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SEI72- Practicing Connectivity

2003-11-09. Practicing Connectivity

SE Idaho #72

Topic: Practicing Connectivity

Group: SE Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Daniel, Lynda, Klarixiska, Van-El, Cora

TR: Nancy, Virginia


KLARIXISKA (Virginia): You Who have made each one of us, You Who have made the universes, You Who have used  each life to bring about good in another one, You Who have taken the most difficult situations and caused love to be seen, we give You heartfelt thanks. As a new direction is attempted tonight, we would ask that each one would be open to say what appears in their mind. Give us all courage and wisdom to not only communicate but to hear the communication.

LYNDA (Nancy): Greetings. I am Lynda, pleased to jump on this practice merry-go-round. I have missed  the opportunities provided by TR Practice to provide small pearls of personal insight—that teaching experience of reviewing for others what one has recently internalized and made real in one’s own process. And, so, as we have discussed before, the teacher/student relationship is a single coin with two sides. One can only effectively teach what one has indeed learned through experience. And, in sharing this experience, that lesson is made complete for the student/teacher.

Another analogy we have used is that of climbing a ladder or trudging up a mountain and reaching back to give a hand to those close behind you.

And, so, I, Lynda, welcome this forum and express my appreciation and delight. I will now take my leave to make room for other participants. My love to you all.


KLARIXISKA (Virginia): This is Klarixiska. I would pick up on the eclipse that some saw last night. And, although  the shadow of the earth certainly crossed the moon, there was still obvious evidence that the light was still there. And, I would suggest to you that [while] the shadow of difficult times, of emotional depression, of chaotic wars [words lost] are there, there is still the light behind, and the shadows you see are still a temporary thing. And so as you live your daily life and feel the tension on this plane, realize that this too is a temporary thing. It too shall pass, and the glow of the sun whether reflected or direct is God’s love and concern for you. May you feel the warmth of the sun and the light of the moon, always an indication of God’s care.

VAN EL (Nancy): I am Van El, the infamous adjuster of the circuits, enjoying my role in assisting this communication this evening. I just wished to make my presence known, and I now step aside.

UNKNOWN (Virginia): (I’m not sure who this is, but these are thoughts in my head.) Just as Jesus called God, Daddy, so the little voice calling for the security of Daddy is an indication for a symbol that we can call on the Eternal Father as our Daddy.

Bob P/UNKNOWN: [Begins as Bob P, ends as “Other.”] I’m also not sure who this is, or if it is, but sometimes I’m feeling a connection. And always there’s the question of the connection, whether it’s from within or somewhere from without, but that within is also from a greater and higher Source. When made, a connection then is implanted within, so that the message is there whether or not it is verbalized or externalized. And it will be easier as the framework is more familiar and more accepted, that framework being a spiritual framework like the Urantia Book. However, the message and connection is there and possible, regardless of the framework. The framework facilitates the externalization, communication, because it provides a common theme and a common language. So, to the extent that these communications are to be shared in a community, common language plays a part. So, don’t worry about the other worldliness, but focus on within. Because what’s within comes from without.(?)

UNKNOWN (Virginia): What confidence to know that that which is within has come from without, yes, from the very Source of all things. As you made your first moral choice, God gave you a gift to walk toward him. The support is there. The desire is all that you need. Your walk is secure. Without once, within now.

DANIEL (Virginia): (I keep hearing this is Daniel, so I’ll go ahead and see what is going on.) This is Daniel. I applaud this new attempt to sharpen the edges of your communication with the unseen. I applaud the willingness to attempt new things. It is impossible to grow if there is not change. It is impossible to become what you desire unless you take those first few steps. So, I would repeat, I applaud these efforts.

CORA (Nancy): Greetings. I am a friend who will remain unnamed for the moment. You do know me, yes.

I wish to inform Bob [P], as well as remind the others of you, that this experience of group receptivity is beneficial to each of you, yes, but the benefit far exceeds the personal benefit by enhancing the circuitry that connects the God-knowing mind to other like minds and raises the general level of receptivity in your fellows. Yes, indeed it is true, that through individual effort, the worlds of time and space are brought into light and life as collectively the level of consciousness is raised.

Thank you for your efforts this evening.

I am Cora, and I wish to jump. Marty, my dear, are you willing to play make believe once again and share your make believe thoughts aloud?

MARTY: I keep trying.

CORA: Let’s pretend that there are words that are available to you. Simply, one word. What would that one word be?

MARTY: I guess I just keep imagining that you say, “Hello, my dear.”

CORA: That is an excellent beginning. What comes next?

MARTY: I seem to hear that you call me by my other name, but again, I don’t know if that is made up or not either.

