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SCO19 – Various Energies on World

Eregon060306_SOCO_VariousEnergiesOnWorld  SCO#19

Southern Colorado TeaM, #19
Pueblo, Colorado

Teachers: Christ Michael

Topics: World needs time for correction
Dedicate your lives to loving
Notice the beautiful details of your day
Q & A: Maitreya
Types of meditation

TR’s: MJ & JA

June 3, 2006

CHRIST MICHAEL, (TR, MJ): I am the light of the world and I greet each of you. Yes, it is I, your master, Christ Michael, come to bid you welcome. On my behalf and the behalf of those who hear, abide for this tone [?]: You are all beloved by me, by our Heavenly Father, beloved in such a way that you would be astonished, could you actually realize the extent of this love. Be not dismayed by the speed with which the light is appearing on your world, on this beloved planet. It took many eons of time for you to find yourselves, where you are. Does it not make good sense to think that it will take some time for the undoing, the correcting and the realignment of priorities and energies, in this darkened world?

But the darkness is only temporary, as you have been taught and as you believe. The darkness is dispelled each time one of my children act as a beacon for it, for it is always available. My love is always available, and my light. You are my light to the world, and I am ever at the ready to replenish you, as you bestow my love upon others. Never fear to bestow much love on your world. There will never be a dearth, or a lack or a lessening. On the contrary, the more you bestow, the greater will be your own realization and capacity.

Continue loving one another; continue stepping up and saying, “yes,” and volunteering for light work in whatever capacity you are able to provide. Each of you has an opportunity in your life, in your sphere, to shed abroad this soul-quenching energy and love. Now is the time—each of you has a finite lifespan on this planet—I exhort you to use your remaining time, your remaining days, dedicated to loving others, lifting others, and showing the way with the light that has been given you. Freely, you have received; freely give and never be afraid; never be afraid for I am with you always, as I promised, even to the ends of the earth.

My greeting and my personal blessing as I go now, from one to one, greeting and blessing. And you may be assured that I am always at your behest. Include me in all of your “doings,” no matter how small. Include the Father and listen for the “still, small voice,” which always will guide you truly. I bid you good day.

Group: Thank you.

NEBADONIA, (TR, JA): Nebadonia, I AM, Gaia, Mother Spirit, by many names I am known. That you recognize my presence is an invitation for me to address you, my children. My arms are abundant to enfold you. I AM the Universal Consciousness, in which your individual consciousnesses appear as sparks of light. We love you, we encourage you, we enfold you. We nurture and water you with the rain of love. We bathe you in our energies. We carefully attend your sleep. We bring you dreams, prophetic and profound, at times.

Will you recognize us in the thousand beautiful details of the day that we arrange for your pleasure, your growth and your edification? Will you not notice more, the banquet we have laid before you, in the way of personal contacts, meaningful exchanges, and opportunities to be of service, to the universe and to your brothers and sisters. Yes, you have volunteered—you are all hungry, because you are here for this contact, but I speak to you of a language larger than words: notice us. Notice how your very daily interactions can become sacred, meaningful, and joyful and bless those with whom you come in contact. Your coincidences [?] of duty are gifts, my children, and as you acknowledge them you will learn to perceive them more frequently and increase your contact consciousness, with the universe, with your celestial friends. We welcome every interaction that you will allow us to have with you.

You certainly are our dearly beloved children! And as we bless you with our care, you bless us with your growth, with your continued progress to becoming mature, spiritual beings. And we thank you again, for your effort and dedication. I do so love you, my little children. I wished to greet you, but my greeting is ended and now I recede, for others are willing to speak today. Bless you, children!

JA: We were talking earlier about the emergence of Maitreya and I’ve been wondering . . . I guess the question is, could you discuss with us how beings like this fit into the plan of uplifting our planet? I’m pretty sure it is part of the overall plan . . . I guess we are just looking for confirmation. Many of the teachings seem very consistent with the Teaching Mission and with that emergence of a new age, and it just seems quite beautiful and I was wondering if you can give us any information on how this is all integrated?

EREGON, (TR, MJ): We have been instructed that the rebellion in heaven has been ended and adjudicated. This event sets the stage for a revival of sorts, of spirit influence and spirit inflow to the planet. There are various sorts of energies, which are now available for you and mankind. The abilities to discern these energies are becoming widespread among many, and this is a beneficial development. No more will you be troubled with the one you refer to as “the evil one.” The day of the evil one is no more. You are certainly still able in your own mind, or another in their own mind to entertain thinking of this subject, however I would counsel you to abandon your thoughts of evil beings, who can influence you further. Focus rather on the goodness of your celestial friends, helpers and servers, who surround you.

Your Divine Parentage and your lineage of Godly royalty—this is lineage for each and every human being who chooses thus. The energy of Maitreya is quite real and quite useful, as you have observed. There are preliminary visitors, who precede and prepare the way for celestial visitation on a larger scale, a worldwide recognition. These are common on your planet at this time. There are physical apparitions being appreciated by countless mortals across the world, and these are as I have said, heralds and precursors.

Monjoronson is also present, and yet not incarnated as such, at this time. You will not harm yourselves by attending to the words of Maitreya or other apparitions, using though your inner discernment and inclination as to how close you want to draw. None of these manifestations is of a necessary condition for you or any one, really, but are here as help for others who desire such help, such direction and such explanation. It is not a necessary and required liaison for you to have, however there is no harm, should you attend to these messages.

And this will not abate, but there is driving a crescendo very slowly at first, there will reach the high point of the crescendo in the lifetime of many who sit here in this room. You are at the vanguard, the beginnings of the onset and as I say, many of you here today, shall be present at the great hallelujah time. Be patient, keep your ears open, keep your eyes open, and know that your spirits are being nurtured. I am Eregon, and I would inquire if this was a satisfactory answer to your inquiry?

JA: Yes, and it leaves open possibility for other teachers that are good and beneficial. I was also interested in, can you speak about the “transmission meditation,” bringing in of higher energies and spreading them around? I do group meditations with other groups, and I really feel it goes to benefit the whole planet. Is there some quality about the transmission meditation that is superior to other ways of doing group meditation?

EREGON: No, there is nothing special about any type of meditation, in so far as the capacity for the meditator / meditators to breach the veil and make contact with superhuman force. The capacity is always the same; the intention is the important factor, which determines the success or greater success of meditation of any sort. Meditation is not a passive activity; meditation is an active practice and your will is quite valuable in determining its outcome. When in a group concentrated on contacting superhuman energies, this intention will intensify the result. The clearer you can become, the more pointed and relevant will be your experience. And yes, it is quite beneficial for this practice, no matter what name it has been given. The desire and intention to elicit the help and high purpose of celestial beings is always honored, is always effective up to the capacity with which you practice it.

JA: Thank you.

LC: I am getting, “I am here; I am with you. Honor me in all you say and do.”
“Shift gears, the time is now!” (Laughing.)

MJ: I observe that you should keep practicing, and converse with this voice more in your private and everyday life, and that will help you, from the gist of what I was getting here. Like the alter ego, let it through.

JA: And I’m hearing, “Shall we close on a high note? Thank you all for listening. We bid you adieu this evening, dear friends, but we are never apart from you. Trust us, lean on us; we are here to help you discover the Father’s will in your lives. We would love to deliver you to the shores of the Mansion Worlds, as enlightened mortals. We delight to walk in step with you, through all the things you do. You make the Father’s love actual, as you go about your lives. Could we but help and encourage you in this process, for it is not only for your own benefit—not only your world, yea the whole universe is uplifted by the love, shown to one being by another. Go in peace, children. We do salute you; we send you our love. Good day.”

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