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SLC20- The New Awareness

2005-12-20-The New Awareness
Salt Lake City #20


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: The New Awareness
o 1.2 Group: Salt Lake City Group
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Serena
o 2.2 TR: Marshall
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: The New Awareness
Group: Salt Lake City Group
Teacher: Serena
TR: Marshall

SERENA: Good evening, my dear brother and friend. You are coming into new conscious awareness of how truly empowered you are to willfully desire the acquisition of new senses, which will enable you to become increasingly operational on progressively higher levels of the morontia mind. As your morontia and material bodies blend, allowing you to reach new levels of morontia mind attunement, you will find that existing senses will become more defined and enhanced, as you begin recognizing altogether new senses which can best be described as a heightened ability to recognize deeper feelings within and receive those flashes of insight which become increasingly discerned and appreciated on a soul level.

SERENA: You can rest assured that as you begin to increasingly recognize greater sensitivity to your indwelling Father Fragment, that you are indeed allowing the new morontia foundational framework to become installed which will act as that solid foundation for new aspects of the morontia mind which are descending upon you with increasing frequency and power. You are progressively allowing yourself to become attuned to this process as evidenced by the glimpses you are increasingly experiencing as you come out of your visits into the superconscious mind during your times of stillness meditation. On the other hand, the rehearsal that is being experienced during sleep is on an even deeper level of the superconsciousness which will require time and growth to become more consciously aware of.

These new developing senses of the morontia order will progressively become recognized and discerned as you become increasingly aware of new mindal clarity and those flashes of heightened insight and intuition received during and immediately after those times spent in your visits into the superconscious mind arena during stillness meditation. You contribute greatly to the enhancement of existing senses, as well as development of altogether new morontia senses as you willfully desire to facilitate the process of “circuitry bonding” which is occurring between the two of us.

As you allow your mind to visualize and focus upon my presence during those times of stillness, you promote this miracle of “circuitry bonding”…. through your growing ability to utilize higher levels of concentration and focalization upon the strengthening of this ongoing “circuitry bonding” process.

As you visualize yourself receiving the pure energy of love through your crown chakra as you inhale, further visualize and “feel” this pure energy running down through all seven chakras as these chakras/energy centers act as “generators” of this pure energy…. to manifest whatever ideal you are willfully desiring through the process of visualization and concentrated focalization. As you allow the energy to become “charged” or “generated” by these seven chakras, you are indeed becoming increasingly conscious of the process of “energy management”, as you are allowing yourself, through willful desire, to transform and manipulate this pure energy of love to manifest whatever it is that you desire…. be it inner healing, physical regeneration, healing of others, general planetary healing or manifestation of any noble ideal that you supremely desire.

While exhaling during this exercise, you will feel the tingling and highly charged transformed/manipulated energy flowing to your extremities, much like “electrified pins and needles” radiating/pulsating within. As you have discovered, this transformed/manipulated energy can be directed within or projected outward through the heart center to be delivered to wherever, whomever or whatever you desire according to your “focused visualization”. Your level of faith in yourself as a “master of manifestation” in concert with spirit will determine your relative success or failure, with much resting on your true intentions being love-dominated and service-motivated. Total trust in spirit to deliver the ideal visualized is imperative for manifestation to occur.

During those times of stillness, when you are focusing upon my presence and allowing me to guide and assist you in these exercises in “energy management”, I recommend, too, that you increasingly utilize your conscious and willful desire to raise the vibrational level of your “energetic body” to higher frequency levels which will become increasingly recognized and discerned as you allow these exercises to become a regular and established part of your daily regimen…. much as you have experienced with working out your physical muscles over years of exercise and training.

Your determination and consistent, diligent effort in performing these exercises will allow you to increasingly assemble newly developing morontia realities upon the expanding morontia foundational framework/concept frames of reference enabling these growing morontia senses, or morontia superstructure which gently rests upon this foundation, to “take wings” and reach ever-upward and inward , allowing you to clearly recognize and begin co-creatively interpreting the new morontia “miracles” with ever-increasing conscious awareness..

As this process proceeds, so indeed does the process of “circuitry bonding”, which in turn promotes your integration of these new morontia gifts/senses, which in turn opens new doors of training and instruction which will allow you to progressively learn to effectively utilize these new morontia “miracles”…. truly becoming a growing “master of manifestation’.

As you sincerely and willfully desire to become such a “master of manifestation”, you make possible the reception of all that is requisite for such to become a living, growing reality. In this manner you are indeed empowering yourself to embrace the new and perfect, as the old and inferior is released…. indeed allowing all things to assume their true position.
My friend, I am thrilled to bring to you all that you are becoming receptive to and ready for. You are well-learning that you are the captain of your ship, as well as a tremendously powerful co-creator…. indeed the architect of your destiny. Release all binding limitations and know that for a certainty…. whatever the true son desires and the Father wills, IS.

Your sheer determination, diligent effort and growing faith will carry you forth as you reach deep within for all answers, my dear brother. My peace and love goes with you, as this is enough for now. I take my leave.

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