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SLC24- Learning Energy Techniques

2006-01-14-Learning Energy Techniques
Salt Lake City #24


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Learning Energy Techniques
o 1.2 Group: Salt Lake City Group
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Julianna, Unknown
o 2.2 TR: Ryan, Marshall
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Learning Energy Techniques
Group: Salt Lake City Group
Teacher: Julianna, Unknown
TR: Ryan, Marshall

Prayer (Marshall): Good evening, dear Father, Mother, Michael, and all of those in attendance. A joy to have us all together as we release our ties to the ego mind and indeed receive whosoever desires to come through, allowing them to convey whatever they are desirous of imparting. Michael and Mother, I ask that you assist us in reaching deep within as we desire not to desire, receiving any messages with relative clarity and minimal interference. Welcome all, and know that it is an honor, a pleasure and a joy to have you with us during this time. Nevertheless, Father, not our desires, but your will be done, for indeed each day we ask that we become increasing attuned and aligned with your indwelling spirit. Create within us a clean heart, and renew a right spirit, as we rejoice in your presence. Thank you dear Father and our Universe Parents.

Unnamed Teacher (T/R Ryan): Hello and good evening. I don’t feel that you have met me before, but I am a teacher upon this planet and I have been wanting to talk with you for some time. I have been hearing about you lately and am very interested in what you two have to offer. You could call me a celestial or a teacher.

I desire to help you become more attuned with Father. I have been upon this planet for quite some time and feel that there is so much that needs to be done here, and eventually will be. The vast majority of people living upon this world are unable to truly connect with their Thoughts Adjusters, or inner Father Fragments, and tend to be led astray. I am here to teach you new lessons, along with many other teachers. I am very pleased to have the opportunity to work with each of you.

Marshall: I am very happy that you have come through Ryan tonight, and I welcome you, my friend. We will not bother giving you a name at this point, but just savor your presence and what you have to teach us.

Unnamed Teacher: (T/R Ryan): Thank you, Marshall.

Unnamed Teacher: My new friends, there are many steps involved in mastering yourself, of course, but do not look too far ahead. Try to take each challenge as a step-by-step process, without moving too slowly or too fast. The process of becoming connected with your Thought Adjuster is, in and of itself, very difficult, and few mortals upon your planet have reached this attainment.

You were talking earlier in your discussion about beaming the love of Father into the eyes of each individual you come into contact with. I am here to help you and show you new ways of effectively doing just this. You will find my personality very different from many of the others you have come into contact with, as we all have different personalities and possess great strengths in various areas.

As you go throughout the day with whatever is on your mind, or whatever you may be doing, always try to be in constant connection with your Inner Self without becoming less aware. The stillness time that you now perform does get you there, but soon enough this time will be changed and will become more intense as more is revealed and shown to you. You are only at the first stage and as you reach new stages you will be able to unlock more. Think of me as a teacher who will help you better get to know yourselves and your indwelling Father Fragments.

As we talk later on, or next week, know that I will be able to present more as your T/R becomes more fully connected with me. However, I do encourage each of you to attempt contact with me throughout the week during your times of stillness. My name is not important at this time, and soon enough you will find out.

I am pleased to formally introduce myself to each of you this evening, and again, I am very excited and happy to be working with you. Soon enough, you too, will be excited about what I have to give you. I will meet with you two soon. Thank you.

JULIANNA: Good evening, my dear brothers and friends. It has been some time since I have formally addressed the two of you, but think not that I have not been present observing your growth and progress. This is Julianna and it has been several weeks since I have addressed you. You may recall that I am of the same order as Serena, and am becoming quite prepared to work with ones like yourselves. I have met a number of others around the planet, some of whom I have begun to work with, for I, too, will be materializing as a, shall we say, female staff member of our beloved Magisterial Son, Monjoronson.

I am very excited for both of you, for tonight you have formally met a most exceptional teacher in his area of expertise. He will be able to tell you more of himself as you become connected. What he has to offer is most vital for all of those who have the supreme desire to serve at the highest level in these upcoming times, those who are willing to release all and truly become transformed mighty mortals of this new order of blending morontia/material being which is in the process of evolving.

A number of these mortals are progressing at rates, shall we say, faster than others, and of these there are those who are reaching relatively advanced stages in this process for the short time it has been occurring. A number of these blending individuals will become ones who will serve upon Monjoronson’s staff as complements to ones like myself and Serena, as well as to Melchizedeks and other unrevealed beings.

