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SLO10- Cornucopia of Spirit

1994-05-18-Cornucopia of Spirit
San Luis Obispo #10


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Conucopia of Spirit
o 1.2 Group: San Luis Obispo TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Ramsey
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Abundance, Perception
 3.2.2 Spirituality
 3.2.3 Foundation
 3.2.4 Attitude, Faith
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Apostleship
 3.3.2 Worthiness
 3.3.3 Stillness

Topic: Cornucopia of Spirit
Group: San Luis Obispo TeaM
Teacher: Ramsey
TR: Unknown

RAMSEY: Welcome. I am your teacher Ramsey I bring you greetings, I bring you joy. (tape stopped)

Abundance, Perception
RAMSEY:  We were speaking of abundance. From your limited spectrum of vision and relatively narrow sensitivity towards other levels of vibration and existence of intelligences that surround you. From within your human narrow perspective of relative darkness it may appear that the horizon holds forth as a desert with little nourishment. [Sparse] in plant life with waters which are rare are only found buried within the depths of the seasonal stream which [now runs] dry.

From the spiritual vantage point as one ascends into the morontial plane of existence this view point widens remarkably and viewed across the [same] horizon what was once desert devoid of life it becomes teeming with intelligences, activities, resources beyond your comprehension.

The abundance has not changed for it is ever present as a funnel and light complement of the pervasiveness of the Father through spirit energy. What has changed is your attitude, your preconceptions, your sensitivity to teeming energies of life which truly abound. So the question becomes how does one traverse this chasm from the material viewpoint to that of the morontial or spiritual viewpoint? This is a philosophical question but it also contains the seeds of practical instruction.

Ideas and perceptions of reality, again from the human standpoint become rigid, become hindrances for it is the predilection of humans to reach levels of comfort and from those zones to settle back in comforture and not to push the edge of enlightenment. For doing so requires effort, and it requires flexibility, and it requires fearlessness.

For the changes in the perception create temporary passages which are unstable and these instabilities for one without faith can be confusing and disheartening. Ideas form like scales on your eyes and prevent you from evolving and prevents the races on Urantia from evolving at a higher velocity.

So the first technique would be to hold fast to those hand rails of spirituality and live in that realm and find your ultimate solace and ultimate foundation standing in that realm. Since all realities [including those on the] material level are in a sense permutations of spiritual origins. Instabilities arise in those peripheries where you are wandering, or you have no foundation because the foundation is on material-form basis.

So the first technique is as the Master said store all your treasures up in heaven where they shall be laid in safety. This presents the importance of finding a foundation for all your actions and reactions to the external world on a spiritual plane, this plane holds a higher level of stability, it allows you to go through changes, it allows you to seek out higher and new frontiers of thinking and being because you are eternally leashed, eternally belted to a spiritual fount. This is the first technique.

The second technique involves regeneration as you stand in the spiritual plane you begin to live in truth which is almost akin to a life force itself. You are not standing on [mere] concrete, you are standing on an ultimate reality in a sense. And this foundation that you strive [to maintain] needs to be regenerated in order for it to sustain and obtain its support of your efforts.

The greatest potential for regeneration is to maintain increasing connective contact with the fragment of the Father that resides within your being. The secret of the Master maintaining perfect poise was his ability to constantly regenerate his spiritual fount. He did this by maintaining, in a sense, a constant attitude of prayer, worshipful-ness and contact with His Thought Adjuster.

Attitude, Faith
The third technique or the third method of approach is attitudinal is an attitude founded on faith. When you consider your periods of regression, when you consider what blocks your ability to maintain your finger on the pulse of spiritual reality my friends it often falls into the clarity of faith versus fear. All fear essentially emanates from the imbalance or lack of faith. I am assuming one is executing a requisite amount of sagacity and wisdom, for you shall not walk into certain areas of darkness on your planet with naivety, but I am speaking of that faith which extinguishes fear like water, extinguishes a match.

As apostles of the Master you are asked to be in a sense absent of fear. You are to exist at a maximum rate of fearlessness which when you [really] consider it, this invocation requires that you execute a high level of faith. It is the faith which allows you to connect the material with the spiritual.

