying that people when they communicate in this manner consciously understand what they are doing, although they sometimes do. This kind of message has been postulated to be the cause of certain kinds of mental illness, and therefore, it cannot be discounted. Your psychologists, psychiatrists have termed it ‘crazy making.’

So I begin my response to you by saying that your confusion and your helpless feelings are perfectly normal. They are the inevitable result of this sort of communication effort. When you are in the moment of this interaction these feelings of confusion, of mixed reaction on your part, are inevitable. So, therefore, when you attempt as you say to let it go off your back like water on a duck’s back your effort is not crowned with success because in order to really do that you would have to become mentally ill yourself, and withdraw into a shell.

My recommendation to you is to protect yourself from over exposure to this toxicity because you must be realistic and understand that in being in this situation it is similar to exposure to dangerous radiation, only a certain amount can be tolerated. The thing to do is to withdraw from the dangerous setting. When you are able to vent your feelings as you did tonight and as you have done in the past and understand the source and meaning of these confusing statements, then you can gain some protection mentally, but at the time, in the moment, you are facing this dangerous radiation. Have I been helpful with these words, my dear?”

Cathy: “Yes, very helpful, Minearisa, because I have always harbored some level of guilt that I don’t spend more time with my family. If I can think of it in that way, of limiting my exposure to protect my own well being, then it makes it easier to deal with. And as you said when you grow up in that kind of situation and are around it all the time, you withdraw and that’s exactly how I grew up. I withdrew into myself completely. I became the invisible child, so I wouldn’t attract that kind of abusive behavior. That gives me some good perspective on it. Thank you.”

Daniel (Bill): “This is Daniel. Thank you for asking this question, Cathy, because I wish to merely comment that the toxicity of this . … I shall continue in Minearisa’s radiation analogy . .. the toxicity of this radiation does result in burns and damage as a child. These scars take a long time to heal. When you are in other situations which are similar in feeling and content to this mixed message, this ‘crazy making’, as it was described, then these old feelings emerge with powerful force, out of proportion, perhaps, to the interactions that occur.

As you have learned and understood the true toxicity and poisonous characteristics of this confusing and mixed message, so can you now recover more quickly from the over reactions that occur when you have different but similar experiences.

I say this to you all, I wish for all of you continued progress in your ability to protect yourselves against unnecessary harm as you learn to set your boundaries more firmly; and at the same time I wish that you would relax your boundaries in relationships to those who are life giving to you.

In this way will you flourish and grow ever stronger.”

Virginia: “Teachers I’m not sure if this is healthy or not, but as Minearisa was talking I thought to myself that wouldn’t it be good if  it’s healthy to say to that person who gives this mixed message, ‘would you like me to respond to your words or to your smile?’ I’m not sure that it’s healthy but it would be more direct than what that person is sending. I’m not sure it’s loving, either.”

Minearisa (Bill): “The strategy you suggest, Virginia, would be useful perhaps for someone with the detachment from this individual and the skill, someone as a professional counselor, for example, might very well use that technique. However, if you are emotionally enveloped by this individual in a non professional relationship, in other words, parent child, friend to friend, spouse, etc., this kind of response would probably be counter productive. Of course, it is up to you to experiment with responses to this, the ultimate crazy making mixed message, but I simply wish to reiterate that extended exposure can be very debilitating.

This is not a light matter; this is very serious. When you play with fire there is a good chance of being burned, and this kind of interaction is more like playing with radioactive materials. This is Minearisa that spoke.”

Virginia: “Thank you.”

Aaron (Bill): “My friends, I am Aaron. I wish to say a few words to my friend, Simeon. I am proud of you once again, my brother, my good friend. Your struggles with fear and self doubt are lessening as you gain more strength. Your perception of home is a joy to hear, for your home is where your family is, and you have actually several home bases. But I am happy to see that you have now enlarged  your perimeters to include my good friend, Daniel’s group, and this town that lies in this high desert.

It is not my place to make comments or predictions about your future life, for I am not divine (no play intended) nor should I interfere with your free will but it is permissible for me to give you a hug and a slap on the back with an ‘attaboy’ and say to you, dear brother we  all love you and you can be confident that we will continue to be with you as you take this next step in your life. We will also enjoy your return here and we wish you God speed.”

Simeon: “Thank you for your words; they mean much to me as I struggle with my fears and doubts.”

Aaron: “You’re getting stronger, my friend.”

Simeon: “It doesn’t always feel that way, but I understand what you’re saying.”

Aaron: “Jonderock, Isaac is weak. I hand you the microphone, if you would conclude the meeting. Ham desires to comment again.”

Bob S.: “I’d be delighted.”


Ham (Bob S.): “My friends, how delighted are those of us who are here on this side with your efforts this evening in sharing. They  show maturity beyond your understanding. Therefore I will give you all a hug and a pat on the back at this time for you are growing rapidly toward spiritual maturity. I trust in your better moments you, too, can feel this deep inside yourself.

With these words I will now close tonight’s meeting with thankfulness for your attendance. Watch care will continue over you as your  return home. And until we meet again one week from tonight on the occasion of the completion of one more year of work in this marvelous mission, I am Ham, your elder brother, thanking you, loving you, and reaching out to touch each of you in your heart as you go home this evening and go about your business throughout the week. Good night, my friends, my children, my brothers and sisters.”

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