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SLC25- Powerful Entity Addresses SLC

2006-01-21-Powerful Entity Addresses SLC
Salt Lake City #25


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Powerful Entity Addresses SLC
o 1.2 Group: Salt Lake City TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tonsah
o 2.2 TR: Ryan
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Note
o 3.2 Opening
o 3.3 Lesson
o 3.4 Dialogue
o 3.5 Closing

Topic: Powerful Entity Addresses SLC
Group: Salt Lake City TeaM
Teacher: Tonsah
TR: Ryan

[[ During this session, the T/R, Ryan, was experiencing twitching of his muscles in the legs, upper body and arms as well as jerky movements throughout the neck area. During the session Ryan took off his sweater, leaving nothing on his upper body but a tee-shirt. By the end of his engagement with this new, unnamed teacher he was soaking wet and extremely hot, having to change his clothes. It also took him a good thirty minutes before his eyes could focus. Ryan commented that the power he felt T/Ring this teacher was like nothing he had ever experienced. He discerned that this teacher was from a very high level. I also gathered such. Additionally, he stated that this teacher was totally no-nonsense and knew very well what he was doing. It was obvious to each of us that this new teacher could read into our minds.]]

Prayer (Marshall): Good evening, Mother Spirit, Michael and all of those who are gathered here in our midst. It is a joy to feel your presence. We ask that we be empowered to release all ties to the lower animal mind as we embrace the divine magnificence within us, becoming receptive to any and all who desire to impart their message, conveying whatever it is that they wish to share with us. Honored are we to be here together in spirit as we reach for new awareness, desiring to more cheerfully cooperate with all who are working with us to reach whole new levels of operation, becoming increasingly connected with our indwelling Father Fragments. Thank you, dear Universe Parents and all of those here with us in spirit, tonight.

TONSAH: (T/R Ryan): Hello again, my friends. This is Tonsah. I am glad to be talking with you again and am very excited to add a new teacher to our group. Though his name is not announced, he has very unique qualities, and as I have said before, will be able to teach you many things in different areas.

He is only one of many that are willing to work with you. He was chosen to work with you only because you accepted him. We feel that we need to give you those who can teach you the most at this time. We feel that this being will be able to help you out so much. Now that I have said this, I would like to turn it over to this new teacher. Please, accept him into your minds, and all that he has to offer.

Marshall: Hello, our new friend. Welcome. I have been attempting to connect with you throughout the week, and feel that I have at certain times. I am thrilled that you have chosen to present us with these new teachings that you will be imparting.

Unnamed Teacher (T/R Ryan): Hello. I am very pleased to be here with the both of you. Let my name not be of importance to you at this time, but embrace what I have to offer, and know that I was chosen because those that watch over you feel like you needed me at this time. I wish to help you get to know yourselves and each other better, as you look deeper into what you have each started to undertake. I want to help you make the highest and best decisions, and I feel that the only way you can accomplish this is by getting closer to your spirit within, as you call it. Go throughout the day with peace, and when I say this, always have a positive outlook on all the things that you encounter, whether it be a challenge or a difficulty that you are trying to surmount.

Unnamed Teacher: There are habits that will soon enough be left behind, and once those are left behind, you will then be able to move on into different areas. These habits may be pleasures that you so desire, or they may be subconscious and you may not be as aware of them. Pleasures of an animal nature tend to make you lose contact with your inner self. It is when you can turn everything over that you will have new things presented to you that your soul is so hungry for. I will be able to help you leave your animal desires behind, but can only help you if you allow me, and if you put forth the effort to initiate the steps required, knowing that you can follow through to completion, with our help.

It is with a positive attitude that you can achieve so much, and see greatness in everything, whether it be misfortune or a simple daily thing that you encounter. I’m not saying to be fake, as you so call it, and lie to your inner self about what you are feeling, but simply not to look at a down-side to whatever reaction may occur. There are two ways you can look at things. You can see them as benefiting you and helping you, and then you can see them as not helping you at all.

