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SEI73- The TR Experience

2003-11-30.  The TR Experience

SE Idaho #73

Topic: The TR Experience

Group: SE Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Daniel, Abraham, Roger, Aaron, Althea, Armando, Minearsia

TR: Bob S., Nancy


Bob D: Dear Father: Grant us peace and love into our beings this evening. Help us to clear our minds and to allow your ministrations through whatever agency is serving under you. May we be open and willing. Amen

Daniel (Bob S): Greetings, friends, this is Daniel, your teacher, guide, friend and affectionate admirer. Tonight’s meeting we suggest to be another one in the series which you have experienced the last two times. Unless there are objections, we would urge you to open your hearts, minds and wills to the supernals who are here and wishing to speak through you. Well, with these words of introduction, I shall now step aside, and we will begin tonight’s TR practicing.


Abraham (Nancy): I am Abraham, delighted to be among you, our most beloved brothers and sisters from our sister mission. I follow your personal progress. I delight in your successes. I support your retries when at first the outcome is not how you would wish it to be.

I, too, am a great admirer of each of you and of the grace with which this group continues to evolve as you collectively adapt to changing circumstances and allow God to use each twist and turn in the natural unfolding of life to enhance your circumstances. And, so, I am here this evening as part of this delightful forum to personally commend each of you for your stalwart faith and for your steady, consistent advancement.

Yes, I wish to emphasize the steady, consistent, forward progress of each of you in this group. Life can feel like a roller coaster because of the emotional aspects of living, particularly the emotional components of the electro-chemical mechanism. Yes, emotions do take you on a roller coaster, and yet this emotional experience should be seen as separate from   your spiritual experience. In your spiritual experience, your commitment to our Father, your dedication to becoming more God-like, having more of the characteristics of God, your direction is steady and sure.

This is highly commendable, yes, for as all of you are aware, there are plenty of opportunities provided that could create  a body of evidence to turn one away from God. But instead of allowing these circumstances, these situations, this knowledge, to divert you from truth, beauty, and goodness, you stand firmly on the foundations that you have built over the years, and you advance!

I am very proud to call each of you my friend, but more significantly, my colleague, a fellow soldier in Michael’s army of correction.

I thank each of you for this opportunity to share my perspective and my affection with you. As there are indeed many who would like such an opportunity, more than can be accommodated in the time that we have, I will end my commentary. I remain in attendance. I am Abraham. Shalom.

Roger (Bob S): This is Roger. I will speak briefly again my friends. I thank you for this gracious opportunity to hone my skills, but there is quite a line of us this evening, so I will not dally. I still am of the belief that my assignment is imminent, so if this is our last time together, thank you all for your attentiveness, and I hope to be in your vicinity again sometime. Until that time arises, thank you, and goodnight.


Bob P: Is Roger taking questions?

Roger: Yes.

Bob P: I am just wondering if there is any similarity in preparing to be an assigned teacher and preparing to be a TR?

Roger: The similarities generally are few. I suppose one’s willingness to be open might be one similarity, but in my view, as a former mortal, I see the differences as greater than the similarities. Do you wish me to elaborate on those differences, or is this answer sufficient for your question?

Bob P: Not exactly, but I don’t wish to string this out unnecessarily.

Virginia: Roger, I was thinking of the four things mentioned last week by Ignacia. The last one certainly would be a similarity in my mind—that it takes effort. Certainly the teachers must put forth effort, and they must have the right attitude. So, it seems to me, that all four must have a great deal of similarity.

Roger: Thank you for pointing those out. Yes, there are some similarities. My view is, however, that the differences outnumber the similarities, and I don’t wish to go into them unless you wish to pursue this further, however.

Virginia: No, I was just thinking of my experience in teaching children.

Roger: It’s my view that, this evening, the time would be best devoted to letting others speak, so I will step aside. Thank you all for listening.

Aaron (Bob D): Very good, students. You have flustered the student teacher. (Laughter.) I say this in jest, of course. This is Aaron. Roger actually appreciated the opportunity to interact, but was hesitant in the connection tonight to elaborate. This teacher looks forward to being assigned and having a student to interact with, and hopes for students as inquisitive as you are.

I would take up the question of the differences and similarities in receiving and transmitting. For yes, in concept, there are qualitative similarities in approach, e.g. attitude, approaching the experience with an open mind and a desire to both do and to seek the Father’s will. The differences that Roger alluded to are more in the technical approach level where you, as receivers, approach with an open mind seeking connection and then reception.

We, teachers, generally know what we want to say, but we approach the connection differently, because it is not so much that we are physically connecting but that we are using the facilities of other beings who make the connection with you. So, we are not necessarily the ones turning the key to adjust the frequency. Rather the midwayers, who are attempting to make the connection, do this fine tuning process.

In some sense, you can see this as waiting for the microphone to turn on, and there are times that we are available and ready due to your thoughts of possibly connecting with us, but you divert to some other activity. There are times that the connection can’t quite be made satisfactorily for us to share the information we would like to share with you.

