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SLC23- Learning the Lessons Of Higher Living

2006-01-07-Learning the Lessons Of Higher Living
Salt Lake City #23


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Learning The Lessons of Higher Living
o 1.2 Group: Salt Lake City TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tonsah
o 2.2 TR: Ryan
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Learning The Lessons of Higher Living
Group: Salt Lake City TeaM
Teacher: Tonsah
TR: Ryan

Prayer (Marshall): Dear Father of Lights, Mother Spirit, Michael…. so pleased we are to be here for our weekly meeting, and feel the presence of our unseen friends, allowing ourselves to release our egos for a time-out as they sit in the corner across the room. Indeed we are very interested in hearing from our celestial friends who are desirous of coming through tonight, as we receive them with relative clarity, interfering not with what they desire to convey. Nevertheless, Father, not our desires, but your will be done…. for indeed, our will is that your will be done.

TONSAH: (T/R Ryan): Hello again, my friends, this is Tonsah. Again, I have been evaluating each of you throughout this past week. I’m pleased to say that you are progressing in so many ways. With all that is occurring in your lives, this is a highly important time to show yourselves and others that you are ready to take on the challenges which are being brought to you. These challenges will occur in your everyday life and may not be noticeable at first, but they are there, and once initiated, then you truly put to the test what you have learned.

TONSAH: Let not what you experience in the material world affect you in any way at all. Of course, there are the needs that you have, such as food, shelter and other basic needs, and as you so choose the path of Father’s will, then you will be shown the way and helped in all areas of your lives, including financially. Both of you are well learning the lessons of higher living which very few wholeheartedly embrace, and I ask each of you to attempt to focus more intensely upon beaming the light of Father into each and every soul you encounter as you go throughout your day. So many out there in the world look for what you know. They look for faith and they look for guidance. Help these hungry souls and feed them the love and spirit nourishment that the Master did when he walked this planet.

Many challenges will be assigned to each of you, and once you complete these challenges you will be able to move on to the next level to excel in other areas. Believe me, this is such a great time for change. You are both starting to lead very healthy and balanced lifestyles. Of course, as you grow and progress, your schedules and areas of focus will change and evolve. I am here to help each of you along this path of development, as you reach to become one with your Thought Adjusters. I assure you that you each have what it takes and I have total faith in you.

Ryan, as you travel back East this week to interview at these boarding schools, keep in mind that either path you take will have different challenges, along with many of the same ones. Any path you take will change you. Keep in mind also, that as you tour these prep schools, not to entertain judgment in your mind, but be totally open to spirit leading and know that you will be making a very important and crucial decision. Let the answers come to you. In the meantime, enjoy yourself and do not fear that you will take the wrong path. Your will receive the answer, and you will know for sure. Enough said on that topic.
Are there any questions, tonight?

Marshall: I am so glad that you covered what you have regarding Ryan’s upcoming trip to New England tomorrow. Thank you, Tonsah.

Now, on a different topic. This interesting development which has occurred just in the last few days as a result of my efforts in Canada to secure this large account, surely seems like no coincidence, as I’ve been told many times by those working with me that I only need take the steps, and this team which works with me will come right in, and as I put forth the effort, great abundance will come forth. Would you care to comment on this?

TONSAH: Surely, my brother. As I said before, you will encounter many challenges, and this is one of the largest you have had in awhile. I, too, so believe that you are ready to move on to the next level. You are correct, for there are many assisting you and attempting to help you financially as well. Keep in mind that the completion of this challenge may not result in what you so wish to occur, but then again, it is not up to me as to what happens.

All I can say is that if this does work out like you plan, you surely will be freed up financially, but then again, if it does not work our there is also a great challenge in that as well, and that is to continue moving on. Do not be discouraged if all does not go as planned, but again, I do not make these decisions. I can only guide you and help you make the best choices for yourself and I feel that if money is what you need at this time, then you will receive it.

But, if the celestials feel that you are lacking in other areas and you need something else, then they’ll put that to the test and see if you really are ready to move on. When you are ready, your time will come and you will be freed financially, where you can reach into other areas and be more about Father’s business. This is a very exciting time, my friend. Does this help?