Making good decisions in your everyday, you will have a positive outlook and you will be willing to go throughout the day in peace and with strength. I feel that you both tend to look at things in the wrong way, as do many others on this planet. As you assimilate my teachings, I feel that you are obligated to teach others, as well. You must first learn these teachings yourself, experiencing them, but it is when you have reached a certain level in my teachings that you can then pass them down onto others.

There are ways of passing information onto one another. Humans tend to do it verbally, but there are so many other ways of communicating in which you can spread what you have learned from me and other teachers. Body language, for instance, can show others how you are feeling, or what mood you are in. It can tend to show your emotions when you are amongst others. There are also the facial expressions, through which you can show others your agreement and status, but one of the most important ways of communicating is through your eyes.

Your eyes will be able to seek out others. The eyes are not only for vision, but think of them as a path to the soul. It is when you look into someone’s eyes that you can see their true being, and what they may be going through. The eyes are usually the best way to transfer thoughts and information. To be an effective ambassador and teacher, you must have love and strength in your eyes, and know yourself enough to where you can look at yourself in a reflection and see the qualities of your self.

Marshall: Are you speaking of a mirror?

Unnamed Teacher: Right. You must first learn your body and the language that it speaks. If you look deep into your eyes, in the mirror, you will find many things about yourself that you may not have known before. I would like you to get to know your eyes better, if you would like to call it that. I have noticed that you have done this before, but I’m asking that you look into your eyes ever so often, whether it be once a day, or whenever you find the right time and place. …

[[(T/R: He is basically trying to say that we perform these eye exercises whenever we feel comfortable in doing them… when the time feels right.)]]

… I feel that this will enable you to know yourself better, and as I said, you will find many things that you have not known about yourself before. It is when you look into your own eyes that you see what you may be missing, or what you may be lacking.

Marshall: But, I understand that we lack nothing.

Unnamed Teacher: What you may be lacking is confidence, or love, or thinking that you are not loved enough…

Marshall: I got you.

Unnamed Teacher: I only ask this of you because I know for a fact that this will help you… once you can add it to and let it become a regular part of your daily schedule.

Marshall: Do you recommend doing this exercise several times a day, throughout the day?

Unnamed Teacher: Yes, I recommend that you do it whenever possible, and I will not say to do it this many or that many times each day, but you will know… several times a day, throughout the day.

Marshall: Do you suggest that we be in the stillness mind when performing this eye exercise?

Unnamed Teacher: I suggest looking deep within yourself, and if it requires the stillness mind to look deep within your soul, then yes, get within the stillness mind, for that will help you see what your natural eye is capable of seeing.

Again, once you have this down, and once you feel you have come to know yourself better, I ask that you then use it on others that you may encounter. Look deep within their eyes, and you will start to see their soul and their characteristics. This is one of the best ways to get to know people. Do not limit yourself on communication with others. Do not only speak to someone, but look into them as you are speaking to them. Feel their vibrations, look at the colors they may emit and notice all that surrounds you.

This will be my first lesson that I will so enjoy teaching you. There are many others that I have planned for you once you reach a certain level. I feel that we will be able to move at a good pace, provided you perform the exercises that I suggest.

Marshall: As we are looking into the mirror, do you suggest that we be saying something to ourselves to promote our increased awareness?

Unnamed Teacher: I feel that you should not say anything to yourself during this exercise, for you need total focus and concentration, and yes, stillness will help with this and will also help you to stay open to receiving what you will receive.

Marshall: Ham had a lesson where he introduced a similar exercise, where he asked his students to look into the mirror and tell themselves how wonderful they were, something on that order as I recall. So, this exercise you propose is really a deeper exercise, I perceive.
Unnamed Teacher: There are many different exercises, each for a specific purpose. This eye exercise I introduce to you presents the challenge of looking deep within yourself and attempting to find out who you are, as you come to better know yourself.

Ham had his students look into their own eyes, in the mirror, saying words of encouragement to themselves, to assist them in building self-esteem, knowing that such an exercise would have a greater impact than merely repeating these positive statements without looking into their own eyes, as the eyes lead directly to the soul. These are two different exercises, and yes, Ham’s exercise is a very good one, indeed. You can practice this as well, but do not get the two exercises mixed up, for they each have different purposes. I am glad you brought this up. There are many eye exercises to utilize for different purposes, and these are only a couple of them. I will be introducing you to more eye exercises, as well as many other types of exercises throughout my time with you. Are there any further questions you might have on this topic?