So in a sense, you and the midwayers are trying harder, and we are more in a waiting mode for sharing with you.

I hope this helps to clarify some of your thoughts this evening.

LaReen: Aaron, are you saying that we are basically wired for TRing, but the teachers need help through the midwayers?

Aaron: Yes, you are wired to receive, for, as it says in your revelation, all personality is contactable, and it is through, in some manner, the agency of the Thought Adjuster that this is made possible. The midwayers connect through the help of the Thought Adjuster, and having a Thought Adjuster, you have the potential to receive. Does that clarify it for you?

LaReen: Yes, thank you.

Aaron: You are welcome.  If there are no other questions regarding this topic this evening, I would step back and allow another to make contact. Good evening.

Unknown being (Bob P): Hello, this is–someone. (Laughter.) Bob is not very good at picking up names.

But by way of actions and connections, I would like to address the role of a spiritual teacher and compare and contrast it to that of a community leader, because we are community, and there are communities that operate effectively and harmoniously and others that don’t.

A teacher is really more of a guide than a leader. There are leaders who believe they have knowledge of the best, clearest and most direct path that will lead to what’s best for the community that they see themselves leading. There are other leaders who function more as guide and know the technicalities and operational details needed to bring a community to where a  community may collectively like to be, and they view their role as facilitating that progress.

This is more of the role of a teacher. We are often prepared with a lesson or a series of lessons. Our challenge is to  guide individuals and groups along paths of their choosing, and to be helpful along the way. We are well prepared through a long and pleasantly rigorous process to provide this guidance and service, to experience the fulfillment, and to participate in the process. So, as a teacher, our job is to allow you to choose, allow you to question, and, hopefully, be ready and prepared to respond to your questions.

That doesn’t mean, however, we won’t or can’t nudge you along the way and communicate even when you’re not consciously trying to do so yourself. What it does mean is that we are here only to guide you along your chosen path of learning to grow, and to guide you through whatever turns and curves you might experience by choice or otherwise along the way.

Thank you for this opportunity.

Daniel (Bob S): This is Daniel. Do not be dismayed at the lengths of the pauses. We are working feverishly on this side and we trust others will be speaking soon. Bear with us.

Althea (Bob S): My name is Althea. I, too, am a teacher-in-training who is availing herself of the opportunity to speak  through human language facilities. It is a most unusual, yet wonderful experience. I trust some of you may one day have this opportunity.

The worlds from which most of us who volunteer for this work emanate are so different, it would be difficult to describe. I am settling into life on your planet, and, having mastered (I hope) your language, I will be assigned in the near future.

I thank all of you for your attention, and perhaps we will be speaking again sometime. Until that time, have a pleasant evening and tomorrow.

Armando (Bob D): I am Armando. I appreciate the opportunity to speak to you through this vehicle tonight.

You may at times wonder what is the purpose of our being here. Certainly a restatement of Michael’s gospel and  your relationship as brothers and sisters under a Universal Father is one. You may think that it is to offer you revelation, advanced insight, that can move your planet ahead from its foibles of the past, and, yes, we are engaged in revelation—mostly personal revelation.

But tonight, I would like to direct you to other purposes which some of you may have guessed before. The first is the gradual awareness that the universe is friendly rather than hostile. In our attempts to rectify the Lucifer insurrection, it is part of our mandate to let you know that you belong to a friendly system of planets, of spheres, which lead across to Paradise.

The other purpose of our being here is the knowledge of your relationship with another being whom you can not necessarily see, and this relationship signifies the reality of a universal family of God. This revelation is perhaps the more profound  revelation that you can realize, taking you out of isolation and bringing you back into the fold that you were separated from through no fault of your own.

So as you ponder the reasons, and perhaps come up with more of your own [regarding] why we are here engaging  you, realize that we are here serving at many levels to reveal many layers of the Father’s plan. Rest assured that in your seeking and your openness to higher beings, that eventually the seeking will be met with a response.

Thank you again for this opportunity. I bid you good evening.


Daniel (Bob S): This is Daniel. We have concluded it is time to terminate our time together. Please stand as is your custom and join hands. One of our teachers-in-training wishes to close this session with prayer.

Roger (Bob S): This is Roger. My friends, let us pray. To our Father who is invisible, we reach out to You in faith, in hope, in trust, knowing that You are our hope, the Source of all good things, and the object of our path to Paradise. I pray for these, my younger brothers and sisters, who are just beginning their path to You. May they feel the warmth of the touch of Your hand as you guide them along their way. For those of us who are here to assist our younger brothers and sisters, we seek  Your wisdom, Your love, an affirmation, so that we may be the best possible guides we possibly can be. This plan of Michael is most wonderful. We all thank You for this opportunity to serve you through Michael and his Correcting Time. In Michael’s name we reach out. Amen.

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