CORA: Yes, and then what?

MARTY: That is oftentimes as far as I get, but it is nice to know you are there even if I don’t get any further than that.

CORA: My dear, I have such love for you. And, it is often this love that I express to you, tenderly, after greeting you and calling you by your spiritual name. You do receive, my dear, friend.

MARTY: I count on that a lot. Thank you.

CORA: My pleasure.

DANIEL (Nancy): Well, my friends, this is Daniel, your guide and teacher. I wish to converse with you. Do you have  the focus at this time, or would another time be preferable?

BOB P: Let’s see.

DANIEL: I have a question. Can you please describe the energies and/or the pictures that you have experienced.

BOB P: I am going to assume that you mean “experienced” in a way of some type of communication from the  spiritual perspective, when it hasn’t felt like it was just me, that I am actually communicating with somebody or something else. The energy is a more focused energy than a normal discussion or self-generated thought process. I’m not much in the way of pictures. I don’t envision clearly faces or structures or any kind of tangible surroundings. It’s more of a darkness but with a certain light to it. I mean, I’ve never heard a name, and voices change.

I haven’t! often felt that there has been a consistent voice or a returning voice or friend, although on occasion I have. I haven’t experienced a distinctive personality on a regular basis. But, when I say that, then there is something in the back of my head that says, “a few different times there has been a personality there that I’ve been either experiencing or wanting to experience”, but it hasn’t been made fully aware to me, and so I can’t really get any degree of assuredness to say that its been…I’ve never heard a name. I’ve tried making things up but I’ve never really heard a name.

DANIEL: Thank you. (pause) I have been given permission to provide information regarding the multiplicity of voices versus one. You do have a personal teacher and have had since adolescence. This personal teacher works so closely with you that her thoughts and yours are often blurred. You may find her [thoughts] hard to distinguish from your own thoughts, for you gave broad permission years ago to be led to broader perspectives, higher planes than you occupied at the time.

The multiplicity of voices you experience are for the most part celestial artisans practicing with you before receiving more  permanent assignments elsewhere, for you are highly receptive. It may assist you, if you desire more of this type of contact, to allow the distinction between spiritual contact and creative contact to be relaxed. These types of contacts are in fact very  intertwined. All of this assistance is to help the individual make contact with the Indwelling Spirit and to express that uniqueness fully, to find God, to desire God, and to do God’s will in all aspects of one’s life. Thank you for your willingness to talk with me tonight.

Is there anything else you, Bob [P], or Marty would want to say or ask?

I will take silence…

BOB P: Why don’t we let the silence go for a little bit? It’s a long tape.

Two things have been floating around. One of them has to do with personal teachers, and knowing that I had one or more. There has been a female type—not knowing for sure what that really means as far as celestial gender goes—but I have felt that that was the case at certain times, and then at other times having it be a different personality and male, and that its been strong and sure, which I guess is different from my perspective on….I guess you said “practice on the way to a permanent  assignment.” That brings to mind the picture of a cop that’s a small-time security guard until he can become a real cop or something like that.

DANIEL: We are smiling.

It is indeed the case that newly arriving artisans require experiential practice and may not yet have developed  the clarity of communication that years of practice [brings]. However, these highly evolved, creative, beautiful beings are not insecure in their lack of hands-on experience. Rather, they gain this experience and add it to an already maturing personality.

I will disclose that I visit you on a regular basis as I do all of my students in this Southeast Idaho mission base and others not directly attached to the base but attached through transcripts. Also, you are contacted by Melchizedeks, whose energy is  quite authoritative and could be experienced as masculine.

Celestial gender in ascending beings such as myself relate to our gender while on our planets of origin. While we are no longer sexual-gender creatures, these differences are never fully erased. Certain orders of celestial beings such as angels have positive and negative poles. While this is not male/female, it can be interpreted more along the lines of masculine/feminine, meant to be complementary. But now I am on a tangent. There is reading you can do if you have further interest in exploring these differences.

It is truly my delight to have this opportunity to talk to you through this vehicle. You do very well.

BOB P: Thank you, it’s a nice vehicle.

DANIEL: I chuckle. Nancy is embarrassed.


Have you had enough for this evening or do you desire to pursue….?

(Interchange between Bob P and Daniel lost.)

BOB P: Thank you for your presence and for your outreach, for the opportunity to pursue some closer ties.

DANIEL: Yes, my heart is full.

We [[[Teacher Corps]]] are joyous in your outreach. We commend you, and we thank you, and we welcome you to this new level of effort and achievement.

Farewell, my friends. I am your guide and teacher, Daniel.

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