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SLC8- TM Group is Helpful to All

2005-03-17-TM Group is Helpful to All
Salt Lake City #8


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: TM Group is Helpful to All
o 1.2 Group: Salt Lake City TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Abraham, Emulan
o 2.2 TR: Ryan, Dianna
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: TM Group is Helpful to All
Group: Salt Lake City TeaM
Teacher: Abraham, Emulan
TR: Ryan, Dianna

ABRAHAM:  Hello my children, I am Abraham, your brother and good friend. I am honored to be here tonight in this experimental phase. I am very pleased to see your growth and your determination to this group. Each of you possess very high potentials and can exceed great heights if you so desire. I am here whenever you need me. You only need call upon me and I will be to your service.

ABRAHAM:  This Teaching Mission group that you are a part of contributes tremendously to your lives. With such strides that you have all made, there are great rewards that benefit your mental, emotional, spiritual and your physical lives. Know that you are each loved and watched over all the time and you need not be afraid of what is ahead. Everything will be brought to you, in ways you may not expect.

Each of you are very precious and highly cherished individuals who have the capacity, intellectual capabilities, and motivation to attempt great challenges. As you reach new levels, old patterns will be left behind. As you succeed in your challenges, great rewards will be realized. Know that you are all loved and very well cared for. As you go about your daily lives, look for those who are in need of spiritual help, showing them the new way.

EMULAN:  I am Emulan. Greetings. I am so thrilled to be here with you this evening and to be a part of this moment when we bring our capabilities to the test through working with such a young mind as Ryan’s. Well done, by the way.

You have an excellent capacity to receive divine guidance and the messages of your celestial teachers and friends. Do not be afraid to frequently use your found access to us by engaging in this practice often. I would suggest that you purchase a tape recorder, if necessary, for your own use, and develop your skills by letting go of your thinking process and merely allow the words of the transmitter to flow freely through your mind. If you practice with a tape recorder, you enable yourself to release yourself from this thinking process and merely expand your capacity to receive. Does this make sense to you?

Ryan: Yes it does. Thank you.

EMULAN:  Good. We will be watching and waiting in the wings to assist you when called upon. We are ever watchful for young talent, and your ability lends itself to being of service to a great many of your brothers and sisters. Well done.

I would take a moment here to reflect upon the changes that have been occurring in this group. We are not discouraged, by the whittling down, so to speak, of participants, no. We see the potential for growth as very high as was stated earlier, and we know that those who are truly interested in their opportunity to grow and serve as ambassadors of Michael on this planet are here partaking of our lessons.

Tonsah has been unavailable to continue with these lessons at this time, but his return is expected shortly. He has been a part of these meetings from time to time but considers himself to be a visitor until such a time when he is able to return to the group full time. Until then, I hope that you do not mind my appearances at these times, to fill in for him. Abraham and I both are interested in maintaining a close watch on your growing group, and we perceive that in time there will be many others who will choose to participate with you.

EMULAN:   For now, let us close this segment of our meeting with a simple reminder that each of you find time to really relax in the ultimate peace of your Mother’s arms and your Father’s care. It is critical at this juncture of your training that you continue to learn the ways of spirit through the unconscious connection of merely resting in the arms of your celestial caretakers. There is much energetic adjustment that is being conducted during that time, and we encourage you to bring yourselves to a place and time where you can make this happen. I am honored to once again serve this group and look forward to the next time I visit. Good day.

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