What this most exceptional new teacher will be bringing to you, my friends, has to do with taking you into deeper levels of alignment and attunement with your indwelling Father Fragments. In actuality, we are speaking of an upstepment of concepts presented in your Urantia Book pertaining to the partnership between man and God; between mortal and our Paradise Father. Such an upstepment to the races of Urantia will bring whole new meaning and value to understanding your great potential as highly empowered co-creators of destiny.

Through connection with their indwelling Father Fragments, there are those blending mortals who are currently undergoing the “circuitry bonding” process with ones of my order as well as with Melchizedeks and other unrevealed orders who will serving upon the materialized staff of our Magisterial Son. This “circuitry bonding” process will be greatly enhanced as ones like yourself become possessed of new skills, new knowledge, which will enable them to reach deep within to better know their indwelling Father Fragment, or Divine Self, on levels rarely experienced upon this planet at this time.

This “circuitry bonding” process is in essence a “triangular engagement”, one similar to what Monjoronson referred to in his address on Lightline two nights ago (01/12/06), for indeed, as you are experiencing this blending, or bonding, with ones like myself, you are likewise experiencing this process with other mortals, not just limited to other blending mortals that Monjoronson’s to-be-materialized staff are working intensely with. So, indeed we are speaking of a “triangular engagement” of circuitry blending, commingling and bonding.

As you become possessed with new capacities to become evermore attuned with your indwelling Father Fragments, you will indeed be able to experience whole new levels of bringing light to your brethren, those brothers and sisters in the flesh, and allowing them to experience great new awakening. Such a principle I speak of has been referred to as the “Great Creative Radiating Principle”.

I recommend that you go back to my last lesson with you (see SLC19-12/11/05) and review my words, as you will indeed find information, although it may be just the tip of the iceberg, per se, which will provide you with somewhat of a foundation for the new teachings that will be brought to you by this new teacher who earlier addressed you this evening.

You will indeed be learning new techniques of energy management, of utilizing the pure energy of love, allowing yourselves to receive, embrace, transform and manipulate this pure energy through the power centers, or chakras, within your bodies. You will learn to employ these power centers as powerful generators, and through focused intention upon your ideals, backed by willful desire, you will become most capable, assuming total trust and faith, of indeed becoming very powerful “masters of manifestation”.

Whether your ideal be to heal your physical being, allowing all things to assume their true position, thus preparing you to become a more effective server, or be it to beam hope, peace and love into the hearts of your brethren, or bring about specific individual healing or general planetary healing, this ideal, whatsoever it may be, will indeed come into manifestation as your intentions are faith-led, love-dominated, truth-coordinated and service motivated.

So, my dear brothers, I encourage you to open your hearts and minds and get to know this most exceptional teacher better each day, for he is truly desirous of working with each of you and others who express the supreme desire to serve. Rest assured that there are others like him who are experts in his area of specialization that will be working with many other mortals throughout the planet who are desirous of receiving new teachings, training, preparation and rehearsal, allowing themselves to become the increasingly tempered, refined and effective servers of all.

I assure you, as you were earlier discussing in your conversation, that we do teach in a much different fashion than you are accustomed to, as many of you are finding out through personal experience. Yes, you will be given knowledge and information, but as you go out into the real world to practice what you have been taught, you can rest assured that these experts, and others upon your team, will be working with you as you apply these lessons in the real life arena.

As you actualize your growing potential to increasingly connect with your indwelling Father Fragments on these deeper levels that we have spoken of, I assure you that you will indeed reach whole new levels of directing this “bright white light” energy of pure love to manifest whatever your noble ideals may be, becoming truly empowered “masters of manifestation”. My friends, this is most exciting, and I am thrilled to again join you, and you can look forward to hearing more from me. I encourage each of you to attempt to connect with me throughout the week. Know that I am here for you. You only need ask.

That said, I will be most pleased to take any questions that you may have, Ryan. But, before this, I must let you know that I am most interested in observing your growing ability to open up to those who desire to come through, as you become an open channel for many that you will be coming into contact with. I commend you, my dear son, on your exceptional progress, and know that as you go about your daily life and living, many eyes within this universe are upon you; more than you could possibly imagine. Now, it will be an honor to take any questions that you may have.

Ryan: Thank you, Julianna, for all you have shared. I have one question.

JULIANNA: The pleasure is mine, Ryan.

Ryan: I am very interested in what all the different teachers have to say, but when they say that they are each specialized in different areas, in what way and in what different areas are they specialized that we haven’t learned?

JULIANNA: Good question, Ryan.
You are well aware of the different subjects you are learning of in school. Your most exceptional music teacher that you have been most close with, you might consider him a specialist in his field of music. Other school teachers you are learning from in areas of mathematics, the sciences, languages, history, geography, computer science and physical education may consider themselves as specialists in their fields of teaching and learning.

