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SCO20 – Encouragement – Energy Work

Monjoronson 070806_SOCO_Encouragement_EnergyWork   SCO#20

Southern Colorado TeaM, #20
Pueblo, Colorado

Teachers: Monjoronson, Michael, Rayson, & Nebadonia

Topics: Monjoronson:
Update and encouragement
Remain steadfast
Stay positive
Mandate to comfort and reassure
“All is well”
Christ Michael:
Times of change and turbulence
Feel the energy pass through you, into the earth
Rayson: Questions and Answers
Several questions on energy work
“Being-ness and Doing-ness”
Self vs. self
Angry energy
“In this world but not of it”
Remember to re-charge your energy

TRs: MJ, PA and JA

July 8, 2006

MONJORONSON (TR, MJ): I, Monjoronson, would speak with your group today. I bid you good day and warm greetings.

(Group welcome.)

MONJORONSON: This is a fine gathering of many, near and far. Great appreciation is coming your way from those of us who know what it is to set aside important times for spirit communication—I should say, spiritual communication. It is easy in a time of great busyness, to allow these inclinations to go unanswered, and so again, great appreciation from us to you, and from me personally to each of you, for making the effort.

I would like to give you an update and a bit of encouragement. The Correcting Time is proceeding apace and with great facility in a great many places. There is yet much to be done, and yet when one looks backward one year, perhaps one and a half years, one may discern the progress that has been made and that is being made. Much of it is “below your radar,” as you would say, but I am here to put your minds at ease that your efforts are showing, in places where it is important.

Remain steadfast; be not dismayed by events of your day and time. I can assure you that the news reports you see today, [the] upsetting nature of those news reports, will not end any time soon, but be not dismayed by this, for underneath and over and above these supposedly newsworthy events, there is light-work being accomplished in great array around your planet. These pockets of unfortunate conflict and alarming predictions will not abate for some time, but you may rest assured that light is also seeping and shinning through every crack, in every armor, and trust me when I tell you there are many cracks in many armors, these days. These are momentous times; be not overly preoccupied with news items of the day. I would caution you to even put yourselves on a regimen, allowing yourselves only short times of news exposure, for it is quite easy for you to become enmeshed and engrossed with these pockets of darkness.

Make it a habit to keep your mind on the positive, on the light and on the ability of each of you to be and project the light that you are. Allow it not to be dimmed or obscured by worry or fear. I can also assure you that the vast majority of souls on this planet, are unfortunately affected in great measure—greater or smaller measure—by these upsetting and unsettling events of the day. It is your task and your mandate as representatives, and those on the vanguard of the ages of Light and Life, however far in the distance that may be, it is your mandate to demonstrate the light and the good to those who are fearful, to those who need comfort and reassurance.

And so I say, you may decide to regiment yourselves in so far as exposure [is concerned], so as not to contaminate the goodness in your hearts by worry or fear. Your days will not be made longer by worry or fear; your problems will not be shortened by worry or fear; events in the future will not be altered by your worry or fear, and so I say, abandon these, break the habit, and form instead a new habit of looking for the good, finding the good and sharing the good. In this way you will affect the outcome of many seemingly hopeless situations.

I remain here on this planet; I am as yet, not in the [visible] world, but am in preparation. The projected timetable is not something I can tell you at this time, for many things are in flux and in change, and there are many preparations yet to be made. But I wish to greet you this day, such a wonderful group, and let you know that all is well. Say this often to yourselves in the days to come—all is well—for it is true. It is true all is well. Let this be your watchword, and let this be your comfort, and let this be a phrase that you can pass on—all is well. I bid you good day. I am very happy to have had this opportunity one more time. I wish to thank all of you who have carved out this time in your busy day, in order to attend this gathering. Many thanks—I leave you peace, joy and encouragement, and ask that you pass that on in your daily lives. Good day.