Marshall: Very much, Tonsah, and I appreciate your comments. On another note, I have been feeling much closer to you lately. As you know, I have been consciously reaching for you, as well as for Serena and a number of others. Do you have any comments on my attempts in this arena?

TONSAH: Of course. There are so many celestials out there wanting to work with you. I feel privileged to work with such a soul, and I can tell you that you are on the right track. I feel that stillness is bringing you closer to your indwelling Father Fragment, which allows me to become closer to you and help you more. When you are open and you so desire to be helped, and you let everything go, that’s when so many of the celestials come in, allowing great healing and reconstruction of your body and mind to take place.

Again, you have reached new levels of attainment, but it is a long road and there are many things upon this road that will distract you and sometimes push you away from what you are attempting to accomplish. Think of your journey as a dirt road that leads through many different areas. There are woods, there are mountains, there are cities and so many great things to see and do along the way. But again, as I mentioned, there are distractions, but if you can keep focused, all will only get better and this road will lead to a better place.

This road signifies your development; this road that you walk everyday is your growth and development. Be open as you continue on with your journey, and seek help from deep within during stillness, and you will be greatly assisted and shown the way along this long, treacherous road. There may be shortcuts on the road, but take the high road and all the challenges that it has to offer. Do not short yourself in any way, and have the faith, trust and courage to keep on going. Does this help?

Marshall: This is a wonderful response, and I again thank you, Tonsah. Does Ryan have any questions?

Ryan: No. I got my question answered.

Marshall: Well, Tonsah, I certainly don’t want to wear this T/R out.

TONSAH: He is doing just fine.

Marshall: Very well then. I am each week noticing tremendous differences as I spend this quality time in stillness throughout the day, and I can begin to see more clearly that the whole great challenge is to achieve a continuous “stillness mind” as the Master achieved while he was here. I am referring to the unbroken contact that he had with his indwelling Thought Adjuster throughout his waking hours. Is this not the ultimate goal to strive for?

TONSAH: That is part of it, yes. Indeed, the challenge is allowing Father’s indwelling presence to dominate your thoughts and mind at all times, but then again, also to have complete faith and trust in Father and his plan for you. As you reach this level, you will reach very powerful stages, and you must become increasingly led by your Father Fragment. You cannot do this on your own, and yes, this goal you speak of is very possible, but the only way to reach this level is to go out into the unknown fully trusting Father to guide and direct your journey.

In addition, you must spread the love of the Father to everyone you encounter, and this does take time and effort. You can only reach this state by first letting go of everything. You must let go of your ego mind. The Master was able to do that at a relatively young age. People on this planet have never seen such since then. You are not trying to be like he was and copy his life, but only attempting to do what he did, and that is trying to become one with the Father Fragment that indwells us all, that knows all, and that has the answers to everything. Is this what you mean?

Marshall: Yes. So in essence, the ultimate is to become one with our indwelling Father Fragment, of course. But, this “stillness mind” can theoretically be achieved as the Master achieved it, through reaching within. So, as I am listening to you and reading between the lines, this stillness time is the time for receiving, or “inreach”…. and then the time for projecting and reflecting the Father’s great love is the actual aspect of service, or “outreach”, during which time we can also strive to stay within the “stillness mind” as we are serving. Is this correct?

TONSAH: Definitely. Stillness is how you will reach these levels, of course, but you cannot give everything over by yourself, unless you reach deep within and be in the “stillness mind”. It is in this mind that you can release all and give everything over, and feel the great love and presence of your indwelling Father. And through faith and trust, you will know that you are guided upon this great journey, but indeed stillness is the prime factor that allows you communication with your indwelling spirit and those you cannot see or hear. It is almost like the telephone, in that it goes everywhere, accessing you to many celestials while helping you gain knowledge through interaction at the same time.

Marshall: Yes, Tonsah. Indeed. Well, I am deeply grateful for your presence throughout the day. And I know for a certainty that you are there, as well as many, many others. Even though I do not know all of them, I feel that this “circuitry bonding” process which is occurring between me and Serena is most helpful and allows her to become increasing effective in coordinating my increasing awareness of those who are coming in and out. Of course, this coordination I speak of between me and Serena is in addition to, yet simultaneous with, that coordination which occurs between my guardian seraphim and indwelling Father Fragment, along with all spirit influences which ultimately act as one.

