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SCO21 – Children of Light

Michael080406SOCO_Eregon_ChildrenOfLight  SCO#21

Southern Colorado TeaM, #21
Pueblo, Colorado

Teachers: Christ Michael and Eregon

Topics: Experience Michael’s peace
Use reminders to seek peace
Make a commitment to increase awareness
Focus on spirit realities
Choose your state of mind and emotions
Let go of fear
Material and spiritual challenges
Help to dispel clouds of darkness
Expand your hearts and love will flow
Practice receiving during stillness time


August 4, 2006

CHRIST MICHAEL (TR, JA): I am with you, children; it is I, Christ Michael, your Father, brother and affectionate friend; your leader and teacher, and yes, your champion. I befriend you in all the battles of your life; I am your champion in every struggle. I am your brother, whose mind and counsel is always available to each of you. I send you my love through this messenger, but I wish you also to know that it is truly and literally with you always.

You are the ones, when you open your hearts, who will experience great joy and peace in my presence. It is, literally always available to each of you. This is so vital to your well being, not only to know this, but to begin to experience it in each encounter and struggle of your life, when you need help making decisions, when you are afraid, when you are anxious, remember me, for my peace is the peace that passes understanding and it is yours; it is a treasure of yours, which no one can take away. It is only your own mind, which you must discipline to return again and again, to open this treasure box, to lift this lid and to be abundantly blessed by all the riches within.

My peace does surpass human understanding, and it is yours—you carry it with you. No one can deny it to you. In whatever circumstance you may find yourself, it is available. I ask you again to remember this, but not only to remember it—build yourself little reminders in your life. If you can place them where you are likely to encounter this in situations, be it a Christmas ornament or a calendar page, or a handwritten note, something that you will see that will not fade into the background of your surroundings. It will help you to center yourself once again in my peaceful energy. And when you return to this peace and this energy, you not only correct yourself, you add blessings into the energies around you. You uplift the very environment in which you live. Your struggles become less dramatic; your challenges are weathered with greater grace, and yes, you will even find that those around you become less “charged,” shall we say, in the normally challenging situations you face.

Why not commit yourself—make a commitment in this moment, to continually increase your awareness of spirit presence, spirit bounty, spirit benefactors and spirit progress. The progress you will see as you look back over your times of challenge and notice that you are now responding differently. And when you have learned to do this and apply it to one of your normally challenging circumstances, you will find the blessings and the bounty to be of such a nature that you will be motivated to apply this process elsewhere in your lives. From stress in traffic to obnoxious phone calls, to this thing that is broken in your home that you see every day.

Whatever it may be that triggers you on a regular basis, I encourage you again to place a reminder, one that you cannot ignore—maybe it is just a fluorescent dot—who knows what works best for you—you will find it in your heart to remind yourself to come into the presence to experience the peace, and you will find it growing, blooming, blossoming and bringing fruit all around you, children, all around you. And the fruit that it bears is not only for you, but also for you to share, for the tree is great, the harvest is plentiful and we are here to help you all along the way.

Doubt not! Never doubt the presence of your angels, of the very presence of the Father within each of you, of Mother Spirit and myself. As you connect yourself to these realities, you will find the material reality that you live in, becomes much less abrasive, my children. For you are focused and your energies are settled, in the places where peace cannot be shaken from you by newscasters or other events of personal nature.

Yes, there are some who would pray upon these fear urges in the human mind and heart, in order to keep you from this peaceful presence. Do not allow them to be triumphant, for it is for you to choose your state of mind and emotions. Yes, you choose, and when you choose the higher, the lower always fades away. It must be so; it cannot be otherwise—the higher always supercedes the lower because it is of God, it is of the Father, it is truly more real, children—truly more real. So set your sights on the true reality; connect your hearts and minds and spirits to the true reality. And pull yourself up the rope of spirit guidance, until you are always in its beautiful, well-lit, warm and loving place. Come with us and we will always show you the better way.

Be not afraid in any circumstance, for it is true, that fear itself becomes a handicap, an impediment. Let it go! Grab the higher good; it is yours by right, by inheritance. You are the children of Almighty Father; you are the children of light; you are the children of faith; you are the children of goodness and goodness personified. And though we require very little of you, we do appreciate your volunteer efforts to bring light and life and love to all of your fellow beings, your brothers and sisters on this earthly plane, in every little thing that you might do—a simple kindness, a project, a setting aside of time. Only each of you knows in your heart what segments of your life, what pieces of your energy you have dedicated to the furtherance of revealing the Father’s love.

This is my goal: it has been noted that each and every time my peace flows from your heart to another, that peace is born again, both “born” and “borne” along the wind of human kindness, borne on the outstretched hand, born in the helping heart. You are the children of light, and it is light you bring. Joining us in this venture leaves your life an adventure of the highest kind. I ask you to sit for a moment in silence and ponder these things, and I thank you for your presence here today.

[JA: I’m hearing Eregon, Eregon, over and over.]

EREGON (TR, JA): Yes, it is I, Eregon, teacher to this group and to others. I come to fellowship with you today, not to deliver a long lesson, but simply to encourage you. You are all fellows in the work of the kingdom. You go out one-by-one into the world, bringing new gifts of goodness where you can, and we walk beside you, your teachers, your angels. When you carry the light to those in darkness, you are doing the most important work in which you may participate on this life level.

In ways you do not understand or comprehend, you also allow those of us who have volunteered for the Teaching Mission, to function, to learn, to participate in the greater well being, in the sharing of the gospel. Things on this planet may seem challenging to you; to us who are assured of its progress and enlightenment, they are perceived as less of a challenge, for we know already the outcome is determined by the Father of all. But we witness your struggle and we also participate in opportunities here, which are not available in very many situations, opportunities to overcome challenges.

The challenges you see on a material level, we see on the spiritual planes. We see the clouds of darkness above the areas of tension, distress and conflict. And it is not just the smoke and the haze, we see the darkness in the clouds from the hearts of those discouraged, misled, abused, persecuted—and we ask you to help dispel this by sending out your love and your energy—yes, to those in your presence, but also to those everywhere. The good is so much more powerful than any evil force, in any evil intention. And when you unite yourselves to send it out, you empower it to even greater levels. The good intentions of the universe yes, are powerful, but their power resides in the hearts of those human beings who would offer it to each and every one who abides on your planet in these stressful times.

You are the light of the world, as Christ has said; his light lives in you. And when you attempt to deliver it, remember that you are not alone. You have the mind of Christ to speak through you. Whenever you feel challenged and that your mind is not worthy of the project at hand, we would encourage you to experience this process. Bringing yourself and any one else around you into the presence of Jesus, my children, there is no higher good! And as you see and interpret this in your lives, your hearts will expand and love will flow from you more freely with each day. We encourage you again to adopt this plan. We of the Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time, thank you for your attendance at this class, and in advance for taking up this assignment. Good day. This has been Eregon.

[JA: I am being asked if anyone else can hear a prompt or a nudge?]

UN-NAMED (JA): We are willing to attempt communication with each of you now. Pay attention within and if you perceive something to share, do not be shy, we do not judge you. It is well then. We of the Teaching Mission thank you for your presence here today, and encourage you to listen within your own stillness time, for it is not only the few who can hear. Thank you and good day, children.

(Thank you from the group.)

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