MICHAEL (TR, PA): Hello, I am Michael. You call me Christ Michael. I call you “Christ;” I hold you in the deepest place of sacredness and gratitude. In calling me Christ Michael, you only indicate that I am one of you, and you are me. Perhaps you are wondering what you are doing here this afternoon? We want you to have the information that is coming through. You have a right to have this information; it is important as you move forward in these times of change and sometimes turbulence. To have the information, helps set the mind at ease, but the purpose of gathering here today is even greater than that: Feel the energy that is flowing in through your crown chakras, through your bodies and into your earth. You are enlivening Mother Earth, you are carrying a light into this planet that is going to help with this shift and help with this change, in such a way that makes me feel very grateful, that makes me love you so much. …And so, thank you.

RAYSON (TR, MJ): This is Rayson. I would entertain questions, if there are any today.

Student: When I first came in touch with the Teaching Mission, I looked up a lot of the old transcripts on energy work online, and I would like to continue this line of research and [have] some instruction from our celestial friends, so that we can increase our level of efficiency with energy work and energy healing. Is this something you can comment on or respond to?

RAYSON: Certainly. Your designation of energy work encompasses working in the unseen, working with the power, the life power, the life force and the life source. This power is one not readily recognized by most, as it is not a physical force, and yet it is most powerful and most significant for each and every person. It is since the adjudication of the rebellion as you have noticed and taken advantage of, [that] there has been much more information of this sort, being made available to your planet. And more is yet to be delivered to those who are seeking this information.

There is life force coursing through each organism and through the planet itself, which is itself a living organism. There is a web and a circuit of energy that has been stunted and thwarted for long. You know well the effects of introducing high vibrational energies into a system that is ailing; many times this can bring about a “crisis of healing,” as you call it. This is much of what is happening now, to your planet. Many good energies are streaming through, pulling out and displacing much that is heavy, much that is unfortunate, much that has been hidden away. These things are being brought to the light and this is the good news. This happens on a planetary level and yes, you would do well to continue your investigations of this energy in each person, beginning with yourself/ yourselves—all of you who are interested in this practice.

And so, I would encourage you to continue your reading, keep your ears and eyes open for new information and for more information. The light work that you wish to do is very democratic; it is for all, for each and every one, and is actually available for each and every one in newer and more widespread modalities. And so, what seemed at one time to be exclusive and hard to come by is today very readily available. And I would encourage each of you to avail himself and herself of these modalities. As I say, keep your ears and eyes open; you will be prompted and led to the sources from which this knowledge will come. Is this sufficient answer for now?

Student: Yes. One thing I keep wondering is if we had some kind of catastrophe in the future, where things weren’t running normally, would energy work be in high demand, and might it be good if there were a lot of us willing to do this kind of work? I’m not asking for any predictions.

RAYSON: And I shall deliver none today. I would say that you are correct in your thinking on this subject, however in any kind of crisis, a calm, centered and fearless presence will be of immeasurable value to those who are embroiled and enmeshed in disaster or crisis of many kinds. This can happen on an individual level; it can happen on a community level; and yes, it can happen on a country wide or global level, and these types of “energy workers”—for want of a better word—will be in great need and likely, demand.

However, this is another reason I say to you that you each—each one—has not only the ability, but the access to this knowledge, and you would do well, each to pursue this, for not only your future times, but very clearly for each of you here, as you are and how you are now. Your energy—what was once called and maybe still is called your “aura,” your auric presence—is interfacing all the time with the energy presence of others, and with your planet, with your Mother, your Earth Mother. Learn this exchange of, as your Master has said previously, of nurturing your Earth Mother, through these energies. And in specifics, not holding on to anything of a heavy nature, but delivering it by intention to your Mother Earth, so as not to contaminate yourself or the auric presence of another.

Keep the flow going; this is done by keeping a positive attitude, by praying diligently and steadfastly, by going into the stillness with your indwelling fragment of God, your Thought Adjuster. Never lose sight of the fact that you are never alone here. You are, even in the deepest cave or the highest mountain, or the depths of the ocean, you are fellowshipped, you are loved, you are cared for in ways that would astonish you. And so, stay in touch and allow yourselves to be cleansed and cleaned every day, and nurture your Earth Mother as you are cleansed. But fear not, for the future. Many things may happen; some things will happen, but there is always the wild card of human free will, and so predictions are very “iffy” and we do not generally indulge in this. Have I helped you this time?

