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SLC9- Personal Encouragement To Each

2005-04-14-Personal Encouragement To Each
Salt Lake City #9


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Personal Encouragement To Each
o 1.2 Group: Salt Lake City TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tonsah
o 2.2 TR: Dianna
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Personal Encouragement To Each
Group: Salt Lake City TeaM
Teacher: Tonsah
TR: Dianna

TONSAH: Greetings, my friends, this your teacher Tonsah who greets you now. My friends, I am so very excited to be here amongst you this evening and have planned a very special lesson that I believe will appeal to you each. I have been wandering around this planet for some time and I continually find a need to shower my loved ones with praise. This elevates their minds and hearts so that they may know that they have contributed something to the whole. I wish to make it known to you each that I am grateful for your participation in this Correcting Time plan, and for the unique skills each of you brings to the out-workings of the Father.

TONSAH:  I have prepared a few comments that I would like to share with each one of you. I am highly proud of the contributions you have made to our mission, and I would like to bring my perceptions into your minds. First off, I would like to discuss the fervent desires that each of you possess to bring this planet in a state of Light and Life. There is no greater community goal that can be accomplished during these many years ahead of us. We can now, only imagine the joy and songs of reverence, before the divine that will come about through the revelation of our celestial caretakers on this planet. Yes, it will be a day of much joy, indeed.

We now would like to address each one of you, to honor your commitment to those high ideals of bringing Michael and Mother’s divine plan into your hearts and minds. Through your participation, we hope to enact this great mission plan. Without your aid, we cannot hope to accomplish our cherished dreams and wishes for your planet. So, I humbly thank you for considering it a personal as well as a communal goal.

Simon, I wish to make it known to you that we honor your commitment, perseverance and dedication to the upliftment of your brothers and sisters, without which, there would be no equal. To your credit, you do much to spread the word amongst your fellows, and we wish to commend you for your courage in bringing the word of your text to so many in your community.

I am in a constant amazement as to your undying connection to spirit, and that inner strength that seems to build upon your focus toward integrating the divine into your life. I am with understanding that you have struggled a fair amount with your personal connection to your celestial caretakers, and I wish to assure you that you have made great strides in connecting with them in different ways of being.
Rest assured that you will find your way, and this connection will grow stronger. I am with much gladness and joy that you have decided to join our able-bodied mission constituency, and I would suggest that you connect more strongly with your desire to serve our Creator Son with your tremendous gifts of service and love.

Be aware that you may encounter more resistance from others, as well as from within, as you grow more willing to open your heart and mind to spirit. There is a large amount of toxicity that will need to be released from your being, and the road will not be easy, but take heart and remain close to your celestial caretakers, for they will guide you through whatever comes your way. Thank you for your service.

Marshall, I am going to be brief with you, for we have a strong connection where I can fill your mind with those threads of spirit-mindedness that I wish to seed in you. You have a tremendous ability to serve your brothers and sisters with your light-hearted comments that ring with an element of something deeper, which resonates within them. They are captivated by your presence and have been drawn in by your intellectual capacity to see the structure of the universe.

There is much potential in you to serve, for your desire is strong and getting stronger by the minute. There is also a tenderness that is seldom seen that would be a great asset to you, in order to touch those who need a helping hand in times of high stress and struggle. This gift will allow you to speak to their needs through empathy and compassion. Once you realize that you can become a softer, kinder, gentler person with yourself, then others will begin to relate more with you, and feel more comfortable and cared for in your presence.

There is also a great joy that you have discovered in the oneness that you seek and find in the arms of your celestial Parents. This will only grow deeper and more resonant, and you will be able to join in a better relationship as time goes by. Take heart and do not let your struggles overtake your strong desire to serve, for there will be new struggles as you face the journey ahead. Thank you for your strong commitment and connection to the divine.

Mary, you have such a loving spirit. You are full of a gentleness that cannot be shaken. You seek the guidance of our celestial caretakers to a degree, but you have much more faith in the process of spirit, as you walk along the path toward enlightenment. I have seen such a warmth that radiates from you. You have a great capacity to share this with your celestial family and your earthly brothers and sisters. This knowingness of your entire family has given you great strength in times of need. When you have felt alone and in despair you have known where you can draw strength and courage.

You have a great many gifts to share, my friend, and these will become more accentuated as you begin to become more familiar with the ways of spirit guidance. There are a great many ways to serve, and these will be shown to you in greater detail as you begin to release expectations of what you were planning to do, rather than what the divine would have you do. There is a resistance that will come from your deep inner being, and I know that you will find your way to be in a better relationship once you have resolved it in your mind to become one with the ways of Father.

Thank you so much for your tireless commitment to your personal growth and willingness to be molded into who you really are.

Ryan, I am with you every day during the training of your mind. In these more recent weeks you have exhibited a great willingness to become a student of the Universal laws and I have made it a priority to be with you as you discover these in your daily life. You will continue to learn at a great pace, for you have a mind that is ready and willing to learn the truth in whatever form it takes. You have learned well that this skill of development comes from a close relationship to the divine, and you are becoming aware of yourself in ways that are above and beyond the norm for an average high school student.

You possess a vast array of talents that can be used to bring your brothers and sisters closer to spirit. These entail your intellect as well as your creativity. Do not lose the focus of your commitment to stay strong in that, for as you grow your mind will tend to want to focus on other things, perhaps not in the best service to everyone, including yourself.

If you were to fail at any one given task, I have no doubt that you would easily pick yourself up and start over, learning from the lessons you have been given. This is what I meant by focus. Just because you falter, does not mean you divert your attention from the goal in mind. You have this capacity to stay strong in your desire to become more adept at the lessons life presents you, and the divine wisdom to be gleaned there from. I hope you see what we see of the great ability to serve in a multitude of ways. I thank you for your hard work, determination and truth perception.

I have not forgotten the others in the group, for they are also deserving of my praise. I will speak briefly in order to conclude our meeting this evening.

Anthony, I am in awe of your ability to perceive the truth in a variety of ways. You have great gifts of perception when applied to those strains of intellectual learning. You have also a wonderful, a kind and compassionate heart that longs to be wrapped in the warm touch of our celestial caretakers. My friend, this opportunity waits for you everyday. Open your arms to them, for they await your presence. Do not worry that you have not enough talent or skill to be of service, for that is not what is required. You merely need to bring your willingness to the table in order to serve our Master here on this planet and beyond. Your willingness gives you the opportunity to serve with greater love and joy in your heart.

That is all. Thank you for your willingness to serve the greater good of the planet. I am willing to give our sister, Dianna, a compliment as well, if she will allow me to do it. Dianna, I am so often amazed by your ability to perceive the depths of human frailty and emotion, and witness with such a compassionate, kind and gentle heart. You truly can touch the deepest part of your existence with your willingness to be open and honest about who you are right now, as a human on this planet. This perception serves you well in so many ways that you cannot comprehend at this time.

We have constantly been working for you to see your own willingness to begin a new life lived more fully in spirit. You have the courage and the strength to take this on, even though you may despair that you are not performing up to your true potential. Take heart, and do not worry about the future of your life here upon this planet, for all you need be aware of is your determination to be of service to our Father in heaven. That is all. Thank you for your ability to stay focused on your personal growth and willingness to serve the greater good of the planet.

You are all such beautiful spirits. I cannot possibly tell you how much I enjoy your presence each time we meet, and I look forward to our continued journey together as we march toward life lived fully in Light and Life. With that, I take my leave and await our time together next week.

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