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SLO9- Increasing Sensitivity to Spirit

1994-04-20-Increasing Sensitivity To Spirit
San Luis Obispo #9


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Increasing Sensitivity To Spirit
o 1.2 Group: San Luis Obispo TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Ramsey
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Sensitivity
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Service
 3.3.2 Body

Topic: Increasing Sensitivity To Spirit
Group: San Luis Obispo TeaM
Teacher: Ramsey
TR: Unknown

RAMSEY: I AM your teacher. I am your friend. I serve here tonight most gratefully as your teacher Ramsey.

RAMSEY: I would like to discuss the expansion of spiritual sensitivity. It is ever present that among all levels of vibrational realities that patterns of existence coagulate and form differing levels of perceivable form. Spiritual acuity is the ability to perceive the higher levels of vibration amongst the denser forms of physical reality. Spiritual acuity allows those living . .correction.. attuned to morontial realities to not only perceive the spiritual patterns and realities but to draw energy and succor for it is true that the Master drew sustenance from physical circuits and realities that were accessible to him as he rose to higher levels of spiritual perception.

You too can access these circuit-like centers of energy and you will need to draw upon them more consistently as you progress along this enlightened path. For it can be said that you have food to eat and water to drink which is not of the physical plane. These wells of spirit like a bucket thrown into the depths [of a well] can be drawn up and imbibed. Drink deeply from [it].

But this [nourishment] is conditional upon the capacity of the vessel for you are the vessel and your capacity is enlarged by the act of will while your devotions toward worship and by prayer. For the potentials are activated upon your free will recognition and your free will activation of these potentials by your willingness to act as nodes [for] the spiritual energy, love & goodness and you enlarge your capacity to transfer energy by your maintenance of your physical well-being in conjunction with the strength of your faith which is fed by the streams of prayer, worship and devotion to stillness; which is simply your silent declaration that you desire to identify with the spiritual kingdom which is blossoming amongst [and] around you as we speak. This is my lesson for tonight. To drink deeply from this well, its level of sustenance is directly related to your capacity to receive. Thank you for your kind attention. I will entertain your personal questions.

Question: Greeting it is always a pleasure to hear your words of wisdom. I was wondering if you can expand a little bit on how mortals increase their capacity as a vessel of spiritual sustenance?

RAMSEY: The spirit world tends to want perfection and as such the regulation of spiritual energies ebb and flow according to the alignment of purpose which you as a creature within this kingdom submit yourself to through your willingness. So the heart of the matter becomes willingness, to will your selfless desire to be a servant. For did the Master not teach that the lowest shall be raised up high. What does this mean?
For the servant is concerned with serving, the servant is not burdened by self-consumption. The servant is humbled, devoted, selfless and the lack of self-focus empties the vessel and allows it to be filled with energies that serve the purposes of the Most High.

For the entire universe of universes is designed to teach and gradually affect its own environmental space and the creatures within it; and shy of perfection and the achievement of the Supreme it can be assumed that the universe is shy of this ideal. Therefore there is constant need for vessels and vehicles to serve for achieving this process. Therefore we come again full circle to the servant who exists to serve and therein lies the secret of maximizing your capacity. It is an efficient process. Does this suffice?

Question: You mentioned the importance of physical well being in terms of spiritual receptivity. To what extent does that hamper or accentuate an otherwise spiritual endeavor?

RAMSEY: Regardless of the level of spirituality you attain as long as you exist as a material being functioning with physical realities you are held back somewhat like gravity [pulls] on an object. Therefore, you do have an attachment to material encumbrances, [the] physical body that you reside in therefore you are somewhat limited by energy capacities of this vessel as well as detoured [while] pursuing spiritual activities if you are drawn to maintaining and supporting the physical body.

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