Student: Yes, may I ask one more question?

RAYSON: Certainly.

Student: It seems to me, because of the pervasiveness of the ancient teachings about chakras and energy work, that I kind of feel that they must have come from the days of the Garden [of Eden] and the Melchizedek missionaries—one or the other—and I just wondered if these were teachings that were given to us long ago and all but lost, but to some of us helped by the more indigenous peoples that are sharing them with us now. Is that the way things are? These weren’t just totally discovered by humans on their own, they’ve been a gift from the universe to learn these things. Is that right?

RAYSON: This is certainly true. This is not new knowledge, this is not anything that has just been recently uncovered. It is essential knowledge that has been hidden, but it is as you say, quite ancient. There is very little that is new under the sun, but there is a great deal that has not seen the light of day for many a year. And this knowledge of the wheels, the energy wheels, the energy intake places of the human system, this knowledge is very ancient and at one time, the sole property of the priests, the high priests and the so-called “intermediaries,” who decided that this knowledge could not be shared.

The language of Sanskrit is quite an ancient language, and from this language comes the word, “chakra,” and as you know, it is a wheel; it is a turning and a spinning vortex. There have always been those who can perceive this process. These are few, but this knowledge has always been here; it has just only been fairly recently begun to be distributed once again, as the darkness of the Lucifer rebellion is lifted gradually from this planet.

That is the darkness that has been hiding so much of the good that is here and that has been here always, back since the days of Adam and Eve, since the days of Melchizedek, since the days of the ancient Sumerians, who knew of these things. But the democratization of this knowledge is only now being experienced, for the days of high priests and elite intermediaries is on the wane. The taking back of the spirit life by the common person is the order of the day, and this is a very good thing for your planet, and will continue with the help of light workers, such as yourselves. I encourage you to continue.

Student: Thank you.

RAYSON: Certainly. You are welcome.

Student: I have a question. In the practice of doing this energy work, should we be more concerned with our “being-ness” or should we be more concerned with our “doing-ness” at this time? How do we get into it? Is it more of a “being-ness” or the “doing-ness” at this point?

RAYSON: Yes, that is an interesting way to put it, and I would say for you each to concentrate first and foremost on your “being-ness,” yes. This is important for you to create habits by which you can cultivate your “consciousness of the now,” staying present with your inner spirit and with your surroundings. Thus I am placing this understanding as your “being-ness.” Is this agreed?

Student: Yes.

RAYSON: Your “being-ness”—this practice is what I would encourage each of you to cultivate, and in this place of “now,” of the present moment of being aware and conscious, you will be led in situations and told and guided to then fellowship and help those with whom you come in contact, who will be drawn to you, I assure you. When you, with intention, keep yourselves and your being-ness in the present, I assure you, you will be sought after by those who need you, and this will happen—and maybe already does happen—but you will be of much greater value as a healing presence when you yourself, (and you yourselves,) are practiced in your own “centered-ness,” in yourselves and your consciousness, in your presence of the “now.”

We say this many times to those in the Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time, and maybe you grow weary of hearing this same advice, again and again, and yet, I know that each of you understand [that] as easy as this sounds, it is not an easy thing to accomplish in daily life, for you are all spread thin and you are all bombarded daily by the conditions of your lives, and so, it is quite easy to get out of that practice of the present moment.

But it is from that place that you—and it is only from this place—that you can truly move forward, for the presence of God is not yesterday, and it is not tomorrow; it is not six hours from now—it is only accessible “now,” and so this is why I and others give you this advice many times over, for it is only “now” where you will receive the most useful information and guidance for creating that beautiful future that you desire. So I would say, yes; being your “being-ness” and out of your “being-ness” will develop your “doing-ness” and it will be all the better for keeping this order. Have I answered your question?

Student: Yes, but I’ve got another comment here. I was brought up under the thinking that you had to “die” to yourself, and take on the new spiritual-ness, to actually grow spiritually. And I think in the Urantia Book it says, “Jesus’ new religion is salvation from self.” Would you comment on this “dying to self?” It sounds like a block to many people, including myself, as to really what that means.

