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SLC14- Why Are There Veils In Life

2005-09-03-Why Are There Veils In Life
Salt Lake City #14


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Why Are There Veils In Life
o 1.2 Group: Salt Lake City Group
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Serena
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Why Are There Veils In Life
Group: Salt Lake City Group
Teacher: Serena
TR: Marshall

At the suggestion of Serena last night, I awoke with the idea of writing a question and then seeking her help (along with Michael, Mother, my other teachers and guides, and of course my Thought Controller).
Of all the questions I could ask, this was the one which stood out:

Why all the veils? Even Michael, as Jesus, did not come into mortal life knowing his true identity as a Paradise Creator Son. A good portion of my frustration seems to come from these ‘veils’ – What lessons am I to learn? (What classroom is this, anyway!?) What is my mission? Why do I not consciously know what my soul is choosing?

As soon as I formulated the question I had the sense that I was to go back over the healing prayer session that I developed some years ago. At that time I came to appreciate the various roles that ego and inner child played in our human lives and in our healing. What is coming to mind is a caterpillar. The caterpillar is unaware of its potential to become – to transform – into a butterfly. And, if the caterpillar was made aware of its destiny, then the chemical conditions might never occur – thus the caterpillar would never become a butterfly.

SERENA: Yes, you are sensing the emotional component. When mortals experience emotions, there is an electro-chemical reaction within the physical body. Transformation (leading to fusion conditions) involves changes on all levels of your being.

An example we will use is your recent feelings of depression. We do not desire that you feel hopelessness, despair, or sadness – the effects of a depressed emotional state. Yet, this emotional state does trigger certain physiological changes that can be used most productively in the transformation process.

(Sensing I should read pg 51 – the inevitabilities again.)

Do you understand why the ‘veils’, as you call them, are necessary? We know that you do, but do you understand well enough to explain it here for others to grasp? As much as I detest the veils that hide the answers, I understand now that the uncertainty itself is a component of the answer. (That sounds confusing.) Okay, I will use the example of Michael-Jesus.

If Michael came on his bestowal mission with full knowledge of who he really was/is, then he would not have gained experiential wisdom. Correct?

Student:  Correct.

SERENA:  Michael needed the ‘veils’ (the uncertainties) in order to experience self-mastery – the discovery of one’s true identity and eternal potentials.

Even Michael-Jesus had the human emotions of frustration (his family never understood him), sadness (the loss of his father and young brother), financial pressures (during the long period of poverty), overwhelming responsibilities (being the head of a household at age 14), anger (as demonstrated in the temple), betrayal (Judas), injustice (his crucifixion), and probably the entire spectrum of emotions – both deemed as positive and negative from our human perspectives. I pointed out those emotions which we see as undesired. But, all the emotions are necessary, otherwise they would have disappeared during our evolution.

All emotions are expressions that fall into two primary categories: Love or absence of love (Fear). Evolving mortals cycle through emotional situations (lessons) nonstop throughout our lifetimes on the material planes. When we balance a negative emotion such as anger, with Love, we move to the next level. When an emotion such as anger is mixed with fear, rather than love, we often get stuck in that vibrational condition – having experience after experience which angers us.

So, emotional stimulation (sometimes referred to as spiritual pressure), is a primary method used to promote transformation (change). When we resist, fight, or try to avoid certain emotions (usually those we see as negative), we invite more of the same lessons or scenarios. The only way to master the unpleasant situations is to balance or negate the undesired emotions with Love. By finding our core condition (or real identity) – which is Love – we detach from the situation, change, and move forward.

To answer my original question: Why the veils? The answer is simple. If we walk into a classroom to take an exam and the teacher hands us the answers to the questions, then there is no test, no learning, no progress. A teacher will point us in the right direction, but will not hand us the answers. We cannot learn without questions. To find solutions to our own questions is basic to learning and growth.

Understanding the purpose, for example, of my situation of depression was insightful. I see the purpose as another opportunity to apply Love and move forward. However, with this understanding I gained a valuable tool in the methods of self-mastery and co-creation. Self-mastery is a combination of knowing your true self and consciously choosing to Be that Love each time we respond to life in a state of Love. Co-creation is bringing forth more Love in the world and begins with bringing forward from our own citadel – to break through our veils and reveal to the world – our true essence of Love.

Thank you, Serena. I hope I grasped this all accurately.

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