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SCO22 – Spiritual Fruits

Eregon100706SOCO_Nebadonia_SpiritualFruits  SCO#22

Southern Colorado TeaM, #22
Pueblo, Colorado

Teachers: Nebadonia & Eregon

Topics: Great bounty from spirit
Guiding intuition
Purposes behind all you do
Fruits of the Spirit
Sowing fruits reaps good lives & good intentions
Motivation of mota
Overflowing the cornucopia
Creating “spiritual fireworks”
Encourage active participation
Exercises in receiving & sending energy

TR: Jo Ann

October 7, 2006

[A prayer preceded the session, but parts were too faint to pick up on the recording.]

NEBADONIA (TR, JA): I am your Mother, Nebadonia, come to readdress you today, spill my love upon you, as you gather in dedication, in beneficence of your world, we respond; we respond with joy to see that you do this; we respond with a gathering of teachers, Melchizedeks, angels and midwayers. I come to declare that we love you. We foster each of you in a thousand ways in your spiritual growth and development. You are most tenderly cared for. I ask you again to open your hearts and minds, to experience the love, the loving presence that is always near at hand, always available with more than love, always reaching out to you, when your souls are ready to listen.

There is such great bounty for you, for your loved ones, for each and every human mortal on this planet, where nothing is withheld from you, except by your own reticence, by your own resistance to seeking, by your own doubt and disbelieving that we are present for each of you. It is not so special to hear from spirit in this way, for we are with all of you in every way. Yes, it is true.

If you do not hear words as messages, perhaps it is true that you can feel us energetically and kinesthetically. Perhaps you notice those guiding intuitions that bring you synchronicity of life that benefits your spiritual growth, contact with other humans. Perhaps as you notice these, you will begin to perceive that they are not fantastic coincidences. They are in fact, arranged events. We bend and twist in every possible way to bring you into the most beneficial contacts, the most beneficial opportunities for your spiritual growth, for your spiritual education, for your soul development. We neglect you not! No one is neglected. From the most humble and seemingly destitute—even for the wealthiest, most selfish and seemingly unworthy, we reach out in every moment, with much love, to enfold you in loving embrace, and bring you to the higher purpose, with all your life events, all your seeming challenges.

Moreover, all the things you seem to do day after day with no purpose, there is purpose behind it all; there is purpose before it all; there is purpose in the present, the past, the future. When you contact with us, you begin to become aware, in that moment of what you might do to make life more meaningful, both for yourself and for others. We bless you in these efforts, each time that you choose to be in harmony with the universe full of energy, the beneficial goodness, the fruits of the spirit over-flowing from your lives, into the lives of others.

Fear not, children, for it is always with the greatest, tenderest affection that we approach you. We have nothing but good to offer you; so gather safely and fear not. Just increasing your trust that the universe has a great love for you, expressed through many of you, will enrich your life and enable you to perceive more of these wonderful events. We neglect you not. Even here on this seemingly backward planet, with its multiple challenges, its many conflicts, its gross poverty, uneven distribution of resources, we are working with many consciously, to correct these things, and many more unconsciously are assisting.

Trust us, for your future in light and life is secure; we will not fail you. We seek only more and more of you to enjoy and benefit from the up-stepped energies, the increased flow of personal ministry and group ministry and group guidance on your world. We seek more and more of you, until someday, nearly all of you will find this kind of contact to be most natural, and so it is. It is natural for those who are growing spiritually to become more and more aware of their spiritual guidance, spiritual protection, spiritual education and spiritual purpose.

In every moment, if you are open to this awareness, you create a light around you that is visible to your celestial friends. This energy invites us near you; we know that the door is open to participate in your life events. We do encourage you to pursue this, for every moment that you shine like this, is a treasure to us. You are all my children, sons and daughters of light. As you go about your life, I request that you make an effort to increase your awareness of the good “vibes” around you, which are not only energetic, but also include the personalities throughout the system in your growth. Good day, little ones. My greeting is done, and here is your teacher, Eregon.

EREGON (TR, JA): Good day, it is I, Eregon, a teacher of the Teaching Mission, welcoming you as you welcome me, into our classroom of light. We rejoice to see you here today; we treasure this time among you. It is a time in which we can communicate more or less freely. We will entertain questions today, after a short lesson.

Today’s lesson is one that you may find easy to assimilate: It concerns the fruits of the spirit—love, joy, peace, mercy, kindness, tolerance, and unfailing forgiveness. Have you exercised these spiritual muscles lately with intention? For you will find that as you are growing spiritually, these spiritual muscles create a greater effect as you exercise them in your lives, toward others. The fruits of the spirit truly are the harvest of good lives and good intentions. As you offer them to others, you are also feeding yourselves. Is this not true of many things spiritual?

The example of the hug is a good one, for can you give a hug without receiving one? No, it is not possible. As you offer kindness and mercy to others, you open the doors of your soul for those things will also flow in from the universe for your benefit, and as you receive more, you have more to give. Ahh is it not grand! What an adventure is this material life! What bounty you mortals would experience, can experience and will experience, as you apply the motivation, the motivation of mota, applying a higher meaning to everyday things of life, in every day events.