Marshall: When we are performing this specific eye exercise, do we call upon you or any others, or simply reach into our souls through the eyes and allow all to just flow?

Unnamed Teacher: This is something you must take on alone with your indwelling spirit and your soul. This time must be very focused and should only be practiced when the time is right. Do this maybe after stillness, when you have been connected with other teachers and the spirit within.

Marshall: Would it be wise to put a time limit on this exercise?

Unnamed Teacher: I feel that no, you should not put a time limit on this exercise or others that I will be bringing to you, for you must do this with comfort. You will know when you have reached a certain point. This is not something that you want to attempt to control.

Marshall: As we become more and more comfortable with practicing this exercise in the mirror, should we attempt to then go out and practice it upon others, or for now simply focus upon getting to better know ourselves?

Unnamed Teacher: I feel that for now, you have a large enough challenge in becoming accustomed to doing this exercise alone. Take this week and focus only upon looking into your own eyes. Yes, you may, if you so choose, look into the eyes of others, but I do not desire that you become confused at this time, for this exercise is larger than you think.

Marshall: I perceive that we are in the beginning stages of learning how to actually practice the so-called “Great Creative Radiating Principle”, whereby we are going to be learning to beam the “pure white light” of love into the souls of our brethren. I am correct in my assumption?

Unnamed Teacher: Definitely.

Marshall: Oh, wow!

Unnamed Teacher. You are right on target. Yes, you will be using this to look into other souls, and this exercise will only be one of your tools you will be able to use to better get to know people, and find out what they need help with most. You must first know a person’s needs, before you can teach this person. You do not want to start teaching someone something that they are not ready for. You must be able to know when others are ready to accept new teachings.

Marshall: The Master (Jesus) well-perfected this exercise at a young age, didn’t he?

Unnamed Teacher: He surely did, and he knew how to take each step as it came. You will be learning, just as he did at an early age, how to know people by looking into them and know what it is that they are going through. The Master had well-perfected this technique after his teen years, but not before that time.

Marshall: I do not perceive that you are an ascending mortal. I feel in you a similar energy that I feel from Michael.

Unnamed Teacher: I see that you are very interested in getting to know who I am.

Marshall: You got that right, as I am quite fascinated by your energy and what little you have conveyed thus far. In you, I sense a certain kinship, or alignment, with the Master.

Unnamed Teacher: I am of a very high order of Universe personality. I would like you to get the information correct, but I feel that the T/R must first get to know me a little better before he finds out who I truly am. He must be open for… (inaudible)

Marshall: Are you a Trinity Teacher Son?

T/R (Ryan): It’s me (T/R Ryan losing confidence)… I’m having trouble answering this question, I don’t know, but I’m somewhat confused (sweat pouring off of him and looking flushed).

NOTE:  [[ Keep in mind that the T/R (Ryan) is not personally familiar with the Urantia Book, having only read, at most, the first couple hundred pages of Part Four. ]]

Unnamed Teacher: You will soon find out who I am, but for the meantime just take my teachings and know that you have been given a teacher that can help you reach very high levels, and one that will always be capable of assisting you throughout your spiritual journey.

Marshall: Well, I am thrilled to have you as a new teacher, and I sense great power in your presence, my friend… and it is really not important at this juncture what personality order you represent. Of more interest is to see this connection between you and the T/R (Ryan) grow and develop. Either way, it is the lessons that you are gifting us with that are of immediate and primary interest, and all else can wait, my new friend. Rest assured that I am honored to be your student, and I will diligently practice all you have this evening conveyed to us… each day, throughout the day.

Thank you, and again, it is an honor, a pleasure and a joy to have you as our teacher.

Unnamed Teacher: I am very glad to hear this from you, Marshall, and will enjoy working with you, along with Ryan. Take my love with you, but more importantly, accept the love from yourselves and each other. I take my leave.

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