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SEI70- Being the Light, Health

2003-10-12.  Being the Light, Health

SE Idaho #70

Topic: Being the Light, Health

Group: SE Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Daniel, Abbygail, Rayson

TR: Bob S., Nancy, Simeon


Daniel (Bob S.): My friends this is Daniel. Let us pray. Father of all Fathers we Your children reach out to You in respect, in love, in admiration, in faith, in thankfulness, as each day brings us closer to You, and we grow closer to You, and  we understand our relationship more clearly. We thank You for life, for these opportunities You have given the least of Your creations. Go with us now and always as we seek Your way in our lives knowing You are the beginning and the end. Amen

Daniel: I greet you again my friends. This is Daniel your teacher, guide, friend and constant admirer for you all tend to make our reason for coming clear. My task this evening is to introduce our main speaker. As seems to be our tradition in the making I shall not introduce her by name. Let’s see whose first to figure out who speaks next. One moment please.

Unknown (Nancy): Greetings. I will take up the microphone and for the moment remain unnamed. I am of female origin and it is my delight to play this game with you. To assist in your guess I will give you a large hint. My name also means “daddy’s joy.” [ed note: Abby was calling for her daddy during the prayer. Nancy said the name Abby means “daddy’s joy’]

LaReen: You’re not Abbygail are you? (LaReen’s teacher)

Abbygail: My! How quick you are to pick up that lightly placed hint. I am Abbygail. It is my thrill to have the opportunity to take the microphone and enjoy the spotlight. I say this of course as a quip, for truly the joy is in the opportunity  for service rather than the self-aggrandizement of the light. It is the Light I wish to discuss this evening, in this short sermonette, so to speak.


You all have experienced the light, the light of the love of our Father/Mother that is spread broadly. This light  is magnified many times over as this love is accepted and sent forth in service. It is the Light of service I wish to expand upon.

My good friends, for you are all my friends, I know you well and so I appreciate my interaction with your personal teachers as well as with you. My dear friends you all are aware of the brightness that comes into your life when you bear-up the torch of service and you focus outside of yourself. When you are feeling dark and cloudy the way to shed light upon your heart, upon your mind, is to shift your focus to how you can serve our Father, our Mother. From this place of being you may find a variety of answers that vary from simply being gentle with yourself and loving that precious person that the Father created to assisting a neighbor or talking with a stranger. The significant point is the shift within your being from that which brings on the clouds of hopelessness to that which brings on the love of the Light.

This is all I have to say on this topic. At this point, I will be available for questions later in this evening’s agenda. It truly has been my delight to interact. And, may I say to you LaReen, my dear friend, I treasure you, and I treasure our work together.

LaReen: Thank you Abbygail.

Daniel: This is Daniel. Again it is my joy to introduce another speaker for tonight’s program. But, first are there questions you would like to raise to Abbygail? Can we take a moment now, or shall we proceed?

LaReen: Do we have to guess another speaker?

Daniel: Aaaah, that is my secret.


Daniel: Are there other questions? Well if any arise during the next speakers presentation we will try to provide time at the end of tonight’s session for them. Why not! Let me introduce the next unknown speaker and see how good you are at guessing him. Ah, a clue. One moment please.

Unknown (Simeon): Greetings friends. I will join in playing your game. Tonight I would like to speak about health. Simeon’s heart jumps as he also feels ill equipped to communicate about this subject, but the assurance is that I will be the  communicator.

Some of you have been discussing aspects of healthy living. I would take this opportunity to share some thoughts regarding your questions and comments.

You see it every day, in the media, some new research or point of view about the best diets to follow, the exercise habits to engage in, and yet there is some confusion at times as to which advice is most pertinent to aid you in your own life. My wish this evening is to have you realize that the source that must be sought in finding true health is the recognition of  your relationship to God.

The world you live on is in turmoil at this present time. Many people are capitalizing on the confusion to promote their ideas. In reality humans are not really ignorant of what healthy food is and the benefits of exercise in your lives. Instead many people are in a lifestyle that is pushed and promoted by certain cultural realities.

You are in an information age where so much information is being thrown around. You as a society work harder and try to maintain certain standards of living that do tend to gravitate people away from the balanced perspective of spiritual living.

You know we encourage the stillness practice, yes, so you can gain greater degree of connection with God. For some of you taking this time to be in quiet and calm may be the only time in your day that you are not running from place to place. Surfing the web, flipping the channel, looking for some excitement or new and interesting thing to fill your time. It seems your society has forgotten the value of relaxation and the simpler life that comes from a healthy relationship to your creator.

As you try to understand the various problems that your world is facing, I hope you would remember that the source  of balance is within. The consistent reflection and stillness time with this inner source is what will bring calmness that tends to regulate and balance aspects of your electro-chemical makeup. You will be able to sift through the bombardment of information better when you are keyed into this inner awareness of God. True health comes from within for in that perspective and awareness you can better react to your environment. You will also be able to better serve others by relaxing into an inner advantage point, seeing through God’s eyes.

At this time I would open up to you to answer to your thoughts or questions. If you feel that you can identify me I would be impressed.


Group: Discussion about who this might be, maybe a Melchizedek, would Daniel do that to throw us off, Alkon, is this a personal teacher from this room, a teacher from the North, South, East or West?