When you are willing to share the kindness you have received for your spiritual benefit and pass it on to others, your fruit becomes a cornucopia, a variety of fruits over-flowing with great bounty. There is a magical kind of multiplication that occurs, when you are willing to share the goodness you have received. Can you comprehend this? For it is not a material way of thinking—if you give a fruit away, you have less, and the other person has more. It is not so with the things of the spirit—the more you give, the more you are able to receive. It is only by giving, that your soul may grow from these fruits.

This is a different kind of energy flow from what you are used to, what you are used to perceiving in the material realms. In an effort to expand your consciousness around this concept, I would guarantee that it is so. Overcome your hesitation to offer a kind remark to someone you may see having difficulty—even with something as simple as a shopping cart. Each moment, each instance that you reach out to embrace one of your fellows with loving kindness, you are creating a spiritual fireworks effect. These fireworks do not glow and die, they glow and grow. Be not afraid to reach out to strangers, open doors, let people in in traffic, and do a kind thing even when no one is looking. I will assure you that these things do have meaning, value, and effect.

The more and more acts of kindness and goodness are spread throughout your days, your town, your lives, so are they being shared with spirit everywhere. It is the destiny of your world, your planet to be encompassed in light, in the light and love you share with one another. Drink deeply from your spiritual resources, for there is an unending supply. We refill you constantly, to replenish you in a thousand ways. You are never depleted of universe love and energy. The more you give, the more you are able to receive; the supply is infinite, children.

We have asked you to share the fruits of the spirit with those you come in contact, more and more consciously. We trust that as you receive this request in your mind, that you will find it easy to respond, and as you respond, you will find yourself energized to continue, for this is often the way with spirit. The joy that is produced by cooperating with spirit is a joy so profound that you cannot help but feel enticed to continue on this path. There is no win/lose; there is only win/win when spirit participates. And as every single act of good produces an abundance of good, your hearts will over-flow with joy and you will, most likely, be motivated to try these things more and more, and this we encourage.

Rest well, children, in your times of relaxation, for even as you do the meaningless and mundane, you are not alone. Even watching television, you may find some small thing that inspires you. Let the other go; take the inspiration to your heart. Water it and let it grow, recognizing that there are fruits being spread abroad everywhere; there is no hunger, no famine, simply continuing spiritual abundance. We thank you for your attention to this message and this request and thank you in advance for any instance of cooperation. We trust with the guidance of your own indwelling spirit, you will find great joy in this practice.

You may have noticed that our lessons have progressed from simply discussing the topic, to requesting the active participation in your life. This is not homework, and we must say it is entirely voluntary for you to participate in this way; there is no penalty for lack of participation. But there has been and there is occurring an up-stepping of our communications with you, in which we hope to include more active participation of each of our students, each of the light workers, and each soul dedicated to love, light, goodness, and the ultimate power of love as the [motivation].

We express our great appreciation for this type of cooperation for through it and by it you will actualize the will of God in your world, the intentions of Michael and Nebadonia. You become the heart of the Correcting Time and the soul of the Teaching Mission. These things we ask with great respect for your individual choice and decision, for this must be known and understood that along with our request, we honor your decisions. We know that with the spirit within to guide you, your life can be replete in beauty, goodness and truth.

Along with individual spiritual leadings for your own salvation, love and joy, you have come to these sessions, read these transcripts, and that indicates that you have volunteered for service to the greater population. For this we respect, honor greatly and appreciate you. For today, that is all there is to say that was planned for this session, but I will entertain questions if you have some.

If there are no questions, I would make you aware there are many teachers here, who would like to be and who have volunteered to be personal teachers. If you have not asked for one, let it be known they are available, enough for each and every one of you. And we ask you now, to sit in silence a moment longer and if you feel the “nudge,” as this one calls it, or hear the repetition of a phrase in your mind that is clear, we would ask you to share with the others in this circle at this time.

As it seems that no one is hearing their personal teachers, we would like to express our affection in another way. Each of you is about to receive what we would call a “spiritual hug.” We would ask you to hold out your hand to see if you can experience the flow of energy into your hand. Open yourself to feeling the love flowing into your heart and mind. We endeavor to reassure you that there is always present and near you, an intimate spiritual resource of comfort, companionship and counsel.

There is one other experience we would like to offer you this afternoon. Each of you in your deeply relaxed state, open to spirit, flow this love into the center of your circle where the column of light is, and send it to one—any one of your choice—about whom you care deeply. When it is done in this way, although your choice to whom you send may be individual, it is the energy of the whole group, not only of people, but also of celestials, that is delivered to each of these people.

Imagine the person whom you have chosen, surrounded in light, comfort and love and know that it is so. Thank you dear ones, for your participation in this afternoon’s proceedings. Go now and enjoy the social part of your afternoon, and as you feed your bodies with the things you have brought to share, remember that you are also feeding each other’s souls. Thank you for your dedication to this project. Go with God, as we go with you. Good day.

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