Is it a correct perception for me to continue allowing Serena to be this personal coordinator between all these celestials that are coming and going, as I have been and am currently envisioning, as this “circuitry bonding” process proceeds? Do I make myself clear?

TONSAH: Yes. I feel that you should always be open to any celestials that may come in, and Serena will definitely act in this capacity you are envisioning, along with many others that you know, like me, and all the others that you are in contact with. Know that many teachers will be coming in and out of your life. There is not one for you, for there are many that specialize in different areas. These teachers are trained to the highest degree and so many of them are looking forward to working with you, and teaching you, while lighting the path for you. This is only the beginning, for there are many teachers out there that will show you things you wouldn’t believe.

Marshall: The one that came through three nights ago that I allowed to come through. Well, he just starts talking through my voice as I was talking out loud. Turns out he was one of the three I asked for back in April that would not have normally been assigned to my watchcare. Evidently this celestial was quite an expert on his mortal planet in areas of business, shall we say, and he assured me that as I utilized initiative and took the steps forward, I would be lifted up…. and it wasn’t two days later when I ran into this huge opportunity in Canada. This is one interesting personality and I so look forward to getting better to know him. He is acting as spokesman, at least at this time, for the three I requested. Anything you care to comment on?

TONSAH: Sure. Again, many of these teachers that will come into contact with you will help you in their areas of expertise. As you give everything over as you indeed want to, and I can see that you are, you allow all things to become new. It will be a process which takes time, but be patient, and know there will be many others who will be assisting you. There will be certain ones who will show you how to master certain areas.

This one that you now speak of, that you say is very well trained in areas of business, if you so take the steps as he guides you, and so wish to become changed in areas he will lead you into, and are putting forth full effort while giving over everything to Father, then you will be led and you will not have to be worried about making a material living, for it will come. It will be shown to you by those like him who will come in to help you.

Marshall: Well, I’m finding this time of my life as really a whole new life from what I have ever known, ever since making it through those most difficult five months of what some might term the “dark night of the soul”, those times of confronting what I had to by walking through the middle of the “pit of darkness and despair”, allowing faith and trust to take me through those trying times, along with sheer determination. It has led to the most joyous and thrilling time I have ever experienced, and I know that all you have communicated here tonight is so real, and it confirms all that I have been receiving for some time.

But, my, to think about how life can change. Surely, this must be part of the great transformation that I have been so reaching for that is in the process of occurring. I am so grateful, Tonsah, for all the assistance you are providing, and I’m finding that each day we are becoming closer. Most magnificent times, indeed, my friend. And I am certain that I’m being prepared for great work in the fields ahead. You can certainly count on my growing commitment to this great Mission, my dear friend, as we go forth together. That’s all I have to say, tonight.

TONSAH: Very well put. I so agree that we are becoming closer. As you proceed with stillness and continue to allow me access into your life, I am able to share so much with you. I feel that this is only the beginning, for we have a very strong connection and relationship. You will also be developing strong relationships with many others, as you are experiencing, and you will have many, many celestial friends who will be there to help you along your path.

TONSAH:I am very happy to hear of your dedication, and I pray for only the best. I also know that you can give everything over. I have great faith in you, and I am beginning to see that you are having more faith in yourself, as well. Again, this is only the beginning, and I feel that the levels of growth are endless. Do not overthink what I have said tonight, but take into the stillness what I have shared with you about the challenges you may face, and how that in order to complete a challenge, it may not come out the way you wish it to.

I have much enjoyed our dialog, and I will see you next week, but more shortly I will see you in your time of stillness, and all throughout the day. I am very excited to be working with you. Be patient, and know that there is so much awaiting you, and that as you desire to release all, you will, and more will be given to you. Know that you are both dearly loved and so carefully watched over. I take my leave for the evening, and I wish Ryan a safe and meaningful trip. Good evening.

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