Your classification of the Universe [is] as Faith Sons and Daughters of the Most High. You have a most unusual place in the universe for you are asked to exist in a state that could be considered instability, non-reality [by] wholly believing in the existence of the Father, and the existence of the Spirit, and the existence of the Son.

Of course you are not without various spiritual agencies for this lesson about abundance, but to become part of this abundance you must maintain a oneness with the First Source and Center and fear creates a faulty connection.

Therefore in summation you must walk, think and be without fear and this attitudinal adjustment transforms your being to a being of power which is a giver to the universe instead of a negative power of fear which takes energy and acts as a sink. This is the spectrum of my lesson tonight. I can entertain questions from my dear students and will so do at this time.

Question: You referred to us as apostles I was wondering if you could talk to us a bit about the ramifications of that & perhaps what it means for us as individuals?

RAMSEY: As with all missions that you are given, it is only given if you are willing to pick it up. I reach out to everyone in this room and with the accord of our Melchizedek supervisors you are expressing Michael’s wishes.

You have a staff of light which I set before you, you have of course the will choice whether you will pick this staff up and tonight walk out of the room with it in hand. This is the staff of apostleship only offered to those who are willing to take it but by taking it you increase your burdens and this is not to be taken lightly.

For it is one thing to listen to a lesson and it is another to live it. It is one thing to know you must turn the other cheek but it quite another to turn it. It is one thing to feel inspiration and it is quite another to inspire.
So as you carry this staff that you set beside your desk at your work place when you get up grab it and walk with it in hand if you are to be an apostle.

If you reject [apostleship] nothing is held against you it is completely your choice but I must add that to live a life on this planet and to call it good and complete and full you must carry this staff. For it is your potential. Another question?

Question: Ramsey what if you don t feel worthy to do that?

RAMSEY: The light within you glows, this light has a luminosity which is unquestionable and it resides within you. It glows now. It glows yesterday, it glows tomorrow. This light comes directly from the First Source and Center, at the center of all things, at the source of all energy and spirit. This light glows within all.
There is a human approach to what you speak of, this feeling of unworthiness. Its cause can emanate from a priori causation of your history on this planet but you must focus on your origin and your destiny. For your origin is as I have identified of the highest. Your destiny is also as a Finaliter resident on the spheres of Paradise. This is who you are. Your history [on Urantia] is but a narrow slice of who you really are on the spiritual spectrum.

You are not a victim of this narrow slice of time for these events, while possibly looming before you in your history, are in a broader prospective much diminished within [the] range of spirit which you encompass as a being. For when we integrate your origin and your destiny into the picture it is one of divine nature but you see in order to do this, in order to see your worth you can understand that once you are outside the boundaries of time, your ability to integrate this wider spectrum [into] keeping with your origin and destiny becomes much easier to surmount.

This leads us to a point of enhancement of your worth, the first part I have delimited or hopefully enlarged as keeping in your memory who you really are, you are a Faith Daughter of the Most High.  You exist only on [by] virtue of His goodness and He loves you to such great depths and breadth that He shares a fragment of His very energy and spirit to be vouchsafed within you, to eventually fuse with you as you become a spirit being. This is who you are. Who you truly are.

RAMSEY:  Now the second part of the answer to your question involves more than a mere expansion of your consciousness as to who you are. Being that you are a student and a sincere truth seeker, I’ll give you a practical exercise that you can do which will enhance and enlarge your capacity to more consistently conceptualize your state of being in reality as it actually occurs.

I would suggest that you spend some moments each day in quiet contemplation, that you find a point in time in which you can enter this space, that you still all thought and that you repeat to yourself in this stillness that the following, which you may alter to your level of comfort, that I am a Faith Daughter of the Most High, that within me He has sent a fragment of his being as an expression of his love and mercy and that you repeat this.
And that as you repeat this, your words will slowly diminish and as you do, you recognize a pinpoint, a sphere of light within you and with each breath this light expands and in the stillness it grows ever larger until you are embraced from within and without in the fullness of this light.

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