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SLC16- Preparing For Service w/Planetary Prince & Magisterial Son

2005-10-09-Preparing For Service w/Planetary Prince & Magisterial Son
Salt Lake #16


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Preparing for Service w/Planetary Prince & Magisterial Son
o 1.2 Group: Salt Lake City Group
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Emil
o 2.2 TR: Marshall
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Preparing for Service w/Planetary Prince & Magisterial Son
Group: Salt Lake City Group
Teacher: Emil
TR: Marshall

EMIL: Good evening, my dear brothers. I am pleased to be with you here tonight as you fellowship in spirit and reach for new understanding in your unfolding missions within this great Correcting Time upon Urantia. I am Emil and I have had the honor of addressing your group before. As I conveyed to you last time we met, I have been upon this earth for over five hundred years, and I have reached levels of attainment that have enabled me to train many seeking individuals, especially in the area where I have spent most of my time… that being in the Himalayan region upon this planet.

EMIL: You, my friends, are well allowing spirit to guide you forth into this new era that we are indeed entering. As such a young participant in this great adventure, you Ryan, have much to look forward to in the coming times. Having been raised as you were, from an early age knowing that you are greatly loved and cherished by your Universe Parents, and later as you were indwelt by your Father Fragment, you indeed have had the luxury of knowing that you are a precious, unique and very loved child of our Paradise Father and Universe Parents.

Few people today within this Teaching Mission that you have become familiar with have had such an opportunity to grow up knowing that spirit is indeed with them every step of the way. You are developing a very clear connection with your indwelling Father Fragment for such a young fellow. You are also allowing yourself to receive information that your celestial artisan friend, Ceran, is desirous of imparting to you.

During these rapidly changing teen tears that you are going through, I assure you that you are well allowing your spirit anchor to guide you. I commend you upon your ability to stay focused and put forth the concentrated energy into the areas that you are being led into. You exhibit amazing balance and groundedness for such a youngster and I want to assure you that there is a great mission for you that is unfolding, my friend.

A number of mortals, like you, in their younger years, are being prepared to become staff members of our Planetary Prince and Magisterial Son, and as you develop the experience and make those decisions that you will be making, you indeed allow yourself to become increasingly active as mortal staff members who will be increasingly entrusted with diverse tasks and assignments throughout this world to bring higher truth and new hope to your brothers and sisters.

At this time there are a number of youngsters like yourself who have been denominated “indigo children”. There is currently little centralization allowing for the fraternization of ones like yourself to come together and become more fully aware of the nascent, or latent potential qualities within that you can be assisted in learning to actualize. We are coming into a time where there will be upon this planet, orders of personalities… Descending Sons and Daughters of God, who will be working with individuals like your father and others to bring such young truth-seekers as yourself under a common umbrella, shall we say, where you can fraternize, fellowship and learn more of the great potentials that lie within for you to actualize and bring into manifestation.

The morontia/material blending that you have heard of is indeed occurring as rapidly as you allow it to occur, my friend. Although you may not be aware of the changes that are occurring within you, you are well along in this process and I assure you that there are great miracles that you and others like yourself will be embracing that will allow whole new realities to develop upon this world for all to behold.

You, at this time, do well to reach into all the new experiences and unknown territory that you will be led into. Yes, these times are difficult and it is of the utmost importance that you make only the highest decisions that you are capable of in choosing what endeavors to become involved with. As you reach within for Michael’s and Mother’s guidance, you will certainly be led to make the highest decisions and go about co-creating the child of destiny that you are indeed becoming.

I want to bring your attention to the great team that currently walks with you and works with you. You may now take new steps in reaching up and allowing yourself to become familiar with many that are upon this team of yours. You have heard your father speak of Serena. Serena is the head of the materializing Magisterial Son’s staff, being responsible for assignments, appointments and pairing of mortals with the permanent staff of our Magisterial Son, which will be coming into reality upon this planet in upcoming times. As you feel moved and led, I would highly recommend to you that you allow Serena to come into your presence, your conscious awareness, as you are in stillness, and if indeed you are desirous of participating in this new, experimental process known as “circuitry bonding”, then it is imperative that you allow permission for this process to occur with you.

