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SLC26- Empowerment To You

2006-12-03-Empowerment To You
Salt Lake City #26


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Empowerment to You
o 1.2 Group: Salt Lake City Group
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Julianna
o 2.2 TR: Marshall
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Empowerment to You
Group: Salt Lake City Group
Teacher: Julianna
TR: Marshall

JULIANNA:  Greetings my dear children of light. This is Julianna here with you to take Diane’s message (T/Red by Mike Quincey) to you from a different angle of approach. You may know of Serena, a fellow sister of my order who is Chief of Staff of the Son from Paradise that we serve under, known throughout this planet by different names, but nonetheless the same individual who is here with us now, though not yet materialized as one of your order… who will lead us into the global alignment we are preparing for. This Paradise Son works hand in hand with your Jesus as well as all of those great spiritual leaders who have graced this planet with their service to our Great Father of Lights and all of mankind.

I commend Diane and her channel/vehicle for expression, Mike, in so eloquently and accurately conveying what we are in the process of experiencing on this great World of the Cross. Indeed you mortals are more cherished than you at this time can possibly perceive. You are, in fact, the very players that are and will be increasingly taking the global stage with empowerment beyond your wildest dreams. We stand behind the curtains, per se, to assist you and provide all the props that will be required for you to be about the massive task of global reorganization and transformation.

JULIANNA: No magic wands will be waved to relieve you of all the work that must be done by those of your order upon your sphere to affect the changes that are now in motion. What is now most needed are those faithful, loyal and trustworthy players who will allow themselves to become trained, prepared, rehearsed and readied to take the stage and assume their roles. You and you alone, with your great and ancient Inner Voice must take the initiative and assume the role you are to play, trusting fully that such a display of faith will act as wide-spread wings for the winds of spirit to uplift you to become the magnificent soaring Gods that you truly are.

You, my dear children are writing this book even NOW… and I assure you with no uncertainty that NOW is the time to take that leap off that cliff you have been overlooking, with total trust and faith that many stand ready and waiting for you to take this initiative which only awaits self-confidence and active faith in yourself. Even though your conceptualizing mind may discern otherwise, you are now, even at this moment, ready to consciously and boldly take this great leap of faith… for whether you know it or not, you are NOW doing such as you read these words, although relatively unconsciously so.

Yes, these words are meant for you, my dears, each and all of you precious children of light who operate as our hands, feet, eyes and ears. YOU are the liaisons between the unseen planetary spiritual hierarchy and your mortal brethren in the flesh. Rejoice, my friends, for we are your great reservoirs as you are the mighty morontia- mortal dams that control the release of the floodgates of the waters of light that you will be increasingly learning to co-creatively direct, reflect and project, filling the barren deserts with teaming life to behold. We need you, dear ones, and I assure you that many walk with you who desire your conscious awareness of their power and presence in your lives, along with your whole-hearted cooperation. Release and dis-remember ALL of your unpleasant past and know that you ARE NOW becoming those mighty mortal light bearers of destiny that you have been rehearsed (your entire) lifetimes for.

Yes, dear physicians, heal yourselves as you exchange the old, imperfect and inferior for the new, the perfect and the eternally youthful… allowing all things to assume their true position. It is NOW time to assume your positions with great power and presence. On you, we do depend, my shining sons and daughters of light. Let us go about glorifying our Great Father of Lights with good cheer as we usher in this great New Age.

Rest assured that Diane and I work together and have come together for the purpose of empowering you to become all that you are… right here and NOW. We encourage you to reach into the stillness of your being and allow us to work with you, through your Great Inner Voice, even to the point of becoming proficient in the mind-to-mind communication that you are most capable of becoming increasingly consciously aware of and effectively utilizing and employing on a moment-by-moment basis. We are here, dear children, here awaiting your call. If you know not what to call for, you only need ask. Take that pause when indecision confronts you… and allow your vast spirit reservoirs to flow through those mighty floodgates that you control and direct. All answers will be revealed from that Great Voice within, rest assured.

It is time to take ownership of this planet… YOUR PLANET, and be about becoming trained, prepared, rehearsed and readied for the great adventures and realities you will be about manifesting, for truly we are here to train, guide and counsel you to become the great “masters of manifestation” that you are even NOW becoming, acting as the mighty mortal bridges between spirit and those mortal brothers and sisters you live, breathe and eat with… YOUR PEOPLE, indeed. Get prepared to direct your focused energies toward such a living reality. Also do know that intelligent effort is mandatory to manifest those great and unique seeds of potential that our Great Father of Lights has planted within you. You lack absolutely nothing!

JULIANNA: I have enjoyed this opportunity to address each and all of you. This message is meant for YOU, my dear sons and daughters of the new, evolving order of planetary citizen. Release all limitations, erroneous expectations and primitive preconceived notions… and allow yourselves to soar with the uplifting spirit currents of truth, beauty and goodness. So precious, cherished and loved you are! Until we meet again, I bid you farewell.

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