As you may visualize through your life experiences, you can take yourself into the stillness and begin to imagine the many areas where there would be teachers, for as each individual has their strengths, these strengths are continuously growing stronger, more pronounced and enhanced as one goes on. In the short mortal lifespan that you are envisioning upon your planet, there is very little time to become a great expert in any one area, but when you go on from your planet, on to the mansion worlds, over hundreds and thousands of years, you will continuously be recognizing new strengths within, becoming much stronger as whole new depth and breadth will be realized in those areas you choose to pursue.

As your father has mentioned, should you choose to become involved with the celestial artisans in further pursuing your talent and interest in music, after your time upon this planet when you arrive upon the mansion worlds, or wherever you may land, you will be required to enlist with the celestial artisans for a minimum of 1000 years of superuniverse time. Just as there are those enrolled with the celestial artisans in music and various forms of artistic expression, there are other areas which are beyond your wildest imagination. Energy specialists, for example, ones that are truly devoted to learning more in this area, ones like

Tonsah, who learned much in this field while living as a mortal upon his birth sphere, becoming a “master of manifestation” upon his planet, as he learned to utilize, transform and manipulate energy to indeed bring into being whatever it was he envisioned… within certain parameters. He was able to reach levels where he could dematerialize and travel the gridwork that the Midwayers of his planet employed.

There are many, many areas where one can become specialized, and in time come to be considered an expert in their specific areas of interest. Looking at the big picture, there are nearly infinite areas that one can become specialized in. This teacher tonight, who has introduced himself, is one who has spent more time than you could fathom upon becoming expertly qualified to bring ones like yourself closer to their indwelling Father Fragments, reaching into areas which are virtually unknown upon Urantia.

More areas of study and learning stand to greet you as you become awakened to the divine magnificence that is within you, or your true Inner Self. Get ready to begin new training by a true expert, unlike the teachers you are accustomed to, who will take you into areas that will allow you to learn to effectively utilize the great gifts that lie within, in time becoming a qualified expert in your own right, in areas that very few upon this planet today are aware of. In time, some of your brethren may come to look at you as an expert.

Understand, that there are always those who are ahead of you, those of your order and those of other orders of personality who come back and teach those behind them. So in essence, this grand universe is comprised of many, many experts from Paradise out to the planets of time and space, and as these various personalities originate further out from the Central Universe, they are trained increasingly by those who are well versed in their areas of expertise, ones coming back to teach what they have learned, gaining valuable experience in the process.

As you grow and progress in the universe, through the mansion worlds and the system, on to the constellation, the local universe, then out into the minor and major sectors of the seventh superuniverse, on to the billion spheres of Havona and Paradise, there will be continuous openings in new fields of training and learning, as well as teachings that you will be exposed to, and along with it the experts who teach in these various fields. These experts, these teachers, these specialists, they gain great experience in coming back to teach those just behind them.

Remember always, that in the grand universe the plan of teaching, unlike the one you are accustomed to, is one where those like yourself, who have learned more than your brethren, go back to teach those who have learned less. As an example, let us take you as the tenth grader that you are, and allow you to finish this school year having learned what you will have learned in tenth grade. Next year, instead of going on to eleventh grade, you would stay in tenth grade another year, not as a student, per se, but as a teacher to those who are coming into tenth grade. In so doing, you, too, will in reality be a student, for you have never fully learned until you can teach what you have learned to others.

This, in essence, will give you somewhat of an idea of the plan as it is practiced through out all the universes. This might give you some idea of the well-nigh infinite areas of specialization that you will come into contact with, as each personality has their own unique strengths in certain areas, and as they develop these gifts and talents, they can become true experts in their areas of specialization. Does this give you a better picture?

Ryan: Definitely.

JULIANNA: Well, I am pleased to give you, shall we say, a vague glimpse of what you are in for, Ryan. Know that I have enjoyed this time with each of you, this evening, and I reiterate, my dear brothers, do go back and read the lesson from several weeks ago (see SLC19-12/11/05) when I last addressed you, for this will give you somewhat of a foundation, and allow your minds to become more open for what you are in for as you open your minds and hearts to this new teacher. Call upon him each day, as you desire, for truly, my brothers, indeed we are speaking of a great miracle that you can indeed become a part of as a powerful co-creator with your divine Inner Self and indwelling Father Fragment. Great new realities you stand poised to become a part of, my brothers. I now take my leave, but not before I touch your hearts with my love. Adieu.

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