In other words, you must ask for this, and you will be introduced to a personality… a Descending Son or Daughter that you will become most familiar with, just as your father is becoming familiar with Serena. In the process, this personality will act as a liaison that will allow you to come more closely in contact with all of the team members that work with you. In time you will get to know many upon your team, but you will do this initially through your relationship with the personality you will be paired with, whether it be one of Serena’s order or a Melchizedek. You will know more as you desire to encourage this relationship to become a living reality with you.

I will also be working with you, as many specialists will be coming in and out of your life as you are ready to receive new teachings and training. As you may recall, I have acquired certain capacities that have allowed me to become gifted with new abilities that may seem impossible to most upon this planet at this time, but I assure you that through faith, and total trust, my son, you too will be capable of doing much and even more than I have learned within my last five hundred years here upon this planet.

I speak of such realities as being able to de-materialize and travel the gridwork that your Midwayer friends utilize to travel around this planet… as you truly become capable of walking upon this world yet not being of it.

You are very blessed, my son, to have a limited amount of excess baggage to discard, with an infinite amount of new realities to embrace, and may I suggest to you that it is time for you to more actively and consciously be about spreading the good news to your fellows as you interpret what you are learning. You have well learned to take your personal experiences and condense them and deal with your fellows in such a manner that is not intrusive, and in fact you have become quite effective, as you are becoming a shining example of how to walk forth, hand in hand with spirit, with total trust and faith that all things are indeed becoming new.

I encourage you to reach within to meet with Serena as you continue your daily stillness practice in the morning and evening as you do. Also continue attempting to bring these times together with the mini-stillnesses that you at times are well practicing. Know that with God all things are possible. Many hover over you that anticipate great changes in you that will bring you into whole new reality awareness and give you great new clarity of mind that will allow you to begin discerning the new morontia senses that are indeed coming upon you.

My son, you only need to reach out into the unknown and trust fully that new miracles are indeed possible of achieving today, and every day. You need not wait to be told what these miracles are, for you have within you your Father Fragment, and such allows you the creative imagination to begin initiating these new miracles as you see them and visualize them in your mind. Believe me… you only need take the steps, and just as you create new music, my son, you can create new miraculous realities and I assure you that spirit will come in behind you, and along with your faith and total trust in this team of yours, you will manifest great new miracles.

You will come to find that you are writing this new book of what is to come, as you make your creative contribution to all that you truly desire and wholeheartedly embrace. As you have the great faith capacity that you have, my son, I urge you to utilize this to the highest of your growing ability. You only need call upon the Master and our Universe Mother, and rest assured that they and their loving caretakers who hover over you upon your team will lead you to truly become the great co-creator that indeed you are becoming.

I am pleased to address you tonight and I encourage you to call upon me, Emil, for I have much that I will be teaching you as you are ready. In the meanwhile I am here to fellowship with you and to assist you in new co-creative endeavors that you choose to boldly embrace. Now, do you have any questions that you desire to ask, my friend?

Ryan: Not at this time, no.

EMIL: Well, I hope that you take to heart and to task what I have shared with you tonight and would suggest that you carefully ponder my words as you review this tape or read the transcript once it is transcribed. Should you then have questions, feel free to call upon me, for I will be there. Or if you desire, ask Marshall to T/R for you privately, and I will be honored to answer any questions you may have on your mind. Do I make myself clear?

Ryan: Yes, definitely.

EMIL: Well, I will close with words of encouragement and allow you to know that many upon your team stand ready to assist you as they applaud your noble efforts and your search to know who you are. Know that they desire to assist you in becoming all that you desire to become. Good evening, my friend, and it is a pleasure to meet with you tonight. I take my leave.

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