Unknown: It isn’t that I’m not trying to give the name, it’s just that the transmitter is having difficulty now receiving due to the possibilities being so expanded by your barrage.


Virginia: While Simeon is trying to get the name, may I ask a question?

Unknown: Yes you may.

Virginia: I couldn’t help but think, when you said “we know what is good health for us”, I realize we are in a much  more polluted chemical environment than Adam and Eve were when they were on this planet. Yet, certainly the foods they ate were far simpler than the food we buy off the counter with all the preservatives and everything else that I really don’t know much about, except that they are just, another chemical, added to our food. My question is would it be wise to read, once again, each of us, what and how the food was prepared and what was eaten in the garden?

Unknown: Surely your efforts toward understanding the types of food that your predecessors consumed may have benefits for you. I would say that, yes, you do have some difficulties in your societies with contamination of food sources. This does  not change the reality that certain foods aid your system and the way certain foods are prepared does not. While you love the taste of sweet things or the comfort of fatty things, the reality is that a basic diet of fruits and vegetables with moderate amounts of protein and carbohydrates is more ideal, in general, than rich foods, sugary foods, etc.

Your society has a fixation on food in some ways. Instead of nourishing the body, it may be an escape from the insecurity that many if not most humans feel as a result of distortions and isolation that you have from the Source and Center. We know that food is required but are both baffled and intrigued by your ingenuity to do the different things that you do with food.

If you look at the Master when he lived his life, food was simply something to be ingested to maintain his physical vehicle, so he could continue with the work at hand, rather than being the reason around which so many of you spend your time contemplating the complexity and makeup of your next meal. Not to discourage you from enjoying food and developing your tastes but to point to the fact that it may be an escape mechanism on a societal level. I don’t know if I have helped to illuminate for you.

Virginia: Yes you have! Thank you very much.

LaReen: You are not What-About-Bob are you?

Unknown: No, I am not, although you are in the ballpark.

Group discussion: Names mentioned, Tomas, Aaron, and others. Much jocularity among the members.

Unknown: Simeon now knows who I am. Shall I divulge or (please, laughing). I am Rayson. (Group discussion on whom and what position Rayson is. Pleased to have you here.)

Rayson: It has been my field of study for quite a long time. So, I do have a deep interest in helping your world to work toward better patterns of behavior that can lead to healthier life styles.

Bob S.: I have a question if I might? (yes) Our society, particularly the food experts in the government, are in the throes of trying to decide what we need to do with our food triangle. Would you comment on the proposed new food triangle and is it a step toward improvement in our diet?

Rayson: It may be a small step of improvement and I do mean small. The difficulty is that your government officials are pulled by various interests. So, if you take the recommendations and look at them for their practicality, I could easily say that the level of caloric intake suggested for an average human being is or could be lesser by a significant degree.

You do have to recognize that you are in a society that promotes consumption. Those who want you to consume would like to see your intake higher. The average person lives healthier, more comfortably, when they consume most of their diet in foods that are lower in calories. I cannot give you specific numbers. I do believe your medical research is beginning to recognize the importance of lower calorie consumption, especially as you move into the later years of your life. (ouch) This may not become prevalent knowledge for some time yet. (Thank you! That’s good to hear.)

Are there any other questions this evening?

Martie: I don’t know whether if you can be specific or not. We’ve kind of tried to go along with the idea that if we could eat a little bit of everything as long as we didn’t over do any one item, does that pretty well stand up to what you see?

Rayson: Moderation is a worthy goal. I would simply add that or maybe suggest, as a society people work to buy less from a can and more from the whole and fresh foods. Moderation is important in all aspects of dieting, yes. We encourage more emphasis toward the foods that have life.

Virginia: With that last statement you made, about cans. The three containers, I see in my mind, cans, bottles and plastics, would you suggest the glass is the best of the three.

Rayson: Yes, mainly because of the lack of transference of foreign element into the food. Mostly I refer to fresh foods (group discussion, fresh verses cans, contamination).

At this time I will have to step back for the connection is not as strong. I think I have used this willing TR to his comfort-ability limits.

Group: Thank you Rayson, most interesting.

Rayson: I will turn this meeting back over to your teacher Daniel and I thank you for this opportunity. Good night?


Daniel: Yes, this is Daniel. It is time to close unless there are questions of great importance. (laughing) We can always deal with your questions later (Simeon: OK, how much of what I just said was garbage? (Loud group laughing and joking around)

I don’t like being the straight man, you’re too quick. Seriously folks, if you do have questions, we will always try to address them. It’s just our feeling it’s time close. Shall we stand in our customary fashion for closing prayer? Rayson wishes to close tonight. Friends let us be in the attitude of prayer.

Rayson: To those Who created us all, the universe, and all that lays therein, the great Trinity in Paradise, Whom we all seek. We open our hearts and minds to You tonight, Great Three-In-One, asking You to bless the work of Your teachers who have assumed a major responsibility for this assignment of our Father/Brother Michael. You have blessed us, in so many ways; allow us, now, to return the favor in service to these our younger brothers and sisters. And for them I thank You for they have little knowledge of what lies beyond. I sense they are just beginning to understand this universe of Yours. Open their hearts and minds, their very being, to the possibilities, which lie in today, and in faith rely on You tomorrow. Amen.

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