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SLC18- Preparation For The Future

2005-12-08-Preparation For The Future
Salt Lake #18


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Preparation for the Future
o 1.2 Group: Salt Lake City Group
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tonsah, Serena
o 2.2 TR: Ryan, Marshall
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Preparation for the Future
Group: Salt Lake City Group
Teacher: Tonsah, Serena
TR: Ryan, Marshall

Prayer (Marshall): Dear Father, we give humble thanks that we can be here together this evening, as we are joined by the spirit within us and those many that are gathered around for this occasion. Allow Michael’s peace and Monjoronson’s mercy to imbued within us, as Mother Spirit weaves the threads of this peace and mercy into our beings, allowing us to desire to utilize these great gifts as we come into contact with our dear brothers and sisters.

Allow us to receive whoever it is that desires to come through tonight as we desire not to desire. Father, our will is that your will be done. Let us release our ties to the ego-animal mind and be receptive to those (unseen) friends of ours who we so cherish and love. Create in us a clean heart, Father, and renew a right spirit, as we sit in loving fellowship, each of us supremely desiring to become one with you. We accept your peace and your great love, as we express gratitude and thanks to be here together this evening. Thank you, Father.

TONSAH:  Hello, my brothers, this is Tonsah. I am glad to be back for another in-depth lesson. As I see, everything seems to be going just as planned. You are both at a very critical time, and could be considered at a crossroads, for a crossroad means that there will be certain choices that you will have to make between others. You come between these choices every day. Each time you make a decision, there is an outcome that reflects on the decision you have made. I am here to help you and guide you through whatever problems you may encounter and understand what you may be going through.

TONSAH:  There are very bright times ahead. As you prepare yourselves for these times you will become more knowledgeable and decisive. You already know what you must do, but you must take it within to get full answers of how you will complete these challenges. Know that there are many watching over you, as you are surely aware, and you are being put to the test at every turn. Do not look for challenges but let them come to you.

This can be the start of the Golden Age if both of you are able to pull away from the animal mind, nature and thinking and reach to become one with your Father Fragments. You may not know how big this is, but believe me, it is very big and highly important. Of course, no one is perfect and everyone has their weaknesses, but where there are weaknesses there are lessons to be learned and great challenges to overcome…. so take it that your weaknesses will help you greatly…. as long as you can overcome them. You both have the strength and the power and the mind to complete this, but you must let go of the animal nature that is in all of us to a certain degree, and let go with faith, knowing that you will be changed and all will become new.

I’m very excited to say that I will be your teacher for the meantime, if you so choose. In time, many new teachers will join us, and takeover as this group grows. Remember that there are no limitations and make sure not to put any upon yourselves. Know that when you put your higher mind into focus you can accomplish anything that you desire. This is a great time of awakening and as you two already know, stillness has tremendous power to transform.

Other people will begin to learn about this as well, but it takes time, thought and energy, for nothing can happen overnight. In time you two will become great conduits for Father and you will be able to show people new truth and introduce them to their indwelling Father Fragments.

My lessons will be as deep as you are ready to consume, and as you are ready I will give you more and more information, but only to a certain degree…. for all answers that you seek will be found within during your times of stillness. All answers are there waiting for you, but you must be open for them and accept them and as this occurs you will each experience great transformation within yourselves.

I’m glad you decided to have a meeting tonight, even though you seemed a little tired. I will be excited to meet with you next week. Know that our love goes with you. I take my leave. Until next time.

SERENA: Good evening, my dear brothers. So fine to be here in your presence tonight and to enjoy Tonsah’s address as we fellowship. This is Serena, and I desire to touch each of your hearts with my peace and love, and assure you that each of you are indeed walking toward the light with increasingly pure intentions and growing commitment. I applaud your efforts to rise above your selves and reach into the unknown to embrace the great miracles that you are allowing.

I encourage each of you to reach within throughout the day, into the super-conscious mind, and feel the great presence of your indwelling Father Fragments. It is during these times that you are most receptive to the inner leadings, and as you put together these times of mini-stillnesses, throughout the day, you will find yourselves becoming increasingly aligned and attuned with the will of your indwelling Fragments.

Pause after these times, before abruptly coming into full consciousness, and allow yourself to converse with me…. for the more energy you put forth into feeling my presence, you allow this process of circuitry bonding that is occurring between myself and each of you, to accelerate. You know little, if anything, of this process, but I assure you, that as you focus upon my presence, visualizing me beside you, you make possible for my love and peace to become a part of you, my dear brothers.

So, I reiterate, take time throughout the day to allow yourself to reach within for only three to five minutes, between your anchors of more prolonged stillness meditation, and during these times feel yourself as one with your indwelling Father Fragments. As you pause, before coming into full consciousness, allow me to come to you with great new gifts…. indeed, new miracles that you allow by accepting this great abundance that is available.

Our connections are growing stronger each day as you willingly give over all of the excess baggage that serves you not, and allow your minds to embrace and expand upon only the highest thoughts. I assure you, too, that you are making possible great new lessons to become imparted by many various highly specialized teachers who are, shall we say, experts in their fields. As Tonsah said, there will be many coming and going. Open your hearts and minds to embrace these new teachers who are desirous of more fully working with you as you are ready.

My dear brothers and friends, I am with great joy to observe your supreme desires to become the servers of all, and with such intentions, rest assured…. what the true son desires, and the Father wills, IS. My peace goes with you, as I bid you each a wonderful evening. Remember to call upon me each day, throughout the day, as you reach within…. for indeed it is there that all answers lie. Adieu.

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