RAYSON: Certainly. Perhaps the word, “dying” is a little bit off-putting, for most people. Most mortals do not wish to hear about “dying to self”, for this has a somewhat negative connotation. I would maybe suggest, rather than “dying to self,” or having self “die,” I would like to make a designation between [two forms of] “self.” There is a “self” that has a small “s,” and there is a “Self” that has a big “S.” The small “s” self is the ego self, that can interfere with the higher Self, the large “S” Self, and it is this small self that must be—let us say “not killed,” but subdued, reined in and put under the guidance of the large “S” Self. We do not need for . . . (tape turned) . . . before it can overcome or over-power.

This is also a part of being a humble person, a person who is truly intent on being of use and of value in the work of the Kingdom. This small self will never cooperate with this endeavor, for it cannot be proven, it cannot be formulated, it cannot be regulated, it makes no sense to a small self. Only to a large Self does this make any sense. And so, the bigger picture would require that only the big Selves take part, and carry the small self, not as a “dead thing,” but as a sort of a silent partner, but very silent—the emphasis is on “silent,” for the clamorings of the small self can be somewhat over-powering. Your Master, Christ Michael, was a master at many things; in addition he was a master of himself, and he taught self-mastery. These lessons in self-mastery would be well for each to re-read and re-study, for this is nothing more or less than the so-called “death of self.” It is the mastery of same, by the decisions and actions of the higher-thinking, higher Self. Is this helpful?

Student: Very helpful; thank you much.

RAYSON: Certainly.

Student: I have some energy questions. I am wondering if you can give us any tips on helping people that we come into contact with, who are carrying a lot of “angry energy” and also “anxiety and panicky energy?”

RAYSON: Yes, certainly. The energy of anger burns white-hot. It can sear a soul and is best tempered by peace, calm and genuine love. I say, “genuine” because it takes genuine love, not just lip service, but a genuine feeling of love and concern [in order] to be quenched. This also must be tempered; one must discern in the angry person, towards whom is it directed or towards what is it directed? If it is directed towards you—or any of you encountering anger, —I would counsel you to simply turn it aside by receiving it and allowing it to pass by. This diffuses this white-hot blast.

If it is diffuse anger at life in general or the world situation, the calm talking of peace will help. Trying to understand where the person is in their thinking, this is a very important practice to try to develop—each of you—when dealing with your fellows. Learn to take your defenses down—always—keep your defenses low, and try to empathize and try to think like the person you are ministering to. Try to understand why and where they have developed this anger.

By keeping your defenses down, you will not pose a threat or a challenge, and you will not bear a great brunt of this anger. In fact, you will find that as you lower your defense, the anger will defuse itself, at least in so far as you are concerned, and you will likely be able to discern some important bit of knowledge about this person, “why” and once you know why, or glean some part of understanding, then you will be able to find the correct words to help this person think along a different line.

You do not have to be a hero or a heroine; you do not have to feel obligated every time you are in the presence of an angry person, in fact, I would caution you to never engage a person if you are feeling fearful. I would say you would do best to retreat, rather than confront in any event, but if your intention is to help this person, then these steps I outlined just this time, are those I would recommend. Also there is an element of how close are you to this person? Is it a stranger? Is it a loved one? Is it someone in the newspaper, on the television set? These factors are important as well. One might interact differently with a stranger than one might interact with a loved one. Is this helpful for you?

Student: Yes. Thank you.

Student: I have another subject here I would like for you to comment on.

RAYSON: I will take another question.

Student: Okay. The comment is, we are “of this world,” but not “in this world.” In other words, we have to make a living, and we are trying to be spiritual, and we seem to sometimes get those priorities entangled, I think. I would like to have you comment on that.

RAYSON: Yes, certainly. “In this world and yet, not of this world”—this is a very beautiful, and can be a very comforting thought. There is a passage in the biblical scriptures in regards to a peculiar people; each of you here are a part of that group of peculiar people. You are people who speak a different language than is spoken in what I will call, “the world,”—the world being the physical planet, the goings-on of those who are unaware, the goings-on of those who’s primary important things in life are money, power, security, those who have fear as their daily companion, those who are anxiety ridden, and who have negligible self-control—these are those who live in “the world.”

