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SLC13- No Depression On Mansion Worlds

2005-09-02-No Depression On Mansion Worlds
Salt Lake City #13


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Depression Not On Mansion Worlds
o 1.2 Group: Salt Lake City Group
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Abraham
o 2.2 TR: Marshall
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
o 3.3 Closing
• 4 Note

Topic: Depression Not On Mansion Worlds
Group: Salt Lake City Group
Teacher: Serena
TR: Marshall

SERENA: Greetings, my friends… dear brother and sister. This is Serena here, and pleased am I to be in your presence tonight. As this T/R, Marshall, is rather tired, I will indeed honor such and attempt to be brief in my address this evening.

I have been a part of your discussion, ever since you arrived, Mary, and there are others, of course, who are here. I would like to further what began last meeting, and address any questions you may have. So, whenever you feel moved, ask whatever it is you desire, Mary.

Mary: Last week with Sondjah, as he is a mansion world teacher, and I was really dealing with depression, I had wanted to ask him what is done on the mansion worlds when you have a mortal, an ascending mortal, that is depressed. How do you address that sense of despair and lack of hope that things will improve or change for the better, when feeling overwhelmed.

SERENA: First of all… as mortals are resurrected on the mansion worlds, they awaken to an entirely different environment to begin utilizing an entirely different mind than the mind given to them on their evolutionary planet of birth, thus dealing with a totally new and different reality. These new mansion world arrivals find themselves slowly receiving and utilizing the new morontia mind, and little by little through their personal experience, they become increasingly conscious of utilizing progressively higher aspects of this new morontia mind. Their “energetic” body/mindal emotional responses do accompany them to the mansion worlds and remain with them, however these responses are expressed in a different manner, becoming reflected in their morontia “energetic” body/mind.

Besides ascending mortals, the mansion worlds are inhabited by many, many wonderful beings comprised of various orders of personalities from all over the grand universe, teachers and beings extensively trained in areas virtually unknown to your planet. Through accumulated personal experience, these beings have come to possess a reality awareness, or light of truth, far beyond what is found on the evolutionary inhabited spheres, especially those isolated worlds tainted by sin, such as Urantia.

Depression, as you know it on your world, is not encountered on the mansion worlds. However, there are those detached ascending mortals, who for whatever reasons, allow themselves not to become a living, growing part of the whole. As a general rule, the greatest majority of mortals coming from normal, non-isolated planets untainted by sin, choose to continue on in the eternal adventure, becoming integrated into the whole of Supreme Oneness. On sin-tainted spheres such as Urantia, we do find that a higher percentage of resurrected mortals choose not to continue on. “Why is this so?” is a question asked by many throughout the seven super-universes, all the way through Havona and Paradise.

The depression you are currently experiencing, Mary, as you were told last week, is indeed a flag… a flag that allows you the challenging opportunity to evaluate what has been missing in your life. Through living, growing faith you empower yourself to begin gathering new insight into what part you play in the co-creation of your own reality… for truly you are the architect of your destiny. As you strive to seek these answers with noble intentions and the supreme desire to become increasingly aligned with your indwelling Father Fragment, you become progressively conscious of new realities which empower you to utilize your higher mind. As you integrate these new realities into all areas of your life, you allow old patterns to be released, embracing whole new ways of living, thinking and being.

You are indeed beginning to take on this challenge with new desire and determination. Such initial steps are vital in becoming aware of the great power you have within to co-create your own reality as you go about learning who you truly are. You have great abilities, Mary, and your intentions and sincerity is to be applauded. As you continue upon the path you have chosen, new light will increasingly lead you into new arenas of self-awareness, self-discovery, self-consciousness and self-actualization.

Feel free at any time, my dear, to call upon me. I have, through your association with Marshall, come to know you and deeply love you. I invite you, in your time of meditation or relaxation, to ask for my presence. I would be honored and with great joy to work with you, my dear sister.

Mary: Briefly, I would like some insight regarding co-creative abilities, because to be honest with you, I do not feel empowered and I have a long history of… and I will use one example… my healing center. I truly wanted to contribute to the healing of humanity. My passion was there, my thinking was there, my will was there, my intentions were totally pure and my indwelling Father was with me. I was on a tremendous faith walk, but I could not do any of this and support two young children. Now, I know I lack business savvy. One is a mental process and one is a heart process. Healing is totally heart-centered. But this is just one example. Throughout my life I have wanted certain things and I don’t seem to be able to create what I want.

SERENA: I certainly understand, and am well aware of what you are expressing here. If I may, allow me to offer you a suggestion which will allow you to become increasingly co-creative…

Mary: Please… thank you

SERENA: … but it will take some determination and consistency on your part if you are truly interested in attaining greater insight into becoming consciously empowered to co-create your destiny. I would expect you, knowing you as I do Mary, to reach amazing levels of success as you diligently and consistently sit at your keyboard at a given time each day, allowing your mind to focus upon the consciousness of our Universe Mother Spirit and Michael within you. Then, as you feel led, release all preconceived notions and expectations, putting your ego mind off across the room in another chair, and freely input those questions you are desirous of finding answers to, one at a time.

Take a pause, as you reach within, and allow Mother Spirit and Michael to hold you in their arms, resuming only when you are ready to bring forth the answers to the questions you have input. I recommend that you limit your questions to no more than three each day, writing down these questions as they come into your mind during the day. I also invite you to call upon me to join you during these times, for I would be most honored to better get to know you, offering my friendship and willingness to guide and assist you in progressively new exercises which will enable you to begin realizing how empowered you truly are to become a most masterful co-creator.

Mary: Thank you.

SERENA: At this juncture, I feel that less is better… and with our T/R somewhat beginning to fade, we can continue this dialog at our next meeting. Meanwhile, call upon me, and even if you do not feel my presence initially, know that I am there. You may even feel more comfortable when posing your questions, to pose them to me. I will also assist you in the process of identifying those issues to focus upon as you compose your questions.

I appreciate your willingness to be open to my invitation, and can express with certainty that you will realize great growth and progress if you diligently focus upon performing this exercise each day. I hope this has been helpful, and I look forward with joy to beginning this process with you, my dear. I touch your hearts with my love as you go forth with new peace, dear children. With this said, I take my leave.
[[ Just as this session came to an end, new insight came upon Mary as she shared the following: ]]

Mary: Do you know what I got while Serena was coming through?

Marshall: No… what?

Mary: Wow, I got it… in part… the reason I am so frustrated and not co-creating worth a damned! I am experiencing a form of spiritual pressure, and things have to get so bad that I finally have to come to ask these celestials, “Teach me how to do this!” These teachers know this and allow things to get so bad, not interfering, just waiting for ones like me to ask and accept their assistance. Being humans upon this planet, we are always so busy trying to figure out ways to make things work… instead of turning to God and spirit and saying. “Hey, I got a problem… teach me how to solve it.”

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