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SLC17- Each Other As A Team

2005-12-04-Help Each Other As A Team
Salt Lake City #17


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Receptivity
o 1.2 Group: Salt Lake City TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael
o 2.2 TR: Ryan
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing
• 4 Note

Topic: Receptivity
Group: Salt Lake City TeaM
Teacher: Michael
TR: Ryan

Marshall: Prayer (offered by Marshall): Dear Father of Lights and loving Universe Parents, Michael (Jesus) and Mother, I give humble thanks for the great guidance and assistance that you provide for each of us as we become increasingly aware of this guidance, assistance and direction you offer. Help us to become increasingly conscious and cheerfully cooperative with the great teams (of celestial friends) that walk with us and work with us as co-creators in this great adventure and journey through the mortal life experience.

I am thrilled to be emerging from those “dark nights of the soul”, experienced over a good part of the last five months. I know that great new meanings and value will be gleaned which will enable me to release old patterns as I am able to increasingly come face-to-face with and examine the old wounds which have long emanated fears, spirit poisons and negative emotions, causing patterns of reaction to develop that have been most undesirable. I desire to shed this baggage and come into new self-awareness, self-realization, self-actualization and God-consciousness as we are each increasingly attuned and aligned with our indwelling Father Fragments and their will. Allow us to be led and guided each day upon this path of truth and righteousness that we desire to walk, enabling us to make the highest decisions according to your great plans for us.

Allow Ryan to make the right decisions as to attending one of those boarding schools he is considering, or if it is best for him, allow him to embrace the journey wherever we may be led, as we instead, spend these years living together. Whether this boarding school adventure is for him or not, allow him to discern this reality and to act according to his highest light of truth. Also, help me to support him and his decisions to the highest of my capacity, according to your will, Father, not mine and his.

I have much enjoyed the time spent with you… my Universe Parents, indwelling Father and unseen friends… this evening, as I walked to and from the store. I feel liberated, as indeed I am a free and liberated son of the living God.

I ask again that you give us increasing clarification of spiritual vision and enhancement of cosmic insight, which will enable us to put forth renewed effort and all areas of our lives, allowing us to release all illusions, which will enable us to accept your peace, forgiveness and great abundance that is sure to come showering upon us. Also help me to release all fears so that

I may be about making a material living for Ryan and myself, indeed acting with you, Father, to be about healing and transforming myself as I become all that I am indeed becoming. I am with great joy tonight to meet and gather with our celestial friends who have joined us, and I ask you to allow us to receive the thought concepts from any of our unseen friends who desire to impart such into our minds, as we desire not to desire, but to only receive what they desire to convey, with relative clarity and non-interference. Nevertheless, Father, not our desires but your will be done… as truly, our will is that your will be done. Thank you.

MICHAEL: (Jesus) – (T/R Ryan): Hello, my friends. What a good evening to get together and rise above the old. I am pleased to see you each working to become one with your higher selves. It has been a long, treacherous road and has been very challenging at times. You have many unseens watching over you and caring for you every day. I am only one of them. I’m very excited to be working with you. You have both had very valuable experiences and lessons that you have learned.

You both possess a higher quality of personality development than many others. With what you both have and what you have been through, you will each be given, when the time is right, large parts to play within my Mission. Be patient and know that when you are both ready, and the time is right, you will be able to take those steps required. Until then, you must give everything over and know that you are being expertly guided through this great correction time.

With both your weaknesses and your strong points you can greatly help each other out through the hard times you may have, working together as a team, helping others, along with yourselves. It is a very exciting time and there are many more things that will be coming to you. This is only the beginning. When you look back on the road you have taken, as in your choices and your challenges… as you look back, everything had its purpose, everything meant something… and it was to benefit the both of you. You can’t change the past, for there is no need to. Whatever path you take, there is always another open door for you.

The illusion of being lost is only your mind playing tricks on you. The same goes for your fears and worries. There is always an open door that leads to an area that is more beautiful than the other. As you go throughout the day, do not think about what you have done wrong or what you should have done. Have not this clutter in you mind. Do not worry, for as you go throughout the day you are watched over and cared for very greatly.

This is a great time for learning, whether it be from others or from experiences that you go through. I watch over you two very carefully and love you so very much. Do not be discouraged, but go throughout the day and rejoice for what you have, and know that the only way is up; there is no down.

Have the courage and strength to help yourselves and each other leave the old patterns behind, and know that there is a large door that leads to a whole new place. Be patient and know that wonderful new times will greet you. With this in mind, along with what else I have shared, do not think so much, and do not try to think when this will happen, but rather know that as you so are you will become… and change will take effect in both of you as you give over your ego.

MICHAEL: I have the greatest love for both of you and I so wish to see you succeed. Good evening and know that I am always here for you.

[[  This is just one of a few of Ryan’s (Marshall’s 15 year-old son) experiences in “publicly” acting in a T/R capacity over the last three years, as the transmissions he receives are typically a private matter for him. Just before beginning this session, Ryan felt a strong presence, but was not sure who it was. At the end of the session it was clear to him that it was none other than Michael (Jesus) who had come through.

As the transmission proceeded, I also knew that it was Michael (Jesus) who was fellowshipping with us. As a participant, I was amazed at the clarity of the reception, and as transcriber, I appreciated the even flow, requiring minimal edifications. I so look forward to those teenagers and younger adults increasingly stepping up to offer their services as T/Rs in this great unfolding Mission of Michael’s (Jesus’) upon our cherished planet! ]]

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