You are a peculiar people in that while dwelling amidst and among “the world,” you are citizens of a higher and more beautiful country, I believe it is spoken of in your text as “a beautiful country,” you are citizens of this beautiful and far-reaching country. You know it on this planet as “the Kingdom of God,” and it is literally within you, and so this is what sets you apart from the rambling, scrambling, helter-skelter goings-on of “the world,” of which you can be a part, but not in any permanent way, for the world is not permanent.

Your “beautiful country of the Kingdom” is the permanent place of dwelling, both here and after this short earth life. And so, it is there in which you are building your treasures, and you bring your treasures each day to the world, and in this way, you slowly and by persistence and desire and practice, you transform your world. As your Master said, “You make the old world new” by these practices of love, forbearance, tolerance, loyalty, friendship and fellowship, true concern and care, true forgiveness, many times over. These are the gifts that you bring and these are the gifts that you take and develop as you live in your world; yes, each of you must make a way in the world.

There are places for aesthetics who do no work and who rely strictly on the spirit or the spirit friends to sustain them, and yet their lives are quite spare. This is not required of you; you are “in the world,” but being “not of it” is this understanding and this higher citizenship. Take your higher citizenship with you and invite others as well, as they are drawn to you; invite them, for they are also citizens of this higher realm, even thought they may not yet know it. Be sincerely friendly—sincerely friendly—and be not dismayed by the world.

If you regiment yourselves so as not to be immersed in the world, you will find it quite easy to be “in the world,” and yet “not of it.” This does not make you “better,” or “higher,” or in some ways “superior” to any of your brothers and sisters, no. What it is truly, is making you more responsible for the inclusion of all in this wonderful and heavenly country called the Kingdom; it is “freely have you received,” as your Master has said, “freely give,” without stinting. Be not afraid of the world, for I can assure you, you are not of it, if you choose not to be. This has been a wonderful questioning session today. I appreciate very much the opportunity to have been able to speak with all of you, and I now will recede and I thank you once again, and I bid you a good day.

(Group offers thanks.)

NEBADONIA (TR, JA): Gaia Nebadonia wishes to greet you. I am your Mother. Mother to all of you and to those unseen around you, to those unperceived within the energies of the planet, I am Mother. And I love you each, and I know you; I know your hearts, your desires, your spirits, your energies—and I embrace you, and I enfold you. And I share with you, my boundless energy, when you are willing. Be willing, children, to come and sit in stillness, for it is in this time that we re-energize you. Be willing to drink deeply of the universe energies, which are so abundant and available to you. They will sustain you well, throughout every crisis, personal, cultural or global.

We are truly, always with you. Our love is truly greater than you can imagine in your present state. Doubt it not! We are with you always. It is by my circuits that all the others are available to you. You swim in me, you breathe me. We are one, and when you choose my energies, suffuse, suffuses* you, refills you, re-energizes you and makes you one with the universe. Take advantage, children. Knowing this empowers you. Tapping into it energizes you, on all the levels of your being. I embrace you; I love you, and I too, recede from speaking, but never from being with you. You are always in the presence of the greater good, and of those who love you.

Forget it not. Make a conscious effort to remember, many times during your days. Then you will find, just as some of you are finding that increased water energizes your body, increased contact with spirit energizes your soul and your mind and your motivations. Take advantage of us; feel like you are taking advantage of us, for you never really can take advantage of us; we are willing to give all that we have and all that we are, for your benefit. Our love is this great. Be well, dear children; my blessings upon you. Sweet days to you.

JA: I am prompted to ask if anyone else is hearing a “nudge?” If not, then we should close the circle:

We thank our teachers and friends—thank you Rayson, Monjoronson, Michael, Mother Spirit—thank you for teaching us this way of communicating with you and feeling your presence. We thank you for the lessons to share with others. We thank your for your efforts to bring about order on our planet. Amen.

[*Note: Mother Spirit was very deliberate about using the word “suffuse” twice. The transcriber feels it was a lilting, poetic way of using all the definitions of the word, “suffuse” in a visual and feeling way, the “flowing” of her presence under, around and within our beings, filling us with her glow, her energy and her light.]

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